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    I'm sure it used to do this, but for the last couple of weeks at least, if I get a new private message it takes me to the first message, instead of the first unread when I click the notification. Is it possible to change this? It's frustrating when having a conversation and having to change the page each time you get a message.
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    Have added a few pics of my own to it.
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    res "This was a good idea to come hear" Julie said as she set her empty beer glass down on the table. "I know" replied Grace, "its always fun here" The girls were attending a local outdoor music festival. It was a bright day, with most of the town in attendance. With the hot sun beating down on them, the girls had spent most of the day in the shelter of the beer tent, slugging back pints. The tent was right next to the stage, so it provided an ample opportunity to listen to the music while they drank. Grace set her empty beer glass down,"you know jules, my bladder's getting kind of full over here" Julie gave her a teasing grin, "what's the matter Grace, can't hold your water!!" Grace stuck her tongue out, "im smaller, got a smaller bladder" "True" Julie agreed with a smile, "actually i have to go to" "common lets go" Grace said standing up, "the lines here are killer" The girls walked over to near the edge of the festival. Here a bank of Portaloo's had been set up, about 15, as well as a couple "men's room's" with urinals for the guys. As Grace had said the line was long... at least 50 people long. The girls joined the end of the queue. "hope they move fast" Julie said looking up ahead at the line, " i have to go worse then I thought" "Can't hold your water Jules" Grace teased reaching out to poke Julie in the stomach" "Ahahahahh" Julie gasped "Don't be mean Gracie, I really gotta go" Julie frowned placing her hands on her bladder. "Yah me too" Grace said, "but the lines move well, look... we're like a quarter of the way there already" "maybe i'll just pee on a tree like last time" Julie said with a wink Grace scoffed, "fat chance all these people around you, you can't do it discretely like a boy" Julie smiled, " you might be suprised, since our escapades on the road a few weeks ago, I've been practicing" "really?" Grace said in surprise "Yah" Julie continued, "I'm really good actually, I can hit the toliet for the other side of the bathroom now... bet I can pee standing better then any guy I know" Grace crossed her legs, her need increasing, "thats impressive" Julie continued, "I do it in public, on my nursing shifts at the hospital, I'll pee standing in the staff bathroom, it's so much cleaner. Sometimes on night shifts, i'll sneak into the men's room, and use the urinals, thats really fun" "I'll admit it, I've been practicing too" Grace said, "in fact I rarely pee sitting any more, my house is like a guys place... the seats always up!!" Julie laughed, "thats funny, good for you though! Its fun isn't it" Grace smiled, "so much fun. Sometimes when I close the gym, I'll sneak into the mens room and use the urinals to practice, they're just the right height for me!" she laughed" "atta girl, don't let those boys have all the fun" Julie said with a laugh... "you know we should stop all this pee talk, I have to go even worse now and we're only half way there" she said, crossing her legs tightly "Me too" Grace said, placing her hand on her bladder for support, " that beers catching up to me" Fifteen minutes later and both girls were now having to grab themselves periodically, both with legs crossed. They were now 15 people from the front. "Still dry Jules" Grace inquired, as she began to jog on the spot. "barely" Julie said through clentched teeth, now bent over at the waist, clutching her stomach. "God I hope they hurry, I'm about to pop" "Me too" said Grace, as she looked envously at the men exiting the men's room. "I hate those boy's they don't know how lucky they are! No line, just walk in, whip out their cocks and piss!" Julies gasped and grabbed her crotch, "don't talk about it Grace, you'll make me lose it. 5 minutes and the girls were now at the head of the line, and beyond desperate. They were now openly holding themselves and pee-pee dancing, trying desperatly to