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Like to see peeing in inappropriate places, other than the toilet? You're not alone. Join the club (literally)...

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  2. Nude and totally exposed while peeing in the shower. (close-up)
  3. Nude and totally exposed while peeing in the shower.
  4. Nude and totally exposed while peeing in the shower.
  5. Nude and totally exposed while peeing in the shower.
  6. Nude and totally exposed while peeing in the shower. (close-up)
  7. Nude and totally exposed while peeing in the shower.
  8. Admin


    Hugely late reply, but it's a Dixie Comet (ThatPeeGirl) clip. Definitely worth a watch! https://spankbang.com/1sb3z/video/magic+ring+of+unnoticability
  9. Today I was out and needed to pee - ok actually I had needed to pee before I went out, but I decided I'd wait until I was out somewhere before peeing. I was in the vicintity of some flats. These flats have an access door at the end of the block, then to the other side they have a bin store and some little outdoor storage rooms - brick built with doors and mostly padlocked. I presume each flat has one and it is probably for keeping things like bikes, tools etc., or anything they don't want in the flat. Picture below shows the sort of arrangement: I noted that (as you can just about make out in the pic) the door nearest to the flats (furtherst from the camera) was slightly ajar and not locked. I checked around, nobody about. I opened the door and found that it had a piece of board up against the right hand wall, on the floor was a box full of all sorts of bits, including a variety of plastic bottles and a box for a scooter and there was a little shelving unit at the back. There was a carpet/mat on the floor. I went inside and pulled the door closed. It was then very dark so I couldn't really see what I was doing. I started peeing generally in the direction of the box. My pee made a lot of noise splahing on the cardboard of the scooter box that was on top of the box of bits, so I moved slightly left, it was still making quite a noise and I heard voices outside, so I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself. Instead I turned to the right until my pee was impacting the wooden board. That was much quieter, so I carried on peeing like that until I was almost done, then as the voices had stopped, I swung back left over the box again and finally peed some onto the carpet/mat on the floor. When finished, I stood there in the dark, checked I couldn't hear anything and then I risked turning on the flash on my phone camera to take the pic below. I then promptly left. As I was walking out of the little alley way, two lads on bikes rode into it. Talk about close shave! If you zoom into the pic, as well as the very obvious pee on the board, you will see drops of pee on the scooter box and a wet patch at the back end of the brown cardboard box (back left of picture). I may just have to go back at some point over the next few days to see whether it has left a stain or see how it has dried. And I might add another amount of pee whilst I am there.
  10. I love peeing where I'm not supposed to. It makes me horny like nothing else.
  11. Earlier today I peed on the mat at a tanning salon next to the red light therapy bed while it was going.
  12. Why even ask, lol. I'm sure there's a few guys I've been talking to that would allow me to just squat there in front of their couch and relieve myself on their floor lol.
  13. I doubt it, she just didn't seem to consider anyone else, I remember once and she needed a lift to a place about 50 miles away, she was drinking something or other and just kept drinking. We had just entered the town where she needed to be, but was still about 20 minutes from our final destination, the next thing she's complaining she needs a wee, there are no toilets in the area and it's quite busy. I managed to find a small car park and it was deserted, I pulled up and told her to go behind the car, she said she didn't want to drop her pants in case anyone came and saw her which was highly unlikely. After waiting for several minutes, during which time she could easily have relieved herself, I asked if she had a change of trousers in her bag, she replied that she had and asked why. well, you have 2 options, either go behind the car, drop your pants and relieve yourself, or piss in them and then change them, because you say you can't wait until we arrive and I have no intention of spending ages looking for a toilet. After all, she knew how long a journey we were making, yet insisted on drinking loads of liquid.
  14. Most recent naughty pee - on the carpet in the entrance lobby to a block of flats. I walked in, checked it was all quiet, sat on the bottom step with my legs out in front of me and pulled my dick out and peed onto the carpet. I sometimes like to sit to pee like that because the pee doesn't fall very far and therefore doesn't make much noise. Second most recent naughty pee was in the stairwell of a multi storey car park. I went in the door that leaves the stairwell on the ground floor, went up to the first landing and peed on the concrete. Left a lovely size puddle. Most recent outdoor pee - yesterday next to a wall. I parked in a car park and went behind a wall to shield myself from the car park, only to realise that the wall was separating the car park from a park area; mostly open grass area with a few trees and therefore the wall didn't give me any cover from that side at all. I peed on the wall anyway. A middle aged lady appeared on a path opposite whilst I was peeing. I guess she worked out what I was doing even if she didn't see the detail.
  15. Do you think she was trying to get you to stay in the bath so that she could wee whilst you were in the room? Either possibly so she could get a look at you or because she was a bit of an exhibitionist? The fact that she did it multiple times when you had previously advised that you were going in the bath makes it look like she was definitely trying something.
  16. Sexismygod

