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  1. A huge thanks once again to those who have contributed to help keep this site running (list updated). Being days away from the site being completely deleted was scary, so let's ensure it doesn't happen again. I am reluctant to keep going on about this, but I would just like to ask one more time that if anyone is willing to help out, please do let me know and we'll work something out. Thank you.
  2. Edit: The chatbox should now be working again - please confirm. Edit: Chatbox extremely active lately, so looks like we're all set! :)
  3. Brilliant, thanks - looking forward to seeing them. Sounds great, thanks. I was contemplating starting fresh with the gallery, but it seemed a shame to lose some already great content that has been uploaded. As the others have said, I wouldn't worry too much about duplicates (though of course from this point forward try keep track so we don't end up with too many versions! :p ) You're right, and unfortunately for currently inexplicable reasons we have lost a lot of images when I restored the site. Since all forum images are completely fine, and a large percentage of gallery images, I really cannot see why this has happened. This is one of the principal reasons I debated removing the gallery completely (there's a thread somewhere about that), but ultimately I decided it was better to have a working gallery with some missing pictures than no gallery at all. If anyone has uploaded pictures that no longer work, it would be massively appreciated if you could delete and re-upload them. Sorry again about this, but there's sadly nothing I can do. Agreed - in fact there may already be a report a picture button somewhere? But that sounds good to me. With 12,000+ images, duplicates are inevitable, and if considerable time has passed between them they will likely be unnoticed anyway.
  4. That's exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. A spam-free site with a specific pee section (their piss category has over 80,000+ results!) that seems to be regularly updated. Thank you. :)
  5. Interesting idea - I have no idea whether you'd find any pee stuff worthwhile that you couldn't just find from search engines, but I'd be interested to hear if you do. Firstly, not all of the deep web is dangerous, in fact the term just refers to sites not indexed by search engines. You can easily install the TOR browser (there are countless easy guides online for getting fully started) and browse sites perfectly legally. The issue is with some of the notorious sites on there ('the dark web') - you've probably heard of illegal activities ranging from hiring hitmen to child pornography. I'm sure it goes without saying that aside from accessing that kind of content being both sick and illegal, it can indeed be dangerous. I agree with you that a lot of talk about the dark web is over-exaggerated, though there clearly are all kinds of dodgy sites on there too. Pee porn on the other hand is legal - as I said, I have no experience here so can't comment on whether you'd find what you're looking for, but I imagine it would be an interesting look. Again: if you're just browsing, and accessing sites that are legal, then there's nothing to worry about. Having said that, as always, be extremely cautious if downloading anything from an unknown site.
  6. Hey guys, Unfortunately this is one of the only threads you'll find in the Pictures section without any pictures in the posts, but I just wanted to make everyone who wasn't already aware that the photo gallery is now back! The above link (or clicking the 'Gallery' tab in the navigation bar) will take you to the gallery, which allows for member albums, photo comments/ratings, and a more extensive picture collection than the forums. Feel free to upload images either in a thread here, or to an album/category in the gallery. With over 12,000 images already there, make sure you're not missing out on additional content! :) Please use this thread for any discussion of the gallery - ranging from requests to reporting any issues. Thanks.
  7. Has she tried resetting her password? Could you please ask her if any sort of error is generated? There's no known reason anyone would be locked out, so anyone who hasn't returned that you'd expect possibly just hasn't realised the site is back - if you have a way of contacting them to inform them please do.
  8. Indeed. Thanks very much for agreeing to help support the site, I'll be in touch shortly once I've sorted something. If anyone else is interested, please drop me a message. :)
  9. Yes, views are already far higher than before. So I would encourage people to please upload new albums and pictures on the gallery! :) Unfortunately, any images currently not working are irreparably lost/broken. I'm really sorry about this, but there is sadly nothing I can do. Please delete these images if you can so the gallery doesn't appear like it isn't working, and ideally replace them if you still have the images. I say this to everyone, though of course Ozabot and Steve, you have contributed the vast majority of pictures, so if you guys are willing to do that it would be hugely appreciated (by everyone, I'm sure).
  10. Looks like we're on a very similar page!
  11. Surely if you're looking for a specific album by a member, it's quicker to go to their profile and look at their albums? As opposed to scrolling through the list of several pages of random uncategorised member albums? I appreciate that in the past what you're describing was maybe just as fast, but if we have over 1000 albums, surely it will make the process even longer, and finding the right images more time consuming. Besides, I would have assumed more people would be looking for certain types of pictures (e.g. golden showers) than a specific album by a specific member anyway. Please correct me if I'm missing something here. Of course if people prefer it the other way I will change it back, but in that case I see no point in having categories too, since they had less than 100 images in them combined, as opposed to the other 12,000 images all being in 'member albums' folder. (Just as a side note, 'members albums' is now 'uncategorised', so anything that didn't obviously belong in a specific category - e.g. likestolick's album - is still there).
  12. Whilst not a full solution, when browsing any album, you can select 'show as large previews' (it's the middle little icon to the right of the page numbers). You can then browse through them at a more reasonable size, and when you find one you like, right click and press 'open image in new tab'. Still not quite what you had in mind maybe, but a workaround that's seems slightly better at least?
  13. The permissions are a mystery on this software; I'll keep looking for a solution but in the meantime commenting tags has the same affect. Better yet, when uploading the picture, describe it (e.g. Forest pee.jpg) etc. Though I realise that's not always possible. Fair point about the extra steps, I don't use it often myself so hadn't really noticed that as an issue. The logic behind it is obviously to keep the forum/community element within the gallery too, e.g. with comments, ratings etc. Though I agree in practice it's not ideal. Do you mind me asking what kind of photos you typically look for, and where you go instead? Unfortunately they aren't. The Members Album section has gone and those individual albums moved to the correct categories, because it had been wrongly labelled in the first place. In my opinion, the current system makes far more sense: we have different categories of picture, and you can start a new album either in any of those categories, or 'uncategorised' if somehow your pictures don't fit in any of them. This makes it far easier from viewing images than having 90% of all photos in the same section (Members Albums). I've moved the majority of albums to the correct place, but haven't had time for all of them. I hope you can see what I mean. All your albums remain intact though, just categorised. However, some images aren't working, and unfortunately will need to be reuploaded by the initial contributors to fix them. I guess for now we'll just leave the gallery and Pictures sections as they are and see how they get on? Then at least people have options.
  14. When on an actual image page (i.e. a page with just one image and the comments section underneath etc), there should be a small 'add tag' button under the username of the person who uploaded it. Please let me know if you can see it, as it may only be possible for uploaders to add tags to their own content. Update: Yeah, currently not letting other members add tags. Will see what I can do. Update 2: I guess commenting 'Tags: x' would have the same affect in terms of searching. :/
  15. The tag feature has been added to the gallery, which I have now decided we will keep as I have fixed the permissions problem. Obviously more people will view the images now it is accessible. Please do add tags to posts you like, as often the uploaders don't have time to go through each image doing so. Please let me know if it's working okay. :)