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De Praestigiis Angelorum final

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What fucked idea did she came up with?


Scarlet was tied, hanging upside down. On a hand she was terrorized, but she knew that was she ever to give in to despair, she would have been doomed. Her bladder wasn’t exactly projecting a positive outlook about her immobilization, but now it was her smallest problem. A door squeaked, and a scumbag with a dirty face went in, an AK47 leaning from his shoulders.


She loved that rifle, with all her heart. Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov was a toymaker, who always spoke against war. It was only when he eventually understood that winning it would have been the only way to stop it, that he put all his abilities in the making of carillons to craft the gears of a superior assault rifle. Automatic Rifle by Kalashnikov, model year 1947. Avtomat Kalashnikova obrazca goda 1947. From the initials, AK47. They never ever got jammed. Only SIXTY fucking years later an assault rifle managed to surpass it, the american M4A1.


She had always remained in love with the russian one, but they were in tha hands of too many criminals nowadays. Like the one who was now pitching her with the top of the barrel, making her to slightly swing tho-and-fro while stille hanging. She wanted to scream against him, something like “Are you amusing yourself like that?!”, but she remained silent. Never talk to kidnappers. Keep them nervous as you keep silent. “You are not gonna talk, aren’t you, you cunt? Why the fuck didn’t they give you what you deserve, you living cum-napkin?!”.


Is this the best you can say? Scarlet almost laughed within herself: she had been told worse by men she actually had fully consensual sex. It was however true that she expected to be raped, it was quite a normal thing, it bends people psychological resistence.



But nobody did. They just beated her, tied her, and hung her upside down. They were too many, and she was overpowered.


“What are you waiting for, uh?” he insisted, pitching her again, “Do you think we will un-tie you? Do you think you’ll survive this?”. She put all her effort not to smile, because it would have alerted them. She remained closed in herself, like dead. She was waiting indeed, yet no to be untied by them…



The infos she got led her there…


Unless she knew the whole story, she would have never came up with what it meant. She stumbled across that thing almost by chance, but she had learnt that in situations like that one, chance was not involved.


Something bigger was in motion, and it led her to buy that house, completely unknowing of what she would have found in its basement. And now, a lighting beacon, in the darkness, finally.




Revelations, chapter 11, verse 5. Those words were still echoing with power in her mind, so dense and burning she almost could perceive the burnt smell of her own soul aflaming...

“If anyone desires to harm them, fire proceeds out of their mouth and devours their enemies. If anyone desires to harm them, he must be killed in this way”



That passage from the Revelation of John talked about the Prophets, human imbued with godly powers to destroy the wicked during the Days of Wrath.


Apocalypse. Apo Kalipsein, greek, “Revelation of Everything”. Thus the english name for the Bible final section, Revelations. It held little of christian, indeed. The Earth burnt by the fury of God and War.


And the passage was the key. After two years of researches, she had no doubts about the fact that the book she found in the basement, an old english Bible, belonged to him. All those mad writings on each page, making them almost impossible to read. Not only a clear demonstration of what he thought about it, but also a sketchnote, thousands of project ultimately doomed to fail. But he wouldn’t had carved that clue on the bottom of that statuette unless it was important. The Sumerians were almost completely unknown to the world during his life, still he possessed that statuette in his private collection, considering it cherished to the point of talking about it so extendedly, that a century after his death she actually found a way to locate it thanks to Boris. Upon his death, he used it as a castaway bottle, to leave a message. Of all the mad projects inspired or codified through biblical passages and numbers, maybe that one had proven succesful. The only one among thousands of failures.


She decripted it, a single sentence of two words, written in spotted ink above and across the biblical quote. Schwarz Sonnenkoenige. “The Kings, or also Knights but mainly Kings, of the Black Sun”. From that, Boris started a search all around the world, among neo-nazis resurgences, colossal blokes talking about Hitler and the aliens, historicists with more titles than neurones, and in the end, a political group…


That couldn’t be hacked too easily. So she decided to snuck into a base of the criminal group that economically fostered the politicians. Good idea, uh?