    Cinema rules

    Due to the increasing number of cinemas with assigned seating, I need to add a couple of new rules: 13. Arrive close to the start time so you can find an unoccupied seat with a buffer zone around it (unless you're feeling particularly risky that day ) 14. If possible, sit one or two seats away from your assigned seat. A wet spot in another seat obviously wasn't caused by you. I like to use a variant of Rule 14 and deliberately pee onto the seat next to me. When I leave, I lie my empty drink cup on that seat and, voila, spilled soda. One time I took a gamble and peed onto the seat next to me with a girl in the seat next to that. I hid my activities with my popcorn ... then had a panic when my stream actually hit the popcorn making a loud drumming sound. Luckily, she couldn't/didn't differentiate that sound from the noise of the film ... but I was a lot more careful after that. ️
  17. You make a valid point ... other questions might be: "Are you looking for somewhere unusual?" or "Do you prefer public or private?" or "I have an idea ... do you like being naughty?"
  18. At the cinema last night. Two nice loud scenes allowed me to relax and let go with full force against the back of the seat in front of me. Each time was 20+ seconds and I left empty, in spite of the large drink I had just before the film.
  19. I would tell her I would lick all her hot sexy pe e out of her pretty pussy
  20. gldenwetgoose


    Looks like the perfect image for a caption contest... "And then he said I should, like, wait and just use the toilet!" "Der, what an idiot, he's so square, so are we going to leave this puddle in his kitchen for him to clean up then?"
  21. Sometimes a question is best answered with a question.... so many spring to mind. "Do you think you can hold on for a while?" "How badly do you need to go?" "Have you peed outside before?" "When was the last time you were this desperate?" "Did you make it in time?" "You can use my bathroom - can I watch?"
  22. This scenario reminds me of my stepdaughter some years ago, we only have one bathroom, and the toilet and everything is all in the same room. she was about 18 or 19 at the time and had one really annoying habit, I'd come home from work, tired, dirty and hungry, this is where priorities come into play, So,I walk in, sit down and announce that I'm going to have a beer and a smoke, then grab a bath, then have dinner, as sure as day follows night I'd get in the bath and she'd knock on the door and say she needed a wee. I'd end up getting out of the bath while she used the toilet, then go back in again, not very good at all. Anyway one day I'd had a bloody awful day at work, I came home cold, wet, and hungry, had a beer and a smoke, then got in a hot bath, sure enough, she came knocking five minutes later! I'd had enough, I gave her 2 choices, either pee in the grid in the garden, or do it in your pants, she chose the grid! Incidentally, it cured her, never again did she wait for the loo until after I'd got into the bath.
  23. I guess there's two completely different scenarios here.... on the one hand, she may be completely unaware and innocent as to our fetish, so it may be a panic driven 'I can't wait, I'm about to have an accident - what can I do?' In that case, perhaps the garden or sink may be the most palatable options for her. On the other hand, it could be a case of 'I really need to go and I know how much it turns you on to watch - where would you like to see me do it this time?