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  2. Twins Part 4 Since her daughter had asked her to do so, Rachel grabbed some dishes, but then she asked: "Since Alex made our table unusable, and I'm simply too lazy to clean it right now, what do you girls think - where should we eat?" Alex smiled and said: "Didn't you just say, we'll have to eat on the floor? - you gave your answer yourself." "I wasn't really serious about this, i could imagine more comfortable places to eat than a tiled floor.", Rachel answered, a bit surprised about Alex' rebellious side. Suddenly Gina mentioned: "We could sit on my carpet, I'm sure it's much more comfortable than the tiles. It even will get cleaned next week, so it doesn't even matter if we spill some sauce on it." Since the three of them considered this as a good idea, they brought everything up in Gina's room - including some big bottles of water - and then started to eat together. First they talked about everyday topics, mainly some gossip at Rachel's office and among the girl's friends, but then Rachel started to move around nervously. Eventually she switched her pose from sitting to a kneeling position, sitting on her heels. Then she picked her plate up from the carpet and slowly spread her legs. While continuing to eat and talk, Rachel started to pee on her daughter's carpet without any warning. Of course this caused a bit of splashing, and Alex, who was sitting just about one meter across her mother, screamed startled: "Mom! Your pee is splashing on my pasta! Stop it!" Rachel did not think of stopping, but rather continued taking her pee, just as before and answered with a slight grin on her face: "Remember? No restraints, playing pranks on each other to gain trust and so on. You were the one who suggested this." Gina just sat next to the two of them and could not stop laughing about her sister's face - since Alex didn't know what to answer her mother. When they had finished their meal and put their dishes in the dishwasher, the three of them talked about their plans for the rest of the day. The twins just wanted to hava a lazy afternoon, whilst Rachel had planned to do some paperwork for taxes, insurance and stuff like that. After Rachel had persuaded her daughters to cook dinner when it's time to do so, she went off into her room to start her work. The twins decided to go to the living room and watch a movie together. So the two of them grabbed their bottles and went to the couch. Alex started to search the DVD they wanted to watch in the drawer below the TV, so she was on all fours in front of the drawer, her butt pointing towards her sister, who was sitting on the couch. Gina had been fancying her sister's body for a while now and the proceedings of the last day didn't help her in any way. She had dreamt of touching Alex' body before, but she always thought of it being pretty inappropriate, but now Alex' own rules made Gina think again. Her sister's exposed pussy and ass in front of her made Gina feel really horny. The couch beneath her own pussy started to become moist - not from pee in this case. Gina got up and sneaked towards Alex, then she reached out and softly touched her sister's pussy, she kneeled down and slowly ran her fingers up and down Alex' slit. From what Gina could see, Alex didn't mind at all, on the first touch Alex had stopped to search after the DVD, but then she continued as if nothing was happening. The lack of any reaction (especially a negative one) encoureged Gina even more, without even noticing, she reached down to her own pussy with her free hand and continued stroking her sister's. Gina began to rub Alex clitoris, at first slowly and barely touching it, but then Alex seemed to lean back a bit, pressing her pussy against Gina's hand. So Gina moved her fingers faster and increased the pressure on her sister's clit. This caused Alex to give up her reluctance and she started to moan softly and to stroke her own breasts. By now Gina herself was close to an orgasm, as was Alex. Their breath was getting louder and their bodies began to shake. Almost at the same time the twins let out a long moan as their orgasms struck them. Not mentioning anything of what just had happened Alex continued her search and Gina sat back on the couch. Alex quickly had found the DVD, so they began watching their film. About ten minutes in, Gina realized she had to pee pretty badly, so she scooted forward, such that her ass was more leaning against the couch than sitting on it. Then she spread her legs and took a long pee on the floor while still watching the movie. After the girls had finished their movie they decided to prepare dinner, so the two of them got up and went to the kitchen. While this time Alex was cooking - she made some rice with vegetables - Gina picked up a wet sponge and wiped the dinner table, so they could eat there this time. When Gina put the sponge back to the kitchen sink, Alex suddenly turned around and said: "You know what? I really liked what you were doing before, but I'm not sure what mom would say if she would see us. Let's keep it a secret for now, ok?" Gina smiled and nodded. "Good, now set up the dishes and tell mom dinner is ready.", Alex added. Gina did as she was told and set up the dishes. Then she went upstairs to get her mother. As Gina entered the room she found her mother standing in the middle of it bent forward and with her legs spread, just starting to realease a massive piss on the floor. In order to scare her mother Gina snuck up to her, risking to get hit by a few splashes of pee and just as Rachel had stopped to pee Gina smacked her Ass and shouted: "Dinner's ready!" - then Gina ran back to the kitchen. After Rachel had recovered from her scare, she too came to the kitchen. While the three of them ate they talked about further plans for the evening: Alex said, that she was going to take a shower and then read a little bit before going to bed. Gina wanted to continue watching her series and go to bed early, while Rachel had no plans by now and said she would decide spontaneously but probably either read or join Gina watching her series. Since they all were lazy that day, they concluded on washing the dishes the next day. After they'd finished dinner, they got up and each went into their room. Alex went to her drawer and fetched a towel, then she went to the bathroom. There she put the towel next to the sink and then went into the shower. Alex had always been someone who showers for ages, she enjoyed her showers as much as other people enjoy a long bath. So she began to take a nice long and hot shower, stretching her body and relaxing. Just as she grabbed her bodywash, her mother suddenly entered the bathroom. "Mom, what are you doing? I'm showering in here.", Alex asked. "Remember your own rules: No restraints", Rachel answered, "to answer your question, I'm going to take a shower too." "Don't you want to wait until I'm finished?", Alex wanted to know. "No. I'm going to watch a series together with your sister, but she isn't ready by now. Also your rules say we should come each other 'too close for comfort', so that's what I'll do.", Rachel said and also entered the shower. Since their shower wasn't really big, the bodies of the two of them were touching with every movement one of them made. Rachel seemed to fully ignore that fact, but Alex was abit uncomfortable with the situation. But since she was the one who made up the rules in the first place she couldn't complain, so she just moved a bit more in the corner and started to put the bodywash on her upper body. In the meanwhile Rachel spread her legs, leaned back a bit and started to pee forcefully in the direction of the shower drain - which was located in the same corner as Alex was standing. Alex couldn't believe what her mother was doing and quickly said: "Mom! You're pissing on my legs! Stop it!" "Why? Just rinse it off, you're standing in the shower.", Rachel asked, but she stopped her stream as good as she could. "That doesn't mean I like to be peed on by my mother.", Alex answered. "I'm just following your rules, playing some pranks, being rude and so on, you know?" "Yes mom, I know, but that means revenge." "Just be sure you don't start a war you can't win", Rachel said and winked at her daughter. Then she grinned and said: "I still have to finish my pee, but you won't let me pee in the drain." So Rachel turned around opened the glass door of the shower, stuck her ass out and finished her pee on the floor right in front of the shower. Since Alex understood arguing would make it only worse, she didn't say anything but rather continued her shower. Rachel did so too, but since she was much quicker than her daughter, she also was the first to finish and leave the shower. She stepped right into the puddle she had made before, without minding its nature and grabbed the towel next to the sink to dry herself. When she was finished she left the bathroom and took the towel with her. When Alex had finished her long shower she hadn't realized that last prank of her mother yet. But now as she was standing in the bathroom dripping wet, she saw that her towel was gone. She shortly thought of the whole situation and decided to really start that war she had been talking of before.
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  4. Thank you for the good time :) hopefully I see you write it soon :) 

