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    This was taken on a walk from Henley-In-Arden to Preston Baggot in Warwickshire, England last weekend. We are enjoying a fine heatwave at the moment, but when you are caught short with no loos around, well, why not!? My question; Does heat increase the libido or not? For me, I get more hornier in the Summer, perhaps it's because there is so much to see, as clothes become more 'skimpy' and 'revealing.
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    Had a thought about the idea of being in a rush, or being a touch lazy about taking a pee. Let's be honest there are situations, perhaps in the workplace, when you can't be arsed to pull down your knickers entirely and you just want to pull them to one side and take a whizz in a hurry. I must confess to doing this, and not wiping, just a shake of the lettuce and panties back into position, no doubt absorbing the little droplets left...!
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    "I've gotta pee really bad," I whimper to my friend, "Like, really bad." "Hold on a little longer," she says, "We're almost to my place." "I can't, Chloe, I'm gonna wet myself." When she didn't reply I just pressed my hand into my crotch harder. Drinking all that water hadn't been the best idea, and now I was learning that the hard way. I started to rub myself to help ignore the pressure on my bladder, and when I found out it helped, I rubbed a little harder and faster. Chloe seemed to notice but didn't say anything, although I did see her shift in her seat a little. "Are we almost there?" I asked her. "Umm, almost...but I don't think we'll make it in time," Chloe said, trying to keep control in her voice. I could tell she was getting turned on by my masturbating in the seat next to her. "What?!" Why not?" I almost cried out. I could hardly hold it anymore. "Hazel, look ahead. There's been an accident on the road. I think we'll be held up for a while," Chloe said, a little bit of pity in her voice, though I knew she secretly wanted to see me pee myself. I stopped rubbing myself and looked up at the road ahead of us. The traffic was at a complete stop, even though I could see our exit sign about a hundred feet ahead. As soon as I realized that I might not make it, I started rubbing myself again, this time a little more noticeable to Chloe. She came to a complete stop, the car jerking a little, causing me to leak. Chloe looked over at me and stated, "Well, if you're gonna pee in my car, you should probably take off your pants, that way they don't get soaked." Without even questioning my friend's logic, I took off my pants and threw them in the back. I started rubbing myself again, and my legs subconsciously spread apart. Chloe looked over at the wet spot on my panties from my earlier leak and threw the car into park. "We'll be here a while," she whispered seductively. She straddled me and started kissing me, all the while grinding my clit, making me moan. "You're...gonna...make me...piss myself," I said between kisses. Chloe stopped to pull her pants down, and for once I was glad for her tinted windows. "That's okay, I want you to piss all over my pussy," she told me, "Then I want you to lick my soppy cunt." She got onto the floor and pulled my panties down. She teased me by kissing my inner thigh, and I rubbed my clit to stop myself from letting go all over her face. Chloe finally reached my throbbing pussy, and flicked my clit with her tongue. I gasped and felt the pressure in my bladder increase. "You better not pee until I tell you to," Chloe told me with a demanding tone, looking me in the eye, "Or else you'll get punished." Her voice had such a commanding tone, I knew I had to obey, and tried to hold back as much as I could. Out of nowhere, she stuck her tongue in my pussy, causing me to moan. She used one of her hands to rub my clit, the other to rub her own. As she licked me, I felt the pressure still building, and a little squirt escaped me. Chloe smiled, but didn't say anything. She knew I knew what would happen if I let it all go. She rubbed my clit faster, and I ground my hips against her mouth, desperate to cum. She stopped and brought herself back up on top of me, and started grinding on me, faster then she ever had. I felt a small gush come out, soaking both of our panties and making us come even closer to cumming. As she continued to grind me, I once again felt the pressure in my bladder, heavier and stronger than it had even been. She was grinding me even faster now, I was so close to cumming, and I could tell she was too. Suddenly, I couldn't hold it anymore. It was like someone had opened the flood gates, and piss came gushing out of my pussy. That brought us over the edge making us climax simultaneously. As Chloe squirted, she moved herself so that her pussy was in front of mine, and I pissed all over her already soaking cunt as I rubbed my clit, making myself buck and moan loudly as I had an orgasm. I saw Chloe move her clit in the path of my stream, and as it hit her full force, she screamed along with her orgasm. As we both calmed down, we smiled at each other before Chloe's smile turned into a mischievous grin. Uh oh, I know that look, I thought. "You peed before I told you that you could, Hazel. That means that you get the punishment." Even though the punishment lasts a whole weekend, I was surprised to be looking forward to it. "I can't wait," I told her.
