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    Isabel Lucas! (More photos when I'm on my computer)
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    Seems to have been a while since this section was up-dated so here goes. Last night I was watching the Graham Norton Show, and he had the actress Vanessa Kirby on. She played Princess Margaret in the Netflix series, 'The Crown'. Well, let's just say that I became rather agitated and a little moist when she suggested that the smell of Goat's Cheese reminded her of sperm? Well, she does look like the kind of girl who is up for anything, including taking a nice long steamy hot pee behind a bush...(I fantasise!). Here she is in all of her 'slutty' glory:
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    I am also really looking forward to these videos
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    Love this thread gave me so many hard ons and your body is beautiful
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    I think it's better if you can find someone who likes doing it anyway, I've had a few in my past who would just do things because they actually wanted to do something that I wanted to see done, and that's great. I remember chatting to one woman I knew and mentioned a certain fantasy, she said she'd happily have done it but she didn't have any boots, and she didn't want to get her feet wet! A couple of weeks later we were in town and passed a shop full of boots, I suggested we go in, just for a look around, later that night she ended up bent over in the back of my van, with me shagging her from behind, strangely enough she was wearing a pair of tight trousers and long brown boots, and both were soaked with piss. Everything dried out fine and we both went away happy. I often saw her wearing those boots, and wondered if she ever thought about how she got them. One of the strangest experiences I ever had was with a girl at work, I worked 15 hour nights, and there was only me in the building, except for a few hours earlier in the evening when this attractive young lady would come in to do some cleaning, she never came into my office as I was always there. Anyway one night I asked her in for a coffee and we got chatting, she was telling me about how she was single, having recently split from her boyfriend, for some bizarre reason she then started to tell me some of the things she used to get up to.A couple of nights later, after she'd finished her work, she called into my office and she was all dressed up, tight top and spray on jeans, very sexy looking! Well, as we chatted she steered the conversation to things of a more sexual nature,she then said that one of her kinks was to have molten wax dripped onto her nipples and down her ass crack, apparently her boyfriend liked her to wear leopard print undies, while he did this to her. " In fact I'm wearing it now" she said, and with that lifted her top to reveal a pair of small but very pert breasts, encased in a leopard print bra! I joked that I seemed to remember seeing a candle in one of my drawers, she then asked if I could find it, I said I probably could and within a few moments, I had indeed found the item in question. "aren't you going to light it then?" she asked, bending over my desk and peeling down her tight jeans. Within a few moments she was moaning in ecstasy as I dripped molten wax down the small gap between her ass crack and the tight panties. She soon orgasmed, pulled up her jeans, turned around and whipped off her top, "do my nipples" she said, I didn't need asking twice ! This became a regular part of my night shift, dripping hot wax over her bits, she'd never let me give her one, but one night, she asked me to take her up the rear with the candle, she seemed to enjoy that. she was telling me that she was going abroad on holiday soon, and was looking forward to buying some new clothes. A couple of nights later I called in to the local supermarket on my way to work, and ended up buying her a couple of very sexy, tie side bikinis in the sale. I gave her them when she came into work and later on, when she called into my office she surprised me by stripping out of her jeans and top, underneath she was wearing the black bikini. We had another evening playing with the molten wax, then she sat on my knee while I fondled her tits, She went on holiday soon after, and when she came back she was telling me about all the fun she'd had, she was very popular in her skimpy bikini apparently.It was a shame I never got to actually have sex with her, but it certainly brightened up my night shifts, and I have some lovely memories.
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    Lol, it's a curse, but we all love it. Helping her with it is a big part, understanding the condition and working with her to get over the rough parts makes a world of difference.
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    I would say that depends heavily on the individual. Some people are downright hideous looking and have no hope of ever finding love from the opposite sex. Imagine being extremely ugly your whole life and ridiculed by peers in your childhood, irreparable damage caused to one's self worth. In that case, I would rather be of less than average intelligence and extraordinarily good looking. At a primal level, mating is our biological purpose, and depends greatly on our physical attractiveness. To be so visually off putting to the opposite sex that you are shit out of luck and left behind by genetics is a terribly sad existence. It's easy for attractive people to say intelligence is more important than looks. It's usually good looking people that say looks aren't important, similar to how rich people say money isn't important, while ensuring that trusted people on their payroll maintain their investments. Intelligence is far less valued than looks in most societies. Our celebrities aren't revered world sensations due to having high IQ's. To go a step further, on a society-wide level, lower IQ people out breed high IQ people. The smarter people are, the less children they have. Too busy working and innovating. If you notice, highly successful couples have 1 or 2 kids, often having none at all. The non educated primitive minded have 4 or 5 kids. The father? Behind bars of course. Nature seems to neutralize smart people's willingness to reproduce. Unintelligent people are often very attractive, while intelligent people are often ugly. I think it's natures way of keeping their numbers low and leaving the brunt of breeding to everyone else.
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    Nicolo Paganini 24th caprice played by John Williams
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    That's easy... "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law"..
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    Well in highschool I had this fantasy about this girl Katrina and I offered her $900 if she wouldpee in my mouth inpublic
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    Umm, I think your version of pee sex is a lot different to ours. What do you want to know?
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    sometimes for real... anyway, pissing japs are cool!!!
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    Hi Sat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so funny you started an interview!!!!! Ok, the only "problem" (I'm joking obviously) is that everybody knows you already!!!!!!!!!! so questions are not easy... ok, let's try this, we already talked about it but never on such a deep stance: why is voyeurism your favourite type of porn? You post Amazing stuff from all around the world yet mainly from India, and indeed you post in all categories but mainly voyeur stuff I love it too, so tell us: why it more than anything else?
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    Well its my own fault i suppose,i keep watching these oriental girlies.Usually i cum for the 3rd girl with the pink knickers and bunches in her hair,but today i saved it for the 7th girl,she keeps wittering in Japanese...but she squats so beautifully...https://www.xvideos.com/video28657115/teen_asians_spied_peeing
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    Wow I started reading up about networking just out of random interest its fascinating. I want to learn more about UNIX and OS in general, currently running ubuntu 16.04. I'm currently learning full stack developer, my degree is not related at all but I must say it does help with opportunities. General science? Do you have a favourite branch of study? I wonder what a degree in English entails. I've only been exposed to high school english, but I assume you write a lot of essays? I'm doing Mathematics for my degree
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    I'll see what i can do I have a little time today to reply to your stuff, would you be interested in posting... a kiss!!!
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    * Advises to keep a close eye on what happens btw, 1:20 and 1:40 * P.S.: Sorry for advertisinbg a German song; if you need a tranlation, just check -> here.
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    Thought this would be a fun spot. Nice splattering on the concrete! Hopefully somebody finds it!
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    I shot this in an Art Gallery Loo!
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    Shit loves this stuff, your're great, awesome contribution
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    My first pee experience was when I was in high school and I was at a party and this new girl at school named Katrina was there. And during the party that girl Katrina and me were play wrestling in the livingroom with around 25 people watching us. Well a few minutes later when Katrina ended up on top of me sitting on my chest I heard her tell me to open my mouth.. And when I did all of a sudden I felt her peeing down my wide open throat while I was just drinking as much of her urine as I possibly could right there in front of all these people. Needless to say while I was drinking her pee I fell in love with the warm salty yellow taste of that girl Katrina urine in my throat.
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    Ok friends this is the new deal This is my pussy And this is my motherfucking boyfriend taking pics of me while down on ANOTHER pussy 'problems editing the pic to eliminate the other girl.... her face was much more visible than mine AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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