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  1. Used to do this in high school and college as well. It was always best to find a restroom that wasn't busy where one girl would go in at a time. There was nothing better than seeing a cutie walk into the restroom, then hear the stall door close and latch. A few seconds later you start hearing the sound of her pee pee hitting the water. My favorites were the ones that actually sounded like a guy peeing in a toilet--a strong thick stream hitting the center of the toilet.
  2. I think a lot of it depends on how fast the bladder is emptying. I've seen seen girls pee for 10 seconds and for over a minute even though they were probably holding the about same amount of urine. If the bladder muscles are contracting hard, obviously the pee is going to exit her body faster. Sometimes, she will pee lightly for a few seconds and then all of a sudden, like a dam breaking, a huge flood of urine starts streaming out. psssssh!
  3. Nothing better than a nice stream of it pouring out of a cute girl's privates...
  4. Not many people search for pee porn, but I'm sure she'd be thrilled to know that her routine afternoon potty break was captured and a few hundred guys have masturbated to a video of her urinating in a toilet.
  5. Do you think the girl would freak if she knew there was a camera focused right on her anus and pussy as she's gushing urine into a toilet?
  6. Nasty but awesome!
  7. It is a thrill when you first see her naked butt and the unique details of her pussy. A few seconds later, you get an even rarer experience as you get to see that light yellow stream pouring out of her lips.
  8. Do they have you pee in a container every time? I guess it depends on what the test is for. If it's just a routine urinalysis and they are testing the sample right away, I don't think it matters if it has a lid or not.
  9. My choice would be the college restroom. So many cuties with shapely butts and tight pussies with streams of pee pee flowing!
  10. My preference is for the girl's stream to have a very slight tinge of pale yellow. If if you collected this urine in a container, it would appear significantly yellower but probably still indicate healthy hydration.
  11. Normal, fresh pee does have a slightly earthy or "nutty" aroma, which would explain why the friend made the comment about the almonds or the cereal.
  12. Exactly. There's really nothing more thrilling than when a cutie exposes her privates and it is a "textbook" example of what a vagina should look like. Just the right size, with some lip protruding. Then, when the pee pee starts flowing out...oh boy!
  13. The shape of her genitals definitely affects the stream. The best streams seem to come from girls who actually have some "lip" exposed.
  14. Or many of those cute female college basketball players. I bet they can put out some serious pee pee when they are hydrated.
  15. No surprises here. Hold it all afternoon, then rig a camera and get a good shot of my ass and *new pussy as I hover over the toilet emptying the total contents of my bladder. Also would like to see if it is true that female pee doesn't have suds or bubbles like male pee does.