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  1. You are completely correct, this feature was removed unfortunately - both for legal and cost reasons. Given the site is currently completely free, we have to make savings where possible unless we get more donations. One of those savings is through server storage costs, as allowing members to upload videos can quickly take up a lot of space. There is potentially going to be a return of some form of video gallery soon though, so hopefully that will be a far better alternative than the previous thread posting for videos anyway. Apologies about the inconvenience in the meantime, although I don't think too many people actually knew about the feature.
  2. Have added all the basic ones you'd expect etc Let me know if you come across any others you'd expect would be embedded but aren't.
  3. Private messaging issue

    If anyone is having any issues whatsoever, please do report them in this section of the site, or nothing will get changed.
  4. Stumbled across this video where the actress from 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' and 'The Office' admits to literally peeing herself from laughing too hard (on many occasions). Have you ever seen anything similar happen to someone, or perhaps been in a somewhat similar situation yourself?
  5. What's up fellow fans!

    Welcome to PeeFans!
  6. Multiple members have mentioned that the textbox is not always appearing when trying to send a private message. Who is experiencing this still?
  7. General Opinion

    Whilst we haven't fully utilised the clubs full potential yet, just curious to get the general feeling with them. Would it be better keeping everything within the realms of the main forum, or are you enjoying having the extra club functionality and categorisation? Appreciate the clubs have had a couple of bugs here and there, but technical hiccups aside, what are your thoughts?
  8. Unable to upload new photos

    Steve mentioned something similar yesterday actually. I just cleared the site's cache and tried uploading, worked for me. Please confirm if you still have this.
  9. Unable to upload new photos

    What error do you get?
  10. New and inexperienced.

    No worries at all, your English is good! :) Welcome to the site Adrian, I'm glad you found us.
  11. As in, you want to disable private messages, so you can no longer receive them?
  12. Site running very slowly

    The text not catching up sounds more like a device issue to be honest. As long as the site is still usable that's the main thing, but I will continue to improve speeds where I can - unfortunately that often simply requires paying more.
  13. Site running very slowly

    Ah, that's annoying - sorry about that! Is it a problem with every page? Obviously any picture threads / galleries etc will be significantly slower than a typical web page. Have you tried connecting via a PC / broadband?
  14. Site running very slowly

    How are speeds looking for everyone now? And has anyone had any of those internal server errors in the last few days? Should all be fine now...
  15. £3 exclusive piss pic you direct me

    Do you have a couple of example photos you can provide, both to demonstrate the type of pics you can sell and verify yourself. Would certainly help sales. :)