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    I like to be peed on whilst either being clothed or partially clothed. I'm sure I can trace it back to when I was urinated on, by mistake by a friend who poked his penis through the hole of a wrecked car that we used to play in as kids. I was wearing a T-Shirt and shorts, and it was the height of Summer, and I just could feel the heat of the pee on my clothes, the steam rising and the sharp burnt almond aroma. Anyone else share that desire?
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    Just being jerked off on the ground etc by a girl is one of the sexiest things..
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    This is a continuation of Emmy and Jade so I would suggest reading those first. Enjoy. The lovely trio of Emmy, Jade, and Leena had been living together for 3 years now. Jade and Emmy finally graduated college and work together as co-directors of the choral program at a High School. Leena had also snagged a position as the coach for cheerleading and girls soccer. "Great job ladies! Hit the showers. Tomorrow we need to work on our routine for regionals." Leena said with a smile as she wrapped up practice. She had also been sweating so she decided to hop in the shower as well. She undid her blue sports bra and slowly pulled down her black leggings. As she did this, she thought about the which songs to use for the competition. A sharp pain in her butt snapped her out of her thoughts. With a squeal, she quickly turned around a spotted her tiny, dark-haired girlfriend. “Jade! For fuck’s sake don’t sneak up on me!” Leena shouted while clutching her chest. Jade pulled her lips into a pout and looked at the floor. “I thought you’d be happy to see me. I forgot to text you that I couldn’t make it to lunch today. I was giving a voice lesson.” She replied as she took a seat on the bench. Leena’s face softened and she took a seat next to Jade. “Aw Pooh don’t be so sad. I love you.” the blonde said as she pulled Jade in for a kiss. Jade pulled back with a blush and pushed her glasses back into place. “I’m going to be late for rehearsal. See you at home.” Jade said as she stood up with a rush and walked towards the door. “Woah not so fast. You’ve got 10 minutes until rehearsal starts.” Leena states while pushing the smaller girl into the corner. Jade blushes and peeks over the black rims of her glasses. “C-can we do this some other time? I really should get going.” Before Jade could ramble on any longer, Leena’s lips once again met hers. Leena slipped her hand under Jade’s skirt and started to rub her pussy through her white panties. Jade whimpered quietly and allowed Leena’s hands to wonder. “Wait I need to have a piss.” Jade said shyly while trying to push Leena off. The blonde simply lays down on the floor and spreads her legs. “Do it here babe. I was just about to shower anyways.” A mischievous smirk appeared on Jade’s face as she moved closer to Leena. She squatted slightly and spread herself. Her pale yellow piss stream leapt forward and rained down onto the gorgeous blonde’s body. Leena moaned out and rubbed Jade’s delicious piss into her skin. Jade shifted slightly and aimed her piss right at Leena’s face. She parted her lips and allowed the lemon colored nectar to enter her mouth. Jade groaned and bit her lip at the sight of her lover drinking her piss. She finished and looked back down to Leena. “Lick me clean?” She asked in a low, sultry voice. Before the blonde could answer, the bell rang out. Jade hurriedly pulled up her panties and adjust her clothes. “Sorry love looks like you have to wait.” She replied with a giggle. Jade reached her hand out to help Leena off the floor and gave her a quick kiss. “Bye! Love ya!” Jade yelled as she hurried out the door. “Love you too!” Leena called back as she watched Jade walk of the locker room. She grabbed the mop and cleaned up the small puddle of piss and then proceeded to enter the shower. Leena turned on the hot water and began to hum a tune quietly while she rubbed the sweet-smelling soap into her skin. After washing every bit of her curvy body, the blonde turned of the water and dried her hair. Once Leena was fully dressed, She decided to head to the auditorium. Jade and Emmy were quietly watching the talented group of kids run through the final scene of the play when they heard the door open. Both women turned their attention to the back of the auditorium and saw Leena walk through the doors. “Hi. How’s the rehearsal going?” She asked the girls as she took a seat in the row behind them. “Awesome! Everyone has their lines down and the props are all finished and stage-ready.” Emmy said with a bright smile. Both her and Jade enjoyed their jobs and loved to see the kids blossom into professional artists. “That’s lovely!” Leena replied with the same amount of enthusiasm. Rehearsal had been dismissed but the trio sat in the auditorium and continued to discuss the details of the production. “The only thing left is costumes. I’ll pick everything up this week. That’ll leave us with a solid 2 weeks for alterations.” Jade stated. The other two girls nodded their heads in agreement. “That sounds like a good plan. I found a bin with some old costumes and accessories. We could look through it. It might have something we need.” Emmy said as she stood up from her chair. Jade and Leena followed Emmy to the dressing room area behind the stage. Jade took a look through the box and pulled out a few pieces they would need for costumes. “Everything else looks pretty old. We should just throw it all away.” Jade said while putting some of the old items back into the box. “Wait they could still have some use to us!” Emmy said slyly. Both the other girls gave her a curiously look as she emptied the box onto the floor. “I don’t know about you ladies but that was a long rehearsal and I’m in need of a toilet.” Emmy states with a laugh as she hikes up her red dress. Immediately, a stream of hot piss starts to pour out of Emmy and onto the pile of costumes. She focused her stream onto a silk skirt until it had been