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    As the traffic started to move again, Chloe moved back to her own seat, not even bothering to put her pants back on. She looked over at me and smiled, "tsk, tsk, tsk, you should have waited. I'm going to have to punish you when we get back to the house." Chloe took the car out of park and she drove to her house the rest of the way in silence. I was still sitting in a pool of piss and squirt, and it was making me horny. We got to Chloe's house not too soon after, and she immediately dragged me into her room. She blindfolded me so I couldn't see what she was doing, and quickly took off my shirt and bra before tying my hands to the bedposts of her bed, making me unable to touch myself. She took off my still-soaked panties that I had put back on earlier and cuffed my legs on the sides of the bed, leaving my horny pussy open to whatever punishment was about to come this weekend. Chloe then stuffed a couple pillows underneath my back, elevating my cunt higher off the bed. I heard her leave the room and I waited patiently for her to come back. A little while later she came back and told me to open my mouth. She poured a big glass of water in my mouth, and made several trips back and forth with water, until I had to pee again. She then whispered in my ear that she needed to pee. I heard her pull down her panties and jump onto the bed. She leaned on top of me, with her pussy near my boobs, and I felt the start of a trickle. She slowly moved down my body, and by the time she reached my clit, her stream was at full force. I could feel the pressure on my clit, and I didn't want her to stop. Of course, right when I was about to orgasm, I felt her stream slow down, eventually coming to a stop. I tried to move my body up to grind on hers to orgasm, but she moved away, leaving me desperate to cum. I heard her laugh, and I whined. I was so close! Chloe left for a while, and my urge to pee was starting to show up again. Almost like magic, Chloe showed up right then, and she had brought along a huge vibrator. "Time for some fun," she said, winking at me. She did a strip tease in front of me, then laid against the backboard of the bed, and spread her legs. Chloe turned on the vibrator and started rubbing her clit, making her moan loudly. As she masturbated in front of me, I got horny again, and desperately wanted to touch myself, but the cuffs prevented me from doing so. My only choice was to watch my friend, so that's what I did. As Chloe turned the vibration higher, her own bladder let go, and she opened her lips wider, directing her stream to my clit. When it hit me, I bucked, wanting to get free from the restraints so I could cum. I begged Chloe to let me go but she didn't listen, and continued to pee on me while getting off. Her stream eventually pattered out, and she turned the vibration volume to the highest, making her grunt, moan, and occasionally scream when she hit a sensitive spot. She finally came, and squirted all over me, leaving my pussy soaking wet from Chloe's piss and cum juice. "Did you enjoy watching me cum, Hazel?" Chloe asked as she climbed on top of me. "Yes, can you please let me go now so I can cum?" I asked even though I knew the answer would be no. Of course, she said no. She gave me another glass of water to drink, and told me not to pee until she came back. At one point, I must have fallen asleep, because when I opened my eyes, Chloe was eating me out. I relished the sensation of her tongue on my clit, and I asked her if I was allowed to pee. She took her mouth away and put her pussy in front of mine. "Piss all over my desperate cunt, Hazel. Make me cum all over you." No sooner had she said that, I let go, and my strong stream hit her, causing her to scream with pleasure. I was getting close to my own orgasm, since I was so horny and my stream was hitting my huge throbbing clit. Chloe got closer and closer to an orgasm, and she moved closer to me, causing my piss to splash noisily between our soaking cunts. My stream was starting to run out, and neither of us had came yet, so Chloe rammed her pussy into mine, all the while ripping the pillows out from under me so that I was laying flat on the bed. She was grinding me as hard as she could, our clits ramming against the other. Chloe pulled her vibrator from (seemingly) out of nowhere and turned it on full-force, placing it in a position where we could still grind but we could feel it. We got closer to climax, and Chloe told me to piss all over us again. I was about to tell her that I didn't need to pee anymore, but like magic I had an urge like no other. Without any hesitation, I pushed it out as hard as I could, my pee splattering across our pussies, making us orgasm hard. As we both calmed down, Chloe unhooked me from all the restraints, but before I can move much, she tells me to follow her, still blindfolded, mind you, and she leads me down to the basement. Eventually we get there, and she directs me to sit on a chair. She straps me down once again, and I feel something cold press against my lips. I feel a trickle of cold water run into my mouth, and I have no choice but to swallow it. "The water won't stop, so don't you stop swallowing either. I'm going to keep you plenty busy tonight," Chloe told me with a giggle. The last thing she did was press the vibrator to my clit and turned it on to the second most powerful, to make sure I wouldn't cum. Something told me I wouldn't get any sleep that night. "Feel free to pee whenever you want tonight, Hazel. Anytime at all." The last thing Chloe heard before she went upstairs was my loud moans and piss pattering on the floor beneath me.
