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  1. How to sign up for a Premium Membership / Video Gallery Membership: Click on the Wet & Pissy banner at the top of the page Click on the green "Get instant Access" button (on Purchase a 1 month membership for $9.95 Post your confirmation/reference number below Once I receive confirmation I will upgrade your account to 1 year premium membership Note: You must signup by clicking on the banner
  2. I am curious about how this would work exactly. The IP address of the server that hosts this site is hidden behind CloudFlare, so they wouldn't be able to effectively block the site by IP. If they try to block it using the domain name, I could always create a generic sounding domain name and redirect it here.
  3. It's always a struggle to use the right name as different software vendors have different names for the same thing and it gets confusing. For instance, a lot of vendors would call "subforums" boards, while IPB calls them forums, and the site a "board". A sub forum is usually a child of a forum. In any case, I am removing only this "Forum" .
  4. Just to clarity there would never be a ban on discussing scat fetish material, the only ban would be on uploading images or video of it. - A
  5. I will move the site issues thread over to the forum help news and feedback section on Sunday night.
  6. This forum was only supposed to be temporary to help guide users after the transition. Any further issues can be posted here: Note: I am speaking only about this forum, not the site itself or any other forums on it.
  7. I am still exploring other payment options at the moment. I will make a post when I have a better idea of what the next step is. - A
  8. After doing some research on the error that was posted, it appears that the type of SSL certificate we use isn't compatible with computers running Windows XP. I would note that this doesn't have anything to do with the forum software itself. That being said unfortunately the only way to fix this would be for users to upgrade their operating systems which is a good idea anyway, as windows XP's end of life date was about 2 1/2 years ago, and it no longer receives security updates. Removing the SSL certificate would make everyone's connection to the site less secure, so I am not going to remove the certificate. - A
  9. This is simply an option. I am still working with CCBILL to figure out a solution for credit cards. Thus far they have been giving me some conflicting/confusing responses.
  10. We are now accepting Bitcoin. To purchase a membership click on the "Store" tab and follow the prompts. You can purchase Bitcoin at these place:,,
  11. Thanks here is the cloud flare description of that error: A 524 error states that CloudFlare was able to make a TCP connection to the origin, but the origin did not reply with a HTTP response before the connection timed out. Our edge will typically wait for a HTTP response from your server for 100 seconds. If no response is sent by your server in that time, we close the connection and serve a 524 error page. This error is commonly caused by a long-running process on the origin server, such as a PHP application or a database query which the web server must wait on before responding to a request. A 524 can also be caused by your origin server being overloaded- if you see this error it's a good idea to check your server's available resources, including CPU and RAM, and overall traffic levels. If your server has a high CPU load, or is low on memory, this could indicate a resource problem. I will keep an eye on it, hopefully the down time notifier will help diagnose it. I think this is actually server issue rather than an issue with the software itself.
  12. I am glad it's working for you and I appreciate you trying to help figure it out.
  13. I have setup a monitoring service to notify me when the site is unreachable. It checks every 15 minutes. Hopefully if it continues to happen I can diagnose it based on the down time pattern.
  14. I want to make clear that I am not trying to deny that you're having issues. The problem is that i am thus far unable to replicate them. There also appears to be a few different things going on that may not actually be the same thing. It would help me immensely if you could post a screen shot of the errors you receive, or paste them in to the reply box. Here is a break down of the issues from what I understand: 1. The shout box doesn't have the same features as the old one did, and it doesn't function very well on Apple devices 2. The site occasionally gives a 502 error and is unavailable, this is consistent with the server being busy or the host having some temporary issues. However, thus far we have not come close to over utilizing the available resources so I tend to lean on it being a sporadic hosting issue. 3. The site is slow and some people are unable to post or login, but the site is reachable. I have not yet experienced this issue and I would appreciate if people would screen shot any errors related to it. I am on here A LOT and I haven't had this happen, I've tested the site on various machines, and even a VPS in another country and not seen this happen.
  15. Here is my response to Pete: 1. As far as things not working, all of the prior data has been successfully ported over. The software is arguably the best on the Market, and is used by companies such as the NHL, Bethiesda, Live Nation and others. I personally use this same software on two other forums that have a combined membership of over 80,000, and rarely receive complaints about the functions, features, or otherwise. This was admittedly a big change and will take some adjustment, but in the long run this is a much better platform. As to the issue of replies being submitted half way through by themselves, I've literally never heard of that happening in the 3 plus years that I've been using this software. There is a feature that remembers what you typed into the reply box so that if you accidentally leave the page without submitting the post it will reappear, when you go back to it. I am not sure if that's what you're referring to. In terms of mobile issues this software is actually designed to be responsive to mobile devices, where as the other one was not. You'll notice that the menu and formatting changes when you visit the site on a mobile device. 2. We have a "shout box" not a chat room. Shout boxes tend to vary in their feature set. I was actually a proponent of using a chat but when I asked most people indicated that they prefer a shout box. This is first and foremost a forum. I understand that people enjoy the ShoutBox, but really I consider it an extra feature. If people truly want a Chat room there is a builtin chat feature that I can easily enable. As far as participation dropping that is normal after doing a change like this. It takes people a while to learn the new features, create new bookmarks, and figure out where everything is. It also takes Google a while to re-index everything. The two weeks of downtime didn't help either, but a drop in traffic after doing something like this is expected. Aside from Steve's apparent issue with posting I am not aware of any persistent issue with the forum software. As of late I've been spending a lot more time on here and I have yet to run into an issue with responsiveness or features not working. I appreciate your input and we are working to resolve issues as they arise, but its rather difficult to fix something if I am unable to replicate it.