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    I've been practicing with encouragement from a friend. I have gotten about 4 ft out from where I am standing. I discovered it's very fun. So I pee standing way more often now.
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    for @Sophie mainly, for everybody indeed!!!!!
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    I know you are completely straight, it's well written in your profile, but could you use some little appreciation? What you wrote is tickling...
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    What game are you playing right now? At the moment I'm going through the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy and I'm on the third game. Nearly completed all the levels and then I'll be going back to get all the gems, relics etc. Other than that, I'm playing Viscera Cleanup Detail, which sounds like the most boring game ever. You are literally cleaning, complete with a mop and bucket! But it's surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable.
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    Hi everyone. Just to let you know of a few little design changes that have taken place today. Firstly, a slightly updated logo, along with the ability to click on people's cover photos to see them in full size (give it a try on my profile as it's an image worth seeing ) . Additionally, smilies have been replaced with emoji. We had hundreds of smilies that were just never used outside of the main faces, whereas most people will be much more familiar with emojis (and you can input them in posts straight from the emoji keyboard on devices that have that). Typing in the faces such as ":)" will also give you a smiley face too. I've kept the pee smilies though, so they'll still work as normal and can be selected from the same button as before. Finally, when clicking to make a search, you'll now get more options and a lot more clarity on exactly what and where you're searching. Hopefully results will be improved too, making finding what you're looking for easier than ever. Please note the forum software has also been upgraded to apply some security updates - as a result, there may be a few bugs over the next few days, but these will get fixed shortly. Thanks for your co-operation.
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    This is my new gallery, read well the starting introduction and enjoy the Lawless Darkness
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    Good question. Not a champion, but quite far indeed, let's say 3 feet, maybe 4
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    Hello Will64 I was photographed when I pee. It feels exciting and a bit forbidden. I got a little horny because someone looked at me. hug
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    I have seen quite a lot of video game discussion on the forums, which makes sense. I'm sure there are plenty of us who like to unwind while playing. So why not make a club for it? It would be nice to have a gaming sub community, and you could even beat your fellow pee'rs!
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    You look gorgeous! Thank you!!
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    Not long after I settled into the warm bath water, the door opened, and Tara entered, still completely naked. She smiled when she saw me and winked, then walked over to the toilet, put the seat and lid down, and sat down. “So,” she said, still grinning, “how much did you see?” I could feel my face go red. “Most of it,” I said, “especially the tail end of it.” She giggled and rolled her eyes. “Did it get you off?” she asked. I hesitated but then nodded. “Good,” she said. “Does Alan know?” I asked. “Yeah, but it’s okay,” Tara said. “I think he thinks you literally just realized what we were doing and ran into the bathroom really quick. But I know you.” I blushed again and smiled. “You like to watch.” I didn’t know what to say, so I just kept smiling and looked down at my bath water. Tara looked down at the bathroom floor and saw the towel near the door. “Was that you?” she asked. I nodded again. “Well then,” she said, “I guess I might as well add to that.” She sat back on the toilet as she scooted the towel closer to her with her foot. Without bothering to get up and lift the lid and toilet seat, she opened her legs and started to spray a warm stream of pee all over the lid. It soaked the lid and then dribbled down over the edge to the floor. Some of it leaked over the rim and down into the bowl, but most of it dripped over the edge to the towel. As I watched her, I felt like I could pee a little more, so I just sighed and added warmth to my bath water. “Hey, I can see you’re enjoying your bath,” she said. “I am,” I said as I sighed and let go completely, feeling it swirl around my vagina. Her flow finally stopped, but warm pee was still dripping from the rim of the toilet as mine was easing to an end. “What have we done to ourselves?” she asked, still grinning. “I have no idea,” I said. “When you get out of there, let’s go back downstairs. Alan is getting some sleep, so we can still have some girls’ time.” “Sounds great,” I said. She stood up and left the bathroom, the remnants of her messy pee still all over the toilet seat and on the towel on the floor. I laughed as I finished washing off and got out quickly, wrapped