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6 Uses of Clubs You Might Not Have Thought Of...

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I appreciate clubs takes a bit of getting used to, and if you're curious about the idea of running one but don't get what you could do with this feature, here are 6 example ideas for inspiration...


1. Create a club about a niche of your pee fetish. You'll see that the most popular niches already have clubs, with naughty peeing by far the most popular club of all. However, for example you could create the 'Hentai pee club' for people to upload hentai pictures and their own artwork, and to discuss the topic (for example, you could have threads such as 'best sites for hentai peeing, links to best hentai sites, mentions of peeing in anime videos etc).

2. Create a club about a non-adult interest of yours. A recent example includes The History Club and PeeFans Gamers. You know how on the main page there are different sections, such as 'General Chat', 'Pee Pictures' - well you get to be the admin, like you're running your own forum! So let's say you love cooking, make a club where you post your favourite recipes, share tips, etc (example threads could be 'last thing you cooked' or 'favourite meal' etc). This is a great way of getting to know fellow pee fans who have similar interests to you. Don't tell me there isn't one interest you have outside of pee that you'd like to chat with about other people... football, rock music, dancing... anything!!

3. Create a club for your nationality. You could get more specific with the location, but I'd advise doing it on a country basis as with the UK Fans and Keewee clubs that already exist. Here you could use the calendar feature to arrange meet-ups with fellow nearby pee fans, or simply chat about your country and its latest news. It's a good way of feeling more connected, as you can see who else lives fairly close.

4. Create a closed club for your favourite people. Whilst I'm pleased to say it seems everyone here gets along more or less, you're bound to have favourites. Why not create a club for your closest Pee Fans friends here on here to chat in general? If it's a closed group, only you can decide who joins and has the ability to post. 

5. Create a club where you're the boss. Feeling a little power hungry?  Anything goes with clubs - get weird with it! Be imaginative and do something original. Think what can be achieved with a gallery and forum topics (and a calendar), and get started on your own little mini community. For example, 'Sophie's Funhouse' where various games will be played (and who knows what else?).

6. Create a 'PeeFans admin appreciation club' where you discuss my brilliance and share anecdotes about your favourite things about me. I'm a little surprised this doesn't already exist...? 😉 


I see #2 being the most popular use as there are endless topics and so much potential for discussion with like-minded people about your favourite topics.

Yes, you could have a 'fishing' thread (for example) in general chat which most people won't notice, but if you really love fishing, wouldn't it be so much better to run a little group where you can share fishing pictures in your own private gallery, create lots of different threads on the topic of fishing, which you are able to moderate? You'll also clearly be able to see who's a member and interested in the topic. It's win-win!


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