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Black Rifle Coffee Commercial Pee based

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GottaGoPee    34

I don’t think we need to buy any of that coffee. 

That’s not a good commercial and I wouldn’t buy that coffee just by watching that commercial.  

Its also not based on pee. 

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wetmanjf    1,792

Most of their Ads are funny.  Sadly not my thing. If she was peeing that would be a Hot commercial

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Brutus    412

She's not supposed to be peeing. If you listen closely, those are plops hitting the toilet water, not a pee stream. Coffee is well known to cause bowel movements.

I wouldn't buy the coffee just because a hot woman is showing her ass to us, that actually makes me not want to buy it because it's an insult to intelligence. 

On a side note however, damn her body is delicious!

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