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    Was bursting this morning so I thought I would head outside and wet down the wall of my shed. I feel much better now!
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    Like one of my mottos: Whatever is at hand, whenever the (desperate) need arises...
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    Anybody interested?
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    Felt the need for a piss so used a saucepan.
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    They used to say that if you want great results you should soak the loundry before washing them. Let's see
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    Hey guys...new to the site but definitely not to peeing. Love peeing outdoors or in naughty places. Love to chat and share stories or maybe even get told where to go. Enjoy sharing pictures as well
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    Hi and welcome. I hope you have a great time here and I look forward to seeing you around.
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    But I see what you meant
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    I meant the real dark destruction, chaos, doom
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    Thank you. We are not afraid of the dark, lol. The dark side is a fun side.
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    I think your experience is worthy contribution to this thread and a great help for other because it allow us to talk about a very important subject When you live your life really exploring your unconscious, something can pop up, something that sometimes can be a bit "disorganized", and even without the slightest intention to hurt, can be upsetting because it itself is deep, dense, barely controlled, and without emotional and psychological contestualization with its sorrounding. It can happen, and in that case things should go exactly the way you did: without judgement, or resentment, talk about it, yet (just as you managed to understand) without any hypocrisy about the need to settle in in short terms the dark must not be feared, it must be enlightened
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    I should tell you what happened, but I don't want to get into a moral bum fight, Mary is not happy about what happened, she can't explain why or what bought it on. This happened a while ago, maybe 9 years now, and we all got over it fairly quickly, but it was intense at the time. Mary had gone through a stage where she played on my marriage to Maigh, snide little remarks, even to the point of sounding bitter, and she still can't explain why. She doesn't think it was an intentional, but it did make us rethink our relationship. I can't go into it completely in a clean thread, but she made comments like: "I want to bonk your wife", "I want your wife's p**** all over my face", or if I was doing something to her, it would be something like "I love being bonked by someone else's husband", that kind of thing. Understand that this was just me and her, nothing was said to Maigh, when they were together it was all cudly and lovey dovey. It all came to an ugly end when I'd had enough, and we all sat down to talk about it. We got through it, and we like to think it made us stronger, definitely been some intense shared fun between us all. Was it wrong to be ashamed of Mary, was it wrong to be ashamed of our relationship? Or was it just the inground concepts of what was expected of us?
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    The ritual should be performed as such Put the candles on a plate, you can chose the position you prefer, I usually use three and put them in triangular position (if looked from above), because the triangle is the most simple of all bidimensional forms and means the original and very first concept of "structure". But if You use 5 put them forming a star. If Seven, put them as you like, forming a seven pointed star, or an hexagram with a candle in its core, or simply all crowded together my advice is 3, is also more economical to buy! But if you feel like 5 go along with it now careful position the four cups, the plate with the candles, and yourself, in the spots corresponding to the six points of an hexagram. The incense must be posed in the core of the hexagram, which can be from 6 to 10 feet in diameter as you prefer. There is no need for it to be actually precise: if your room isn't large enough, some stuff can be nearer or more far, something on the floor and something else on a shelter, it dosen't create problems. Only be sure of this disposition: an hexagram has three axis right? With a point at each end of each axis... so, be sure that wine and vinegar are on opposite ends of the same axis, same for water and pee, and finally, opposite ends of the same axis for you and the plate with candles light the incense and the candles, and get the knife near you, then reach your spot in the hexagram now, kneel down, but in a comfortable position, you can put some pillows under your knees or either perform the rite on your own bed, for example I use my bed visualize now the God of Spring. He is a marvellous yet terrifying creature, some kind of a (from an outside apparence) demonic form of the Ram-headed greek God Pan You can imagine Him as you prefer, the only important thing is that you must know that He is very big (no less than 10 feet tall) and muscular to an almost unfair degree, almost like Hulk from the comics, yet not without some kind of grace He is a very particular entity: He is the embodiement of all the darkest and more visceral desires, yet there is nothing low-level-human about His desires He likes to kill, but only evil entities: to the good ones He is benevolent and kind He likes to rape, but only some really nasty evil fairies that believe me deserve it He likes violence, but never upon the undeserving He care NOT for power: slaves only dream to be kings He care NOT for vengeance: vengeance is the immature reaction to pain and can turn the avenger in an heartless creature like the one who damaged him in first place He care NOT for hatred: He despises evil and evil entitis but is too mature and wise to get clogged in bad emotions Can you understand how He is? Sincere in His darkness, but absolutely wise and honourable Yet, he also tell you about Balance: playing tricks to unknowing people (I love to pee into flowerpots or onto stuff in starewell of flat-blocks hallaways) can damage them but unless the damage is exceedingly cruel, Life must be lived with a powerful and visceral attitude, avoiding to believe that existence would be more fair, kind, benevolent or evolved if it was peaceful like the womb we regret we ever got out of He tell you how much cruel you can be without infringing Balance Only one thing: Revenge can be a sexual game but if it actually got filled with hatred, IT BECOMES WRONG The Gods can be Vicious and allow terrible deeds, but even if we refuse religions and laws and become sexual and immoral, there had Always been something in our