Not that much, since she was now hanging upside down… and with that scumbag provoking her… how angry she was… yet, she only had to wait a little more… just a little more…


The first shooting sounds were unequivocally those of the criminals. Because her friends used silencers. Shouts and screams started to fill the corridors, and the one who was bothering her rushed the door to reach his companions. The voices filled with anxiety and anger were soon substitued by laments and crys of pain and terror, and she cannot help perceive it as a melody, a marvellous moment where violence, that she loved so much yet less than fittingness and mercy, was for once perfectly fitting, upon people who really deserved no mercy.


The fighting sounds continued for a while, with people running amok to get more weapons, or maybe even escape, but the operation had been planned in the slightest details. Was she ever to be captured, nobody would have got out alive.


She panicked for a second when her keeper went back inside, his eyes filled with hatred, somehow blaming her for the wrath that fell on their heads. He raised the rifle to shoot her, but she wasn’t willing to die that way. She had accepted death, but not by the hands of those scumbags.


She hailed like a facial the spray of blood that covered her when a gum-headed bullet made the motherfucker’s head to literally explode, and her friend rushing in to free her. He talked into a headphone hidden beneath the helmet: “Alpha to Team, spot one, All clear. Report?”. One by one, all other members confirmed. The warehouse was down, nobody has escaped nor survived. The gum-headed bullet, not at all made by gum, destroyed themselves when hitting the target, leaving no ways for police to identify them.


And beside, their self-disintegration gives them an enormous destructive power, making them actually outlawed. It’s almost impossible for somebody hit by a round of them shot from a M4A1 to survive, in fact nobody in the structure was spared. Or better said, nobody who had been shoot. The boss was still alive, and now it was his turn to be tied, and interrogated…




“Wake up, you dead asshole!!!” Scarlet slapped him violently, and the little wannabe crime boss opened his eyes to see a fully equipped commando of four soldiers, slienced assault rifles, armor suits and helmets, standing around him, their faces hidden by black kerchiefs with the design of the skeletal lower jaw of some kind of monster. And the woman… he repent not having interrogated her on the spot. On the other hand, she looked important to them, so maybe, maybe…


“We didn’t hit you the slightest!!!” he screamt with all the air he got in his lungs, “Look at yourself, you’re perfectly safe!”. A pause of half a second that felt like the last 24 hours before a death penalty. “We’re not savages! I mean, we can talk! What do you want? What do you need? I mean, nobody gets as important as me without learning to be flexible…” he tried to smile, and resumed talking before even the time to notice his attitude didn’t had the slightest effect, “…you can count on me! Just, just tell me what you want, ok? Tell me what you need”. Again with that word, like some kind of magickal formula.


Scarlet got near to him, looking him straight into his eyes: “I want infos. Intelligence. Tell me what I want to know and maybe we’ll let you live”. He nodded silently. She proceeded: “What do you know about a political party called Spring Flames?”.


He gulped visibly, and shook his head vehemently: “Nothing! They contacted us a couple of time to have some, some chemistry, if you see what I mean…” he smiled again, but his smile was terrified, “…and some whor…” he freezed, having understood too late his error according to who was standing before him, and immediately corrected himself, “…some female companies! They’re good girls, we just help them raising some money, we didn’t mistreated them in any ways!”.


Too bad for is she knew exactly the opposite. She didn’t judged the Crime in itself. Violence is part of Existence. But actually kidnapping girls, injecting them with heavy drugs so to make them groggy, addicted, and almost without memories, so to make the utterly desposable, it was too much. She kicked him in the face, and he fell on one side, in a moment, rapid like a lioness, she was over him, unfastening her black leather suit and lowering it to the middle of her tighs.


A quick nodding toward the men and the three rushed to him, kneeling beside the mobster to immobilize him, one for each arm, while the third locked his neck in a grip with his muscular arm, keeping his head still by force, almost strangling him. Only the party leader remained standing silently beside the red haired woman.


