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Marketplace Rules

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What is this place?

  • This is a board for buyers and sellers of pee related items to meet and conduct business.

What kind of items can I sell here?

  • So long as what you're selling is legal and fetish related it's up to you. Examples: Videos, Pictures, Pic sets, Cam show, Custom content, Fetish items, Etc.

What are the payment arrangements:

  • This is merely a space to meet and conduct business. We don't take any responsibility for what is posted or the outcome of the transaction. We don't accept money, and we don't broker transactions. Any payment arrangements that are made are solely the responsibility of the buyer and seller.

What if something goes wrong?

  • If something goes wrong with a transaction it is up to the buyer and seller to resolve the issue. In cases of outright scams or rip offs, we will make an effort to ban the offender from listing items in the future.

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