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  2. Amazing I just cant stand movies where Hitler is present for more than 5 minutes A poor retard controlled by Himmler (and his sexually deviated ideals of physical perfection) killed 30 millions of people and created the situations for the H bomb to be invented and for Europe to be indebted with USA forever
  3. Der Untergang (Downfall), a German language film about the last days of Hitler in the bunker and the fighting for Berlin. Very historically accurate.
  4. Yes it's quite useful ihihihihi
  5. Low ghosts are attracted by drunk and playful people like a filthy pervert would be by a drunk teenage girl laughing and pissing in the middle of a road at saturday night Obviously they would never tell you they are a low ghosts and just use scary names like "Death", which is not obviously (if you want to know more, visit my threads about the occult), yet Brutus (as he is born blessed by the gods of making long things short) perfectly summed up:
  6. Well THAT needs some guts ahahahhah
  7. How about Snakes On A Plane? I know it is not a war movie unless You consider fighting Snakes on a plane a type of war. But that movie is awesome it is so entertaining You can watch it over and over again without getting bored ever. And here some people have talked about other genre in films so I thought it would be okay for me to do the same.
  8. I tend to like hissing pees, because they tend to be more varied, and also tend to go on, for a longer time. But they are best when combined with a gush, often when they start. I once had a girlfriend, "Ellie," on whom I reported in Pee fans, in July of 2017, who did both. She would often gush, when she started, and then hiss, for a long time. Then she would stop, and restart the whole process, sometimes as many as three or four times, in one sitting. An added benefit was that she always left the bathroom door partially open, when she peed, so it was very easy to hear, and sometimes see her.
  9. MARVELLOUS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never reflected on this... My belief in reincarnation is so deep, that I Always considered Past as something I ACTUALLY lived... Personally, I would be fascinated with the first twenty years of Seventeenth Century, the so called Golden Age of Pirates… as Pirates ALWAYS fascinated me a lot!!!
  10. Brutus, I have had the fetish, virtually all of my life, since even before I was in grade school. I was often able to listen to female relatives and friends, in private homes, but public buildings in the Midwestern U.S. were more of a challenge. All had multiple stalls, separated by metal partitions, in large rooms, rather than separate rooms, with individual doors.The large rooms were solidly built, with brick walls, and solid wood or metal doors for entrance and exit, usually located at significant distances from the nearest stall. So sound proofing was fairly effective and background noise levels were high, with industrial strength toilet flushes, and the sink faucets, overwhelming the relatively delicate hisses and tinkles of the ladies. I envy your experiences in 7th grade! I never even tried, in schools, or other public buildings, because it was futile, with this type of arrangement and construction. But I moved to California in my late twenties, and things are very different, here, thank goodness. Construction is notoriously cheap, when it comes to sound insulation of public and private bathrooms, so I have had quite a few interesting experiences, here. Individual toilet units, with very thin doors and poor sound proofing, are very common. I have posted some of my experiences here, on September 10, 2017, in "Real Pee Stories and Sightings" but I will check my files to see what I haven't yet reported. I also remember that I posted a couple of stories about "Ellie," a former girlfriend of mine, in California, on PeeFans, same section, on July 17, 2017. She had the interesting habit of leaving the bathroom door partially open, whenever she peed, in homes or hotel rooms, when we were dating. I only dared to look in on her once, but I was able to position myself so that I could listen to her, almost every time she peed, while we were together. Her pisses were quite exciting, with very loud hisses, and several starts and stops, in any one session.
  11. Me too!!! Ok, my heart is melting, this is romantic AS FUCK Here I started masturbating, and am now typing with one hand You're a goddess I tought I was gonna read about a forthcoming handjob… but it was Amazing anyway This is delightful, it really can touch one's soul... Ok I cummed while reading this, the previous part was read like in drunken stupor... I am mesmerized I love you so...
  12. Oh, I just needed emotional back up, feeling your love and attention toward this thread! Your wide heart ALREADY did the miracle! Kisses!!!
  13. If you could visit any year in history, which one would you visit and why?
  14. Today
  15. Wow, that's a serious patron. Will have to return to this tomorrow cos had a few drinks. But a question for now. How can I help?
