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A Cheeky Fe11a drew a masterpiss
With my greatest honour I am inaugurating this gallery of drawings by @cheekyfe11a

I have been startled by his drawing capabilities and sincerely think he deserves a stand alone gallery, to be updated from time to time when he could, but meanwhile what I have seen until now left me speechless


ladies and gentlemen, come in and enjoy!!!
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Leaving A Wet Thong Behind - True Story by Sophie
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Spywareonya Peeing On A Car
Spywareonya peeing on a car.
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oops. my wet patch!
i had some fun peeing my panties yesterday. thought i would share. =) ....
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The following is a work of fiction but designed to read as realistically as possible......


Hi guys. 

You all know me as Steve25805 a moderator of this forum. You have probably spotted me on occasions in the chatbox, flirtatiously suggesting to my fellow mod Sophie naughty locations for her to pee in. I believe it was my idea for her to pee on the toilet with the lid closed, for example. And to undress in front of her husband in the living room and then pee on her own clothes. I often semi-jokingly offer her the services of my own bedroom carpet if she ever feels like peeing somewhere interesting, and things like that. I think when we are in the moOd we both enjoy the erotic aspect of such banter.

As many of you will know, she sometimes invites the membership to suggest new places for her to pee, and some of you have come up with great suggestions. Am sure her husband must be very grateful to you all, because he's the lucky dude who gets to enjoy the show. I still envy him for having video footage of Sophie peeing on her kitchen floor, and on the table. I think peeing on the table was another one of my suggestions by the way, lol. Maybe I should insist on copyright for that video. Hahaha.

The latest idea I've had is for her to get up and squat upon her bed. And pee on it! I could tell she is interested in the idea but never got around to actually doing it.

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Allow me to take you on a brief PeeFans history...
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Wet Carpet magazine is a publication catering to all those interested in girls peeing in naughty places. The following thread are a series of extracts from the readers' confessions pages.....
Dear Wet Carpet
Last night I was out in the pub with my boyfriend, sitting behind a table in a corner. I needed to use the loo pretty badly but the queue for the Ladies' was very long. Anyway, having had a bit to drink and feeling a bit naughty, I suggested to my boyfriend that I pee right there under the table. He told me to go ahead, no one was likely to notice, as the alcove we were in was a bit dark. So I shuffled to the front of the seat, took off my panties and pulled the back of my skirt up above my ass and just let loose, pissing all over the pub carpet!
The sound was drowned out by all the noise in the pub, fortunately, and no one paid us any attention. But it was a really long pee and it felt so good. When I looked under the table afterwards, the puddle was HUGE!!! I am certainly going to do it again sometime.
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Post about your pee!
Just had a pee? Want to talk about it? Don't think it's worth a thread? Post about it here!

I'll start. I had a lovely wee about 20 minutes ago after holding it through the Formula One race and then my dinner. Nothing particularly exciting but it made a loud splash as it fell perfectly into the water below.
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Story behind the pic
My name is Anja. The other night I was out drinking when I hooked up with this great guy who was sexy as hell. We hit it off really well together, and when towards the end of the evening he invited me back to his place, I found myself eagerly accepting. We were both pretty drunk by then but having a great time, laughing and giggling at the silliest things. And you know how it is when you've been drinking - what with the wait for the taxi and then the travelling time I was desperate for a pee by the time I got to his place...
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A collection of hotel carpet peeing videos.
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Peeing under skirt in public
The weather has been good here recently so I decided to finally fulfil the request posted at the very start of my thread. To pee standing up under my skirt somewhere outdoors. I had been looking forward to doing it for a while but just didn’t have the opportunity... until now.
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My pee :)
I made video for my husband who is getting into the pee fetish more and more so I thought I'd share some of the screen shots from it! It was my first pee of the day so nice and bright in colour in the bath :) 