hold on for a few more minutes. A portaloo freed up, both girls looked at each other and new neither could wait any longer. They both dashed insided. Julie pulled up her dress, dropped her panties and sat on the toliet. As she touched down, a thick plast of clear hot piss exploded from her pussy, splashing noisily against the plastic holding tank wall, as Julie moaned in relief... "I almost lost it there, so glad I made it" Grace meanwhile hitched up her skirt, pulled her panties to the side, and aimed her pussy towards the small plastic urinal. Instantly her stream exploded into the urinal, with so much power that some of it bounced back and landed on the floor. Grace sighed with relief as her stream continued to gush. The portaloo was filled with the sounds the two girls peeing, and moans of relief they felt. Grace's stream remained powerful, so powerful, hot flicks of pee bounced of and hit Julie, still sitting and peeing a massive torrent into the toliet. "Grace your getting me wet" Julie yelled! "sorry" Replied Grace, "I'll try and slow down, but I can't stop this river until my bladder's empty. The girls peed for 5 minutes straight, then cleaned up and exited, yielding the loo to a very desperate looking blonde. The next few hours the girls spent drinking and listening to one of their all time favourite bands. Both felt the need for a pee again, but ignored it, not wanting to miss any of their favourite songs. When the band finally finished, the two now desperate girls made their way over to the portaloos, joining the queue once again, but with more urgency. The line was now moving slower, and by the halfway mark, both girls were bent over, and squeezing themselves shut with all their might. "God Gracie, Jules moaned, "I've never had to pee so bad, I don't know if I can make it!" "me neither" Grace agreed, " I've got an ocean in my bladder that's going to explode out of me any minute" Julie shrieked as a stream of pee dampened her hand, "shit Gracie, I'm losing it, what are we going to do" Grace though for a sec, before spying the quiet Men's room. "follow me "she said as she broke into a bent over hobble towards they're last chance at staying dry. Peeking inside the girls found the room empty. 6 plastic urinals hung from the walls around the room. Julie hobbled up to one, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side. A powerful jet of urine shot from her pussy into the urinal, echoing against the plastic. Grace meanwhile encountered a problem, "Jule's" she yelled, " they're too high for me, I can't reach!!" She was now bent over with her hands rammed in her crotch, trying to contain herself at the sound of her friend getting the relief she so desperatly needed. Julie, turned to look at Grace with a smile, "remember how high you got your stream in the woods?" before turning back to focus on her still gushing stream. Left with no choice, Grace dropped her panties, lifted her skirt, and moved back away. Angling her pussy forward, and pulling upwards on it, she relaxed her muscles. Instantly a clear arch of piss shot out of her, hitting the wall next to the urinal. Grace pinched of, adjusted, and let fly again, this time hitting the urinal dead on. "ahhhhh, I was really scared there for a sec" she said, relief in her voice. Both girls stood peeing for what seemed like ages. Eventually they're streams began to wann. As Grace's bladder emptied the power behind her arch faded. Unable to stop, she let the last bit of her piss run on the floor. "No Paper Gracie" Julie yelled, as she stood with her naked muff still pointed at the urinal. Grace gave looked at Julie, and smiled, before shaking her body side to side, removing the drops of piss from her pussy lips. Julie followed suit, and turned to look at her friend, standing in a puddle of piss. "you made a mess Gracie" she teased "I'm sure I'm not the first person to miss in here" she laughed, adjusting her skirt. As they exited the bathroom, Julie joked, " now thats what I call manning up", leaving both of them in hysterics
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    As usual, Steve scores 100%. I utterly agree, we are having ENORMOUS recent contributors like @sathuta and @Peeguy (and surely I'm missing many) that were welcomed the right way and very soon become titans. I utterly agree with Steve, we must encourage newcomers!!!