a clean towel around myself, and went to join her and Jennifer back in the basement. When I got down there, Jennifer was still snoozing on the mattress, laying on her back with the covers off. Tara was standing next to her. When she saw me, she put her finger to her lips and whispered, Shhhhhh. I smiled as I watched her kneel down and slide Jennifer’s panties aside as she touched her vulva. Jennifer groaned and moved just a bit. Tara and I both laughed silently as Tara continued to gently rub Jennifer. “Stop,” Jennifer mumbled, “I have to pee.” “Good morning,” Tara said, but she did not stop. Jennifer squirmed again, but she made no effort to move away or force Tara to stop. “Ohhh, that feels good, but… mmm… I’m seriously about to explode.” She spread her legs a little, allowing Tara to slip her fingers in just a little deeper. “Just tell me when,” Tara said. “Mmm hmm. Not much longer. Ohh… keep doing that.” Tara obeyed and slipped her fingers in just a little deeper, curving them and focusing on the upper part of Jennifer’s vulva. “Oh, god, that’s so good, ohhhh… mmm…” I watched her writhe and squirm as Tara stroked her vagina, and I couldn’t help but reach under my towel and start rubbing myself. “Ohhh, it’s coming, ohh, okay…” Tara took her hand away and right away a steady stream of pee flowed from Jennifer’s pussy and sprayed all over the crotch of her panties, her inner thighs, and the mattress. “Ohhh my god it’s so warm, ohhhh.” Jennifer reached down and pulled her labia apart as she continued to pee. “Oh, oh, OHHHHHHH!” and as she peed it was obvious that Jennifer climaxed, her eyes closed and mouth open in ecstasy. I slipped my own fingers into my vagina and gave my clit just a few strokes before I was going to my knees as I also had a small but satisfying climax. As I knelt there, I peed a little again, feeling it tickle the inside of my thigh and dribble onto the carpet under me. “So how much longer are you girls staying?” Tara asked. We laughed.
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    It has been a while since I wanted to do this but was afraid nobody would have been interested, so I waited ‘till now. But this days had been particular, and gave me the desire to write this thread. It will be a full description of the Gods. You are free to believe whatever you think or even disagree with what I write, but I put my life and mental sanity at risk for ten years to obtain these informations, so I require absolute respect about HOW answers will be written. Any rude or superficial answer will have swift and unpleasurable consequences. The first is obviously Her, the Queen of this planet. She doesn’t has a male because The One who impregnated Her died shortly after for reasons which are really too complex to explain. The best description of Her is like the Hindu Goddess Kali. This entity, which could be tranquilly referred of as Kali indeed, commands this planet, and has had a avery important part played in our evolution. In fact, She is the one who actually built what we call the Dream Web, which is something far beyond dreams. It is nothing less that a spiritual/quantistic structure where the dead are healed from life’s trouble before undergoing rebirth. If their lives had been a complete mess the process can be a bit harsh, but usually is absolutely nice, thus engendering people’s belief about Purgatory and Paradise. Before She built the Web (about thirteen thousands years ago), the souls of the deceased simply roamed the Earth like ghosts, reflecting about their life and growing up for sure, but utterly without a helping hand on their shouders. She is the embodiement of compassion, but on a CHOICE-like guise, because She also is the most terrible monster imaginable, devouring souls just because She can. She CHOOSED to be merciful, and in fact She overwatch above every act of both compassion and needful cruelty, always aloof and detached but yet very partecipating. Anyway, she also manifests in the destructive power of Nature, more than anything beasts of prey and wind/rain-related things, like hurricanes and tornadoes. This obviously doesn’t mean it is actually Her who sent them, but that the things brought along by these appenings relate to Her. The message She wants to deliver is really complex and deep, but once REALLY understood, it actually changes your life. She teaches people nothing should suffer more than the minimum needed, yet She morally patronize storms killing families and wolves ruining your life by eating all your (not that cheap to buy and register!!!) sheeps. Why? Well, it’s not easy to explain. The most simple explaination about it is that, once stated that Death always comes the sooner or later, the Universe endorse the fact that, beside old age and/or illness, a living being can (I mean it’s ok if it happens) be killed in a “fitting fight”, and it means #1 by something more evolved (like humans to cows, or wolves to sheep) #2 something more cosmically related, like storms, because they are created by the crude consequences of scientifical laws so their existence is as holy as human one #3 something less evolved that fights back and win (like a cow stepping on you) #4 the need to eliminate something wicked (like an evil man or a disease) #5 a peer fight between two things equally powerful (like a man and his own illness) But as you see all of these situations are