  16. @steve25805 @speedy3471 I now will describe @Peefreak99 Patron and this will need back up from all of you No Master or Mistress is more important than Others (beside the Master of Aries which is slightly the counselor, even more than a chief, to Others) but our pal's here Patron is a problem He is the Master of Scorpio, which is… well… He is the Grim Reaper Death embodied In Witchcraft, we usually avoid talking about Him His story when he was still human is terrifying In his last life, he was a soldier… oh well, he had been one in each of his incarnations... ...and he was desperately in love with a girl... His older brother, envious of him as he was humble and brave, adjusted a marriage with the girl's father permission, to fuck him and steal her from him He was so humble and honest that though destroyed to see her marrying his own brother (who just did that to undermine him), still he did not say anything, and went back at war His village was raided by enemies and they say his own brother helped them in in order to be paid by them… and they killed everybody, INCLUDING the girl he loved AND HIS TRAITOROUS BROTHER When we got back and saw everybody murdered, he gathered his last comrades and tracked down the enemies, until they found their stronghold… and buned it down. Outnumbered, they killed everybody at the cost of their own Death, burning their supplies and stopping the forecoming invasion. He survived and was caught prisoner, and dismembered/burned alive by the enemies… in the moment he died, he was so mighty, so unbent, so furious, so honourable, the his achieved Nirvana BY FURY, and was turned on the spot in The Avenger, Lord of Destruction and Torments He command the Legion of the Graveyards and this means that His duty, beside Death curses against evil humans, is to keep evil soul locked and tortured. He is NOT completely estrange to mercy but is stern AS FUCK He is the most impossible to deal with and very hard to approach, he is easily angered and his motto could be: "You are of my Legion? No? THEN WHY THE FUCK DO YOU BOTHER ME?!?!?! Oh, you are of my Legion? Then DO ONE FUCKING WRONG MOVE AND I WILL MAKE YOU REPENT DISRESPECTING MY LEGION!!!!!!" He requires the most absolute cautiousness in the use of violence, which is his world. Just to make a little example, the Brasilian BOPE is a Police Special Group trained at levels that in comparison Navy Seals are boyscouts, and though officially christian (Brasil is christian), their symbol is a Skull with two guns and a knife crossing it, well The Reaper's glyph is IDENTICAL, just the guns as substitued by lightnings but whose silohuette is the same as the gun's profile The BOPE is known for killing criminals on the spot, entering houses and executing entire families, and torture drugdealers to get names of people to arrest. They are constantly questioned by groups for civil's rights for their Nazi-like methods Well, The Reaper is IDENTICAL in the spiritual world, but does NEVER act on anger, this is his secret ANGER AND FURY ARE DIFFERENT Anger is an emotion coming from frustration Fury is the will to avenge a wrong They look similar but are not one and the same and he doesn't exert his blessing until his son understand it in his character The sons of the Master of Scorpio are driven, possessed by an inhuman anger that MUST be mastered, they are good-hearted to the point they will NEVER become evil or betray The Good not even if all their lives sank to shit, but they are also destined to be alone for the first part of their lives, until they meet special friends that will love them for what they are and anyway such friends will be few and forever Also, love in the beginning of life is hard to find because humans are instictively scared by the spiritual fire emanated by His sons They must not feel sad and just keep going They are usually drawn to Military forces or any other situations where you ACTUALLY KILL EVIL PEOPLE and this requires THE MOST ABSOLUTE MORAL FIRMNESS because pulling a trigger is an act of power and MUST forever be respected by those who are granted such a right, not used lightly, not even illusing onself to "make the world better" or "follow an ideal", NO, it must be UNDERSTOOD, absorbed, wondered upon, reflected about, until you FEEL AND UNDERSTAND Death and thus you become worthy of inflicting it Because of this, Sons of the Reaper are usually tested throughout a life which is NEVER easy, yet ALWAYS guarded upon by Him, so that His sons are never VISIBLY helped but ALWAYS back up and never left alone spiritually in their Destiny They are apparently unlucky, and yet in their hardships they are NEVER abandoned and thus also paradoxically very lucky because though they are not likely to win (endurance