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  3. 12 Pee Compilation 12 pees, including backyard peeing (hope the neighbours don't see!), public bathroom peeing, peeing in the bushes, and accidentally peeing on the floor in an airport bathroom. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/58103/20137571/12+Pee+Compilation
  4. Hot and Hairy Garden Pees I’m hot and hairy and ready to release lots of pee. I sit outdoors and aim for the grass. I pull my panties down a little and pee long and hard over and over again... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/45330/20131951/Hot+and+Hairy+Garden+Pees
  5. Foot Bath of Piss GoldenGirlFaye has had a hard day and is feeling very tired. She decides a relaxing foot bath is in order, so she grabs a washing up bowl and sets it down in front of the settee... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/55775/20131603/Foot+Bath+of+Piss
  6. JACKY JOY PEES FOR REAL Watch super foxxx Jacky Joy pee as she actually does it! Category: PEE Related Categories: BLONDES, REALITY PORN, BIG TITS, PORNSTARS, TOILET FETISH https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/6971/20128459/JACKY+JOY+PEES+FOR+REAL!
  7. I was so desperate I had to pee in the living room Living in my country has it's bad pats. From time to time, we don't have running water and I must improvise. I grab a glass and I pee in it, right there in the living room, and then I wipe my wet pussy with a clean towel. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/85009/20127405/I+was+so+desperate+I+had+to+pee+in+the+living+room
  8. fannywatcher

    what was your frist peeing experience ?

    Similar to me,it fascinates doesnt it?
  9. WantonLee


    Interesting question, never really thought about this. I guess for me a superpower that does not allow me to bring peace to the world is not worth having. (Well a superpower that would allow me to bring pee's to the world on the other hand.... ) Anyway, I still have no answer. I'm not that much interersted in spying on naked ladies. The internet has enough... material in that regard to keep my busy. When it come to looking at ACTUAL naked ladies, for me it is _A_LADY_ rather then _LADIES_ .... meaning I am more interested into having a partner... because what good is looking if you can not touch? If I could control on which day I would be invisible though.... that would get me thinking. Maybe I would use it to make someone incredibly rich somewhat slightly less rich and re-distribute some wealth... ? The secret archives of the Vatican are also an interesting option... . Alternatively, yes... the changing room it has to be... because boobs. (Toilet not so much as I prefer a Lady to pee for fun... naughty fun, if possible.... especially when she wants me to watch. Hence invisibility is rather pointless here. ;))
  10. WantonLee

    Are more guys or girls into peeing?

    I have absolutely no idea if on or the other gender is more into it, regardless of the peronal preferenes of what KIND of peeing we are talking about (wetting, golden shower, naughty, etc.). However, I would not be surprised if there would be more male pee-fans out there, simply for the reason that it is much easier for a man to actually see where the pee is comming from and to have control over where it goes (which in turn might also lead to more male naughty pee fans then femal ones). From a female perspective I guess there is not much to see and to do, and as it hase been pointed out already, the actual FEELING of peeing would probably more interesting for a woman then a man - though I am merely speculating here. I can only speak for myself, and while the feeling of peeing is very nice, actually seeing where the pee goes is the icing on the cake for me.
  11. Alfresco

    Do watch everyday?

    Varies greatly for me. Sometimes it is several times a day, other times it can be a week or more between getting a chance. Typically I probably view videos maybe 5 times a week.
  12. pee01

    Split Stream Questions

    I don't have it happen a lot regual. I like when it happens. I like to see it happen it happen for a women.
  13. Alfresco

    Split Stream Questions

    Yes, sometimes. Not regularly, but every now and again. It is quite funny if using a toilet because it isn't easy to get both in the toilet and sometimes I have to make a rapid decision on which one goes in the toilet and which one goes elsewhere! Usually it self corrects after a couple of seconds.
  14. tompee

    Very unique way of using my piss fetish

    Must have another soon.
  15. http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/More-public-toilet-adventures-Part-1 I'm back, guys! part 2 of this video is on eroprofile. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
  16. Yesterday
  17. Just put on a simple outfit of the blue jean shorts and a t-shirt. I'm about to go run some errands xD
  18. I cant help thinking,"were you wearing panties?"
  19. I might try and make an outfit out of one of the pieces of clothing I bought and wear it for the rest of today. It's super hot here right now though xD
  20. steamlover6

    Beer/Lager Drinking Ladies

    I wanted to ask how many Girls/ ladies enjoy drinking beer or lager on this site for the consequent pleasures it brings?
  21. Anyone on here get split stream when peeing. I have had this a few times when I need to pee bad. I would like hear your stories about this.
  22. I don't think the black ones would show wetness very well but the blue ones would xD Thank you so much!
  23. Perhaps I'm wrong, but you didn't mention these clothes were acquired specially for peeing in??
  24. steamlover6

    Beer/Lager Drinking Ladies

    A Dream of mine has always to be with and among girls/ladies who love drinking beer. It doesn't take much to understand the reasoning behind that statement! I attend the Great British Beer Festival in London most years and really love the atmosphere there. Years ago Kylie Minogue attended giving the clear signal to ladies that it is quite in order for females to drink pints! I took my g/f there for the first time this year and she loved it so much. We drank loads over the time we were there. Eventually it was time to leave and even though we both needed to pee again we both decided to hold it until we reached another more private place where we could share the pleasure together. Simply wonderful!! Every guy here needs a g/f like mine, she is into it big time as I am myself! I count myself so lucky!
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