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  2. In the middle of a large park in London. My g/f and I were both bursting after leaving the beer festival, we sat on the ground by a tree and let it all go! It was hot!!
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  4. Bathmat, very first naughty pee! I love it lol.
  5. Rich7

    Favourite Pee Model?

    Mikki from HD Wetting for me, now retired
  6. Paulypeeps

    Interest to UK fans

    Unfortunately I am not in the North West now, but hope your meet up goes well!
  7. Please Help Me Pee - Monica Jade Monica is being held captive. Her wrists are cuffed to a bed frame, preventing her from getting up. She has been restrained like this for some time and she urgently needs to pee... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/8916/20140707/Please+Help+Me+Pee+(MP4+1080p)+-+Monica+Jade
  8. PUBLIC OUTDOOR PEE COMPILATION There were a few photoshoots and porn shoots I went on where I also filmed a little BTS footage of me being naughty. I remembered to film myself peeing outside in public for you all!... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/122991/20140111/PUBLIC+OUTDOOR+PEE+COMPILATION
  9. Pee accident on my jeans I want to pee desperately, but when I arrive in front on the toilets, the door is closed. I wait in front of that door, complaining about how I badly need to pee, and hoping the person inside will go out soon... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/108710/20139631/N140+Pee+accident+on+my+jeans+MP4
  10. How much can i pee in 24 hours In this video I measure how much I pee in a 24 hour time frame. I pee into a gallon water bottle marked up to 10 cups on the side... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/74997/20139371/How+much+can+i+pee+in+24+hours%3F
  11. Desperation Pee in Leggings I was outside on the balcony doing some stretching in my grey leggings/yoga pants, sports bra, and nikes. I had just finished up, I felt the urge to pee earlier on but held it in because I wanted to finish my regimen outside however I go to open the door and its locked... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/98619/20138479/Desperation+Pee+in+Leggings
  12. bpb

    BPB interview

    I was once asked if I saw anything erotic in Peeing. My answer at the time was no. However, this morning I was reminded of a time in my young life before I understood masturbation and the pleasures that it could bring. I could put up an erection and I had this intense desire to Pee thru it while it was erected. I would wrap my prick with toilet paper and sit down in the toilet with ring up. My butt would fit down thru the porcelain with my prick sticking up clear. I would proceed to Pee and the toilet paper would keep the Pee stream contained. Urine would fill my lap and be contained until I started to wiggle out and let it flow down between my legs into the toilet.
  13. UnabashedUser

    One for the girls.

    Wife has read this post and comments: Bonnie: I can by tugging on the lips manipulate the stream so that it can stimulate my clit in certain positions but that also destroys any aiming of the stream as the pee flies all over. It's crazy hot to do it in bursts, rub a bit, hit it again,rub some more. In fact some of the wildest orgasms I 've had solo have been on the toilet especially if I save s some pee for explusion at the moment that I cum.
  14. JustRich


    Didn't work
  15. JustRich


  16. whiz kid

    One for the girls.

    Yup, it really is amazing how many variations of streams there are. In a lot of girls, the urethra directs the flow backwards instead of straight out. That's when she produces that fan-shaped stream which I really like.
  17. nickie420wilson


    yes im agenutinbutnumber hope links works let me know otherwise
  18. I don't really remember when it all started, there was a girl at school who always seemed to be wetting herself, but I don't think it was that many years later I had a girlfriend who wet herself on a number of occasions, once while wearing tight pants and long black boots, now for years I'd had a thing for women in tight pants and long boots, I think that was from seeing the girls who rode horses near where I grew up. when the girlfriend pissed herself wearing that outfit I was turned on straight away, I used to create situations when she was wearing the boots and pants, where a wetting would take place. Eventually, I started buying her stuff, usually tight leggings and various pairs of boots, eventually there was hardly ever a time when she wasn't wearing a suitable outfit, so it got easier. at some point I must have told her how it turned me on, and just asked her to piss herself, she agreed and it just went from there.
  19. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/risky-piss-all-over-people-s-bikes-at-apartment-complex-37196931 I was outside for a cigarette and was looking for somewhere to swim in piss then I saw the bike rack and thought that was the perfect place a few people don’t know it yet but they will be riding bikes covered in my piss the next couple of days
  20. Also nice feeling if you rub cock against wall peeing..done that on a building being built...
  21. tompee

    Drenching a Towel

    Good stream. Nothing better than just letting it go
  22. Woke up and really had to go
  23. Just bought some synthetic wigs to play around with. They were not super expensive but just want to try them out😂😂 I have a pair of hair extensions already for those moments where I want longer hair because mine grows slowly but also I found this really cute white wig and I can't wait to try it! I also got a natural blonde wig that I think should also look really nice. I'm hoping!

    1. fannywatcher


      You ought to let us see.

    2. Riley


      I'm not going to show my face but I can still show off the wigs xD 

    3. Riley


      I can't wait to try the white one. I hope I look good in them😂😂

  24. Mine started when I was in middle school and my crazy class schedule meant I had to hold it for really long periods of time and I slowly realized I kind of enjoyed it. I then started doing challenges with myself to try and make it home without peeing and then it progressed from there. One of my first memories of where I realized I liked this was when I was coming home from school one day. After school that day I already was really desperate to pee but I had made it home fine every single day before then so I thought I was fine. I took the back way home behind all the houses just in case and felt my need get really bad. I was wearing jeans I remember and I kept leaking into my jeans and started to worry that I wouldn't make it. Slowly each step got harder and harder and my bladder felt like it was about to explode. By the time I was getting close to home the crotch of my jeans was a little wet and I was getting really worried. I then felt a leak again but I couldn't stop it and soon it became a stream that was flooding my jeans. I couldn't stop it I was just standing on this gravel path watching the wet spot on my jeans keep growing and growing. Soon my stream tapered off and I felt this amazing feeling wash over me. It was a feeling I hadn't really felt much before but it felt really good. I then came to reality and snuck into my house making sure my neighbors wouldn't see me and through my jeans into the washer. I felt ashamed and embarrassed for a while after that but then slowly realized that I really enjoyed this and started doing it again xD
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