Scarlet got near, so near the scumbag could almost feel the sweaty perfum of her pussy, squished until that in the infiltration suit. He saw her manipulating her privates, spreading it with her fingers, and getting sure her urethra to point perfectly forward. He knew what was gonna happen a second before, but this didn’t prevent him the humiliation, as the terrible mistress started to release all the punt up content of her bladder directly onto his face.


The stream was dark yellow and terribly salty, because Scarlet's last hours hadn’t be exactly light. She pushed, yet not with exceeding force, like she was actually enjoying it and had no hurry to have it finished. He tried to close his eyes and mouth, but the manowar who was strangling him gripped harder, suffocating him, and as the woman’s release soaked his arms too (though he didn’t seem to care, or to dislike), he kept gripping, forcing the drug dealer to open his mouth, so that a lady could find a decent toilet instead of peeing on the floor like a prostitute.


“You know…” Scarlet made fun of him while still pissing, “…when this piss started to form in my kidneys, your men were still alive, and you were still a boss!” she laughed, and it was the most evil laughter even heard, “So drink it all you worm, it’s the last memory from a time you were still in chief!”. The spray subsided a little, but it was just a muscular reflex, and she pushed stronger, getting sure to soak his hairs, then focused again on his face, unloading her aching bladder in his open mouth. Every time he tried to close it, the grip got harder, and he finally gave up, offering no more resistance.


The relief was astonishing, she had held it in for hours, and the physical sensation of her urine being pumped up and exploding outside her body was incredible. Not to mention the subduing of that motherfucker. She farted as she was pushing, loud, and all the men laughed at that, but their laugh was cruel as much as the treatment she was delivering him. She finished a few seconds after, massaging her pussy to remove all the last droplets with her hand, then she licked her own finger, grinning evily, and talked to him one last time, whithout even bothering getting her suit trousers up: “Give me a name”.


He finally decided to cohoperate, the humiliation had been too much: “Lanz Kroenstadt!!!”. They all looked at each other, as he continued: “He is the head. Yeah I know what you think, he is already a member of the Government, but has his own fucking agenda!” he angrily shouted, “He plans to use his visibility to make people trust him, and present himself for the next elections by his own, new group!”.


She wasn’t satisfied anyway: “Listen to me you human toilet; the piss that is now dripping from you is not the only thing I have in my body yelling to get out. And my friend’s rifles got something else that is just as willing as my shit to get down your throat!”. He panicked, and she took advantage of it; she knelt on him, screaming furiously: “What is the Black Sun?! Who are the Schwarz Sonnenkoenige?!?!?!”, then, to the leader party: “Gimme that knife”.


“I don’t know anything!!!" he shrieked, "I just control the underworld  for him, making him raise moneys for the election campaign, but he doesn’t tell me anything! No way, no way!!!” he was shaking his head, for what the man behind him could allow.


Scarlet got up, fastened her trousers, and looked puzzled at the other guys: “I trust him” she said, and they complied. “What do we do of him?” the leader asked, “Can he be of any usefulness for you?”. She put her foot on his face, pressing him, and threateningly inquired: “If we let you live, you’ll tell them, uh? You’ll describe my face to him, won’t you?”. He negated violently, shaking his head: “Your team defeated mine, my head is clear about who to fear most between you and them. If you let me live I’ll work for you, I don’t wanna something like this to happen again”. She wasn’t that sure: why just don’t kill him and try to infiltrate the Spring Flames by herself? But they would have been alerted if a guilty wouldn’t had been found. A man alive to tell them something reassuring, so to make them remain guard down, even just a bit, could be useful. She smiled again, not less evily than before, and bent down to whisper to his ear: “We know who you are. We know where you fucking live. We know who you fuck with. Don’t fuck with us”. He nodded, scared.


The red demoness stood up: “Now we’ll talk about what you are gonna tell them. But, just to make clear which degree of power we have over you, weren’t we talking about I had something else to deliver down your throat?”






