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  1. Pee Asian models https://xhamster.com/videos/pee-asian-models-compil-8058572
  2. sathuta

    Ladies please answer

    This question is for ladies here, when you are peeing how far that you can spray the stream? I mean the distance.
  3. I would like to suggest couple of things for making this forum more attractive and more interesting. First thing is when we are replying to posts, if we can insert a relevant media file such as an image according to the necessity it will make the thread more interesting. And the other one is that if we can post more media like videos, images....etc, which are containing both men and women are pissing like couple activities it will be nice and it will encourage women to take part as well.
  4. sathuta

    Ladies please answer

    We must encourage them to post.
  5. Naked pissing in front of camera. http://javfor.me/88779.html
  6. sathuta

    Panties pulled to one side.

    I think most of women in the west are doing this. I love to see this too. You can pee both while standing and squatting.
  7. I love to watch female pissing and enjoying a lot. I prefer to watch fully clothed women are pissing, especially when they are in skirts, dresses and sarees. However it doesn't mean that I am not interesting in naked female pissing. Different ways of female pissing brings the pleasure in different ways. The actions of pissing women are very interesting from start to end of their pissing. It is always interesting that how women who want to pee are getting ready to empty their bladders. Lifting skirt (or dress / saree), pulling down the panties, squatting and releasing the pee, after peeing standing up, pulling back the panties up and skirt down are the steps that women are following. All of these actions are pleasurable. Upskirt views are generating an additional pleasure. So that I love to watch all these actions in addition to watch the pee stream from the urethra.
  8. Various pissing clips https://www.vjav.com/videos/74690/fabulous-japanese-whore-in-crazy-pissing-jav-clip44366/?utm_source=search https://www.vjav.com/videos/68400/exotic-japanese-chick-miyu-hoshino-in-fabulous-small-tits-pissing-jav-clip72392/?utm_source=search https://www.vjav.com/videos/89402/incredible-japanese-chick-in-best-pissing-jav-video47679/?utm_source=search https://www.vjav.com/videos/80915/amazing-japanese-slut-sae-aihara-in-hottest-pissing-jav-scene14996/?utm_source=search https://www.vjav.com/videos/53116/hottest-japanese-whore-chika-eiro-in-best-solo-girl-pissing-jav-movie29529/?fr=53116 https://www.vjav.com/videos/112138/best-japanese-chick-in-hottest-solo-female-stockings-jav-scene25468/ https://www.vjav.com/videos/110253/hottest-japanese-model-maaya-kurihara-in-horny-amateur-solo-female-jav-video38824/ https://www.vjav.com/videos/93538/amazing-japanese-chick-in-best-blowjob-dildos-toys-jav-movie15406/ https://www.vjav.com/videos/94463/incredible-japanese-girl-in-hottest-creampie-masturbation-jav-clip75841/ https://www.vjav.com/videos/66777/crazy-japanese-girl-saki-kisaki-in-exotic-panties-showers-jav-movie35507/
  9. sathuta

    Ladies please answer

    Yes, we are very keen to hear from girls.
  10. Woman pissing into a urinal https://voyeurhit.com/videos/desperate-japanese-girl-pees-at-a-urinal/
  11. Female pissing behavior is so interesting and generating huge pleasure.
  12. sathuta

    Urinals in Girls Bathroom

    I like to watch girls pissing into urinals secretly if the urinals are present in female toilets.
  13. Japanese girls pissing through their panties. Sexy pissing and sexy upskirt panty views. https://voyeurhit.com/videos/jade-brill-schoolgirls-pissing-in-panties3/?promo=15478
  14. sathuta

    Webcam sites with peeing?

    So sexy, great collection of pics...
  15. Hentai / Anime pissing. How many of you are enjoying hentai / anime pissing? Japanese hentai videos are always creative and pleasurable. Hentai / anime pissing stuff is another area of Japanese pee fetish. Hentai pissing video https://www.cartoonporn.sex/perverted-cartoon-doctor-waits-for-his-chick-patient-to-take-a-piss/video-24110 Hentai pee images
  16. sathuta

    Ladies please answer

    AAhaaaa, well.... let's see what others are saying....
  17. sathuta

    Ladies please answer

    What is the better posture for women to cover a long distance ? I mean the flow of pee stream.
  18. In this case, Asian countries like India are much better.
  19. Sport girls are pissing https://javfinder.is/movie/watch/prestige-gets-008-when-we-outlawed-bathroom-breaks-at-the-futsal-field-we-succeeded-in-filming-peeping-videos-of-these-sports-loving-girls-pissing-out-in-the-open-so-you-don-mind-if-i-post-these-on-a-video-website-right-so-we-decided-to-see-if-we-could-t.html
  20. sathuta

    Hi from holly from England

  21. It is so curious when a dressed woman going to pee.