    1. Ivy1989



      Go to bed! Good night 

    2. Cherry
  5. You missed the time when we went outside for a breather and I lifted my dress and pissed , through my thong, and when you pissed flashing and laughing with me. You were so drunk sweety, it was fun and a naughty naughty couple of girls we are :)
  6. Apr 28/29 of 17 I was incredibly drunk Friday night and into Saturday. I've been piecing together what happened from what I can recall and from what Cherry told me, I was with her. I was told I peed myself 9 times but I don't recall all 9 and I was aiming for 10. Wow I know lol, and she like 3 times and i recall a few of those. Kinda lol. I think possibly I had little pee spurts and every time I needed to pee I did it in my leggings. Possibly =] So I was wearing my tight black leggings, and a green v string, the strings came out from the sides onto my hips and my pants clung perfectly onto my ass, the world knew I was in a v string, over top I wore a black top that came down like a mini dress some that covered my ass, I even had my hair nice. My sexy partner Cherry had s black tight dress that had those cut lines on her side showing skin, slits I think? Between the slits I could see race lace and telling by her ass, she was obviously in a thong. And no bra =]... First wetting; I finished my first beer and had two cups of water with it, I knew I had to pee, a good amount but I went to Cherry and she had a lot to drink and even had to pee prior to coming. She wanted to do something naughty, sexy, extremely risky, and had to pee desperately bad. We walked over to her husband, and she told me to wait there. She needs to pee or else. She went under the table and gave him a blow job, as he started to gush out pee. Her hands and knees got soaked with her own piss and the back of her sexy dress. She came out when it was safe and stuck her tongue out at me, ew she had his full load still then swallowed it, then drank more of her drink. Her husband was so red faced, I think he had a hard time getting up, oh wait he was up I'm sure =| She rushed me to the bathroom and cupped her hands on my vaginal area under my dress/shirt lol, and proceeded to make out with me telling me it's my turn. She sucked on my neck and left a hickey as i peed all over her pulsing hand. A couple of drunk chicks came in and saw us and went to the stall. I think there gonna fuck and I'm gonna cum,I let out a whimpering sound and looked at my puddle. My pants tho being black betrayed me , but the bar is dark enough so we washed our hands and went back out. Some time has past and more drinks happened, like I said I mbay of peed myself just when I needed to pee, but the last big time I remember peeing was when I was sitting at the booth taking off my top, having to pee, it shot through my leggings like a spring, I had no chance as began to dance around a bit. I began to strip as I peed, I lost my top and bra b4 being contained by cherry and her husband. I don't remember much more but wow I wish o was soberer lol
  7. I actually read the entire story. I like that you made Ashley and Adrian less enthusiastic in general and especially with the pee parts, showing that even those not into pee can enjoy it on occasion. Have you done this yourself? The details in the story make it seem like you speak from experience, like adjusting the watch for time differences and how the approach to conversation changed in the cab ride after the first encounter. Those are very specific so if not drawing from experience that is really good attention to detail. And I see that you definitely have a lip biting fetish as well lol. Good stuff, keep it up.
  8. I finally got my new facebook all updated, unfortunately my husband wouldn't let me post any nudity but he allowed me to post myself in a sexy bra and panty set, but don't bite the hand that feeds you though :)


