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    Oh hi Exp! Sorry, hard days. For what concerns cars, there are two different cases. If I am just strolling along the city and the urge hits me (quite usual, I am very fond of beer and tea!) I simply squat between them, even in full daylight. But (and I bet THIS is what you was up to) if I got some expensive shoes at my tender little feet, I do not want to get splashes on them, therefore I have to become creative! There are many things which I can do in cases like that. # 1 Put a foot on the upper side of a tire, spread my pussy with my fingers and pee (standing, my urethra points particularly forward) on the car from VERY near so to avoid splashes. Pee runs down and pool on the asphalt. # 2 Squat beside the tire, and part my pussylips with my finger so to shoot it all on the tire itself The second case is the one I do most, because #1 is a bit more visible and I do not want problems. What I promised to tell you is a story about a very elegant businessman who caught me up from behind (dress lift and bum all naked for everybody to see) peeing on a tire of his BMW. The fact is that I simply ADORE those cars! And I found very sexual to pee on them everytime I see one, it' like having sex with them, or peeing onto something belonging to a one-night stand before leaving her home. I saw him when it was too late (luck, I had finished!) and since there was grass and not concrete under the car, I light-speed changed the position of my body so to make him think I was simply squatting between his car the next one. He didn't noticed his tire to be all wet! I whispered a "Sorry" and walked away. He smiled gently and went inside of his car - not without a good look at my private parts, naked due to my quick-rise-up without rearranging (I re-dressed properly only a couple of second AFTER standing up) Another thing I love to do is pissing on the side of trucks! For a very private (and emotional) reason I simply L-O-V-E trucks. When I find one parked, I pee standing on it (regardless of the portion) from the sidewalk, shielded from view of those who drive by. Obviously bypassers walk the sidewalk from MY side of the truck so they can see me, and that's why I have to be very quick! But I never miss an opportunity! Second quick story, as promised: I was pissing on a truck and a group of three men came along. They were very seemingly working on some building site because of their clothes. They saw me, and there was really little I could do. It was full daylight and they caught me up peeing on a tire, squatting. Amazingly, they said nothing and wait for me to finish, at which time I simply rearranged and walked away. Phew! if I was not utterly in love with Alex, what a gangbang would have that been!!! And sorry again for being late! Really, these are hard days
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    Sincerely, I'll just pee on the floor scouting a bit from the edge though remaining seated on the backseat itself. No tissues, I never wipe (unless they are a chance to ask somebody -a stranger or a friend I'd like to fuck- to stay with me while I pee) 'cause I shave it completely and keep it open with my fingers as I pee so I do not need to wipe. And sincerely speaking, I wouldn't do it anyway. Also, very probably I would soak the back of the frontseat too as I spray particularly forward. (All of this is because you asked about backseat pissing. If I should have stopped reading at the first line where you asked how would I use your car for my relief without reaching the part where you wrote about the backseat itself, I would have told you that I largely prefer to piss croughing on the passenger frontseat, with my back almost horizontal and my pussy stretched forward, swinging left and right, spraying everything from the steering wheel to the inside of my-side car door. Driver seat and driver seat occupant included. You said "offer your car", never talked about damage-limit sadly, I never had to opportunity to do something like that. Alex pissed all over the inside of one of his ex's car (her included) without asking permission as a sign of male dominance. She got mad at first but later they fucked hard and made peace. She is the one, among my man's ex girlfriends, I would really like to have a fuck with, the most. She's gorgeous and wild. Back about backseat pissing, I had been about to do that after a marvellous fuck with one of my lesbian lovers (I was a bit tipsy and it still was not afterdark and we were in a parking lot outside a residential complex) but as soon as the first trickle came out she understood what I was gonna do so she laughed loudly and shouted at me not to pee there 'cause it was her mom's car. For a while I thought about keep doing that anyway as some kind of cruel joke/ psychological S/M, but the need was too great so I just opened the car door and simply scouted my muff outside, spraying in out with full force on the concrete below. I also remember I farted loud and she started laughing again. Do not know how did I managed not to be seen by anybody. That place is CROWDED. We stopped there simply because we didn't know about that in first place. Furthermore, when you are horny you don't give a fuck anyway, isn't it? As back as I go with my memory, never took an actual piss into someone's car, only let out small dribbles on the seat after drunk partying while going home (mine or my sex-prey's one). Sometimes done with friends too, and when they asked me explainations about stranges spots I said they were pussy-marks because I never wear panties and the party made me feel hot. They were so embarassed that they quit asking for more!
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    The rules are simple - This thread will lock at a certain time and date between now and Christmas day. Only I know this time and it will not change. The person who has made the last post when the thread locks wins a custom story written by yours truly, with their ideas. If the person does not want a story written, I will ask the person before them, and so on until I find somebody who does. Feel free to ask any questions if you do not understand something. On your marks.... Get set....