unavoidable, so they are fitting. Killing for any other reason, like hatred or madness, disrespect or amusement, is wrong. She divides rifgt from wrong in this utterly important topic. What She embody to the utmost is the fact that the soul ALWAYS lives on, and if the physical death she underwent was brought on her head wrongly, she will be indemnified in the next life if she hadn’t any faults to expiate, or elsewhere, if she still had any, they would be re-computed like the misdeed she suffered was a payback for it. Everytime we suffer, we expiate past errors (eliminating/avoiding the punishment Fate was preparing for us), or we are indemnified, in this life or in the next one, so suffering is NEVER wasted, unless it was built by our own stupidity. If you are abusive and you got cuckholded, there will be no indemnify. Suffering must be recycled, but not pointlessly created. So, make somebody suffer for a pee prank, ok. Make somebody suffer for REAL, wrong. She embody the promise that if we live avoid making other suffer pointlessly, yet exploring our dark side to know ourselves better, life will never end, regardless of the fact that maybe we made some mistakes (who will avenged if un-repented, mark these words) and always go on and on. Existence is struggle, Her message is to avoid useless pain, and have faith in the fact that every other pain will serve a higher purpose, always, nothing will ever go wasted, we are little but we will NOT BE IGNORED. Existence will never be painless, that is a christian misinterpretation, buti f we extend Her message, imagine what kind of world will we have. Nobody ever fight against anybody else unless for serious reasons, and even at that point, will fight by a code-of-honour. We will fight like “good old foes” the forces of nature and illness, winning almost always, and when losing, arranging a fierce funeral for the deceased, with the most absolute convincement that his soul is just as alive as it was the day earlier, only not embodied anymore. It’s not a painless paradise but not that far!!!
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    so a few weeks ago, i had gone to have a massage and i guess i was way relaxed afterwards. plus it didn't help being kneaded while not having been potty for awhile. ? anyways, despite using their bathroom to tidy up a bit, i opted to hold instead of go potty. i was going to walk around the shopping center a bit, and maybe eat, but that pressing feeling was becoming more urgent. it wasn't long before i found a low pillar that offered some privacy from the main parking lot. i slid my pants and undies off, my pee began escaping as i squatted.
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    Hello everyone ! Images I publish here I have, and for all part, my husband found. I work at night. Then I have time to look for pictures. If anyone wants to ask me something, that's fine. My English is not the best but I do the best I can.
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    That picture ticks a lot of boxes..
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    Popular pee actress peeing and pussy playing https://www.tnaflix.com/piss-videos/Piss%3B-suki-pee/video170460
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    As you no doubt saw when you most recently visited the site, the homepage has slightly changed. A few sections have been either moved, renamed, or merged/expanded. The reasoning behind this was a mix of SEO optimisation (to help people find us!), logical organisation and a simple 'freshen up'. Some people don't like change, but don't worry nothing is lost and nothing drastic will have altered. Hopefully for most people this will be a more appealing structure to things, and please remember you can toggle particular categories to open/close by pressing the arrow next to its name (for example, you could hide the 'useful links' at the bottom of the site if you don't use them). Some particular changes I'd like to draw your attention to: The PeeFans News & Announcements section is now the top section of the site, and is solely dedicated to recent changes and important site updates. Please check this when new threads are posted. Only admins can create threads here, but please feel free to discuss any changes within each thread. The previous ideas/help sections are now further down the site, but separated for clarity so we can see who needs help and which ideas are still being discussed/reviewed. The 'helpdesk' area is slightly different to normal sections as it follows a Q&A structure, where the most relevant answer is shown first. The marketplace is open for all business - pee-related or otherwise. This also includes personal ads and dating, so there is finally a place for any kik/snapchats etc (mods - please move any relevant threads here when you see them) . That said, use extreme caution as the marketplace is unregulated. Additionally, personal ads are a poor substitute for actually engaging with the forum. The sidebar now has more room for content such as the latest threads and top contributors etc. I try to update this once in a while anyway with other content, but you are always welcome to share your preferences for what you'd like to see here. ... Any others I'm sure you'll pick up as you go! There may be a final few tweaks based on any last minute changes of heart or feedback you all give below. Thank you.
