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Dear Wet Carpet.

I loved that letter from Tanya. Do things that wild really actually happen? Was a great read anyway.

Anyway, my name is Bev and I am a 48 year old barmaid. I am an active member on a couple of pee fetish forums. Basically, I love wetting and golden showers, both giving and receiving. I am also bisexual. 

I suppose I should also say that I am into naughty peeing as well. There is just something so erotic about peeing anywhere the hell you want to, in some place you aint supposed to. Being a grown adult doing this on purpose is just kind of a turn on, you know? It's just dirty and wrong, but fun.

Over the years I've peed in a fair few naughty places, like on the kitchen floor. I have to mop it up afterwards. I peed in the back of some guy's car once. And after a few beers in my younger days if there was the slightest queue for the ladies' in clubs and bars, that was often all the excuse I needed to pee on the floor in there instead.

One guy I dated for a while had a thing about me peeing. When we'd been out drinking, he used to get me to pee on his bedroom carpet. And deliberately having a wee over the carpet in some guy's bedroom is a lot of fun. I used to get a real buzz out of doing that.

There was another time at a party where me and a girlfriend were shitfaced, when somehow we got the idea of sneaking into one of the bedrooms and pissing on the bed. We entered this room unseen where we found a large double bed, we both got up and popped a squat upon it and could barely suppress our drunken giggles as we both did a really long piss on it. We must have ruined the mattress, lol.

I tend not to pee on my own carpets and beds and shit.....too messy, too much clean up, too expensive to replace things. But I like to make the occasional exception. You see, another of my things is that I delight in shocking casual partners and one night stands. One thing I like to do when I am in bed with someone, before I switch the light off and we crash out, is to announce that I need to pee but can't be bothered to go all the way out to the bathroom. Then I'd just climb out of bed and squat beside it - having a wee right there on my carpet in front of their astonished eyes. Reactions varied but their shock was always very funny.

Anyway, you get the picture, as far as my naughty peeing goes.

Since joining the pee forums I have befriended several people - men and women - but they generally live so far away. But lately I have really got lucky. I have befriended a 36 year old female who lives less than ten miles away. She too is bi and we have exchanged pics. I am still pretty hot for my age and she is definitely a looker. Her name is Dionne.

But she is much less open about it than me in real life. She is a respected teacher, married to a well off businessman, with three kids. She has never been open about her bisexuality and keeps her interest in other women a secret. Likewise she is wholly in the closet about her interest in pee. She had never peed anywhere naughtier than in the shower, and not until she was nearly 30 did she realise that peeing where you shouldn't was in any way of interest to her. And she only discovered it by accident, using google to find out info about how to remove pee stains from the carpet after her dog or cat had peed on it.  Somehow - fuck knows what search term she used - she managed to stumble across some erotic stories by one of the heroes of naughty peeing erotica - online name Leaky_0ne or something like that. These stories were mostly about girls peeing in naughty places for fun.  Instead of being shocked, though, Dionne found herself fascinated, and realised that this was turning her on.  She began searching out more and more, and got ever more drawn in, joining pee forums and writing her own erotic stories.

Anyway, she has developed a secret yearning to pee on someone's living room carpet, but could never bring herself to do it in her own home. She often fantasises about it. When I started conversing and flirting with her, I let it be known that I'd let her piss on my living room carpet anytime. It was of course just banter. I don't generally let people pee on my living room carpet. But that was before I got to know how hot she looked and how close she lived. We then both realised that meeting up was a real possibility if we wanted to, and I must admit that the thought of her peeing on the carpet - any carpet - was really doing it for me. I wanted to watch her do it. And realised that I'd be prepared to let her pee in my living room if that is what it took.

Well, to cut a long story short, she agreed to come visit me in a nearby pub for a few drinks, then come back to my place where I'd let her pee on my living room carpet.

And today was the day it happened. Everything went well, and we got back to my flat, both of us in need of a pee, and I told her that my living room carpet was all hers. She double checked to make sure it was ok several times, but then with a grin, she removed her panties entirely, holding them in her hand as she hoisted the back of her skirt whilst dropping down into a squat. "You sure about this?" she asked again.

I just said "Sure, carry on".

Then with a sudden hissing sound, her pee started splashing down onto my carpet, forming an ever growing puddle as Dionne looked down with a grin at the sight of her piss soaking into the fabric. Then she looked at me with a huge grin. "This feels so good. I can't believe I'm actually having a wee on your carpet!"

