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  4. Elsa Hosk - Topless, See Thru, on the beach 2/18/17
  5. Miley Cyrus - Topless in a Car - Social Media
  6. Angelina Jolie - Bare Ass Best Quality Available
  7. To DXR and LikesToLick Try to logout and login again on Gallery page. Maybe something wrong with authorization protocol I don't think so. I have access to video gallery but I can't connect with access to photo gallery. Photo gallery always was the part of forum with common access and without any restrictions for use
  8. Same here. As shown in the screen cap in my earlier post, I'm signed in, and I do not have paid access to the video gallery.
  9. Thank you for testing with Windows XP. Much appreciated. That's very interesting that XP does not cause a problem for you. Yes, when I go to the gallery page, it still shows my user name and avatar in the top right corner of the page, so I am definitely still logged in. A question for you Ozabot. Do you have paid access to the video gallery? (I do not) Is it possible that the photo gallery is accidentally being blocked for members who did not buy video gallery access? Cheers, L2L
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  11. Miley Cyrus - Braless Pokies - Instagram - 14 Feb 17
  12. Christina Model - Rubbing her naked Boobs - gif
  13. Well I had a great time on the trip, and also had some wet pee adventures as well. Each night during dinner I would drink a lot of water and a few beers and I would refrain from using the restroom during our time out. When we would get back to the hotel, there were several options available. Of course I had my room, which has endless opportunities but also had your information attached to it, so I wanted to be respectful while still having fun. They provided ample amount of towels, especially for one person so I decided as long as I would clean up well afterward, I would just use the carpet as my toilet! I have never walked into a room, unzipped my fly and just let my entire bladder go on the floor... so I decided now as the time to try to. It felt amazing!!! The sound, the rush, the naughty factor all were so exhilarating. Free the first night, I didn't use the toilet for peeing the entire trip. There was also a carpeted stairwell in the one wing of the building which intrigued me. So one night after we got back I was bursting. I waited a while in my room and drank another bottle of water and eventually couldn't hold any longer. I walked out of my room, down the hall and down the first flight of stairs. I checked to see if anyone was coming, and all was clear. I walked back to the landing, unzipped my fly, kneeled on the carpet and completely let go!! I peed for over a minute. I heard a door open and freaked out for a few seconds and quickly stood up during covered with my shirt. I heard them walk the other way down the hallway and relaxed. I pulled my shirt up and let the remaining pressure in my bladder go until I was completely empty. The puddle as huge, but the dark carpet quickly soaked it up so it wasn't too obvious. I walked back up the stairs and to my room. It was really amazing. I checked the ft being and it was completely dry and had no odor at all ( thanks to the advice of being super hydrated). Thanks for all the ideas and encouragement. I can't wait for my next trip. I'm just so conscientious about messing others property, so I made sure to take care in cleaning up and drying the areas in my room. When I checked out, the room was dry and didn't smell at all. If you are going to enjoy this as well, just be sure to stay ultra hydrated, and it's pretty much the same as accidentally spilling a bottle of water on the floor (but way more fun and exciting). Cheers!
  14. Daisy Lowe swimsuit camelgoe in Miami Beach, Jan 2017
  15. Kim Kardashian - Nude Covered - Unknown Photoshoot
  16. Shaughnessy Brown - Brianna Capozzi PS
  17. You sometimes find a double puddle on the ground where a girl has squatted to pee. One puddle directly below her, from when she starts to piss. As she gets going, the stream suddenly strengthens, and makes a wet line forward to the front puddle. Meanwhile, she dribbles down into the first puddle also, sometimes with additional trickles falling from the cheek of each buttock. As she becomes empty, the pressure drops away rapidly again, and the main stream drops back along the wet line. She finishes off draining the last streams and dribbles into the puddle below her. On a hard surface, the spray from the front puddle fans out in all directions, leaving a dry shadow under each foot.
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