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    res "This was a good idea to come hear" Julie said as she set her empty beer glass down on the table. "I know" replied Grace, "its always fun here" The girls were attending a local outdoor music festival. It was a bright day, with most of the town in attendance. With the hot sun beating down on them, the girls had spent most of the day in the shelter of the beer tent, slugging back pints. The tent was right next to the stage, so it provided an ample opportunity to listen to the music while they drank. Grace set her empty beer glass down,"you know jules, my bladder's getting kind of full over here" Julie gave her a teasing grin, "what's the matter Grace, can't hold your water!!" Grace stuck her tongue out, "im smaller, got a smaller bladder" "True" Julie agreed with a smile, "actually i have to go to" "common lets go" Grace said standing up, "the lines here are killer" The girls walked over to near the edge of the festival. Here a bank of Portaloo's had been set up, about 15, as well as a couple "men's room's" with urinals for the guys. As Grace had said the line was long... at least 50 people long. The girls joined the end of the queue. "hope they move fast" Julie said looking up ahead at the line, " i have to go worse then I thought" "Can't hold your water Jules" Grace teased reaching out to poke Julie in the stomach" "Ahahahahh" Julie gasped "Don't be mean Gracie, I really gotta go" Julie frowned placing her hands on her bladder. "Yah me too" Grace said, "but the lines move well, look... we're like a quarter of the way there already" "maybe i'll just pee on a tree like last time" Julie said with a wink Grace scoffed, "fat chance all these people around you, you can't do it discretely like a boy" Julie smiled, " you might be suprised, since our escapades on the road a few weeks ago, I've been practicing" "really?" Grace said in surprise "Yah" Julie continued, "I'm really good actually, I can hit the toliet for the other side of the bathroom now... bet I can pee standing better then any guy I know" Grace crossed her legs, her need increasing, "thats impressive" Julie continued, "I do it in public, on my nursing shifts at the hospital, I'll pee standing in the staff bathroom, it's so much cleaner. Sometimes on night shifts, i'll sneak into the men's room, and use the urinals, thats really fun" "I'll admit it, I've been practicing too" Grace said, "in fact I rarely pee sitting any more, my house is like a guys place... the seats always up!!" Julie laughed, "thats funny, good for you though! Its fun isn't it" Grace smiled, "so much fun. Sometimes when I close the gym, I'll sneak into the mens room and use the urinals to practice, they're just the right height for me!" she laughed" "atta girl, don't let those boys have all the fun" Julie said with a laugh... "you know we should stop all this pee talk, I have to go even worse now and we're only half way there" she said, crossing her legs tightly "Me too" Grace said, placing her hand on her bladder for support, " that beers catching up to me" Fifteen minutes later and both girls were now having to grab themselves periodically, both with legs crossed. They were now 15 people from the front. "Still dry Jules" Grace inquired, as she began to jog on the spot. "barely" Julie said through clentched teeth, now bent over at the waist, clutching her stomach. "God I hope they hurry, I'm about to pop" "Me too" said Grace, as she looked envously at the men exiting the men's room. "I hate those boy's they don't know how lucky they are! No line, just walk in, whip out their cocks and piss!" Julies gasped and grabbed her crotch, "don't talk about it Grace, you'll make me lose it. 5 minutes and the girls were now at the head of the line, and beyond desperate. They were now openly holding themselves and pee-pee dancing, trying desperatly to hold on for a few more minutes. A portaloo freed up, both girls looked at each other and new neither could wait any longer. They both dashed insided. Julie pulled up her dress, dropped her panties and sat on the toliet. As she touched down, a thick plast of clear hot piss exploded from her pussy, splashing noisily against the plastic holding tank