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    As promised the next installment in my series Julie and Grace continued on their way home. Stopping at a service station, they filled up on gas, and grabbed a bit to eat. Feeling quite thirsty, they both got extra large sodas, which were gone before they had finished their meals. Refilling their sodas, they headed out to the car to continue their journey. Seeing as neither of them felt the need, and they were less then an hour from home, they neglected to use the restrooms before leaving. "Quite an interesting journey" Grace chimed up as they pulled back onto the highway. "first that buisness at the rest stop and then our little escapade in the woods back there" "I'll say" replied Julie, "I feel as if I peed a whole weeks worth in the past 3 hours!!" Grace simply nodded in agreement, "i've never peed with that much power before, I couldn't believe all that pee was coming from me!!" Julie laughed, "you can get some impressive height with your stream for such a short girl Gracie" Grace chuckled, "yah well you've got me beat for range! I can't believe how far you got it!! It was like watching a water cannon!" Julie laughed again, " Well when a girls gotta go... a girls gotta go! Tell me, how did you enjoy pretending to be a guy?" she asked with a smirk Grace smiled to herself, " actually it was very enjoyable. Felt almost liberating. I could get used to peeing standing, I might have to try it again in the future" Julie smiled, "Me too, the very near future" The girls drove in silence for a while. Neither could ignore the all to familar feeling of their steadly filling bladders.. Julie spoke up first, " how far till your house Gracie" "About 20 minutes" replied Grace. "why?" Julie chuckled, "kind of have to pee again, shouldn't have drank all that soda, it went right through me" Grace smiled, "me too, we're almost home though, another 15 minutes to our exit, and my house is close to it" The girls reached their exit 15 minute later. Their need had grown expontially in that time. Grace now had her legs pressed firmly together, and her hand pushing in her crotch to keep her recently dried tights dry. She was taking shallow breaths, trying to keep control. Julie meanwhile was now sitting with both hands in her crotch, pinching herself shut. She was almost in tears "how much further?" Julie whined "10 minutes" Grace replied "God i'll never make it" moaned Julie, "Its gonna explode out of me any second" "I know, me too" Grace admitted,"but we're in a residential area, theres no where to go, we have to wait" "I can't, its coming!!" Julie screamed, " where's that water bottle" "Don't you dare" Grace shot back "it'll be torture for me" "I'm sorry Gracie" Julie said, having found the bottle, " I have too!!" Julie pulled her panties to the side, placed the bottle against her pussy and instantly let lose a massive torrent of piss, which splashed nosily in the bottle, Agonising Grace, "Ahhhhgghh" Grace yelled squeezing herself, " Almost there, don't lose it now" Julie's stream quickly filled the bottle, forcing her to pinch it off. "God, I barely made a dent, I still have an ocean of piss inside me" The girls reached Grace's house. They jumped out of the car and hobbled towards the driveway. Grace fumbled for her keys, her hand tight to her crotch to keep herself shut, hoping foot to foot. Julie meanwhile had both hands rammed in her crotch, and was openly pee dancing. Finally grace found her key and unlocked the door. "Where's the bathroom" Julie begged "upstairs" Grace groaned. The girls began the long trek up the stairs, stopping periodically to regain control as pee surged towards their tortured pee holes. Half way up Grace almost lost it. Julie watch from behind as her friends tights dampened, and a stream of pee shot onto the floor. "Keep going Grace, Almost there!" she encouraged Grace regained control, and soldiered on. Both girls made it into the bathroom. "lets share Grace, like we did before!!" Julie said. Grace pulled down her damp tights, and sat on the toliet. "sorry Jules, but this is payback for torturing me in the car" As soon as her but touched the seat, Grace's stream blasted out of her pussy, splashing noisly into the water. "ahhhhh such a relief" This was to much for Julie, pee dancing and holding herself. "you bitch!, I oughta pee on your floor" Julie yelled, as a spurt of piss dampened her hand. Left with no alternative, Julie lifted her skirt, pulled her panties aside and swung towards the small sink on the opposite wall. No sooner had her pussy cleared the rim of the sink, then a thick stream of clear piss shot out, splashing the bowl and gurgling down the drain. Julie sighed with relief at being able to finally empty out, as she glanced back at Grace, who had her head back and smile on her face, her stream still blasting into the toliet with no sign of stopping soon. Both girls looked a each other laughed. They continued to pee for another 2 minutes, before their streams waned, and trickled to a stop. "where am I supposed to wash my hands" Grace enquired? "better in the sink then on the floor" Julie shot back "True" Grace laughed, "I'm sorry I was so mean" "I'm sorry too" Julie replied, "like I said, desperation brings out the worst in us girls" Both girls laughed, and hugged, then changed out of their damp clothes. As Julie headed out the door, bound for her home down the street, Grace called out "Hey Julie" she said with a smile, "Lets go out drinking together soon" Julie smiled back, "Real Soon!"
