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    • Mmmm i would love taking brianna on a roadtrip with very few stops haha 
    • Thanks,  I would like to do more at some point.
    • very nice day for you, thanks for sharing!  xx
    • just this minute went outside and pissed on the flowers, video with flash makes some weird effects lol  
    • Today was a really great day for Me. I got to hear not one, not two, not three, but four hot pees in one day. But from the same girl though. The girl's name is Brianna She is a good friend of mine. I went to her house at 10 in the morning to hang out with Her. We went to see the movie A Dog's Journey at the theater. We ate some food before leaving before leaving She said I have to really pee hold on. She then went inside the downstairs bathroom closed the door. I later went up and went by the door She then peed a long hissing pee with sighs. Her stream lasted like 40-45 seconds and then She flushed. Later I went back in kitchen. We cleaned up and went to the movies.  After a few hours later We came back home. While I was driving the car She said I have to pee so bad. She did not use the bathroom in theater. We came home She then rushed inside that downstairs bathroom again. This time She let out a huge gusher. Her bladder literally exploded and everything came out in just like 7-8 seconds. She sighed and said ooh god this feels so good. She even let out a huge fart. The door was closed but I heard everything. After She flushed I got away from the door. I had went near door to hear Her go.  We started drinking beer and She drank a lot of beer within 40 minutes. She then got up and ran inside that downstairs bathroom. We were watching tv in the living room. I lowered the volume. Then I went by the bathroom door.  She had already closed the door and after sitting down She began taking a hard as fuck power hissing pee. She was sighing so much this time. She kept saying oh god , oh man, oh fuck this really needed to go over and over again. She peed for like 80 seconds non stop hete. Girls say some interesting things when they sigh in relief.  Fourty minutes later She got up and said to Me god beer really gets to me. She then started to unzip her pants and quickly ran to that same bathroom and slammed the door shut. This time She gushed like crazy twice as hard as last time. I was amazed how heard Her bladder exploded this time. In just 8 to maybe 10 seconds She peed so much. Her stream was so loud and powerful too. This time She sighed and said Oh Lord that felt so good and this time She once again farted haha.  Brianna is 5-8 and weighs like 160. She is built well and has wide hips, big ass, and nice tits too. She is very hot brunette with light brown eyes. Keep in mind that I also peed a few times during all this but won't talk about that since most of You here would rather read about girls peeing than boys. I got very lucky today 4 very desperate pees heard in one day that is the most I have heard in one day! 
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