completely saturated. “Your turn ladies!” She said, barely containing her laughter. Leena looked around the room until she spotted her own place to relieve herself. She walked over a pile of shoes a squatted down. Both girls watched a Leena pissed all over the pile of shoes. She filled each pair to the top with her warm, yellow liquid. “The Janitor will assume so rotten kids did this.” Leena stated with a giggle as she pulled her pants back up. Jade then stood up from one of the seats in front of the mirror and looked down to pile of old costumes. “Emmy it looks like you left this dress a little dry.” Jade said with smirk. She lifted her skirt and started to take her second piss of the afternoon. The long blue princess dress quickly absorbed Jade’s thick piss stream as she swayed her hips back and forth over the garment. Almost out of piss, she directed the last few spurts onto a sweater right beside the dress. The girls collected their belongings and exited the dressing room and returned to the auditorium. They all sat around drinking soda and coffee until Jade spoke up. “You guys want to know what I’ve always fantasized about?” She asked. Both Leena and Emmy nodded their heads and Jade proceeded to tell her story. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to piss in one of the empty classrooms. Ms.Rassim is always a bitch so naturally I’ve always thought about the look on her face when she saw everything.” Jade giggled at the mental picture of the short, stubby woman’s expression. “Well my bladder’s full so let’s do it.” Emmy said with glee. All the girls hopped up and marched down to Ms.Rassim’s classroom. She had already left for the day so the girls knew the coast was clear. Without hesitation, Jade hopped onto the desk. After a few moments, she began pissing on the various assignments below. Each paper became completely soaked by Jade’s piss but she wasn’t completely satisfied. She looked around the room until a black leather hand bag caught her eye. She reached down beside the desk and grabbed the bag. Jade searched through the bag and found most of Ms. Rassim’s belongings. She emptied the contents on the desk carelessly and resumed pissing. She soaked the car keys, wallet, make up bag, and several crumpled up coupons. “Maybe next time she’ll think twice before stealing my lunch!” Jade laughed and re-adjusted her skirt. She threw the handbag itself onto the floor. “You ladies should piss in that!” Jade squealed in excitement. Both girls nodded and disrobed themselves before squatting over the handbag. “No one fucks with our Jade!” Emmy shouted as her and Leena pissed furiously into the handbag. All three girls stared down in amazement as the handbag began to fill with piss. Jade reached her hand down and started to play with her pussy slowly as her two lover’s destroyed expensive handbag. By the time they were finished, the bag was filled to the brim with piss. The girls continued laughing as they exited the classroom. “When will anyone learn not to fuck with us?” Jade asked herself quietly. She secretly hoped people would continue to give them reasons to piss all over their belongings.
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    Same here, I just put it that way in keeping with the clothing reference, I've had my girls looking like Alice Cooper when dissolved makeup is running down their faces. It's always good for a laugh, but then again, to see one of them, smiling down at you with your own pee (or someone else's) dripping from her hair, makes the sheer sexiness of it so much more intense.
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    Did once, in the distant past, first times with Alex. We were curdled together in a corner, and he sprayed on the glass. A black girl saw us but said nothing, just smiled and looked away
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    But to be brought off quickie style just in a bus shelter or something,is amazing,like so naughty.
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    Yes but the ground is not enough, a man's cum should Always end up somewhere worthy, being the belly of a girl on the inside through swallowing, or the belly of a girl through intercourse, or the same fucking belly on the outside, I mean her shirt, jizzing on her 'cause the girl that jerk you is mischievous Ejaculation must Always be not only an act of pleasure, but above all, of male power A girl could either submit and commit herself to it, or ride the tiger for her own glory, but Always in worship and respect of male's cum power. This is an actual Commandment from HER.
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    My man loves bj at the same level of actual intercourse, yet I think that a girl jerking you off while standing by your side, whispering REALLY nasty things to your ear, stroking it forcefully, focused on (both allowing you to, and "using you" so she can manage to make it happen) you cumming hard on an un-knowing girl's dress among a terrificly tight crowd, could be even better, I think among the greatest cummings Anyway... Two girls (or even better three) having sapphic sex only to build up spiritual energy so that you can perform a mind-crushing conjuring, one of those that actually make lamps to blow off and things to move (and scare the shit out of people), and you (I mean the male one) got one other girls utterly devoted to you that make you cum while you sense that all of that (the Whole orgy, I mean) is devoted to your evolution and glory, and you pass out due to trance, and actually talk to SOMETHING, that while makes you feel a rat due to the difference between your power-level, also make you feel a god because IT showed a slight of attention to YOU miserable human, and it storm your mind with awful images to test you, and you feel, almost as in a dream, that your body (soooooo distant) is going to cum, and you are pulled back, and you CUM, here, that's the best cumming of all
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    Few things can beat cumming inside the hot and knowing mouth of a pretty girl.