hearts that told us that hatred is wrong, and we should trust that pure and uncontaminated light Now, do not link Him to Pan, don't link Him to anything just meditate upon the fact that He is both wild and ferocious, and honourable and self controlled feel the desire to be like Him More free, but not because of that necessarily less responsible Both free and responsible we humans find difficult in that because being humans is wrong we should be demigods, not humans realize that everytime you love and help somebody refusing exceedingly selfish or immature behaviour, you are enacting the Will of the Gods realize that everytime you lightly damage somebody by peeing on their stuff or exerting a moderate degree of dominance toward him/her, you are nonetheless HELPING this person How?! And why?! Because you are showing this person that nasty things can be done with a good heart: it is a marvellous lesson! I know a lot of people who started a very personal reflection about which were the real difference between Good and Evil after seeing me pee on something I shouldn't have peed AT ALL. Those persons learned that in order to be more civilized, they CENSORED some desire and this filled them with unconscious sufferings, to the point of making them, in the end, LESS good-hearted After liberating themselves, they became, month after month, much more serene and gentle THIS is the teaching of the God of Spring So focus both on your desire to be good and on you desire to be nasty and mind-crushingly over-sexual masturbate if you want but do NOT cum now, be ready wield the knife with your dominant hand, pointing it toward, with the same serene goodness-and-contemporaneous-darkness as in a lawless world you would fight somebody who threatens your lover or (even better to make you feel what I'm talking about) your children. I don't have children but I'm a fucking woman, the simple thought of it make me willing to kill and to sexually enjoy the painful Death of the motherfucker feel your power and anger, your justice, the fall of your hypocrisy yet meanwhile your intention (CAREFUL NOW) to avoid using this situation to over-justify repressed violence!!! The point is to be TERRIBLE AND MARVELLOUS, but NOT to take your stress out on your enemy!!!! ALWAYS BE JUST Now, tell, or whisper, or shout: hinting at the stuff around yoy like you were actually talking to Him: <<The smoke flows, as Life flows! Like water becomes pee, and wine becomes vinegar, I BECOME THE FLAMES!!!>> (that's why you should have been on the opposite of the candles!) <<Like the living become dead and the dead comes back to Life>> <<I want to be free>> <<No flaws, no evil, no bullshit. Only me and my power, under full control>> <<I want to be of Them! I want to be with Them! I want to be LIKE Them!!!>> <<Give power! Give power! GIVE POWER!!!!>> (You can shake as much as you want at this point, it must be "thrown up" from the depths of your soul, I usually whip myself at this point while Alex hit his own chest with his fist, he can get along with it since he's muscular) <<I bow to You, nameless God of the Forest! Guide me, to make Your will and my own, as one! As tonight as forever!>> <<Nameless One, Dark One, Heedless One, Unknown One!>> <<You got no name but YOU ARE! You got no face but your eyes are black and your face is breath-taking! You got no limits!!! You got no boundaries!!!>> <<I am in front of You to actually laearn how can I become like You>> Now drink the wine, finish jerking off if you want (but without ever distracting from the ritual), then blow off the candles, dress up, and go out Find someplace you Always liked (either lonely or belonging to somebody) and perform tha most outrageous piss of your life, the nastier the better If you got a partner go somewhere (house or outside means nothing) and have passionate sex with him/her, if you are single then no problem, skip this line, it is secundary in your cases mark my words: if you plan on going out since it's friday night, you can stop the process after the ritualistic part ends, and save your piss for some naughty deed afterward. For eample I already got licens from Them to go to a party and piss there somewhere In any case, remember you stirred Their attentions and there is no turning back You are forever devoted to become each day less immature, less chained by moral, and less unkind to people (who deserve your love) whenever you want (at once or the following morning) throw away water and pee and vinegar, no problem with that Your life will change, guaranteed
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    Wouldn't it be crazy if they were introduced to a "pee friendly" bar or something. Like a bar with so few/awful toilets that it just became a norm to pee anywhere.
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    Shy not for shyness, read better my post No offense, and I am quite honoured indeed!
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    I use this technique a lot. It can get you wanting to pee every 10 minutes or so if done properly. What fun!
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    I thought I'd share a few facts I have gleaned over the years relating to pissing, pee, and pee fetishism in history. In Victorian times, whilst all those stuffed shirt upper middle class dudes with top hats were going around being shocked at the sight of suggestively exposed table legs and stupid shit like that, in more down to earth working class areas, things could be much more wild. The naughtiest ladies in pubs and taverns used to piss in the beer glasses with the guys then expected to drink it! In Roman times, some of their brothels were kitted out with glass floors so that guys could stand underneath watching the girls piss on it. The Romans also used to use pee to dye fabrics and linen. Those who worked doing this allowed their fellow Romans to bring containers of their pee with them which they'd gladly take. They also provided bowls and urns for passing Romans to piss in, acting almost like public toilets. Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of independent India, was known to be a urophile, drinking a glass of his own pee every day supposedly for health reasons. And a lot of prehistoric or pagan religions placed great emphasis on fertility goddesses, with imagery often depicting them urinating. There was an ancient Siberian tribe whose wedding ritual included the bride peeing in the husband's mouth, with him expected to drink it. The idea behind this is that he'd thereby demonstrate his devotion to her by doing anything for her. I bet it was some kind of pee fetishist who came up with that notion in the first place, though, lol.
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    Hi! Today I felt so horny so I decided to pee my shirts before putting them in washing machine. Very naughty and fun!!
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    I saw three persons are bisexual If any of these are single girls, PM me!
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    Pissing in the sink... Hm... Do you think like this?