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  2. Sex in a Public Toilet

    Not that easy to arrange, so it's great that you've been able to do it a couple of times! Unfortunately, I've never had the opportunity. My fantasy is to have sex in a women's toilet cubicle, while listening to other women using the toilets. Can't see it happening, though
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  4. Sex in a Public Toilet

    I remember some years ago, I had started to frequent this pub in town, it was known for wild things happening but I'd never experienced anything personally, although I'd heard tales from people who had. One day I was working in the town centre with a group of lads from out of town, naturally being the local it fell to me to show them a good place for lunch and we headed to this particular pub. We all got a drink and waited for our food to arrive, we'd nearly finished our first drink when one of the guys announced he'd get the next round in, but needed the loo first, he was gone for a good while and eventually we got tired of waiting and one of the others said he'd buy the drinks. We were sitting drinking and the other guy returned looking somewhat dazed, he'd been gone for a good ten minutes and we were wondering if he was ok, he sat down and told us that as he was leaving the gents toilet, a young woman had appeared, she'd pushed him back inside and dragged him into one of the cubicles, whereupon, she'd sat down on the toilet, dragged his jeans down and performed oral sex on him! She'd sucked him dry, and swallowed the lot, she'd then got up and walked away leaving him feeling rather confused, as she hadn't even told him her name! I was gutted, I'd been going in there for months and nothing like this had ever happened to me, and over the rest of the time I drank there, nothing ever did. Still I suppose he'll never forget the time he visited the place, lucky sod.
  5. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    I have absolutely no idea how I got into this fetish, or how I developed a thing for boots for that matter, however I did come across something over the weekend whilst looking for something and it brought back a few happy memories, let me tell you the story. I met my wife Shirley, back in 2009 at a friends party, I'd seen her previous to this as we were both single and my friend, who works with her was trying to do a bit of matchmaking, it never happened.On this particular night, my friends partner had asked me over for barbecue and some beers, we go back years and met up every so often, his other half who worked alongside Shirley had invited her to come along, unaware that I had been invited too. Shirley thought it was a set up and was going to leave, but we persuaded her to stay and we all had a great time, that was in the July and we married in November the same year. One of the first things I bought her was a pair of black knee high boots, it was winter and she hadn't got any and it was cold and wet when we went out, I payed quite a bit for them and she wore them nearly all the time.When it came to our wedding, I took personal charge of it, even designing the cake myself, she'd had a rough time with her previous partner and I wanted to make sure everything went perfectly, although I had been married before, she hadn't and although we couldn't afford a big wedding I wanted to make sure that the one we had went off as it should. We were discussing what we were going to wear, I decided on a suite, and she wore a long white dress that came to a couple of inches off the floor.Next came the choice of footwear, If I was going to be on my feet all day then I was adamant I was wearing something comfy, and announced that I would be wearing my Doc Martins shoes, they were my work shoes and I'd had them for a few years, I polished them up and they looked fine, Shirley decided that If I was wearing them, then she was going to wear her boots, black knee high with a 3 inch spiked heel, everybody thought we were mad! Anyway the wedding went fine apart from the minor detail of her son's car breaking down on the way to the registry office, and her telling me not to get oil on my suit as I fixed it. We had a gathering of friends and family afterwards at our local pub, then we left for our honeymoon weekend in Blackpool, we chose that place as we'd been there a lot when we were courting. Well, we arrived at the hotel and as we pulled up outside my new wife told me she had a problem, and didn't think she could get out of the car, you see she'd had quite a bit to drink at the reception, and after the long drive she needed to piss and she needed it now, she was certain that by the time we'd booked in and gotten to our room she'd end up wetting herself. There was nothing she could do, and it looked like it was all going to end in disaster, she couldn't hold it, and there was no way she was going to walk into a busy hotel with a wet dress. I looked around for something, anything, that she could relieve herself into but there was nothing, I'd cleaned the car out the day before, then as disaster seemed imminent I realised there was only one thing in the car that she could relieve herself into , her boots! I told her that the only answer was for her to piss into her boots, she refused at first, but quickly realised that it was either her boots or her dress, she quickly pulled off one of her boots and hitched up her dress. Unfortunately she was so desperate she was unable to get her white silk panties down in time and only just managed to get the boot between her legs before she lost it. when she'd finished I took the boot full of steaming piss from her and discretely emptied it out of my car door. It was at this point that she remembered she had not brought any other footwear and had to put the damp boot back on.We checked into our hotel, and headed to our room, I told her to remove her dress, and she stood there in her white silk underwear, (wet panties) and her long black boots, I told her she'd been very naughty and would have to be spanked, she laid on the bed and I gave her a playful spanking over her wet panties,before taking her from behind. When we were finished, she replaced her dress and still wearing her now even wetter panties, we headed to the bar. It was one hell of a turn on knowing that she was sat beside me, with her boots damp from her piss, and her white silk panties also damp, not only from her earlier piss, but also from the load of spunk I'd deposited earlier, and would by now be leaking into her panties! I was married once before and to be honest I can't remember that wedding night, however I'll certainly never forget this one, even after nearly 19 years it's still fresh in my mind, and what did I find whilst searching for something over the weekend, you may be wondering, well I'll tell you. She still has those white silk panties from our wedding night! The bra may have gone and the boots got worn out years ago, but she has kept those panties for all these years, maybe she's planning to wear them again some day, I hope she still wants to wear them soaked in piss and cum, and with piss soaked boots!
  6. Welcome to Kaymala

