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Cum on Clothing

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spywareonya    588
2 minutes ago, greedyneedygirl said:

Accidents do happen, but there's something about seeing semen on clothes that turns me on!






Yes, it is something "visceral" and naughty. Just Yesterday I performed a tantric massage on my man and he jizzed like a fountain all over me, though he was laying and I was sitting, he spurned so high that it hit my face and shoulder.

I almost cummed from arousing!!!

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Grizzly Man    215

I love it when she doeant care if i dirty her shirt or blouse. I also love it when she takes her panties off to use as a rag after i have cummed on her chest

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spywareonya    588
2 minutes ago, Grizzly Man said:

 she takes her panties off yo use as a rag after i have cummed on her chest

didn't saw that coming and I'm quite turned on right now

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expererg    180

My prefered on this : cumming on clothes she's trying in a clothes shop (in the changing room) and then put them back in the racks. Twice the naughtiness, I usually don't last very long despite my best efforts ! Did that just on saturday, that's some of our best "naughty partners" moments !

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Ivy1989    390

I hope when I marry he’ll be open to cum on me, if he won’t do anal maybe he’d jizz on my butt? Lol something about having hot jizz shoot on your naked body is oddly weird lol, I’ve had cum showers b4 back in my wild days 

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