"No problem. You look sexy as fuck doing that there. In fact, I think I'll join you."

 And with that I lowered my own jeans and panties and squatted a few feet in front of her, facing her. Then I too began pissing right there on the carpet. I'd never actually peed on my living room carpet before, but Dionne was already peeing there and it just felt like the right thing to do.

By the time we were done, there were two massive puddles of piss on the living room carpet. Dionne had to leave again soon afterwards because she'd only told her husband she was going out to the shop, but by tacit agreement she left the mess for me to deal with. I found myself issuing an open invitation to come round to mine for some fun pissing anytime she wanted.

Meanwhile, I've just left the piss there ever since, feeling horny every time I look at it. But I suppose I better clean it up now.


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Dear Wet Carpet,


I’m not sure how many of your readers travel, but if they do I’m sure they know the frustration of a full bladder while you’re on the road and have a deadline. But how many of them know this frustration combined with a very active bladder?


My name is Janice and I am 39 and work as a financial consultant for a firm I will not name. But we have branches in 17 of the 50 states in the U.S. and I often have to drive to all of them because the company does not have the extra expenses to fly me anywhere. I don’t mind, though, as I have been through some beautiful places that I would have missed from a plane.


However, while pregnant with my second child, a son who turned out to be a big baby, my bladder took a hit. Since then I have had a weak bladder. As soon as I feel that I have to go, I have literally only a few critical minutes before I’m nearly bursting, If I don’t find a toilet soon, I could be looking at a real accident (and I have on more than one occasion).


On my first trip after my maternity leave ended, I was driving to New Mexico from southern California. I was on a long stretch of highway and had not passed any exits that seemed to have any restaurants, gas stations, or even rest areas. Because of my weak bladder, I knew to limit my fluids. But my morning coffee was creeping up on me. I squirmed and sat up, still looking for signs that suggested any place that might have a bathroom. Since it was morning, the highway was too busy to just pull off to the side without it being obvious why. As the pressure grew, though, I started to seriously consider this option because I really didn’t want to have an accident in the company car.


As a wave of pressure hit me, I gasped and felt a small spurt warm my panties. I decided to pull over to the curb before I exploded. Once I stopped, I looked around the car, hoping to find a cup or something that may have been left in the floor. There was my briefcase, some bits of paper (probably old receipts), and some books I brought along for downtime. Other than that, nothing. As I looked closer, though, I noticed that the floorboard area of the driver’s side was covered with a black towel, probably to keep the driver’s shoes from staining the upholstery.


Another wave struck and I gasped again as a two second squirt of pee trickled into my panties. “Ohh, shit, I’m going to end up peeing myself,” I said. Without even thinking, I glanced down at the thick towel in the floor and knew what I had to do. I scooted forward in my seat and sighed as I let go.


The first warm spray into the gusset of my panties made me gasp. I had a second where I thought about pulling them aside, but the feeling as my warm pee enveloped my crotch and dripped down to the floor of the car was just too wonderful to disrupt. I sighed again as I peed full force, just letting my yellow stream flow down all over the towel at my feet. I knew I would need to take it out and wash it later, but I didn’t care. My flow finally dwindled to a trickle and I sighed again as it gently tickled my slit. When it stopped, I smiled, relieved, and then slid my wet panties off and dropped them in the floor over the towel.


After that, I knew I’d found my solution. I got back on the road and drove on. About thirty minutes later, I had to pee again. Instead of pulling off the road, I just scooted forward as best I could and let go, trying my best to stay focused on the road as I heard the soft hiss of my pee and felt it tickle my clit and spray against my inner thighs and legs. This happened a couple more times, and I again just sighed and let go. At my first hotel stop, I took the towel in with me and washed it in the laundry room.


Just when you think you have a good thing going…it gets even better. The company gave me my own car, fully paid-for: a brand new Chevy Malibu. It is to be used for my trips to other branches, but it is also my car to keep, even if I should leave the company. My first trip in this new car, I was driving from southern California again to the northern tip of Texas, so a pretty long drive. Of course, my bladder announced its need just a few hours into my drive. I thought about my experience in the company car and looked down at the floor to see that there was not a towel. Why didn’t I put one in myself when I got the car? I guess I was too excited to even think about it.


The more I thought, the more the pressure grew in my bladder. Wait a minute, I thought. This is my car. What does it matter if I pee in it or have an accident? Another wave of pressure answered for me and I sat up, ready to scoot forward again. However, the curious (and maybe naughty) part of me wondered what it would feel like to just sit back and pee in my seat just sitting normally. So I sat up in my seat and just continued to drive. After about thirty seconds, the pressure grew. I didn’t try to hold back as I opened my legs just a bit and relaxed.


