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This place is amazing!

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tompees1    1

Hey everyone! I am Thomas, a 24 year old Canadian guy here. This forum is amazing and I've been lurking for a while. Really nice knowing so many others share the same passions. I love peeing everywhere and anywhere. And I love when my wife aims my dick while I pee. Do many of you share vids on Snapchat? Let me know! 

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Admin    4,499

Glad to hear that, Tom! Welcome to the site - I hope you enjoy it even more now you're a member. :D

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tompees1    1
On Tue Dec 19 2017 at 3:13 PM, Ivy1989 said:

What part of Canada? Western? Eastern? 

I'm in Saskatchewan. What part are you in? Glad to see other Canadians on here! 


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spywareonya    631

From Ontario...?


Oh Canadian...







Sorry, it was a line from Machete Kills :')


Couldn't resist!


Happee to have you here Tom!

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Adyguy6970    75

Hi and welcome, Tom.  I hope you have a fantastic time here and very much look forward to enjoying your contributions.  

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