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    Morning, more to follow here. I will find some of my videos too.
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    Just thought I'd post some of my better pics here.
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    So last night my internet wasn't working rightand no videos would load. Idk about anyone else but my favorite thing to do to get ready for bed is to get off. The only thing that helps me cum is piss. I love piss so much. And i got a naughty idea that i have a blanket in my closet i need to wash any ways what a little pee going to hurt. But as a female i love the challenege of standing and aiming and the sound piss makes hitting the wall makes me so fucking horny. So i got myself out of bed already naked, picked a wall in my closet and moved the blanket over. I spread my legs and opened my lips and took aim and nailed the wall with a huge burst of piss. I was so horny i decided to rub my clit and take turns squirting on the wall and rubbing my clit. I dud this till i covered the wall in front of me, soaked the blanket and the floor and legs were shaking in pure pleasure. Im tempted to just use my wall all weekend.
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    I have done this three more times now. It's too much fun not to
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    I know a lot of females have tasted a guy's cum. I've never had the opportunity and wondered what it would taste like. I masturbated and cummed on my hand and then I licked it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Has anyone ever tasted their own cum and what did you think?
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    Highly agreed accept for the arousing part.
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    a picture when I suck me pussy juice. I hope you like it ?
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    At that point,i reckon a lot of us guys would enjoy rubbing them against various parts of our body.:whistling:
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    Ex's panties- You should see the dried stain! this was the morning after the night before...
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    Wife Bonnie agrees with you and sometimes I oblige her by cupping my ample foreskin over a nipple retaining that hot cum so she can enjoy its warmth, and then going down on it. Of course I share it with her in a kiss then.
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    Some more from my collection...X
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    Vaginal, in the 'doggy' position, taken from behind with me on all fours, but I do like the combination of a finger inserted into my anus whilst being screwed.
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    This intrigues me, I consider myself slightly bisexual, I'm certainly cock curious. For me I love the female form, and for penetration I'm only for girls, but I do enjoy seeing both flaccid and erect penises, I love the variety of shapes, sizes and hang. I love seeing an erect penis being used and love ejaculation. I've explored a bit, mutual wanking and cock sucking and I loved it. That's as far as I'd like to go with that. Does anybody feel the same, having a preference or equal desire. What attracts you to your own sex?
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    Merry Christmas to all of you :). I just found this forum, as your administrator have joined my hub. You are of course all welcome to join my hub, if you follow our rules. http://hub.don-des.dk don_des