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    Most of the webcam sites I know of - Chaturbate, Myfreecams, don't allow peeing. There's possibility on Adultwork but I was wondering if anyone knew of any token-based sites where women, and couples, put on pee shows?
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    @spywareonya, thank you for all that. These are difficult concepts to grasp and I have insufficient time right now to devote the necessary thought. I have to prepare for work in 30-40 mins. But will attempt to share my initial thoughts. The physical reality of atoms and molecules, planets, stars, and galaxies operate through ordered and understandable rules of physics. But there are two keys to understanding this I think. Firstly, there is much violence inherent in the physical universe when atoms smash into each other at great speed inside stars, destroying a part of themselves as they fuse into new elements, turning a part of themselves into immense amounts of energy. Stars, planets, asteroids and galaxies collide or rip each other apart. Some stars destroy themselves through massive supernova explosions, and others collapse into black holes which violently devour everything they come close to. And secondly, underlying this violent but ordered reality, at the quantum level, is literally chaos. The smaller the scale the more inherently chaotic and unpredictable reality becomes. Order is literally built upon chaos as well as being inherently violent. But we and all sentient beings - gods too I would presume - differ from such natural physical violence in the world of matter by the very fact of our sentience. An atom smashes into another atom not because it makes a conscious choice to do so, but because the laws of physics dictate that it should happen. We however can CHOOSE whether to be violent in any given situation or choose not to be. Free will and free choice sets us apart from pure physical reality, and is essential to us learning and developing and being able to understand and comprehend. You talk of violence being neither good nor bad in itself - but just something that is. I think that is what you are saying. But that love - and anything that equates to love, eg compassion and empathy - is of primary importance in the big scheme of things. I think that is what you are saying. Within that framework, whether violence or destruction is itself intrinsically good or bad for us depends upon whether it is fitting for the circumstances when viewed from a position of empathy, compassion, and love. Is that the gist of it? Empathy and compassion underlies my own moral code. I fundamentally believe it to be wrong to do to others what I would not want them to do to me, and that to inflict pain or suffering is wrong - unless in a consensual sexual situation where a masochist wants you do it. A case perhaps where violence can be performed with love? Not my thing, but I support to the hilt any consenting sexual activity between adults which others might enjoy. Empathy and love are in part built upon an understanding of how others can feel, and thinking how you yourself might feel in that situation. This is a very powerful part of my conscience, my inner moral code, a powerful feeling based upon love and compassion that hurting others for any reason is wrong, unless consensual. I cannot contemplate doing it without feeling bad or guilty. But I am aware that deep down inside of me I like most people have a capacity for cruelty and violence. I think anyone who is fascinated by documentaries like "killer couples", or who enjoy reading novels about the hunt for fictional serial killers, and stuff like that are maybe tapping into that at a safe distance. We gain some level of interest out of watching or reading docs or books about such things, without in any way advocating even to ourselves that such things are ok. We can still harbour strong emotions against such behaviour and feel angry at those who do terrible things, and deep compassion for their victims, and luridly experience fascination without morally condoning it. The genie remains safely trapped in it's bottle, fully corked by feelings of compassion and love and empathy which are essential foundation stones for our consciences. Violence that does not transcend our moral code built upon compassion, love, and kindness - shooting a wild animal about to attack our child, whipping a masochist who loves it and wants you to do it, punching a knockout blow to someone you catch who is attempting to sexually molest a loved one - all scenarios where violence can be fitting because it can be motivated by love. Violence done for base pleasure, however, with no care for the victim and only done for fun, is wrong. It is not fitting. Some drugs, notably amphetamine in my experience, can heighten sexual arousal, open the mind to deeper thoughts normally lurking deeper down, whilst blocking and suppressing moral codes and reasoning. People would be capable of enjoying things under it's influence that their consciences would not permit normally. Though in the case of sexual violence, for a full on killing for kicks type behaviour to ensue would require at least a fantasy desire in that direction. Most of my de-conscienced sexual lust behaviour under that drug manifested itself in an exaggerated interest in all things peeing, because that was always my main interest. Someone whose main interest is BDSM, sex slavery or controlled violence in consenting situations could dangerously lose all limits where violence is concerned if they got heavily into amphetamines. It is a dangerous aspect of that drug which is much under-estimated by society at large. Wonder what you think about my thoughts? That used up all my spare time so I must go now.
