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  1. This is my new happy gallery!!!
  2. spywareonya

    Cleaning The Car

    Spywareonya delivers a standing pee against a car whilst out in public. Now that's a high quality car wash!
  3. spywareonya

    Grossed out in a National Park

    Hey wow I agree with this 100% Nice one, really some friends played a similar prank into another office I used to work before: a woman squatted near a car, positioned the fake turd in front of it, waited for the owner to come by, then run away passing before him while hiding her face and muttering "holy shit holy shit holy shit" like she was caught when he surpassed the car rear corner and found the fake shit in front of the car, all the Others, hidden behind a column in the underground car park, took a pic of his face in utter disbelief. In the following days, he told them that he understood it was a joke because of three reasons: she left no tissues by there, there was no pee, and she was perfectly dressed up while running away, not in a junky and rushy fashion. In my opinion he simply came upon that conclusion thinking about it later!!!
  4. spywareonya

    Can you 'get rid' of a pee fetish?

    It is the real reason I am here and the reason I exist To explain people that 99% of what had been described to us a wrong is indeed right, and we are not bad persons, we are GOOD persons, because we enjoy it!!!
  5. spywareonya

    Can you 'get rid' of a pee fetish?

    Fetish and perversion are two different things a perversion is when a class of desire becomes the hole through which anguishes and problems found expulsion is not safe, and can be diminished by eliminating the original problem that chose the fetish as its puppet a fetish which is not a perversion is a desire that is not used by an uncoscious problem as a puppet, thus is not destructive this is very important: a powerful twisted desire and a DESTRUCTIVELY powerful twisted desire are NOT one and the same, NOR they aimply are the envenomed form of one another: no family car reaches 300mph no matter how much you push it; if it does, it was NOT a family car in first place if a fetish is too invasive, then maybe it is used as a puppet by a problem: the enemy is not the fetish, is the problem which is using it if a fetish is just an enrichment of sex life, trying to eliminate it would be actively WRONG: the original fracture in people's psyche (the one called by scientists "pre/post-genital catastrophe"), which is the source of ALL human problems, racism, sexism, ALL paranoias and phobias, ALL psychosomatic illness, violence, envy, rape, stalking, war, imagine something signaling our difference from a happy child, name it is it DUE to that, was born between 6 months and 2 years of age, because our unconscious absorbed our parent's unconscious embarass toward the totality of carnal experience. We feel unconsciously wrong putting all things in our mouth, our feeling pleasure when we poop, so we add this info to our unconscious and slowly become repressed. We do not feel how much traumas this unleash, but it works this way. We must, as a race, as Society advances, surpass all of this and return to be, as a race, pan-fetishists. A fetish must be kept under control only if it turns out to be a puppet of an anguish, like when a lesbian is not really a lesbian (personal experiences, I've fucked many) and indeed is only secretely traumatized by a bad relationship with her abusive father, making her to unconsciously hate men in this case, the problem is not the fetish: its invasiveness comes from it being "possessed", and what must be solved is the problem, and the fetish will stop being that invasive all other thoughts are anti-human at core: we are born, built by Nature, to explore using all five senses at once, to touch and understand existence: all manifestations of physical and psychical activities are safe in themselves, and acting against them, or simply failing to realize their inherent holiness, is against the human race, is against THE HUMAN on an archetypical level; scientists all knoes that. You know I have powerful friends in private circles and they all confirmed me, the DSM (the book of psychological illness list to be clear) is 99% built on Health Insurances and other economical operations and there is little scientifical about it, indeed guess what? evey year it changes, and misteriously, it changes along the most common cases… strange, isn't it? True psychiatrists knows better, and they told me what I wrote in the beginning of the post. Humans are inherently stealth creatures: none of us is built to be clumsy, even less psychologically. When a desire misfires, it is not the desire in itself which is the problem, is what we hide behind it. Sometimes is just embarass and repression: sometimes is a more complex disorder, and true psychiatrists explore THIS.
  6. spywareonya

