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  2. Downblouse Pee Sophia pulls down her sheer panties as she sits down on the toilet. She leans forward so you can get a good look down her lace-trimmed top and then she lets her pee splash into the toilet. After squeezing out all she can, Sophia wiggles and shakes off the last little bit. She then wipes, stands up, pulls up her panties, flushes, and then puts on her cut-off shorts while giving you a good look inside her top. Poor Sophia is really tired and wants to take a nap but she has work to do. While chatting she experiences a nip-slip and exclaims, "Oh, boobie!" She then smiles and waves "bye-bye."
  3. Horny in the Kitchen and Pissing I am in the kitchen, but I have no intention to cook, nooo...I am so horny right now in my mini skirt, stockings, heels and sexy white blouse, that I have to please myself! And here I go taking off that skirt and panties, up on the counter, fingering my wet cunt, fucking it with my big glass dildo until I cum hard! Feels so good! But its not I need some more pussy rubbing and...a nice pissing! So I go to the bath, squat with legs wide spread and pee....Watch the extreme closeups of my beautiful milf cunt!
  4. Pee in my favorite tight jeans I wear my favorite jeans, are really tight, and i wanna get dirty and wet, so i push pee, the wet stain expands more and more, its a real messy, jeans are full of my pee, and im so happy and horny
  5. Selena Gomez - see through boobs - Brightened
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  7. Christina Milian - 2017 photoshoot for Fashion Bomb Daily
  8. Cameron Diaz is one of those on my "not sure" if id like to especially watch her pee.But then again,why not?She has that long legs thing going on...
  9. Bella Hadid Braless in a See Through Shirt in Paris 1/20/2017
  10. OK, so now he apparently pays hookers to pee on him in Russian hotel rooms. Why does our fetish always get dragged in when people want to smear someone? They did it to Hitler too (also proven false, after a long while). It seems the only thing anyone who doesn't share our interest can do is laugh at us or call us criminals.
  11. Can the use of proxy servers help us to get around this? I can see witch-hunts already, they will go after soft targets and leave the more sinister elements alone.
  12. Nice video
  13. I honestly think you should do a part 2, maybe a 3rd. This is some of your best work by far. The girls all got a taste of serving just dessert ( catch the drift?) that I'm sure it won't just stop here. The girls might indulge in some lesbian action after seeing each others pussys? This story has opened a whole new world.
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