Eventually, I could feel a small trickle tickle my slit and dampen the crotch of my panties just enough to feel nice. Another wave came, though, and I started peeing full force. I could hear it hissing out. I sighed as the trickle became a full flow and started soaking through my black skirt and to the seat under me. It felt so soothing, warm, and naughty to just relax and let it go, soaking my car seat as I drove. I could feel it pooling as my pee came faster than the seat would absorb. Once my flow eased to a trickle again, though, the puddle between my legs started to soak into the seat, making it warm and wet.


When I finally arrived at my hotel, rather than pull up to the entrance I drove around to the back parking lot where very few cars were parked. I knew what I needed next. I took my seatbelt off, sat back in my seat, reached under my skirt, and slid my wet panties aside to rub my soaked and aching slit. I teased my clitoris with my fingertips and rubbed until I was gasping in climax, bucking my hips and moaning my pleasure. When I finished, I had to pee again, so I just let it go with my panties still pulled aside and dribbled directly into my seat. I sighed, feeling so relaxed and relieved. I sat up, put my car in drive, and drove around to the hotel entrance.


I’ll have more stories for you later about my travels and pee experiences. Thanks for reading.

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17 hours ago, new2this said:

That's fucking great Wetwulf.  Does Janice have a daughter too?

Maybe she does. :-)

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Dear Wet Carpet

Well, I'm Clare, the "lady" Brad was writing about a few letters ago. Though what kind of "lady" goes around pissing on people's carpets for fun I don't know, lol.

Brad's letter pretty much said it all. When I was young I was a bit of a heavy drinking party animal, and still a bit wild. And yeah we had a good thing going there for a while. It was great. I used to just turn up at his place and think nothing of pissing anywhere I felt like just cos I got off on being a dirty bitch who peed everywhere. When he got kicked out because of the pissy carpets I felt a bit guilty actually though, since - like he said - it was mostly me who'd been doing the pissing. Still, it was fun while it lasted. And yeah, there were other pissy fun moments occasionally with other guys afterwards, like one guy who let me piss on his bedroom carpet beside his bed, or another who talked me into wetting the bed with him. I must have been drunk to agree to that one, lol. But I never met another guy like Brad who was willing and eager to let me piss anywhere the fuck I liked in his home.

But I did indeed find love, get married, and have kids. I also now work as a respected counsellor helping troubled children. I felt that being the kind of dirty cow who pees everywhere for fun was no longer fitting for a lady such as myself, although I did occasionally take secret pleasure in the memory of such things.

So when I bumped into Brad again and got talking about old times, I had mixed feelings. I enjoyed reminiscing with him about the pissing fun of the past, getting a buzz out of it, but was adamant that such things were no longer fitting. And yet I ended up going back to his place and - married woman well into my 30s, with kids and a respectable job, notwithstanding - ended up pissing right there on his front room carpet for his - and my own - pleasure. Some lady, eh?

Anyway, since he wrote his letter I've visited Brad a couple more times and we've chatted about loads. But that also includes our mutual dirty secret interest in pissing, browsing the net together and looking at pee porn. I remain totally faithful to my husband of course, and there will never be anything physical between Brad and I. But him watching me pee? Well I kind of guess that is ok, he's just watching and not touching. Anyway, Brad introduced me to this magazine, which is how I came to be writing this letter. I loved some of the readers' own pics sent in, of themselves peeing here and there, often on carpets, beds, and furniture and stuff like that. I love their audacity. But I have also greatly enjoyed reading the many letters sent in, many of them from long ago and stored in the archives. There are some incredibly outrageous accounts of piss parties, and ladies brazenly pissing on carpets here, there, and everywhere. Of girls raised by piss freak parents who have been raised to think of such things as ok. And of ladies in highly respectable jobs - including policewomen, teachers, nurses, and even politicians - confessing their secret pleasures involving pissing all over the place. I love this magazine already.

Of course I read Brad's letter, and was rather amused to see how he ended it by expressing a desire to see me piss on his bed, lol. I brought this up last time I saw him, at first protesting that the carpet pee I'd done for him was a one off just for old time's sake and that as a respectable middle aged wife and mother I don't do things like that anymore. And yet, knowing I was visiting that evening, I'd avoided the loo all day and drank several coffees in the last hour or two before visiting, so on some level I suppose I knew I was going there to let my inner dirty bitch out, and needed to pee fairly badly already when I first showed up.