  9. Spock VS Vader:
  10. Hi Cherry - pleased to meet you! I think you'll enjoy your time here. Hope so anyway.
  11. I would like to welcome you to this site. I am into female holding it and desperation. I have some pee stories and videos.


    1. Cherry


      I don't do videos, my husband is against the making of pornography, but I don't know if he's against me persay writing erotica based on personal experiences :)

    2. pee01


      I understand 

    3. Cherry


      I don't know Ivy's stands on home made pornography, but some people can, or sneakily do it, others don't. I never understood pornography, if my husband wants me to do something, or perform something or wants to try something, he knows to ask, i'm always willing to try something once, except scat and puke, and gross stuff like that, lol.


  12. I bought myself a nice blue lingerie set. My husband has to go out for a few hours, Ivy is over, Sweet pissing, and sex is right around the corner :)

    1. Jaylah


      Oh no "cherry" not you to! First Ivy copies me and you copy her :( 

      I always assumed you had the hots for my hubby! I'm so relieved you have the hots for Ivy instead, maybe she'll stop trying to bed with me if your giving her the attention she craves ^^

    2. Cherry


      Oh hun, I do find your husband attractive, he's a very nice person, he risked his neck to save my husband, he has good attributes and i'm happy for the both of you. It appears your into the crazy wild stuff too. I just want to be friends Jaylah, I'm not after your man, I'm after your man's cousin, as it's obvious :) Just some fun and games. I promise you i'll never try to get between you two, I'm very happy with my Alpha male, just like your happy with yours :)

    3. Cherry


      Plus if consented, I'm the only women she'll ever need to want, and to chase.

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  14. So naughty...
  15. I've been through Saskatchewan when I was a kid, I'm born and raised in the Yukon, but moved to Ontario where my husband got a house from his grandparents, and he got a job as a machinist after he left the Military, so I got my provincial veterinary licensing changed over and got a job. Been here for the last 4 months maybe? I love to hold until I burst, all in my clothes, especially tight leggings or jeans <3
  16. Hi, I'm new to this forum, and for the longest time, I thought I was honestly alone, thinking something is wrong with me, for liking to pee myself, when even my husband made mention that the idea of a person peeing their pants was gross. I don't go on the internet much, and I never really had to the audacity to look it up. I thought i was alone. Until Ivy1989 had to pee really bad, I wasn't even suppose to be there, I kinda tagged along and she was attempting at a naughty risky thing, and the presentation and control and whit, I could tell she had experience, and watching it, really turned me on, and confirmed that I'm Bi Curious, and even possibly Bi sexual, however I don't find other women sexually attractive, except for Ivy. It's weird I've been with only one woman in my life, and I have no desire with others, even though it's been about a week , or so. I'm still much in love with my husband. He knows of my relationship, and he's okay with it, as long as i'm not dabbing with other men, he's fine. I'm 30 years old, I have red hair, (I dye it red all the time, and keep it dyed, i'm naturally a dirty blonde). I'm about 5'8. I love the colour red, You may call me Cherry
  17. You are, in your own respect hun, as am I. Speaking of anal pounding Did you want to play tonight? My husband is away and I can be a very bad and naughty school girl, or even a bad employee that needs to be taught some lessons... The hard way...with that sex toy of yours we used the other day, as you had me tied to a chair until I pissed into my nice lingerie piece I was wearing
  18. You are, geeze and I thought I was pervery
  19. i love Anal sex! Am I one of the girlfriends mentioned? I love when my husband drills me hard, I thought I was going to hate it, but I came harder and more often. Then again i love pain and my love of pain and pleasure is a wonderful thing to add, like some people piss themselves before sex, and rape games you mentioned before? I want to try it all, but my husband is an odd ball and isn't for wetting. Our friend Ivy though :)
  20. I'm going to make you pee yourself and eat you out, then your going to eat me out and take it.

    (Can I post that? I should find the rules)

    1. Ivy1989


      I don't mind, your worse then me! U have no hold backs!

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