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  1. We have been through this. Shall I delete your account for you?
  2. Users can get their username changed when they like? It just needs to be requested through staff. This policy is in place for very good reasoning, and just because another free site does it differently certainly doesn't mean it should be a standard everywhere. Besides, having everyone changing their usernames regularly would be confusing - the whole point is it is a single identifier for each member. This has literally never been an issue before, and I doubt it will be again. Pick an appropriate username when registering and there'll be no problems; if there are, just drop me a message to get it updated. You seem to be under the impression being visible on Google is a bad thing - on the contrary, it's how over half of our users have found the site, and we are actively trying to increase our exposure on Google to grow our memberbase. We do take privacy seriously, but you're confusing the two terms. Providing you take the recommended steps of using an original username not related to any personal details or other accounts, and don't publicly reveal your private information, again there will be no problem. This is fairly standard procedure for using the internet in general. Unfortunately we have no plans to change either of these policies. Of course, this site is provided to users completely free of charge, and there is absolutely no obligation to use it.
  3. The terms and conditions you agreed to when you registered will have explained this, and further reasoning has been clarified in this thread before I believe. However, a member of staff can of course change your username for you if your account doesn't yet have sufficient privileges, just message me what you want it changed to. You talk about being found on Google as if this is something PeeFans has introduced - this is simply how search engines work, and will likely be the same for every site you ever use. I'm sorry, but using the same username here that you use on personal accounts is not our fault; in fact, we strongly emphasise picking something anonymous. I understand the concern though, and as I said I will happily change your username if you let me know what you want it changed to.
  4. hello, 26yo male here

    Welcome to Peefans :)
  5. Naughty!!!

    Welcome to the site, I'm glad you decided to join - as long as you don't give away any information that's overly personal, I'm very confident you won't have any problems. I'm pleased to say PeeFans has a pretty big following of naughty pee fans, myself included. You're certainly amongst like-minded people here, and I'm sure I speak for many of us when I say that I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories. I hope you both enjoy the forum.
  6. Hi From London

    Welcome to the site! There's quite a lot of us from the UK, and I'm sure a fair few from London specifically. I look forward to chatting with you around the forum.
  7. Club fail

    Working now. :)
  8. Club fail

    Yes, I get the same error. I'm working on it - sorry about that.
  9. Hello

    Welcome to PeeFans :)
  10. Fine for me too? There was a problem yesterday but that got fixed. You can try clearing your browser cache to make sure you're seeing the most up to date version of the site?
  11. New kid on the block

    Hey, welcome to the forum! Aside from being able to access more areas of the forum (pictures, videos etc), you will hopefully find being able to interact with like-minded people to be one of the biggest benefits of having an account. I hope you enjoy it here. :)
  12. BPB interview

    Hi bpb, thanks for making an interview topic! :) You mentioned that up until finding this site via YouTube, the whole pee fetish was pretty unknown to you. Does this mean that up until seeing the video you'd never really considered pee as anything sexual?