Well, cutting to the chase, after a few jocular protests, I ended up giving him a real show, at least as much for my own pleasure as his. I went into his bedroom with him, stripped totally naked and got up onto his bed and crouched down. And yes, seconds later with a loud hissing and muffled splashing sound, I was pissing right there. My golden piss was spraying the bedsheets beneath me, and surely soaking into his mattress. But what a rush! Squatting naked in front of him and pissing on his bed like that was seriously turning me on. And as I grinningly confessed in mid flow, "I can't believe I'm doing this!" he got his dick out and started pissing on the carpet even as my own pee continued to ruin his bed. And I must have peed for at least a minute, I'd been saving that up after all.  When I stepped down off the bed afterwards and admired my handiwork, the sheets were covered in the yellow stains of my piss. And underneath the bed, pee was dripping from the underside of the mattress onto the carpet. I'd pissed so much that it was soaking right through, lol.

That was even more fun than pissing on his carpet had been, lol. But it must remain our dirty little secret. No one else - especially my husband and kids - must ever know.

I got dressed again after that and, over a few coffees, spent a couple of hours with him reading some of the letters here, laughing, and getting turned on. By the time I decided I had to leave, I did kind of need to pee again. I wasn't totally desperate and could easily have waited until I got home. But where's the fun in that? So after saying that it was time for me to leave, I said with a smile something like, "But I need another pee first. Is it ok if I piss in your kitchen?"

Well, is the Pope Catholic? Brad just said "sure" with eager enthusiasm. And so we ended up in his kitchen, with me lowering my panties and raising the back of my dress as I squatted in the middle of the room. Then with a chorus of hissing and the sound of pee splashing onto the floor, I spent 30 seconds or so flooding his kitchen floor tiles with my golden-hued pee.

As I stood up afterwards, pulling my panties up again, I looked at the rather large puddle with a grin, then smiled at Brad. "Hope you enjoyed the show". Then we said our farewells as I left, feeling horny as fuck. My husband got the fuck of his life that night, so I guess it is working wonders for our sex life too, lol.


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Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Beverly, and I am a buxom blonde, blue-eyed lesbian in my late 30s. My girlfriend, Angela, is a petite raven-haired but also blue-eyed lesbian, and we have been living together for over ten years. We are rather sexually adventurous and open-minded and will try anything once. We both found out early on, though, that guys don't really do it for us in the way that girls do.

Anyway, one of the little "things" we have developed an interest in in recent years has been so-called "naughty peeing" - basically just peeing in naughty places for the thrill of it. We've tried the whole golden shower thing of course, but actually being peed on does not have massive appeal to either of us. However, the fantasy we have of just pissing anywhere the fuck we want just for fun has become a big one for us. Unfortunately, we are also both clean freaks who could never fuck up our own home in that way. Besides, the notion of pissing all over someone else's place without giving a fuck is all an integral part of the fantasy.

I suppose some people might have moral qualms about what we actually did to satisfy our fantasy, but I will tell it straight anyway.

We decided to make our fantasy come true, by paying to spend the night in a cheap bed and breakfast that accepted cash up front, where we gave false names. Having paid for our room and left some of our stuff there, we went out to the nearest pub to start downing pints of lager. Then - grabbing some more cans of lager from the off license en route - we headed back. Angela - who happens to work as a nurse in a hospital - had also "acquired" a couple of diuretic pills - basically pee pills which cause your body to lose water and basically make you pee a lot. We each took one of these on the way back too.

We arrived back in our room tipsy and giggly and badly in need of a pee. And this is where the fun started.

We both undressed, flinging our clothes into a corner. Then we both stood side by side in front of the bed, hands on hips and legs slightly apart, laughing as we started to piss right there all over the carpet. We slowly swivelled our hips as we peed, deliberately spraying as much of the carpet as possible. It was awesome. I'd never had such fun pissing before. We both got a real thrill fucking up that carpet. And just pissing all over the place like that without giving a fuck was such a turn on.

And the lager and pee pills were really doing the trick, because we kept on pissing at frequent intervals, often all over the carpet again, deliberately choosing to piss on parts that were still dry. Before the end, I guess that we'd just about peed on every inch of it. In fact in places it was squelching under our bare feet as we walked upon it, lol.