    Chamber Pots

    We squat on it, like peeing into any other similar object if it is small, we could even actually handle it while remaining on the bed, sticking it between our tighs in front of our pussy directly
  7. Thank you man, thank you I am so happy to have you here again I really missed you!!!
  8. Said from a man who got the literary capability of a million-copies novelist
  9. a Witch never wear any (unless during period when she is authorized to wear them if she is not partying, in which case tampoon, string hidden into pussylips, and no panties)
  10. spywareonya

    Cunnilingus art

    Tell me too, so I'll ask for employement there… a kiss on the lips Seph… not exactly those on your face...
  11. spywareonya

    Cunnilingus art

    With you, anytime you want, sweetie
  12. spywareonya

    Erectile Function

  13. spywareonya

    Famous Babes

    So many wonderful asses in this thread...
  14. spywareonya

    Watching the Water Turn Yellow

    Believe me, we all would!!!
  15. spywareonya

    Grossed out in a National Park

    I have never stumbled across this, and I utterly understand how you feel In my mind, this is among the deepest reflection I usually make about our fetishes Urine is sterile in the first 30 minutes after emission, but after that, it becomes polluted, because is so rich in nutrients that bacteria consider it a five-star hotel We piss where we shouldn't, I personally do that very often, and Always ask myself about being the one pranked In my case, the thing is terribly complicated Because my most dirty and twisted side, remember with a vertigo-inducing sensation those old times when there was a pub just on the other side of the road from my house, with people coming every single night to flood my foyer with piss, hundreds of men and women pissing on my fron door until piss was so much it damaged the bricks and police shut the pub down. I remember the unsubstainable smell, actual puddles like those after the rain, twenty feet long and five wide, but of piss and not rain, just outside my door, in the morning. I was horny, and was still pre-period. I masturbated to that. Yes, pre-period masturbation, is not that uncommon. All these grown men, with hairs on their huge cocks, unloading their bladders on the wall building the shelter where a girl should play with dolls. It was so crude, so demonic, so wrong, so nasty… so marvellous. It actually made me to understand I was, and I would have grown up to be, a SLUT. Nowadays, the thing got more complicatd, because after all I saw and endured in my life, I developed some kind of, how can I say? Not an EGO, but a... well… let's say "an aggressive stace inherently leading to dominant and hierarchic behaviour". I would not be offended, nor in the EGO (I am an occult pratictioner, I strive not to have one) nor in the "it's mine!!!" attitude, to find a man pissing on my car, but my hierarchic side would never tolerate it. So, I piss into people's garden, and hate laws and even more hate those who uses them to threat public pissers, but was I ever to find a girl pissing in my garden, I would blackmail her into lesbian submission with the threat of reporting her to the police, utilizing a force I despise first stance. It is not hypocrisy since it is utterly done without any attempt of self-justifying: I am simply a warrior, I use every weapon, even those I despise, when they come to my help. It is also not hypocrite because I say I strive for a lawless world: well, in a lawless world, I could not use laws to blackmail her upon finding her in my territory. a Smith&Wesson 500 would do the trick I prefer peace over violence but am ready for all. Anyway, what I want to say is that what we do, what arouse us, is not that different from what those girls did I recently saw families having picnics, teenagers playing card games or kissing, while on tables I pissed on in the past, drenching them and the benches nearby. When I piss into somebody's stairwell, they got out of their apartments and find the stairwell smelling of my piss. When I concluded my lesbian nightout with that black skinned girl and we all pissed on the picnic table (we were in a playground) we had previously fucked upon, we left our tissues in the puddles on the very table, and it was almost dawn of sunday Bet 5 $ the first to find them was a family having a picnic We kill animals to feed. we can pop up being venag, what would happen when Science will complete the already-started exploration about plants having a very simple yet-nonetheless-active emotional brain too? We are NOT innocent. Inherently, innocence is a wrong concept, we all are murderers of living beings. We kill cute rabbits, we devour them, then we unload our bowels of their carcass in the bathroom (or in the parking lot of the restaurant if the taxi is late, personal experience ahaha) What we do, as humans and even more as piss fetishists, disturbs people, gets places and objects dirty. We are vandals, we are criminals. This doesn't mean we should think that because of this, we must degrade ourselves to the most despicable interpretation of my last sentence!!! It just means that I think every single time of how the "receiving end" will feel. It is the price to be a conqueror: you have to refrain from caring not, it would be spiritually rude. When I piss into a flowerpot not fornecessity but for the heck of it, I wipe though I do not need/like to do that (my pussy is bald, my stream is neat, I don't dribble, and furthermore wiping is for good girls, which I am not!) and leave the tissue near the puddle around the pot to make clear to the householder that a girl actually pissed on their beloved flowers. I do not do that out of uncaringness: I actually direct a movie, intended to summon a very precise emotion in the spectator. So, I do NOT endorse the sanitary pads on the table. And that's all: it crosses limits. BUT I reflect about that everyday. I want to transgress, but I also want to respect different limits, those of the soul. There are no laws I respect. Pee is not the only unproper bodily function I deployed unto the world beside toilets. But there is a difference between Good and Bad beside pathetical morality.
  16. spywareonya