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I went with my family to Bournemouth beach one evening this week.  It has been very warm and the beach was pretty busy.  We sat on towels on the sand and just down from us was a group of three young ladies who were also sat on towels.  They started preparing to leave the beach, packing up their stuff.  One, wearing a black bikini put a black summer dress on over her bikini, then she went to the end of her towel nearest the sea and turned to face up the beach and indeed facing directly towards me.  She knelt down on the sand, sitting on her haunches and casually moved the sand around between her legs, creating a bit of a hollow.    She then spent a couple of minutes fidgeting around, which included adjusting her dress repeatedly.   She lifted the back out from under her bottom and spread it back towards her feet.  She pulled the sides out so they splayed over her legs and she alternated between pulling the front forward and lifting it up.  The lady and her friends were laughing a bit and my mind started running wild thinking that she must be considering peeing, but was nervous about doing it with people around.   Anyway, after those couple of minutes of fidgeting, she straightened her back and she bunched up her dress in front of her.  Then, as she played around with her dress, presumably trying to retain her cover and avoid peeing on it, I saw the glistening stream falling from behind the cover of the dress into the hollow in the sand...
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I am super into peeing in places like the side of the road, parking lots, and in the woods. Nothing turns me on more than waiting until I have to pee really badly and going on a long walk through the park, and waiting until I have no choice but to squat down next to the nearest tree. Tonight I had a long drive ahead of me, so I drank a lot of water beforehand and took the back roads with no gas stations/public restrooms. I was on a back country road when the desperate urge kicked in, I pulled over and put my hazard lights on, opened my door and squatted beside it and pulled my leggings and panties down and pissed right next to the road. I made sure my legs were spread nice and wide so I didn't get any pee on myself. I kept going for about 25 seconds, then I bounced my bum and pussy up and down a few times. I pulled my leggings up slowly and got back in my car and drove away. 

Anyone have any stories like this? Any favorite places to piss outdoors that you regularly do?
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One of my good female friends and I really enjoy going hiking. We like to get up early and spend much of the day outdoors. Today was a nice sunny day around 65 degrees (Farenheit), and we packed up our backpacks, loaded them full of water and snacks and went out for a hike. My friend is a beautiful tan girl, with curly brown hair that goes just past her shoulders, she is a little on the shorter side, petite with wide hips and small breasts. She is absolutely gorgeous and just so happens to be bisexual like myself. We have never dated, just shared a few kisses every now and then.

    A few hours into our hike I suggested stopping for a lunch break. After a few sips of water, it was obvious to me that I had already really had to pee and now it was becoming more urgent. I thought I should at least wait til after we have our lunch... so I continued holding it, getting more and more desperate. After what seemed like forever, we were finally finishing up and my friend wanted to head back on the trail. I quickly mentioned I needed to go relieve myself. She giggled at that, and told me she was bursting too. We laughed about it and both walked to the side of the trail, both of us pulling our panties down at the same time. I squatted down and spread my legs. She surprised me and started pulling her shorts completely off. She took them off, put them to the side, stood up and spread her legs, then spread the lips of her pussy and started pissing while aiming it at a nearby tree. I started laughing and asked her where she learned that, she told me she used to hike alone a lot and got sick of splashback and taught herself to pee like that. I quickly took off my shorts instead of squatting, stood up, spread my pussy like hers, and then I started to relieve myself. Both of us stood there completely alone in the woods pissing with our legs spread, giggling like little girls with hot streams shooting out of our bare cunts.

After we were done, we stood with our legs apart, bounced up and down, and then put our panties and shorts back on, and continued our hike without a mention of what happened earlier.
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As promised, my next endeavour was to pee outside somewhere while wearing a short dress with no panties underneath, just casually laying on my back in the nice sunshine. This one really excited me because I had never done anything like it before, and I like to keep things private so doing things in public gives me a huge thrill. This was one of my most daring adventures for a couple of reasons, which I will explain throughout the story. I've tried to include as much detail as possible so this story is a rather long one, just a little warning. Without further ado, enjoy...
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Where should I pee? Pretty much anything goes as long as it isn't damaging property.

You can also suggest what I should wear while doing it if you like. This will be posted as a true story in a few days time .
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Site Update
PeeFans has been upgraded - here's what's new...
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