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    Some artistic images of my favorite game. I would love to have a job in this salon.
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    I've been checking these forums for some time, but now I feel like I should start posting some things. I'm an american in my mid-20s and I've been into pee for well over a decade, though it took me a while to not be embarrassed by it. When I was a teen, me and my friends would go on sites like Break.com and look at all the pornographic and weird stuff it had. One video we saw was of a woman peeing like a geyser outside, and while my friends thought it was gross, I was strangely intrigued by it; seeing a woman unleash a mighty torrent that sprayed larger than how a guy could pee was really captivating. I started to look for more of that stuff on my own, and I realized that I liked masturbating to women peeing more than I did watching regular porn. It made me really horny, but I felt like a freak for it. It took me a long time to "understand" why I'm into what I'm into, and with hindsight being 20/20, I realized a number of formative experiences have involved peeing. I still remember my dad showing me how to use my "God-given squirtgun" for the first time when I had to pee as a kid and there wasn't a bathroom around, and though my parents told me only to do it in an emergency, I would often pee outside if I was out playing and didn't want to go back in the house. Sometimes when me and my neighbor friend were playing in the woods out back, we would choose our own trees and see who could water them more, like a game. I think pee games like that are very common for young boys, but I developed a new desire for pee "adventures" when I was a pre-teen, before puberty. I would wait late at night when my parents went to sleep and hold my pee, then go for a walk and think of a place to unload. I'd go to the park nearby and pee in the trashcan, or a storm drain, or try peeing patterns into the baseball field. The combo of peeing in a strange new place and having to pee a lot really excited me, and looking back on it, I think it was my weird proto-masturbation before I even did that. I couldn't explain it back then, but after all this time I do believe peeing is very adjacent to sexual pleasure, and a sensation that everyone can appreciate. I might also be more inclined to the sensation because I am uncut, and I believe that uncut men are more able to appreciate the feeling of peeing because of the intact nerves down there, but that's another discussion. But aside from what I did as a younger kid, one of my first experiences with the female anatomy was seeing a girl pee. In 6th grade, my class had a weekend-long field trip to some nature reservation, and we basically spent it going hiking and talking about biology and stuff. Obviously, the class was separated by boys and girls sleeping in different dorms, but during the daytime we maintained our groups of 3 for projects. My group was me, a friend from class, and this girl who I was also friendly with (in hindsight, she may have had a bit of a crush on me but that's irrelevant.) One afternoon, the groups were tasked with hiking around a few areas near the reservation buildings and documenting the different species we could find. Since there was a pond near the boys dorm, a lot of the groups went there to try finding frogs and fish and whatnot. My group ended up being one of the few to go into the forest looking for mushrooms and poison ivy and stuff. When we started to go more into the woods and find stuff to write down, my friend realizes that he doesn't have a pencil, and runs back to the main area to try getting one from a teacher. So it's just me and this girl (we'll call her Alison), and we slowly continue our path in the forest, and then Alison goes "is anybody around?" I say no I don't think so, and she goes "ok I have to pee" and hands me her pencil and notebook. I shockingly ask her "wait right here?" and she goes shhh and walks a few steps off the path towards a big tree. She tells me to keep watch if anyone else comes near, but I generally just sneaked peeks at her as she peed. I could see her Supergirl underwear down at her knees, and I could hear her stream splashing on the leaves, and it was really exciting. But having thought back on that before, I think the thing that really excited me the most was the candor of it. She could've made much more of an effort to go further away from me and be hidden before she peed, but she did it somewhat close to me, and didn't seem that bothered that I was around for it. It almost felt like a show of trust, and while I could be really overanalyzing that, that's something that's very sweet to me. When she finished, I could see her wiggle her butt around to shake off the drops, and she pulled her underwear and jeans back on and stepped back onto the trail. I think I was blushing when I handed her her things back, and I awkwardly said something like "I didn't know girls could pee outside alright," and she said "when you gotta go you gotta go," and then we just kept on throughout the day never mentioning it again, though I thought about it a lot to myself. I think that about covers my upbringing with my kink. For years, I lived with this kink in secret shame, but what needed to help me get over that was to actually talk about and enjoy what I enjoy. One of the things it took me to open up more was seeing all these other people who are into pee as much as I am. I've still never shared/enjoyed this kink with a partner before, though I'm someone who hardly dates to begin with. I've been around a few other women who have peed in front of me and it (secretly) drove me wild. But I hope to find someone who wants to play around with me like this. Maybe go on pee adventures as a couple, and though I love to watch women pee, I'm intrigued with having a woman watch me pee, and hold my cock while I do it. Aside from that, I just feel like I want to talk more about this thing I'm into and have a place where I can express myself about it, since I can't just up and shout about it in the store or something lol. So here I am!