But we were more imaginative than just using the carpet to piss on. We both at one point stood pissing against the wall, enjoying the sight of our pee ruining the wallpaper as it flowed down onto the carpet. And of course we swayed our hips to spray as much of the wall as possible.

The room contained a cheap two seater sofa, so we stood facing that, deliberately spraying our piss all over it.

There was a small glass table in one corner with a vase of flowers upon it, We removed the flowers and placed the table in the middle of the room. Then we each took turns squatting and peeing on it.

There was also a small bedside cabinet with drawers, Angela pulled out one of them, hung her naked ass over it, and gleefully peed in it. I then got up onto the top of the cabinet, squatting and pissing on it.

We had a kettle in our room, so of course we both peed in that before putting it back where we found it.

There was also a sink, which got peed in too. But we deliberately left the plug in so that whoever came into the room after we left would find a sinkfull of piss, lol.

Just before crashing out we set the alarm for 4am.....we needed to be up early and away before our mess was discovered. We weren't going to be hanging around for breakfast, lol.  We took our last piss against another wall before falling into bed.

When we awoke, both a bit bleary eyed at first, we regretted pissing in the kettle because we both felt like a coffee. Instead we settled for just one more beer, then decided that we weren't going to be needing the bed anymore. So just before dressing and sneaking out, we both got up and squatted upon the bed - and enjoyed an awesome morning piss all over it. We then giggled at the mess as we climbed off.

Once outside in our car we high fived each other and laughed, before driving off. And had awesome sex when we got home.

It was all hugely enjoyable. I know that maybe we should feel guilty about such deliberate piss vandalism, but it was just too much fun.

Does that make us bad people? Probably. But I reckon that at ;east some of your readers will - like us - set that aside and enjoy our letter anyway.


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Dear Wet Carpet

Just read the letter from Beverly about the time she and her girlfriend peed everywhere in their bed and breakfast room. Awesomely naughty. And yeah I guess that morally speaking it is real bad behaviour. But I enjoyed it anyway, because it reminded me of something my husband and I did.

We are both high-flying business people in our mid 40s, so well into middle age. And so we should maybe be old enough to know better.

But we were both away from home on some business trip together last year, staying in a luxury hotel. On our last night we'd had a few to drink and - uncharacteristically - had shared a couple of joints with others before retiring to our room in a childishly giggly mood. And for some reason - God only knows how this notion came about, and in spite of all en suite facilities only being feet away - we decided it would be entertaining to move the wardrobe and pee on the carpet underneath. So hubby moved the wardrobe after which I moved in and popped a squat, and peed right there on the plush carpet for a giggle. When as I was done, I was pretty soon aiming his dick for him with my right hand, grinning at the sight of his piss splashing down onto the carpet as well. Afterwards we covered it with the wardrobe again and fell about laughing.

We left next day and never heard anything more about it. I guess they must have found it eventually.....the room would have been smelling quite pissy within a few days I would have thought....but I suppose they'd have had several guests by then and thus had no certain idea as to who might have done it. Lucky us, lol.

Anyway, to think that there I was - a respectable 46 year old woman at the time - deliberately peeing on a hotel room carpet for fun. Haha, the very thought of it kind of gives me a buzz.

I actually admitted that to my husband a few weeks back and....well...one thing led to another. At his suggestion I ended up popping a naked squat in the corner of our bedroom, enjoying a deliberate pee right there on the expensive carpet, lol. So naughty!


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Dear Wet Carpet

I must be one of your youngest readers, being only 18 years old. My name is Michelle and I am an attractive blonde with a nice figure, ample but not excessively large breasts and a nice bum - or so many boys have told me. I have never had any problems at all getting male attention, in fact I probably get too much. Sometimes you get fed up with all the guys around trying to hit on you all the time and mostly only interested in one thing. Many of them take one look at me and start thinking with their dicks instead of their brains.

I do know that a lot of girls who are good-looking and self-confident enough to know it, can be arrogant bitches sometimes. But fortunately I am not that way at all. I take people as I find them and know that even those who might be less  physically attractive than me often have other assets that blow me out of the water. Good looks do not make you better than anyone else.

Anyway, here I am wittering on like a typical teen. So lets cut to the chase.

Yes of course - as a subscriber to this magazine since I turned 18 nine months ago - I have an interest in so called "naughty peeing" as they call it. I was aware from a much younger age that lots of people thought of such things as "dirty" or "disgusting", but I always managed to find enough on the internet to reassure me that there were plenty of people around - and not just guys - who enjoyed it. I often found pics or vids of girls doing this online, and read erotic stories about it. And yeah, I love it when guys do it - naturally - but it is just as interesting to me to see other girls doing it too. Which is strange because I am not really sexually into girls in other ways.