    Panties pulled to one side.

    Sal was great, hope you find also girls to enjoy here, and their undies!!!
  17. spywareonya

    Questions only V2

    4 "We are never sure of anything in life, beside the little you can control directly" the redhead weaved her hair, hoping to look charming and to show she was being flirtitious and not aggressive shortly before, "Come inside, my pal Monica will be here soon, being the householder she felt it was her duty to buy more alcohol so she departed for the store fifteen minutes ago and left me in charge: Do you like drinking, do you?"
  18. spywareonya

    Questions only V2

    2 A red haired girl stood in the door, it was quite obvious she was not the one to which the house belonged, but she was acting like she was the boss: "Yes, do you see any other parties in the borough?" (@Brutus I leave the original character, the one arriving at the party, for you to shape: one sentence at a time, and Always ending with a question!)
  19. spywareonya

    Questions only

    Brutus and I meant a new Count to 100 story You built one with totally different rules This is a challenge for me, I usually speak in adfirmations, is my characterial feature, I adfirm, I don't ask, is part of the mental training to build charisma and leadership I am Always challenged and fascinated by different stuff, but I have to ask Brutus, though I am sure he will enjoy it yet, we should add that it is anyway a Count to 100 game, because Completing the task is 80% of the fun for us, we like strive for a pre-set goal clear and reachable
  20. spywareonya

    Questions only

    Yours is the privilege, and indeed, writing in a thread engendered by you would be like dwelling in a house you peed nearby... I would just ask you a question, a matter of politeness If you plan to partecipate, start it the way you want BUT If you do not consider that much interested, start it in a soft way, allowing Brutus and I to shape characters, so that we will love them and own them, it would be a psychological trick to boost the empathy between us and our characters, feeling en even hightened desire to post Obviously, only in the case you do not wanna play We would be delighted to have you around here I think you are underrated, Sophie You got a charisma, creativity and sensitivity is rare in human race I am sure you got marvellous things in Real Life to take care of, but even little cameo appearance of you enrich the spiritual level of anything you touch
  21. spywareonya

    Questions only

    Nobody ever said we couldn't restart, isn't it? You start, whenever you want, I'll follow... I hope this time we could call more people but in the end, I would be happy even with the two of us, why not?
  22. spywareonya

    Questions only

    Oh, ok, fantastic, I can't wait for it to be ready, it was one hell of a fun, isn't it?
  23. spywareonya

    Work trips are the worst

    Bleargh!!! Looks like you had a bad weekend!!! Next time, cum in a napkin before locking the bathroom to take a dump, and throw it in the toilet... But now let's just stop remembering such bad days!!!
  24. spywareonya

    A Field In England

    I love Winter too Dark, solemn, beautiful but also cold and hard I respect it too much but Summer, oh Summer... I ADORE Summer!!!