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    Category One : Best forum contributor @Sephora Category Two : Best picture contributor @steve25805 Category Three : Best video contributor @Ozabot Category Four : Best fictional writer @wetwulf Category Five : Best real story/sighting @Sophie Category Six : Best Newcomer @Grizzly Man Category Seven : Wettest member @puddyls
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    PS Steve25805 That carpet is about 7 ft X 10 ft, maybe even 11. Let's just say 80 square ft. Now, how THICK is that? Usualy, half an inch, maybe a little more. According to past experiences of various types (not only pee-related) you need about 60-100 liters to soak it completely. If we suppose that a "pissy girl" has a medium bladder capacity of 1.5 liter, you need about 50 girls to soak it. It wouldn't be that easy! Cleaning it after would even be harder, believe me I have cats
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    Well, as this thread seems to gather some of the most interesting and active members of this forum, may I ask @spywareonya You wrote this some two weeks ago, I must say, given how what you write generally turns me on quite, I'd be quite interested to read you ! Even if you gave a tease by answering @Starks2010 yesterday... Please tell us about what you do or intend to do about cars !
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    Depending on what "percentage" you are addressing when saying "less sex based" I can say I am quite like you. I mean, to me pee is important, beside the actual genital intercourse, as a sexual device of energy. My only difficulty with your adfirmation is that, to me (and what I am gonna say is the very core of my life) SEX is the physical manifestation of LETTING LOOSE. I mean, I do not perceive any differences between being playful and sexually aroused, to me are one and the same. I make sex (a lot of time in public places) exactly because for me sex is a matter of jollyness and freedom. I am not that much about breaking taboos because I violently defended (since a child) my unconscious from accepting anything as taboos, so I live without caring About society's rules, and I am a bit less turned on by nreaking them intentionally. I do, and I like! But I am more about peeing into a bus or a train carriage simply because that is the way I choose to live, than to actually arouse myself. The point is that after doing something like that I GOT AROUSED! Because I did something nasty and I felt free I love pee play and utilize it during sex, but as a part of my "letting loose" attitude than as part of a ritualized fetish
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    Sink and garden are the easiest, so you wouldn't look like a perv For my personal and vulgar delectation, (but I find very difficult for a woman to trust somebody who tell her something like this) I would have said the floor FROM the sofa or the table so to avoid spalshing, or even better the wall from the table, spraying it from a little distance and letting it pool on the floor.
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    I'm ivy. I live in Saskatchewan but staying in Ontario. I prefer to hold but I wet as well, I also take photos and videos at times of "accidents"
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    I'm pretty new to the site, just tried to message you. It seems that I have to attach a file to send you a message though, and I can't just make some simple text?? If it makes it easy (or if anyone else wants some story ideas here too) I could just post some ideas on this thread and let whoever write whatever if they want to.
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    Well i finished a pot of coffee and the paper this morning. Started to feel the urge and decided i didnt want to get up and head to the bathroom. Most of it ended up on my shorts.
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    Nopjans without any doubts for the best fictional writer, here and now and forever after. The Piss Empire IS a motherfucking novel
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    Category One : Best forum contributor @Sephora Category Two : Best picture contributor @steve25805 Category Three : Best video contributor @Ozabot Category Four : Best fictional writer @Alfresco Category Five : Best real story/sighting @Starks2010 Category Six : Best Newcomer @Grizzly Man Category Seven : Wettest member @puddyls
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    Category One : Best forum contributor @Sephora Category Two : Best picture contributor @steve25805 Category Three : Best video contributor @Ozabot Category Four : Best fictional writer @pobox9847 Category Five : Best real story/sighting @Starks2010 Category Six : Best Newcomer @Grizzly Man Category Seven : Wettest member @puddyls
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    Obviously I cannot speak for every woman but I find it incredibly difficult! I've tried many techniques and had plenty of practice in the shower and no matter what I do, it's a lottery whether or not I'm going to soak my legs. When I successfully do it, it's great! A nice straight stream that lands a little in front of me. Not high enough to pee through the zip of my jeans, but I wouldn't have to undress much. When I don't do it right? It's like someone didn't quite properly put their thumb over a hosepipe. My wee seems to fan out like a sprinkler and completely soak my legs, and as I adjust it just gets worse and goes everywhere.
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    Had a little fun by the lifts in the hotel
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    Hey. I've been lurking for a while, but I've finally decided to join. Im a female, 34. Started getting into my pee fetish when I was about 20. Since then, I've tried to find naughty places, but looking out for more :)
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    I like to think that all these glamorous celebrities in their finery still are women and have to piss like everyone else.Its my particular thing...Whos to say the saucy Susanna Reid,in her own right a very good interviewer,and journalist of course,hasnt behaved like this at some point,simply on a night out,caught short etc?
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    This site IS NOT a kind of "pee-dating" site.We have several female members,but they are on here for their own reasons,which dont usually involve anything like "snapchat".We are welcoming community,and by definition we dont really judge you.Please respect all the other members,and by all means try to get to know everybody as much as you can.You never know what may happen,but its nice to spend time getting to know people.
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    Well I voted for the carpet. I guess ladies peeing on the carpet is my thing.
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    Funny that nobody picks the carpet. We'd all love her to piss on the carpet but there are other, naughtier, choices available. I chose for her to lean back on the sofa, spread her legs, and let it go. I can visualise the sparkling arch her pee forms as it sprays from her open pussy to spatter all over the cushions. Naturally, I'm there to catch the beautiful sight on video to post here for all to enjoy. And to lick her clean when she's done.
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    These are usually my favorite angles. I like seeing that bare exposed ass poking out.
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