Sophie awoken in the middle of the night. She had an awful nightmare about Scarlet getting involved in something terrible. She panicked, the room they had been making love so many times looked to her like a completely estrange panorama. She picked the phone, trying to control her heartbeat, and to decide whether to call her, maybe making shame of herself, or to remain with that doubt, something black, and evil, rooted deep within her soul…


Tomorrow morning I’ll call her…

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this is the final chapter of the first book of my actually forthcoming novel


the next book will have a different name, yet it will be the follow up of this one, like chapters


coming soon, "Werwolf"

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Excellent, the spy thriller stuff is well done, and that punishment, lol.

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17 minutes ago, Scot_Lover said:

Excellent, the spy thriller stuff is well done, and that punishment, lol.

hahahahaha ihihihi


well she is really a bad bitc, ehm, Witch🤣

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27 minutes ago, Scot_Lover said:

Excellent, the spy thriller stuff is well done, and that punishment, lol.

anyway, sincerely now, it was necessary


a criminal mind works alongside different guidelines than common people, and each one has its own key, but all bow to terror and humiliation

Scarlet is complicated about it

she loves it, but she would never exert it over an undeserving, and also, she is not waiting for somebody to deserve it, it would be spiritually un-correct, it's more like that she loves both being kind and evil, and uses each according to fittingness


not Always she is forced mandatorily to use a single way: theorically speaking, was she ever to perceive she was standing before somebody who got sucked in by criminal life and is not tainted at his core, she would actually let him go

and also in theory, wasn't she sure her enemy to be evil or only ruined by a wrong life, she would start much more kindly, trying to convince him to restart his life for good, with a heart wider than the one of a preacher

it's just that this time, this man deserved it🤣



for what concerns the spy story, summing up till now, Scarlet bought a house, and she found in the basement an old Bible filled with demented comments. Upon knowing it belonged to a (for now) mysterious man, we can call him Mister X, she started to read it, and got interested in retrieving an item about which this man talked extensively, a sumerian statuette, which had been passing from hand to hand since the Death of mister x (while the bible remained hidden). once found the statuette, there was a message engraved on it, a quote from the bible, directing to both a biblical quote, AND to a mysterious name the madmen wrote above that very quote, these Kings of the Black Sun.


the Black Sun is part of nazi occultism, and is widely used by extreme-right political groups, but since this Mister X was some serious man (not a GOOD man, serious here means that he did something actually big), Scarlet knows that this time it could be much more than a mere symbol used everywhere among neo-nazis


thus she started researches thanks to Boris, and he found some links to this newly ascending Group, the Spring Flames (nazis loved the Spring female germanic deity Osthara, whose name also bring the word EASTER, the christian holy day), and she called some friends (the war veterans that saved her) to enforce her exploration...



and now, Werwolf


the Werwolf was a nazi secret plan during the end of the war, a desperation manoeuvre, to infiltrate the English and USA alliance. I found it fitting as some kind of reversal (and beside, I just love this new Marduk song, I even posted it into the general chat in the topic about the songs we are listening!!!!)




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Wow, that was incredible. 

Far more than just an erotic story but the sort of thing that is a real thriller of a read, a page turner.

I loved the way you interwove this adventure, the menace, the shooting and mayhem, and all that, with a scene where some guy gets his face pissed on, lol. Loved it!

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4 hours ago, steve25805 said:

Wow, that was incredible. 

Far more than just an erotic story but the sort of thing that is a real thriller of a read, a page turner.

I loved the way you interwove this adventure, the menace, the shooting and mayhem, and all that, with a scene where some guy gets his face pissed on, lol. Loved it!

thank you Steve

I feel this Whole story is going on well, piss is perfectly fitting into it all

this is gonna become a real novel, I don't know if an editor could ever be interested in publishing a story not completely undisclosed before -so maybe publishing it here is suicide!

but I also thing that sometimes in the past it happened that editors stumbled across stories on literotica and offer to publish some of them because they themselves thought it could have been good for them economically speaking! I already had problems when Alex tried to publish one of his novels, we've been told they were too much, too much everyting, too many citations, too much violence, too much occult knowledge, too much anything


we learnt that if an editor is not interested in your stuff, he will never be 


so I thought what the fuck let's play! I write it here, and if it will anytime manage to be spotted by somebody, fine! if not, I'll have published it here

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