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  2. I'm similar. Not really interested in men, but watching other dudes piss everywhere in their POV is kind of a turn on sometimes
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  4. 😀 it seems to happen like that doesn’t it!
  5. Sixdor

    crazy pissing

    So sexy. Thank you.
  6. Such sexy legs too. Keep the flooding coming , love it.x
  7. I think you are right on this one......I,ve had some really rather posh g/fs too......but back to school days, yes the posh girls would rather wet themselves than use dirty toilets...or toilets where the 'tough' 'street' girls hung out......so they held on all day.....and wet themselves either walking home...or on the bus. But it was always always the 'delicate' girls from upper working class backgrounds who wet themselves in class...never the girls from the rough streets. I,ll have to get on to the horsey wetters sometime. And the two bedwetters....interesting psychology there.......very similar girls at the same college vaguely knew each other....but didn't know that they both had a very similar problem.
  8. To me, a guy who likes to see natural female peeing (inside or outside) I love it when they wipe theirselves with tissue and disguard it in the bowl or the pissy puddle if outside. don't mind the unprepared outside pee where they make a conscious effort to shake the drips off if they have no tissue. When I do my roadside pees, I love seeing leftover tissues in the verge where clearly someone was caught out and had to let go...
  9. I,m not even sure that they played hockey at my school (at the age where I noticed girls anyway) it was a comprehensive....??? but yes the girls must have played hockey...I only ever saw a girl (sport) wetting when we did a mixed cross country run....which was very rare always in cold weather with frost on the ground.....I ran up behind one girl that I knew and started chatting....she angrily said go away my friend has wet herself and she's upset...I dropped back and sure enough her dark blue sports knickers were obviously wet between the legs. Never saw or heard of any teacher wettings. Though I do have some stories about some 'horse riding' friends of mine one of who was/is a riding instructor and ..well it's a long story...she was a longtime horseback wetter, but she forgot herself and wet whilst training young riders. The sitting down and peeing on the grass was shown to me by an ex g/f at an airshow, where there was a mile long queue for the mobile toilets....she simply sat down on the grass, spread her skirt out and peed through her panties, she told me at the time that she hadn't needed that trick since she was at school.
  10. Very nice puddles regardless, living up to your name
  11. Welcome to the forum
  12. Nothing too fancy here I'm afraid...
  13. I once came while smelling a girls stinky ass without even touching myself.
  14. The wet stain is so small.... it's also so far off center that it hardly looks real. You might want to use Wet Scarlet or Wet Brianna as an example for how to do wetting videos, those girls FLOOD their jeans. Just a thought.
  15. I get where you’re coming from. I love really naughty public pissing and sometimes it feels like I’ve seen every video. sometimes I expand my searches, not for sexual pleasure, but rather to get ideas about new naughty piss places. Not to mention guys who pee in elevators, bathroom floors, etc. tend to be a lot less kind with there aim. So yea it’s not just u.
  16. adriana chechik and kissa sins, for those wondering
  17. I think most moms are a bit uncomfortable with actually telling boys they should pee somewhere other than toilets, but yet I know of several moms (myself included) who would much rather boys pee elsewhere. Although they may be hesitant to suggest it too you, if they are aware you're doing so and don't coment, but do complain about making a mess around the toilet, they're certainly suggesting to you in the strongest possible way they'd prefer for you to step outside. My boys have always taken it upon themselves to push the limits of my tolerance and most of my friends, neighbors and family have become aware that my boys are quite liberal about where they'll pee. On many occasions, at a park, my apartments pool or even a back yard, I've witnessed a mom try to subtly hint to her son she didn't want to run him to a restroom and left him to find an alternative. On a couple occasions it became quite humorous as the boy didn't seem to take the hint and his mom would comment to me, "gees, do I have to come right out and say it?" I've also been asked, "how did you get your boys to just go?" and told "you're so lucky that you don't have to deal with this." With all said, I have yet to hear any of my friends, neighbors or family members criticize my boys or question my parenting when they pee in other places, so I have to assume, like me, most moms would really prefer for there boys to pee elsewhere.
  18. I often love to watch videos of women desperately pissing. Particularly in public places. I'm not sexually interested in women, but watching these videos gets me so hot... because I imagine myself in their position. I get so horny thinking about that being me squatting down where anyone can see and pissing on the ground. Anyone else?
  19. I've gone in the stairs many times. Unfortunately I don't have access to any exposed roof. There's a rooftop pool I plan to pee in frequently in the summer. The garbage area where the dumpsters are has cameras too 😑
  20. Stairwells are always a good option. When I lived in an apartment, I'd piss on or near the dumpster every time I took the garbage out. The parking lot was always too exposed haha.
  21. Riding in the car, Sosha is extremely desperate to pee. A humiliating accident is the ultimate outcome of this prolonged and unedited desperation video. This scene wasn’t planned. Instead, while riding in the car, Sosha found herself desperate to pee. Knowing that her predicament might be of interest to certain online communities, she started recording herself with her phone, documenting her situation. Ultimately, after a prolonged struggle, she ends up wetting her pants in the car. Presented here it is unedited form, the entire scene lasts more than ten minutes. You get to watch as she goes from desperate to pee, to engaging in futile efforts to hold back the flood, to struggling as she starts to suffer little leaks. Eventually, the leaks build into more of a flood, and Sosha is left in soaked jeans.
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