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  1. And the urine has some nice color
  2. For girls its probably the subtle "pee pee" smell, the typical varying yellow color and the fact that it is a waste product that exits the body from a private place very near where solid waste comes out. She's been conditioned to think urine is gross and/or dirty.
  3. Not unlucky at all! It's so awesome the way the vagina affects a girl's stream. 👍🏻
  4. Slim girl with nice hips + round butt + small shapely vagina + light yellow urine streaming out = 💋
  5. I dunno. It sounded pretty real to me. And her husband, who is a doctor was sitting next to me and didn't see to react unusually.
  6. A few years ago several of my friend and their sigs came over to my place for a weekend cocktail party. A little later, a girl who was a co-worker of mine excused herself to use the bathroom. She was in her mid 20's, petite and about 5'4'' with a nice body. My bathroom was about 20 feet from the living room, but I tell you, she made the loudest hissing pee I've ever heard. It was such a strong hiss that it almost had a faint tonal pitch to it. We all could hear it and you could feel the collective awkwardness in the room as Elizabeth peed away for what seemed like an eternity. She finally flushed and emerged from the bathroom and we were all trying to pretend like we didn't just hear what she did in there. To this day, I still can't figure out how such a petite young lady was able to make so much sound with her pee.
  7. I think this is just the prototype and hasn't been produced for sale yet. This might work ok for a child, but I would think it would need to be designed a bit bigger for grown-ups. The seat is pretty small and with a capacity of 16 ounces, there's bound to be problems.
  8. Yup, there is nothing better than real footage when a young lady unzips those jeans, pulls them down and you get an awesome look at her gorgeous naked butt. A few seconds later, there is a nice stream of urine flowing out her pussy.
  9. Sometimes girls also get a "double stream" when they start to pee probably because the labia are stuck together. As the urine flow increases, it usually breaks the lips apart and you get a single stream.
  10. Nothing better than a cute girl with a lovely shapely pussy expelling a long focussed stream.
  11. Especially when it is a cute round butt and she thrusts her hips back so her pussy is really exposed while she pees.
  12. Sometimes the girl starts with just a weak dribble of pee and a few seconds later she relaxes and a torrent of urine starts flowing.
  13. Nothing better than seeing a healthy stream of urine gush out a cute girl's pussy...
  14. Used to do this in high school and college as well. It was always best to find a restroom that wasn't busy where one girl would go in at a time. There was nothing better than seeing a cutie walk into the restroom, then hear the stall door close and latch. A few seconds later you start hearing the sound of her pee pee hitting the water. My favorites were the ones that actually sounded like a guy peeing in a toilet--a strong thick stream hitting the center of the toilet.
  15. I think a lot of it depends on how fast the bladder is emptying. I've seen seen girls pee for 10 seconds and for over a minute even though they were probably holding the about same amount of urine. If the bladder muscles are contracting hard, obviously the pee is going to exit her body faster. Sometimes, she will pee lightly for a few seconds and then all of a sudden, like a dam breaking, a huge flood of urine starts streaming out. psssssh!