Anyway, from a young age I began to indulge such urges. I was never an idiot so knew not to do certain things too often in order to avoid places smelling all pissy. But I did occasionally pee on my bedroom carpet just for fun, and really enjoyed doing it as well. Sometimes I'd just squat in the corner and pee, or do it beside my bed. But more often I would move a cupboard, pee there on the carpet, and cover it back up again. Because the bathroom had a lock on it, I sometimes peed in there too. I peed in the sink or the shower loads of times, but I especially enjoyed peeing on the tiled floor right beside the toilet which I was ignoring. That always felt especially naughty. Of course, such puddles had to be cleaned up afterwards. I couldn't just leave them there for mum to find.

One day I was nude - being naked added an extra buzz - and squatting beside my bed, grinning as I enjoyed peeing right there on the carpet. Unfortunately on that occasion my mum walked in on me, stood there looking surprised for a moment having caught me in mid-flow - before apologising and leaving the room. This kind of freaked me out. I stopped peeing but was puzzled. Why was she not ranting at me and calling me a dirty bitch and all the rest? She catches me pissing on the carpet and instead of going off on one, she just apologises for disturbing my  privacy and walks out? That just did not compute. I didn't know what to think as I hastily dressed, feeling confused and embarrassed.

After about five minutes my mum returned and this time knocked. I had no choice but to let her in. And then came "the talk". But again it wasn't the critical telling off that I anticipated. Instead she explained that because it was my bedroom, what I did in it was my business, and in some ways she'd rather I did that than got myself pregnant with boys. She went on about being open-minded and non-judgemental and said that if I really felt the need to do such things to be aware of the potential unpleasant smells if I did it too often, and promised to buy me some febreeze to help. She also promised never to barge in to my room without knocking again.

Now all this seemed incredibly understanding to me, and was almost too good to be true - so understanding that it was almost weird in fact. Ok with me peeing on my carpet? I mean WTF?

All became a bit clearer a year or two later when something incredible happened. My mum came home during her lunchbreak sometime and woke me up from a nap by calling out my name several times. Due to not being wholly alert I didn't respond and just waited for her to call yet again. But she didn't. And with hindsight it is clear to me that she was only checking to see if I was in, and now assumed that she was alone in the house. My own bedroom door was ajar, so I clearly heard her coming up the stairs and entering the bathroom. No sound of the door closing but silence for a short while. And then I heard the sound of something splashing loudly down onto the floor! Now I knew exactly what that sounded like but couldn't believe it. So I had to check.

I peaked out from my bedroom towards the bathroom as unobtrusively as I could. And saw that not only was the bathroom door fully open, but mum was stood there with her hands on her hips naked from the waist down, her back partly turned towards me as she peed all over the bathroom floor. And I was able to see her face reflected in the wall mirror and could see that she was grinning with obvious pleasure. After only a second I ducked back into my bedroom without being seen. Because it kind of grossed me out, what with it being my mum and all who is a 42 year old woman! No one wants to see their mum having that kind of fun doing anything. But at least it explained her relaxed attitude towards me. She did things like that herself for fun!

I caught her one other time too, again without her knowing I was there. On that occasion, I looked through the crack between her bedroom door and the door frame and saw her naked, squatting in the corner of her bedroom, peeing right there on the carpet with a big grin on her face.

I never let her know that I'd seen these things, but no longer had any doubts about whether or not it was ok for me to have fun peeing.

I had boyfriends back sometimes but kept my peeing interest strictly private. But as soon as I turned 18 I joined a couple of pee fetish forums, and actually hit it off with some guy on one of them who was in his mid-20s, and lived only 30 miles away. We exchanged pics - and he was pretty hot actually yet still single. He too shared an interest in girls peeing where they shouldn't.

Anyway, pretty soon we met up and hit it off real well. I'd already told him online about my penchant for peeing on my bedroom carpet and was soon inviting him back to join in. I introduced him to my mum but never told him anything about my mum knowing about the naughty peeing thing, and certainly never told him what I'd seem my mum doing. I guess I thought that would be seen as a bit too weird. Anyway, before too long we were regularly meeting up, and having fun together in my bedroom. I lost my virginity to him, but as well as the sex we had a lot of fun pissing, usually with no clothes on. Was even sexier that way. I'd squat and pee on the carpet whilst he watched. Or else - because he was into seeing me do that - I'd semi-squat with my hands on my knees, or even stand with my legs apart and hands on hips and pee. And he loved having me hold his dick as he peed against my bedroom wall, or all over the carpet himself. And I did real kinky stuff like pull out a drawer and then pee all over my own clothes that were in it, and get him to do so too.  All I had to do was throw them in the wash later.