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    it was trash day today. and i needed to feed my cat. it's kinda convenient that i happened to wait on my porch until the trash truck was 2 doors down. it paused for a bit after i had stepped out to fill the bowl, i wonder if i had anything to do with that?
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    For a while when I was searching for women peeing, I would just find imageboards of candid pics of college girls on the toilet or squatting outside so they weren't models to find more specific pics from. But within the past couple of years, I learned that a lot of the mainstream porn community really likes to play around with pee, and that actually helped me feel more comfortable with my kink (it's mainstream, eh?) Maybe they aren't specifically pee models, but when people like Riley Reid, Katrina Jade and Adriana Chechik do pee stuff, I think it helps more people understand that you shouldn't knock pee until you've tried it. Chechik in particular loves to take vids of herself and her friends peeing, but now I think it all is only available on her OnlyFans account and I ain't paying lol. There's a short video of her sitting on a toilet and Megan Rain walks over to her, kneels down in front of her and Adriana sprays a strong stream straight into her mouth. I'm not really one for the more extreme side of pee kink, but that vid in particular really got me going! I don't think Riley Reid's done a ton of stuff, but there's definitely some pee pics/video of her. This short vid is a wonderful one because her smile is just so bright and beaming, it makes it even hotter.
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    Standing over me in a dress without panties
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    Indeed, most of the west do that And then there's me, who never wear any ahahahahaha
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    Some from me, taken yesterday.
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    A pleasant day in the park.
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    I hope it is ok to share this here. It just seems like the most fitting thread. I have shared this song with you before, @spywareonya. But this version is accompanied by some awesome imagery evocative of many of the pics you have shared here. Some of the imagery seems evocative of Lilith, some of Pan, some just of some kind of out of this world spiritual cosmic dimension. Take a look and listen and see what you think......
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    In Airline Tycoon you can observe passengers entering and leaving the bathrooms, and you can click on them to make your character go inside, ladies or gents. And occasionally you would leave your office and your character will immediately sprint to the toilets!
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    im sure it was.how tight at the front though?Was it a"cameltoe" situation?
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    aw thanks! I've never written anything like that, gonna write the second part right now!
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    Never been much of a poet. "There was once a young woman from Rhyll".... doesn't quite cut it. I have a number of good abilities, but writing beautiful poetry is not one of them. You have me beat on that one, @spywareonya. But I do understand that for those with poetic ability, writing poetry can be a good way of expressing inner feelings and passions.
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    Ours too, but we don't go into the hard humiliation aspects. Ours is more like where it comes from, sharing from so deep inside a person, something truly from the inner warmth. Some intense feelings in there @steve25805, some powerful thoughts too. Makes us feel kinda bad that our lives have been fairly rosy. You have shown some inner strength to overcome everything thrown in your path.
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    This might be more for starting a new thread about, but I've noticed that a lot of television shows lately have been including more pee scenes. Part of this has to just be because the showrunners happen to have the kink as well. Jenji Kohan, the creator of Weeds and Orange is the New Black is an obvious one to me. Not only were there some pee scenes in Weeds, but there's a ton in OITNB to the point where it could be called gratuitous, so I think it's definitely being done for her pleasure to some degree. But also, maybe those scenes happen to be testing decently with audiences; you would figure if they weren't, the executives would opt to cut them out of episodes. But there's been peeing scenes in Game of Thrones, The Affair, Glow, Jessica Jones, Atlanta, and more. My favorites though are from The Americans and Mr. Robot. In the former, a Russian prisoner pees in a metal bucket in jail cell, and she's sexy as hell (unfortunately can't find a screenshot or clip.) In the latter, there's a scene where a woman hosting a small dinner party excuses herself to the bathroom in anger, and the following scene is her sitting on the toilet peeing, and then the man that upset her walks into the bathroom with authority. He stands right in front of her as she's done peeing on the toilet, and they give each other some looks, and then she spreads her legs a bit to invite him to make a move. He then thanks her for a wonderful evening and leaves.