is a test of character) they never actually lose, as they're never left alone Summoning Him is almost impossible, only colours are black and red candles (but mainly black), offering of highly-alcoholic drinks and tobacco, and also one's own blood in little drops on the altar, but mainly he must be invoked as a friend and confessor, a father figure, solemn and absolutely intollerant of our immaturities but deeply welcoming our efforts to embetter ourselves, and this requires the capability to remain alert and vigil in absolute darkness like for example in one's bedroom at night, no sounds and no lights, eyes open wide, talking to the darkness until He arrives His motto here could be: "Everybody has flaws, the problem is NOT flaws, is how willing people are to actually fight them back. Nobody is cool enough not to worry of his own flaws, and nobody is hopeless, posed he wanna strive to embetter himself" Any questions will be answered
  17. Abi and I went out for dinner and a couple drinks. We enjoyed one another's company and a bit of flirting. Abi is a redhead with long silky hair. She is average height, not overweight and not underweight. Usually shy, but depending on who she is with she can be quite outgoing and without filter. She was wearing a sleeveless burgundy top and a tight pair of jeans We had a nice meal and the drinks were going down well. I was fine but I knew she would be starting to feel a bit tipsy. I paid the bill and we started to walk home. I was going to walk her home and then head to my own. We were walking along the road a bit and then crossed over to a country lane, giggling and flirting away. We were then on very thin walking paths leading to a clearing. "I need to pee" she said. Sounding a bit unfazed. Matter-of-factly. I started to get hard. So we carried on to the clearing. The clearing was reasonably big, surrounded by gorse bushes with a river streaming down near the far end. The clearing had many smooth and flat large rocks. We stopped for a rest there in the moonlight. Abi was fine until we got a bit closer to the river. We sat down on a one of the rocks and looked at the view before us. "The sound of the water is really not helping!" she said, squeezing her legs together tighter. "I need to pee quite bad now!" I shuffled a bit closer and put my lips near her ear. "Drip. Drip. Drip..." "Stop it. You're not helping!" "Pssssssshhhhhh" "No, seriously, stop!" she said, putting her hand between her legs. I was now as hard as a rock. A couple of minutes went by. "Okay. I need to pee! Like now!" "We are about 10 minutes away from your place, if we leave now we could..." I replied. "No. I mean, like, now. I really have to go!" After saying this she stood up and tried to get out of her jeans. "Oh fuck!" "What?" "I can't open them," she said in a panic, "can you please help me?" I stood up and moved to in front of her. I crouched down in front of her and undid her jean button and I went for her zipper as I unzipped she made a little whimper. "What's wrong?" "Doesn't matter. Just hurry!" I unzipped her completely and pulled down her jeans. "Take them completely off" she said hurriedly "and my pants, too!" I was taken by surprise but did as told. My cock pushing hard against my underwear. I took her underwear from around her ankles and placed them on the rock. Trying to see her V but I was blocking the light. She sat on the edge of the rock and I sat back next to her. Immediately she let out a torrent of pee and I heard her sigh loudly. As she was peeing she spoke to me. "You brushed over my clit when you unzipped me. That's why I made a noise. I get a bit... tingly... when I have to piss." She carried on peeing. "That is much better! I have nothing to wipe with though..." I placed my left hand on her left leg and started edging my hand up. We looked at each other in moonlight and started kissing. I reached her V and started rubbing gently up and down on her slit. She started breathing heavily. " Your finger won't do much to clean me..." she said, "try your tongue!" So I went down and liked her clean, her breathing was getting heavier and heavier. I knew she was nearly cumming. I stopped and stood up and helped her up. "Why did you stop? I was so near...." "I know," I replied, "we'll finish at yours... I need some relief too!" She put her hand on my crotch and gave a little stroke. "You certainly do!" *** Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!
  18. I would never laugh at you simply because you hadn't gotten around to something yet. Whether they have passed their test or not, most people in our capital city of London don't drive because the traffic congestion is horrendous and it is quicker to get around by tube or bus, which run 24 hour services there.
