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    • The first carpet piss I can recall came from my childhood (around 7 I believe)¬† I already loved peeing, and always wanted to pee in the house, i¬†remember finally getting the nerve to pee on the wall and carpet on too of the stairs.. (Never got in trouble for that one..wasn't even asked what I did it till years later)¬† But a few years later (around 10) I decided to stop using the toilet at home... That one didn't go over so well once caught...(a few weeks of pee smell from every room kinda gave me away) I recall I had convinced my sister to try it as well.. She did a few times.. But I don't think we ever told our mother she was involved in the damage to the carpet.. I still love peeing on carpets! I just don't really do it at home anymore¬†
    • About 2 hours ago. I was out for a walk and stopped behind the public park restrooms.¬† just peed on the back of the building¬†
    • I would have to say I started to love peeing on naughty places when I was 7 or 8,. First one I can recall is peeing on the wall and carpet at the top of the Stairs.¬†
    • I'm from the US, Manitowoc county Wisconsin to be exact. Not really sure where to watch girls pee (but would like to know)¬† And as far as where do I pee.. Pretty much anywhere the urge strikes me.¬†
    • I agree with this, pool pees are great! Plus they're just about the only place where you can pee near other people without them caring / noticing. Maybe her and Alex pee in the pool while his mother and/or Thomas are around, they could even be peeing in there themselves. The beauty of pools is that you can pee in them as much as you'd like, and no one cares because so many other people do it too.

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