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Welcome to Kaymala

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nopjans    209

Truly a wonderful piece of writing! I wish I could visit such a place, and my heart races to consider future installments of this travelogue. Will future installments follow Simon on his adventure in Kaymala, or will it look in on other travelers and natives?

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new2this    72

Ha, amazing.  I love Vassals series and this tickles the same fancy for me.  Good work.

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CON2H4    9

Love it. I wanna see what you do next. Reminds me of Wetwulf's roommates part 8 the wet dream.

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Vassal    110

Nice! I take it as a compliment. Lavatria has also been swirling around in my head as a long time fantasy daydream. I can't wait to see more.

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