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    Thanks for sharing nice images
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    Yes, I agree 100%, we must encourage new members to post some thing and we have to followup too.
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    But again, how we avoid to turn all this, that is true on a philosophical stance, into a blood-splattered hell, an actual abattoir for souls? It’s because, just like bacteria killed by the sunlight we humans love so much, every specie got a limit beyond which pain becomes unbearable. We should never give pain to anything beyond that limit, and though we should be able to perceive also wrong deeds from others as a challenge, still we CAN turn a peaceful life into something good for evolution, making it passionate and using tranquillity to explore our darkness in a controlled setting. continue
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    The point Steve is that for a bacteria, the Sun is hellflames. We are empowered by it by they are destroyed by it. Beyond actual evil, that is mind-ill insolence and uncaringness toward the tenets of self-sustainable evolution, the truth is that in the universe nothing is good or bad in itself, it’s just that we call bad what we perceive as unbearable to us. You think that the cells of our skin would understand what could be so amusing in two friends boxing together without real violence, just delivering some blow to train themselves? Far beyond our evolutionary level Steve, entities which are killed undergo reincarnation in a matter of seconds, not centuries, and are reborn empowered. Death becomes a gift: “Why training? It’s boring! I prefer to die and be reborn enormously empowered! Make way, I want to be the next who dies, it’s my turn, you fucking selfish!” continue
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    Well I will not try to contact any levels of existence until or unless I know exactly what I am doing and know my head is in the right place for it. So don't worry. I will never perform any rituals of any kind without extensively consulting you if you are still here, or others if you are not. After previous bad experiences with Ouija boards I am frankly reluctant to do anything occult at all, so don't worry about me. It would in fact take a lot of persuasion from someone knowledgeable to even begin to ease my concerns and talk me into it. And incidentally, I haven't touched drugs for a very long time and will never ever again take amphetamines, so do not worry about that either.
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    I was here on this forum to first of all assure everybody of this from a charismatic scientifical stance. A great hug. Now I'm writing to answer to the other thing, the one about violence, but Steve it's subtle
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    That is so close to what I always believed. The purpose of life being to combine matter with spirit to evolve eternal souls whose purpose is to develop over millennia and millions of years into higher beings, that each of us eventually become a God-like in another universe, or perhaps this one? But not omnipotent and all powerful as Christians imagine God to be, but still living within and constrained by the laws of physics and nature. Also, when I contemplate the actual miracle that life truly is - I mean consider any living creature and what an impossibly complex manifestation it is, and consider ourselves, capable of thinking about and contemplating all this - can it really be something destined to be confined to this one tiny planet in our vast universe? This leads me to consider two things. The first is what I have long suspected to be a major part of our ultimate destiny, colonising the universe, and perhaps reaching out to connect with other global arks of life that have developed on other planets around other stars. Which leads directly to the second consideration. How can it be that in this vast universe, ours is the only world with life? I feel sure there must be other worlds with life out there. In fact, I suspect the primary purpose of a universe is to develop life where matter and spirit can come together to gradually evolve higher beings, some of whom might ultimately kick start new universes. But the timescales involved are vast, so vast that we would struggle to comprehend them. I have a question, though. Whatever is the future for life here in the very distant future, what will happen to the Earth Goddess when the Earth is no more as a home for living things and the Sun ceases to shine? Will she move elsewhere too? Will she become some kind of cosmic entity?
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    Thank you for sharing this information. In the USA it seems pretty rare for people to have pee fetishes. My love for naughty peeing seems ever more unusual. I am teaching myself Japanese on the duolingo app, and would love to meet the love of my life in Japan and that be a women who's as into naughty peeing as I am.