wall, as Julie moaned in relief... "I almost lost it there, so glad I made it" Grace meanwhile hitched up her skirt, pulled her panties to the side, and aimed her pussy towards the small plastic urinal. Instantly her stream exploded into the urinal, with so much power that some of it bounced back and landed on the floor. Grace sighed with relief as her stream continued to gush. The portaloo was filled with the sounds the two girls peeing, and moans of relief they felt. Grace's stream remained powerful, so powerful, hot flicks of pee bounced of and hit Julie, still sitting and peeing a massive torrent into the toliet. "Grace your getting me wet" Julie yelled! "sorry" Replied Grace, "I'll try and slow down, but I can't stop this river until my bladder's empty. The girls peed for 5 minutes straight, then cleaned up and exited, yielding the loo to a very desperate looking blonde. The next few hours the girls spent drinking and listening to one of their all time favourite bands. Both felt the need for a pee again, but ignored it, not wanting to miss any of their favourite songs. When the band finally finished, the two now desperate girls made their way over to the portaloos, joining the queue once again, but with more urgency. The line was now moving slower, and by the halfway mark, both girls were bent over, and squeezing themselves shut with all their might. "God Gracie, Jules moaned, "I've never had to pee so bad, I don't know if I can make it!" "me neither" Grace agreed, " I've got an ocean in my bladder that's going to explode out of me any minute" Julie shrieked as a stream of pee dampened her hand, "shit Gracie, I'm losing it, what are we going to do" Grace though for a sec, before spying the quiet Men's room. "follow me "she said as she broke into a bent over hobble towards they're last chance at staying dry. Peeking inside the girls found the room empty. 6 plastic urinals hung from the walls around the room. Julie hobbled up to one, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side. A powerful jet of urine shot from her pussy into the urinal, echoing against the plastic. Grace meanwhile encountered a problem, "Jule's" she yelled, " they're too high for me, I can't reach!!" She was now bent over with her hands rammed in her crotch, trying to contain herself at the sound of her friend getting the relief she so desperatly needed. Julie, turned to look at Grace with a smile, "remember how high you got your stream in the woods?" before turning back to focus on her still gushing stream. Left with no choice, Grace dropped her panties, lifted her skirt, and moved back away. Angling her pussy forward, and pulling upwards on it, she relaxed her muscles. Instantly a clear arch of piss shot out of her, hitting the wall next to the urinal. Grace pinched of, adjusted, and let fly again, this time hitting the urinal dead on. "ahhhhh, I was really scared there for a sec" she said, relief in her voice. Both girls stood peeing for what seemed like ages. Eventually they're streams began to wann. As Grace's bladder emptied the power behind her arch faded. Unable to stop, she let the last bit of her piss run on the floor. "No Paper Gracie" Julie yelled, as she stood with her naked muff still pointed at the urinal. Grace gave looked at Julie, and smiled, before shaking her body side to side, removing the drops of piss from her pussy lips. Julie followed suit, and turned to look at her friend, standing in a puddle of piss. "you made a mess Gracie" she teased "I'm sure I'm not the first person to miss in here" she laughed, adjusting her skirt. As they exited the bathroom, Julie joked, " now thats what I call manning up", leaving both of them in hysterics
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    This morning I accidentally left a drop on the toilet seat, I dared myself to taste it, but have never 'swallowed'.
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    I would try to be a beneficial dictator,using my powers to improve the lives of my people,keep them happy,less chance of revolution,whilst at the same time using my powers to increase my sexual,or urinary opportunities!Of course,in the manner of all good dictators i would also develop huge armed forces..