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maxxii95    2

Does anyone have any full lenght or shorter clips from the site WD girls? Used to watch a lot when the site was open and i loved their films, thanks beforehand!

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steve25805    32,397

There are a few knocking about out there but most free sites remove most of them for copyright reasons, so I don't try to share any I have for that reason.

At some point in the future this site may acquire it's own video gallery. If that happens I may share the small handful I have here.



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Alfresco    978

WD Girls still exists and although I am not a member now, I do have some of their videos but they had a lot of problems with their content being shared and that causing problems when it got into the wrong hands - this is why they imposed restrictions on membership.  I don't want to add to their problems by sharing videos publicly on a random site.  

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