I hope it is okay to post these pictures here

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For those of you who don't know me, I run the website  I participate in some other fetish forums, but just discovered this wonderful site and wanted to join.  Outside of my initial introductory post, this is my very first time posting anything here.

Recently, I did a diaper/goodnite themed shoot with Sosha Belle.  For one of the photo sets, we had her wearing a boy scout uniform and a goodnite.  I think the pictures turned out very well, and wanted to share just a few of them here.  If sharing this kind of content is not allowed, or if this is too spam-ish, just let me know.





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I have really enjoyed Sosha Belle's videos on

I was very surprised to find her here.

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Great photos. And YES it's fine to post the pictures here


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Great pictures and welcome. HD Wetting is quite a site and Sosha is amazing

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I certainly hope it's okay. I love a woman in a wet pullup.

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