  19. Youtube is the PC Culture crossroads of the world. Literally anything that goes against PC Culture, or shows critical thinking, or even alternative thinking, gets deleted. Youtube likes to cover it up under the guise of baby-proofing the site, and other such nonsense, but the truth is, the ones giving Google money to maintain Youtube, are the ones pulling the strings. Sadly, Google is one such corporation that agrees with that censorship, and has taken numerous steps over the years to not only continue that pattern, but also cover it up by purporting to be against internet censorship, when in reality, they're leading the charge toward censorship. Sadly, most people go along with the BS, talking about how Google is a private company, and Youtube is owned privately, thus they can do whatever they want. Myself, and many, many others have been saying that because Youtube is a platform designed for communicative purposes, that it must fall in line with communications laws - covered by the First Amendment of the US Constitution, and subject to discrimination laws that come with it. Basically, Google would be unable to delete videos, or ban users based on their stance, opinions, expressions, etc. That doesn't mean allow everything, but it does mean protecting users for their expressions. Youtube does have an age restriction capability, but like most sites with such a system, they continue deleting content that falls in line with that as well. Their TOS is just as fucked up; you can't even talk about hard-hitting subjects anymore, without getting "Community Guideline Strikes".
  20. I was afraid you woud have died of laughter ahahahahahha
  21. Oh yes the combination I too have noticed sometimes they combine both where the pee is hissing and also kind of gushing at the same time.
  22. You are still young and it is never too late anyway. I didn't take my driving test until I was 47!!! Luckily I passed first time fairly easily.
  23. If you read careful my posts… I Always say "my car"... but I never clearly stated I CAN DRIVE ihihihihihihiAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I have NO driving license!!! In my town traffic is IMPOSSIBLE and everybody moves by BUS, which got private routes for buses only and can take you ANYWHERE in few minutes, 24/7 Half citizens from my town got NO driving license... I am anyway taking it these months…!!!
  24. Examining my wife's pussy while she pees **Being fascinated with pussies in general, and more specific my wife's exquisite example,**while pissing, I've spent a lot of time studying them up-close and personal. Fortunately Bonnie wholeheartedly helps me in these studies as she is rather a bit of an exhibitionist and it makes her super horny to go along with my observations and experimentation. Also much of the time she gets to pee for me which turns her on, and then of course I oblige her urges with energetic cunt-lapping followed by jackhammer fucking until she almost passes out. My Bonnie's coochie (her word) is full and generous -- its outer lips are pussy and long and lap over in a nice bulge. When she has been exercising, or on-the-rag they sometimes stick together as if glued, and if she then starts to urinate, they seal off the flow for a few moments allowing the piss to inflate them until they suddenly burst open and gush out the retained pee. Sometimes depending on ass angle the pee rushes in a flood down her asscrack flooding her pulsing asshole which gives me another cheap thrill to witness. She is vocal about this: "Oh my hot piss right on my asshole again. Baby make sure to wipe me there". A great thrill is watching her in slow motion get set to pee: Pulling up of the skirt, tucking parts of it under her arms to hold it in place, the panty-drop around the ankles, then crouching slightly and spreading of her ass cheeks. If my face is upturned to observe, then, like the bombay doors opening on a bomber, the outer lips slowly spread open, revealing the cavernous inner pussy -- it's ruby red inner lips then opening by themselves revealing her lima-bean sized clit which now extends from it's little hood, glistening with moisture as she's been rubbing it externally to get it ready. --- Next to the clit is that tight ribbed opening that has caressed my cock and tongue, the place where I have spilled my hot cum countless times -- the input of her vagina. As she gets set to release her flow, her urinary opening reveals itself, and poutily protrudes as it relaxes to let go. Several tiny drops first appear, then two or three very short spurts which usually are the most pungent and flavorful of the load. And then the full force of her bladder screams out of the pee chute in full flow -- if the lips retract slightly to interfere, it breaks into a fan shaped stream, and several smaller streams run down either her legs or asscrack, hissing mightily as they descend. If she's holding the lips open for me to observe, the flow stays circular and she can aim it much as a man does. Bonnie is also capable of rapidly interrupting the flow which is very stimulating if she's pissing on my hardened erection. During the final few spurts at the end of her pee, she expels the last drops by clenching her ass muscles, and her tight brown asshole contracts then opens and contracts again. If the pee is flowing that direction, the opening will capture some of the pee or mine if I am peeing against it which I sometimes to. A portion of the pee will go into the hole and be captured -- not much, but enough to be expelled along with a fart after the main event is over. Again very very hot to watch. .
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