    @VassalLavatria has been swirling around in my head too. Hope more is coming soon.
  7. Sex in a Public Toilet

    Does hand shandy in a bus shelter count?
  8. Skype pee talk

    I'm wanting to get to know more people who are into naughty peeing. I'm willing to pay someone just to talk to me on Skype about naughty peeing. I am looking for preferably females between ages of 18 and 45 who will socialize with me on Skype and have back and forth conversations about peeing on the floor of public restrooms, elevators, hotel floors and what not.
  9. Pissing via skype!

    Hi, I live in the mid-west too. I'm looking for people to talk to on Skype who share my love for naughty peeing. I'm willing to pay for Skype sessions where we talk about peeing, and perhaps pee on Skype as well.
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  11. Top clips from Pee category

    Frantic Pee Dance Before Measuring for Capacity It had over a month since the last time I really held my pee for a video, an WOW was it a good one! Since it had been a while, I was way out of practice so we watched a whole movie during which I drank a lot of water and several beers... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/119284/19170825/Frantic+Pee+Dance+Before+Measuring+for+Capacity
  12. Top clips from Pee category

    Peeing On Toys I love to watch as I pee all over different things. My pussy gets engorged, and then my pee squirts out so fast that I have trouble aiming it. This clip has caught me peeing on two teddy bears and one fluffy plushie poodle. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/57567/19166019/Peeing+On+Toys+mp4
  13. Goodbye

    Spywareonya, I'm sorry, I suppose I am guilty of not "supporting" you with the "like" button. I am, by nature just the opposite of you. I am almost totally non-competitive with other humans. I do compete with animals as I have a passion for hunting and fishing, politically incorrect as that is now. Frankly, I have never really thought much about the "like" button and have barely noted the points I or others have received or not. This may be a character flaw, if so I apologize. I find much more value in the conversations themselves. The back and forth of communications between people. The atmosphere of a group of like minded friends getting together to just talk and share fellowship, and yes, love! For me, it's not about popularity but something much deeper. That something is being allowed to share and to take what is shared by others in a spirit of total selflessness. It's what friends do...no artificial reward necessary at the end. I find the sharing and friendship reward enough in and of itself. I still will miss you and still wish you would stay. I promise to learn to use the button and vote for you (though you should understand that even though I have never voted for you, I love you as a friend just the same!!)
  14. Top clips from Pee category

    The Uncomfortable Plumber Dixie calls a plumber over to check out her sink that keeps clogging. He gets out his tools and starts working under her sink telling her that she can go about her day and he'll let her know when he discovers the problem, but she doesn't leave and instead hangs out in the kitchen asking questions and bothering him... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/70886/19139487/The+Uncomfortable+Plumber
  15. Top clips from Pee category

