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  2. I know this is an old topic, but I do know of one mainstream game that includes pissing as an act, although not specifically for a scene. Two, in fact. Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude, and Postal 2.
  3. Don't myself But this request at least shows us how hot is this baby!!!!
  4. Does anyone know of any games (or sex games) that have the ability to play peeing scenes? I have been searching for some time but haven't seen one. Thanks
  5. going to try out star trek online on the PS4
  6. Just finished Destiny 2, now it's a whole new game.
  7. I've just finished the story for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and I'll probably be going back for the few treasures and photo opportunities I missed. Will likely be playing Last of Us for the first time on Tuesday though so that will have my attention.
  8. A mixed bag of games, but mostly SciFi-Related stuff. When I want to fly some space-ships, I'm logging into Elite:Dangerous which the Escapist (aka Zero Punctuation) described as Space Truckin', but I focus more on the incredible vastness of space and the beautiful scenery rather then the repetetive cargo-hauling. I guess, should I ever be able to raise enough money, I should invest in a good graphics-card and a VR-headset end enjoy the game in actual 3D - despite it being "An Absolute Nightmare". Sometimes I just resort to a little space battle or two, but when i want to do some actual combat, I just play Mechwarrior Online, because giant f'in' stompy robots are cool. Speaking of which: based on the same SciFi-universe (which is Batteltech) and the same stompy robots, the turn based strategy game with the same name has recently been released. And I like it not only for said robots, but also for the beautiful cutscenes and the fact that you have to manage your own mercenery-unit. Described by one of the developers as "Game of Throne meets Pacific Rim", it's a good desription, but it ignores the fact that the Battletech Universe first saw light in 1984 - long before GoT or Pacific Rim - as a board-game flanked by several novels, of which by now there are more then hundred, many of them rival Star Wars and Star Trek in depth. If I had more time I would probably return to the Thief-Series and try out The Dark Mod, but thats for another time, I guess.
  9. Currently? Aside from testing out the experimental features in Minecraft. I've played the first graveyard level of Bayonetta (meaning I figured out halfway down that the falling clock WASN'T a cutscene), I'm halfway through the first level of The Witcher (the first one) but I had great difficulty with the keyboard controls and haven't yet got back to it now I've got a working keymapper for my controller, I'm around four hours into Kingdoms of Amalur, I've got a character in Vampire, the Masquerade: Bloodlines (again, keymapper), and finally, I haven't started Deus Ex yet. And I can't figure out how to reduce the resolution enough to play Dark Souls online without it being jerky, so it kicks me out. There doesn't appear to be an offline option.
  10. No Man's Sky. I've also played: GT Sport, Destiny, Destiny 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn. All on PS4 Pro.
  11. going to play Yakuza 6: The Song of Life on Tuesday
  12. Some sort of battle game that I can play on my PC.
  13. Any genre and system in particular?
  14. Actually, I'm currently looking for a new game to play. I've just completed Prime World: Defenders which is a tower defence game. Not sure what I'll play next, but perhaps something similar.
  15. What game are you playing right now? At the moment I'm going through the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy and I'm on the third game. Nearly completed all the levels and then I'll be going back to get all the gems, relics etc. Other than that, I'm playing Viscera Cleanup Detail, which sounds like the most boring game ever. You are literally cleaning, complete with a mop and bucket! But it's surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable.
  16. The newest addition to the Tomb Raider series, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is launched today!
  17. I have seen quite a lot of video game discussion on the forums, which makes sense. I'm sure there are plenty of us who like to unwind while playing. So why not make a club for it? It would be nice to have a gaming sub community, and you could even beat your fellow pee'rs!
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