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    Before all of that, much much before, we will all be dead of environement poisoning and scarceness of resources. The same solution that will make us avoid human destruction will also be the solution for the final problem of the Sun Death in 5 billion years from now. We must eliminate psychological stress through the de-censoring of fetishistic sex. Once will we had done that, our unconscious will be lighter. Then, we will de-censor violence, learn to control it, substituing MORAL with ETHIC. At that point, human society will be very different, enormous social problems will disappear from our single consciousness and thus from the global one. At that point nations will stop to wage war against each other and all economy will be directed toward genetical implementation and the development of space ships and new-level weaponry. We will leave Earth and colonize other planets, even without atmosphere, our technology will terraform them. We will conquer the galaxy, in the end meeting more ancient race, winning war against them and later establishing truce and eventually a never ending peace, or simply making peace from the very beginning. In the end, a galactic Federation will rise, and at that point, our collective technology will investigate the paranormal, deciphering the quantistic functioning of the immortal soul, thus becoming immortal entities made of pure energy. At that point, WE will be gods bringing life to sterile planets, helping bacteria to become apes, and apes to become humans, and humans to become gods, and the cycle will continue, filling the Infinite Multiverse with Life. That is the REAL SECRET we Witches guard, the secret project of the Gods. But first of all, we must eliminate social disconnectedness through eliminating world-dividing morals, starting from demented furious sex. We got half a millennia to change: the Gods had been clear, we will not survive longer, unless we re-set our social and moral psychology.
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    Front and back
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    You are welcome. Nice to meet you. we are very keen to meet new friends from all over the world. So please invite both male and female friends from Indonesia to join here. Thanks again.
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    Personally, I sometimes feel that all my life could be sum up in a portion of the lyrics of the song "Rebirth" by Gorgoroth No bountyful glory no summoning sheeps no mediawhore no dishonored weed no life made of comfort no ripping your teeth (a frasal wich means to force yourself to be less Dangerous than you really are) no talking for money no radioheads no forces of lie no need to speak no swalling the Ego just Satanic Creed It is sometimes felt the essence of my life, in fact I often masturbate slowly to this song, laying on my bed with some powerful incense burning (usually pure myhrr, it is really nasty), laughing and crying at the same time Also the lyrics from another Gorgoroth song, "Prayer", are touching my heart to a degree which is Beyond recognition Tears of the Patriarchs and the blindness of Propehts Silence of the bastards the enviousness of confessors the fearfulness of wardens the blasphemy of the righteous men The darkness of the Sun the darkness of the Moon the dirtiness of fire the blackness of ligthening the slowness of wind the Shadow, and its obscene abilities offered the looseness of Wrath Satan deliver me today onto poison onto burden onto cries and onto dead ones These two songs catch the essence of my life, the choice to walk where nobody else dare, not to feel myself superior, but in a far deeper guise: Humanity is like a single living entity, just as much as you need cashiers and medics and pornstars, you need PIONEERS. A Witch is committed not to breed, so my maternal instinct of protection is deployed on already living beings, purifying Dangerous "places" of the mind, making room for human colonization of what was previously forbidden and Dangerous, like porn did in the '70, only now about much more darker things But I believe that the fierceness of the trial, the heaviness of my life, the terror and the pride of certain ritual initiations, and what I am ready to face, the essence of the LIBERATION I have Always been looking for, in Love, sex, drunkness, meditation, goodness, kinkiness, anytime, is sum up in the very last line of "The Fire of Power" by Watain: ...now bow unto the Merciless Redeemer...
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    Very hot...Love the primal aspect of marking....
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    This happened back in late 2013. I was dating a childhood friend. I had a key to her place and sometimes I would beat her there. It was about a 45 minute drive from my place to hers. I usually had to take a leak when I got there. Me pissing places turns me on so on a few occasions I'd go in her walk in closet, make an opening in a rack of clothes, pull my dick out and relieve myself in a corner of the closet with a long hard stream (If it was a little piss I didn't bother). It felt so good to let that piss out then shake the last few drops, put my meat away and go on about my business. As I'd piss I wouldn't be hard but thick and heavy feeling, like on the way to getting hard. She knew of my fetish, she was a drinker and had plenty experiences with pissing in public which kept me turned on with her. She was pissing on her patio to the point it smelled like piss when she opened the patio door. I would clean her patio to keep her pissing out there for me.
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    Thinking about getting on PeeCams cams.peefans.com