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hi New Here

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spywareonya    644
3 hours ago, nickie420wilson said:

hello not sure about all of this but am happy to be with like minded people hope that we can share sum content

I subscribed just because I was tired of reading things on a site I had bookmarked since its birth, without ever posting anything, just a "Hey guys post something new I already read everything at least twice":')

A week later, I already managed to understand that people so gentle, polite and cultured had never previously been found on any other place, web or physical. You'll feel at home here.


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glad1    509

Welcome, Nickie. We're looking forward to see more from you. We hope you like this place enough to leave sum of your own content. And, in turn, ours turns you on enough that you cum to your content. 

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pee01    115

Welcome here to this site. I am into female desperate and holding it in. I like holding it and taking long pees. I can go two minutes long and have a video of it too. 

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