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    One should go piss hunting these days
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    Today i was speaking to a nice Scottish girl at my bank over the phone.Whilst i was on about 5 mins,i put on a pee video on my laptop,and imagined her having a piss a some point during the day.It made a routine call,so much more interesting.
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    I have kept mine for the most part - there may have been a few odd days that I didn't manage the outside pee, but I more than made up for it on other days. I have definitely peed somewhere other than a toilet every day - although the most regular was just the bathroom or kitchen sink. I'm still following the same process into 2018. Today so far I've peed in the kitchen sink and I also stopped and peed in the woods next to a busy road. Yesterday I peed in a car park where there were quite a few people around and I also peed in the bathroom sink. On New Years day, I peed in the garden and also peed in the woods when I went out for a walk.
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    The only person who knows of my interests, outside of this site, is my husband I've never had situations like you just mentioned, my friends just seem to do it lol.
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    Nothing is more relaxing then after a shower, then in fresh hot sheets , against my naked body, zzz
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    I'm still looking for my camera... Meanwhile,, a little gift for you all, to show my appreciation for you making me win the Belt for Best Newcomer (shot by a female friend with professional cam)
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    Well here it is, 2018. How did everyone do? For the first time ever, I actually stuck to mine! I managed to pee somewhere that's not a toilet at least once every week.
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    I know this has already been answered above, but just wanted to clarify that not only is this allowed, I'd highly encourage it. So often people only respond to new content (understandably), but there are some great discussions here that haven't been posted in for a while and could do with a revival. I've never seen the point of preventing people chatting about something just because the thread's old, so please don't ever hold back on posting if you have something to say - no matter when the last post was! Same situation for liking/reacting to posts - I'm fairly sure everyone is happy to know their content was liked regardless of whether they posted it yesterday or last year.
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    In town there is a street with various bars and restaurants where a lot of college aged people go to hangout. One night a group of my friends and I went out drinking. There were 4 of us, 3 girls and 1 guy. We bar hopped from 3 different places, having beer after beer. I could feel the urge to pee slowly building and building. We all decided to walk home which was about 1.5 miles away. Immediately upon our walk home I realize I am getting desperate to pee. I whisper to one of the girls that I need to pee. She giggles and says she also has to pee... she blurts out to the group that she is desperate to take a piss. Our guy friend laughs too and says he knows of a place. He walks ahead of us nearing one of the bars. There is a very small alley where there are 3 walls of neighboring buildings and a dumpster. He tells us this is where he always goes for a pee on a night out. The only problem is that it is a reasonably wide alley and a street light is right in front. I decide I am drunk enough that I don't care... my friend follows my lead. I stand right against the wall looking ahead to the street light. I hike up my dress, pull my panties to my knees and let go with my back against the wall. You can hear the hiss of my stream as it hits the pavement. My friend pulled down her jeans and went for a low squat. As her first drops of pee fell out, two other girls run into the alley and look embarrassed as they blurt out that they had the same idea. The two new girls go towards the wall facing the dumpster, both have on jeans and pull them to their ankles, then squat down. I can't help but notice how they look at each others pussies as each begins to go. As soon as I stand up, our 3rd female friend shyly runs to the same wall I leaned on and follows my previous actions. She has on a short dress, but surprisingly no panties... she leans against the wall and spreads her legs and lets go. I stand watching the two random girls and my other friend forcefully pissing onto the ground. All of us soak the ground. Our guy friend watched all of this and had quite the erection. We all made ourselves decent and continued on our journey. The 2 girls got dropped off at their houses while my guy friend and I decided to sit on his porch and talk. He confessed to me he has a thing for watching girls pee. I tell him I really enjoyed being watched... this is where he mentions how he has always wanted a girl to piss down his porch steps. We are sitting on the 4th step, right below the porch. I do have to pee again.... I tell him it's only fair if I can watch him too. I tell him I want him to unzip his jeans, pull out his cock, and lean forward to piss while sitting. He agrees... he unbuttons his pants, pulls out his cock and at the same time I spread my legs and pull my panties to the side. I start first and let out a steady strong stream that continues for at least 20 seconds. He is now pissing down his stairs while looking at my pussy. We are watching each other not even paying attention to if anyone is watching us or not. It felt so good to let go and to watch him do the same. When we finished he put his now chubby cock back into his jeans, and I took my hand off my panties. This prompted him to reach over and put his hand against my panties. I took his hand and slid it into my panties and he started slowly circling my moist clit. This continued until I came against his fingertips on his porch where our puddles sat below us.
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    Basically,changing rooms...if anyone can pull this off(pardon the pun),in a shopping centre restaurant i will be full off admiration!
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    My new years resolution in pee is to date someone who like me is into naughty peeing will do it together with me while they live in the same town as me. Also make friends with people who do naughty peeing together in person. I've done naughty peeing solo many times, my new years resolution regarding pee is to do it together with others more.