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  2. I would be interested in meeting up with other piss fans. I could co-ordinate things if there is enough interest. I am South Yorks based but happy to travel an hour or so which leaves plenty of scope. My suggestion is that we meet one afternoon mid week in a pub or similar so we can have a chat and a drink. That way we can see if people are getting on, and if anyone is interested in some pissing we could maybe drive somewhere a bit discreet and see what happens. I would prefer a mixed group obviously. I appreciate ladies are a bit nervous about meeting strangers so somewhere fairly public is important, and one of the conditions would be that if anyone is uncomfortable they can just get up and walk away.
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    Before Shower Need Golden Pee Before Shower Need Golden Pee, try to have sex, but either we’re too big or our shower is too small. So were going to pee on each other. Well do it in the shower as soon as we get home. Besides being a little pissing because. can be nice, but they’re for everyone. Watch Now… Nature Shower Pussy ... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/112980/18173784/Before+Shower+Need+Golden+Pee
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    Detention Pee Star Nine may be an eighteen year old Senior at a prestigious and stodgy school who is on her way to college, but she still finds herself in detention for violating school policy. She is forced to wait for a long time for the principal to show up, and her pleas for a pass go unheeded by the stern detention officer. Unfortunately, he should have listened to Star because when she passes the point of no return the golden fluid comes out in a gusher and splashes loudly on the school floor. Star's panties are soaked with pee and even her school uniform skirt is damp. Will she FINALLY be allowed to go to the bathroom to clean herself up? https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/28209/18202288/"Detention+Pee"+HD+Quicktime
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    Giantess Stripease and... Giantess is performing a hot striptease for her tiny man, dressed in a latex outfit and knee high boots. Accidentally she tread on him. The tiny captive looks real bad and the giantess revives him with her abundant ! Successfully:) https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/88478/18163846/Giantess+Stripease+and+
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    Wetting myself in front of a customer This is a custom made clip. I'm a salesgirl and I'm trying to show you a couch. But as I explain you everything about the couch I suddenly start uncontrollably like I'm deliberately trying to show you my ass in jeans. But I don't seem to realize I'm acting strange in front of a customer. I just find excuses to bend again and again. Then after a while I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, but I just stay in the room, bend over and empty my whole bladder like it's the most natural thing in the world. After I'm finished I take off my shirt and wipe between my legs with it. Then I act like nothing's happened but I suddenly hear you say a secret word and I realize what I've done. Mortified about being in my bra only I reach for the shirt, but it's soaked in pee. Then I see the huge wet patch on my jeans. I excuse myself and leave in a hurry. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/64639/18206618/Wetting+myself+in+front+of+a+customer+HD+-+WMV
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    Adding My Own Mess To His Disgusting Bedroom Dixie's new boyfriend has her over to his place for the first time but leaves her there while he runs out to buy some booze for them. Dixie has to pee so she goes upstairs to find the bathroom. Instead of the bathroom she finds her boyfriend's bedroom to be a horrifying mess. She is completely disgusted...how can a grown man live like this? She can't date something who is on this level of being a slob, gross. But before she leaves she decides she'll leave him with a mess of her own. She pulls off her panties and pees on a bunch of random stuff laying on his floor then wipes herself with a dress shirt of his. Not only does she wipe herself, she shreds the shirt to bits as as well. She spits on the mess on her way out the door with a satisfied smile on her face. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/70886/18201504/Adding+My+Own+Mess+To+His+Disgusting+Bedroom+(wmv-hd)
  8. Sophie

    In your Profile you say that you are Bi-sexual. When and how did you come to recognize this?
  9. Greets from Bavaria

    Hello everyone, I am Niko 26 years old from Bavaria - Germany. I am into naughty pee stuff since I am 14 years old. When I was 14 I started experimenting with pee. For example I kept shut my foreskin while I peed. Used my pee to wet my glans for masturbating. I also started to get into seeing females peeing. I started peeing in naughty places. Holding it as long as I can and so on. I don't like drinking pee, I don't like the taste. I didn't found a female to share my kink yet. I once found the courage for a outing at one girlfriend but she didn't accept it. Now I am afraid I will never find a female who share my kink. Looking forward to get to know each other, especially girls ;) Greetings Niko
  10. Snapchat pee

    Pissbaby, I think you should pee naked in front of mirror, even better if you pee on the mirror. Then add me at brjo99 so I can enjoy 😀
  11. Snapchat pissing!

    Another guy looking to share .. hit me at brjo99
  12. Hello!

    Good to have you with us, Rann. New story tellers are always welcome. Looking forward to reading something of yours.
  13. Greets from NL

    Welcome to PeeFans. I'm not a girl but there are plenty around. Join in, have fun, share .. who knows what might happen.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Im wet now and feeling weird in my **** wanna help me out add me on kik here .. Sandra6662
  16. Im wet now and feeling weird in my **** wanna help me out add me on kik here .. Sandra6662
  17. Fine for me too? There was a problem yesterday but that got fixed. You can try clearing your browser cache to make sure you're seeing the most up to date version of the site?
  18. Works as intended here, with default settings.
  19. Piss lover

    Hi and welcome, tommcan. Thanks for sharing with us your experience of catheter play. Please be very careful though because unless strict hygiene is followed, catheters can be a quick - and not very pleasant - way of introducing infection into the urethra and/or bladder.
  20. Newbie

    Hi and welcome, Harley. You've come to a great place and I'm sure you'll meet some amazing people here with similar interests. I look forward to seeing you around.
  21. When I click on Unread Content I get the above message. This action started after I had gotten it to work at least once.
  22. Beach pee

    I always pee when I go to the beach but have yet to be spotted, and it's getting a bit cold now for the nude beach but might try this next time I go.
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