I also have a small table in my room with a glass surface. He likes me to squat and pee on it whilst he lays underneath watching it splashing down. Now that is a bit weird - but fun so who cares?

We were having fun together one afternoon - both of us naked, myself now holding his semi-erect dick as he peed on my carpet, having myself just peed on the glass table for him, when my mum broke her long-standing promise to always knock and just barged straight in on the pretext of wanting to say something. She smiled for a moment, apologised for disturbing our privacy and saying that whatever she wanted to say could wait, and left. I am guessing she heard his piss splashing down as she passed and couldn't resist checking out what was happening.  My boyfriend was mortified to be caught naked by my mum, his dick in her daughter's hand as he enjoyed peeing all over her carpet.  He stopped peeing pretty quickly and went limp, clearly embarrassed.

It was now that I told him about the time my mum caught me peeing on the carpet and was ok with it, and even told him about the couple of times I'd caught her peeing on the bathroom floor and upon her own bedroom carpet. He was still not convinced entirely that my mum would not kick off at him with some highly embarrassing scene. It was only after some time and several cans of lager - that I'd fetched from the fridge - later that his embarrassment was contained enough for us to go downstairs and speak with mum. I knew that this had to happen now or he'd probably be too embarrassed to come back. And I would sure miss holding his dick as he peed in my bedroom, and peeing there myself was a lot more fun with him there as an audience..

Anyway, upon entering the living room, my mum turned and smiled a greeting at us as my boyfriend started spluttering some kind of embarrassed apology. But mum just laughed and cut him short, giving some spiel about how I was an adult now and what I did in private with whomever was my business. How open-minded and non-judgemental she was, etc, etc. And she apologised for barging in without knocking like that, though I kind of suspected that she did it on purpose. My boyfriend was a bit confused by all this because - in spite of everything I'd told him - this was not the reaction he'd expected.

It was at this point that I made my revelation. "Mum really is cool about it, honestly. She doesn't know it but I've seen her doing it herself!"

She was taken aback somewhat by this and asked me what I was talking about. I told her about the time I'd seen her peeing on the bathroom floor, and the other time I'd spotted her peeing on her bedroom carpet.

She chuckled, " Do I really have no secrets then? Your dad might not have been good for much, but one good thing he did do was enlighten me into how much fun peeing all over the place can be. When I was only a few years older than you, we'd gone around peeing in quite a few hotel rooms, I can tell you, leaving a trail of peed on carpets in our wake." She laughed at this.

"Oh my god, mum! Way too much information."

My boyfriend's face was a picture, lol. He was struggling to believe this conversation. And struggling to believe his luck in hearing it too I think.

Then things got even weirder as mum said. "I could do with a pee myself actually. And I clearly have nothing to hide anymore, so.........." And with that she slid off the armchair she was sitting in, unfastened her jeans and lowered them and her panties down towards her knees whilst dropping into a squat right there in front of the armchair.

I was shocked, I must admit. "Mum, what the fuck are you doing!!!"

She just laughed, "What does it look like?" And that very instant, with a loud hissing noise, she started pissing right there on the living room carpet.

I said something like, "Mum, that's gross! I don't want to see you pissing! It's too weird!"

But she just laughed and carried on, saying, "It's not for your benefit, dear! Look at the bulge in his trousers!"

And sure enough my boyfriend had an obvious hard on at what he was seeing. And I didn't really know what the fuck to think.

Clearly enjoying herself, and getting a kick out of turning on a guy half her age, she sighed with a grin, "Ahh, I needed that!" Her piss was still splashing down creating an obviously massive puddle.

She seemed to pee. like, forever. So much so that I was growing concerned at the scale of the mess she was making. "Mum, what if we get visitors?"

She just laughed, "I'll tell them the dog did it!"

By the time she was done, the puddle on that carpet was fucking enormous. No way was she going to be able to clean that up fully. I knew we'd have a pissy-smelling living room for a while. Good job we had a dog to blame it on, haha.