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    I was in an Ann Summers shop (adult lingerie,sex toys etc) with my wife a couple of years ago, their changing rooms are bizarre! You go into a large room with a load of small cubicles on one side, each cubicle has a full length door, but each door has a heart shaped window about 6 inches by 9 inches in the middle. Basically, there's an assistant to stop just anyone walking into the changing area, you have to be with someone who's trying something on, but once in there, in theory you could not only peer through the window at your other half, but also at anyone else getting changed. My wife once had a slight wee in a pair of leather trousers in a store, we'd been out shopping, had lunch and a couple of beers, then as we were going to head home we spotted this shop, it had leathers in and she fancied a pair. I said we should go in,but she said she needed a wee, I said we'd only be 5 minute, so she agreed, she tried one pair, too baggy, she tried a smaller pair, they were perfect, but she had a bit of a wee as she was fastening the button, so, since we were buying them, she decided to keep them on, otherwise the sales assistant would have realised they were a bit wet. We did get a bit of an odd look as she walked to the checkout still wearing them and asking if they could remove the labels, because she wanted to keep them on. They got a proper soaking later though, after leaving the shop we popped into another pub, so she could use the toilet, she didn't, instead she ended up having several more drinks, we headed back to the hotel and she got a real urge to piss, she made it back to our hotel room,but, as she got into the bathroom, she was struggling to get the button open on the jeans,I think it was because her bladder was so full, in the end I told her to stand in the shower, just in case she lost it, Finally it became obvious they were not coming off without getting wet, so she just pissed herself, then she realised she had her new boots on too, Wet leather jeans, and wet boots, and she still wore them when we went out that night.lol
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    Pee, mostly. If we're out, it's 'go potty'
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    Okay this story just got even hotter. So I actually got to hear this woman peeing today. She was in my department again but I didn't know at first because she was in another coworkers office that didn't require her to walk past mine. Then I hear another coworker randomly ask "Nicole, you ready to go over this now?" and she responded "Hold on just let me run to the restroom." I knew her voice from yesterday and immediately I got excited because I knew that I could camp outside the women's room and fill my water bottle really slow, which was perfect timing because it was empty anyway. As soon as I heard her say that, I stood up faster than I have in a long time, grabbed my bottle and walked quickly to catch up to her toward the hallway. I saw her turn the corner and walk in the women's. Today she had on tight grey slacks, form fitting white sleeveless shirt tucked in, and high heels. Sexy as fuck! It was funny because I saw the IT guy coming down the hall the opposite direction and his eyes were laser focused on her ass as she went in. Dude was trying to be subtle but as a guy, I knew what he was looking at lol. So then I stood by the fountain just a few feet outside and between both restrooms and totally crept on her in secret. Almost as soon as the stall door closed, I heard the loudest strongest fucking hiss of a woman's pee of my life, I shit you not. It was just screaming through the restroom entrance door into the hall. It wasn't hitting water but the porcelain. I couldn't fucking believe what I was hearing. I've never been into the hissing sound all that much. I always liked it a bit but never like I do now. She was pissing nonstop for about ten seconds at first and then her stream was rushing out in loud explosive like squirts, stop and start fashion. Each squirt had a louder hiss than the previous. She was killing that damn toilet, just fucking killing it. So dominant and unapologetic. My heart was racing and I felt a very deep arousal that I honestly believe is a first for me. It was like a full body wave of excitement she made me feel. I was right about her ability to power piss but I never expected her to be capable of that kind of power. It was down right fucking astounding. I don't understand how she can piss that hard, I really don't. It was just beautiful to hear her producing that much pressure. I can only imagine the sound it would have made if she had been hitting the water full on. I was standing frozen. When she finished, I heard the tp dispenser this time and then SHE JUST WALKED OUT, NO FLUSH!!. No damn flush!! OMG. The door opened and she came out still securing her belt in the 2nd loop on her pants. She didn't even care to at least finish doing that before coming out. She smiled at me, said hi with an energetic voice and walked back around the corner to our department, giving me another perfect view of that big round ass. So then I followed her all the way back to until she turned to head back to my coworker. For a good ten seconds I was just watching her ass shake in her pants. I know this may seem made up but it is not! I can't believe what happened myself. I didn't even care how weird I may have looked standing there. It was worth it. I've listened in on women peeing in public many times before and this is the best I've ever heard, hands down. This Nicole is really something.