    Natursekt-Paket #5 Category: PEE Related Categories: FETISH, GERMAN AMATEURS, HAIRY, HOME VIDEO, HUGE LABIA https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/96359/19133325/Natursekt-Paket+%235+(4+Clips+in+1+movie)
  16. Top clips from Pee category

    2 minutes of peeing on the orange bed I am peeing on orange bed to the big glass. You can see my golden rain running to glass and how much I had it https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/103259/19167115/2+minutes+of+peeing+on+the+orange+bed+mp4
  17. Sex in a Public Toilet

    Shame...no one seems to have experienced that pleasure, the risk, the thrill of the moment!
  18. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    ^ That story about the boots reminded me of one time when I was a real little kid. I was riding in the car with an aunt and uncle when I felt the need to pee. They pulled over to the side of the road but I suddenly had a case of bashful bladder and couldn't get started. My aunt, very helpfully, removed one of her slippers and put it on the ground in front of me and said "here, pee in this". Well, for some reason this relaxed me enough that I did indeed empty my bladder fully into her shoe. My aunt and uncle both thought this hilarious and laughed and laughed for the next several miles of the trip. This is one of my earliest memories and very well could have started me down the road to this fetish. Cool!
  19. I like to see girls peeing but only fair to share. No nasty comments please but happy for comments. I'm just getting over my shyness
  20. How about weeing naked, legs apart, as you sit in an office style leather chair?
  21. I'm not quite sure where this fits but I recently came across an article about the actor Jamie Dornan wearing a 'wee bag' in the 50 Shades of Grey film. Here's the link to it: http://www.eonline.com/uk/news/910846/jamie-dornan-wore-quite-a-big-wee-bag-to-shoot-fifty-shades-freed-sex-scenes I can't quite picture what it would like but it sounds interesting. It's impossible to not wonder whether he used it for its intended purpose at some stage during the filming though!
  22. Goodbye

    spywareonya. Thanks for sharing your reasons for leaving. As someone who's been involved in a number of forums over the years I'm a seasoned veteran when it comes to wondering about the lack of feedback - or even some sort of response - to what I believed were well written posts. Unfortunately people are what they are and one can't make them give reputation or respond to posts if they don't want to. Were it possible to do so it would only be by interferring with their free will, something I would have big moral and ethical problems with. An instinct for competition is healthy so far as it goes but we can't all win all of the time. I found that one out a long time ago. For what it's worth I would say that the essence of belonging to a forum was contributing and, if people want to show their appreciation by giving reputation or feedback, accept it with a good grace, but try not to attach a greater importance to that side of things than it merits.
  23. Goodbye

    You can't help the Christmas / New Year period, every forum will take a hit when everyone is on holiday. I have been down lately, due to the loss of a friend, and haven't been in here much. Does all these posts imploring you to return mean anything? You are truly missed here, you made such an impression, is it a wonder that people want that feeling to continue? You were so good here, the posts you made, the willingness to jump in to any conversation, your presence alone was a breath of fresh air. I know you need more than that, but that was the impression you made to everyone. I miss you, I miss you being here, I miss the spirited conversations, know that much at least, ok? Take care girl.
  24. Naughty pee KIK

    Hi all, On kik app there is a group about naughty pee. We organize contests and challenges about peeing on stuff o in naughty places. The group is "#peeingonstuff" and it has a max number 50 members... Anyone interested please PM me and I will try to include in group.
  25. Famous Babes

    Gemma Atkinson - Bikini On Beach in Tenerife, 2/15/18
  26. I probably will add more detail later. I was just hoping to introduce the place. But I think I might need some help tbh.
  27. For your first story posted here, I think you did a wonderful job, a few places that can be improved, but I’m not that good at writing my self. One tip I can give ( just an opinion) is when it comes down to the peeing parts, ( and sexual parts) you could add a bit more detail to it. Depending on how much detail could make your story extreamly sexually hot, to entertaining for the readers. The thought of a school that allows its students and staff to wee wherever they want freely is very enlightening to me. I cannot wait for the next chapter to see what happens! And I hope to see you grow and adapt your own unique writing style!
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