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  1. No, this was not a security breach, but a DDoS attack (i.e. the server targeted rather than the data). That said, I recommend limiting the personal info shared here. and perhaps using a different password etc - the standard security stuff, just in case.
  2. Hello all, I am sad to be saying these words yet again, but: sorry for the recent downtime. However, the site is back online again now and everything is as it was. Unfortunately, this time was not a simple technical error, or any sort of planned update. The site was attacked. The exact source or reason is unknown, and whilst we don't want to jump to any conspiracy theories, it would seem someone (or some group) has a grudge against the site or strongly disapproves of its content. This is a real shame - yes, our interest is odd to say the least, but it is perfectly harmless and legal. Of course, since we are a member-run community site rather than a business, we can't afford the same security features. That said, some new precautions have been put in place. Perhaps further investment in the site would help prevent this sort of thing, but this would require more member donations. I am reluctant to ask for these when I can provide no guarantee of what will happen to the site, as I do not want people to lose money. Of course, those willing to chip in something to help the fight, please send me a message, as it would be very appreciated. Please do consider the risks involved though, as I'll admit there may come a time where I don't have a solution; I really am trying to do my best for this site and will continue to do so, but bearing that in mind, I strongly recommend the following: Firstly, save anything that's important to you on your own computer - and ideally back that up somewhere too! This could be pictures, stories or even posts/conversations. Whilst the site is running fine, make sure you have everything you need should the worst case scenario ever happen. Secondly, make connections with the members of your choice off site - for example trade emails so you can speak in case of further downtime. On a lighter note, despite all manner of difficulties, PeeFans lives on, stronger than ever before.
  3. Hello all, Just wanted to apologise for the recent downtime/issues - the problem was very simple: the site exceeded its disk space on the server. This is a good thing in many ways, it means we're growing, and now have far more posts and images than expected. Of course, the only downside was that I didn't notice immediately, which led to the site crashing. All is working again now, and I've upgraded the space the site has so it should all be running smoothly again. (If you'd like to help us stop this sort of thing happening, donations would hugely be appreciated to fund the site so we can buy more storage space and bandwidth well in advance. Please message me for details). EDIT: This post is about the short few hour downtime a few days ago, the post you're probably looking for is here:
  4. It's a setting when creating a new poll, which I've now enabled. Click view results and the little icon next to the number of people who've voted for an option to see which members did. :)
  5. Great idea - have updated the poll settings so you should be able to add more options should you wish, @AshAce. :)
  6. Generally: On a desktop/laptop, right click the link and press 'open in new tab'. On a phone/tablet, hold down the link and then click 'open in new tab'. Feel free to send me a screenshot if your device looks differently. Bpb, are you using an iPad too or is the chat disconnecting on another device? Or were you just wondering about tabs rather than having an issue with the chatbox? On a similar note, does the site still log you out at times or has that been resolved?
  7. I've tried something that may have fixed it, but it's unlikely to have been the problem. I've contacted the chatbox developer in the hope they can provide some light on the subject. In the meantime, if reconnecting is a bit of a hassle, the other option would be to have a separate tab open with the full chatbox (open it from the navigation bar), and then browse the forum in a separate tab. If sound is enabled, you'll be notified whenever there's a message so won't miss anything, and since you're not leaving the page (on that tab) it shouldn't disconnect. Will keep you updated if I find a full solution - sorry about that. However, since it's fine for me on Windows, I do wonder if maybe it's an iPad/iOS configuration rather than a site issue?
  8. You can get so much more out of this site from participating in threads and chatting with others, so it's great you've decided to join. I really hope you enjoy using the site, and don't hesitate to message me if you ever have any questions. :)
  9. This site has evolved, and PeeFans is a much more appropriate name than the original WatchGirlsPeeing. In the next few weeks, the domain name '' will expire, and I see no reason to invest in its continuation. Whilst I assume this is already the case, please can everyone ensure you're using the domain to access the site. If you know of anyone who hasn't visited the site in a very long time, please update them of this change so they can still find us. Likewise, if you see the old URL used anywhere, please post and correct it to PeeFans. Thank you. :)
  10. Welcome to the site. :)
  11. A huge thanks once again to those who have contributed to help keep this site running (list updated). Being days away from the site being completely deleted was scary, so let's ensure it doesn't happen again. I am reluctant to keep going on about this, but I would just like to ask one more time that if anyone is willing to help out, please do let me know and we'll work something out. Thank you.
  12. Edit: The chatbox should now be working again - please confirm. Edit: Chatbox extremely active lately, so looks like we're all set! :)
  13. Brilliant, thanks - looking forward to seeing them. Sounds great, thanks. I was contemplating starting fresh with the gallery, but it seemed a shame to lose some already great content that has been uploaded. As the others have said, I wouldn't worry too much about duplicates (though of course from this point forward try keep track so we don't end up with too many versions! :p ) You're right, and unfortunately for currently inexplicable reasons we have lost a lot of images when I restored the site. Since all forum images are completely fine, and a large percentage of gallery images, I really cannot see why this has happened. This is one of the principal reasons I debated removing the gallery completely (there's a thread somewhere about that), but ultimately I decided it was better to have a working gallery with some missing pictures than no gallery at all. If anyone has uploaded pictures that no longer work, it would be massively appreciated if you could delete and re-upload them. Sorry again about this, but there's sadly nothing I can do. Agreed - in fact there may already be a report a picture button somewhere? But that sounds good to me. With 12,000+ images, duplicates are inevitable, and if considerable time has passed between them they will likely be unnoticed anyway.
  14. That's exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. A spam-free site with a specific pee section (their piss category has over 80,000+ results!) that seems to be regularly updated. Thank you. :)
  15. Interesting idea - I have no idea whether you'd find any pee stuff worthwhile that you couldn't just find from search engines, but I'd be interested to hear if you do. Firstly, not all of the deep web is dangerous, in fact the term just refers to sites not indexed by search engines. You can easily install the TOR browser (there are countless easy guides online for getting fully started) and browse sites perfectly legally. The issue is with some of the notorious sites on there ('the dark web') - you've probably heard of illegal activities ranging from hiring hitmen to child pornography. I'm sure it goes without saying that aside from accessing that kind of content being both sick and illegal, it can indeed be dangerous. I agree with you that a lot of talk about the dark web is over-exaggerated, though there clearly are all kinds of dodgy sites on there too. Pee porn on the other hand is legal - as I said, I have no experience here so can't comment on whether you'd find what you're looking for, but I imagine it would be an interesting look. Again: if you're just browsing, and accessing sites that are legal, then there's nothing to worry about. Having said that, as always, be extremely cautious if downloading anything from an unknown site.