I could barely get my head around the fact that my mum had just done that, though, and said so. She just laughed and said, "It's not every day I get to pee on the carpet for the pleasure of some hunky guy in his 20s."

I smirked and shook my head. 

She then said something like, "And you know what I'd really like? Next time lover boy there........" she nodded in the direction of my boyfriend who was pretty much speechless by now......."feels the need to pee, any chance of letting ME lend him a hand?"

"Mum, he's MY boyfriend, not your toy boy!

"Oh relax, dear. I don't want to have sex with him! He's all yours for that! I just want to hold his pissing dick."

She asked him if he needed to pee and he nodded.

She looked at me with a smirk and a raised eyebrow, and I ended up saying, "Ok, whatever."

Mum then approached him and started to unzip him right there in the living room. I was aghast.  "Mum, no more pissing in here, for fuck sake! Look at the mess already!"

She reluctantly agreed, "Yes I suppose you're right. Well then, my bedroom it is then."

I found myself accompanying mum and boyfriend up into her bedroom where she unzipped his jeans and took his erect member into her right hand, directing him to the area beside her bed. And told him to pee.

Actually, it took a little while to get started, Guys find it hard to pee when they are hard it seems. But eventually he started peeing, the jet of pee growing in force with every second. Mum aimed his dick around with obvious glee, enjoying him peeing over as much of the carpet as she could make him. I was enthralled by the sight of his hard dick peeing, enjoying the show in spite of the weirdness of it all. Then mum laughed as she suddenly aimed his dick well to the left, her face a picture of glee as his dick sprayed pee onto her bed.

"Mum, that's gross!" I laughed. But for quite a few seconds more she aimed his dick around to have him pee on a large area of her bed, before aiming back towards the floor again. When he was done, she released his penis and thanked me for letting her have the pleasure. Then we left her bedroom, mum heading back downstairs whilst I pulled my boyfriend into my bedroom.

I laughed, "I never imagined mum would ever be holding your dick as you peed on her carpet. And on her bed too, the dirty bitch! Still, you've had rather more fun than you bargained for, so I suppose that's cool."

I needed another piss myself, but no way did I want mum in on the act. So now that my boyfriend and I were alone together in my bedroom once more, I stripped naked in front of him, stood in the middle of the room with hands on hips and legs apart, and peed all over my own bedroom carpet again as he watched with a hard on.

After that, we had awesome sex upon my bed.

I still struggle to understand what to think about that day's events. But I thought I'd share them with your readers.

I wonder if I should tell mum about this magazine? I reckon she'd love it, lol.




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Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Laura. I am a 42 year old woman, also known as "Michelle"s mum". Lol

So, Michelle dearest, when you read this you'll know that you don't have to "tell mum about this magazine", lol. I've been a subscriber for years! I enjoyed reading your letter though. I understand how it must have seemed a bit weird but it was all harmless fun.

That was the first time in many years that I'd gotten to hold a hunky young guy's pissing dick. Thanks again for letting me do that, Michelle.

He's not the only person I've had pee in my bedroom lately though. I know this couple in their late 40s whom I met on a fetish site. I only choose times when I know my daughter isn't home, but I invite them around and get to watch  as they both pee on my bedroom carpet. So yeah, I've had other women piss on my carpet too. Kitchen floor too, sometimes, for that matter.

I can imagine Michelle thinking "Too much information" as she reads this. But I've had a lot of pissy fun over the years that she doesn't have a clue about. I will spare her blushes - for now at least, lol. Well, almost!

Let's just say that when you have spent an entire evening at some guy's house, drinking beer and pissing all over his bed numerous times, knowing that when you go home he is going to sleep in it - which I have done - then you know you've found true pissing adoration, lol. After all, what better compliment than to have a guy who wants to spend the night sleeping in your piss?

I bet that grosses Michelle out, lol



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Dear Wet Carpet

I am a 24 year old blonde girl called Chantal. My best friend, Crissy, is also 24 and but raven-haired. We grew up together, living in the same street as kids, going to the same nursery as toddlers and attending the same schools. We went to uni together, sitting much the same courses and now working in the same building as secretaries for the same company. We have been virtually lifelong friends and think alike in most things, including when it comes to sexual stuff. We are virtual soulmates. We are also both exhibitionists and don't really care who sees us doing anything - in fact having an audience even gives us a buzz. And we don't care what anyone thinks about anything we are into. For that reason, rather than waste words describing how sexy we are - and, without meaning to sound big-headed, we do look pretty good - I am going to do something just a little different and post pics of us, and hope this magazine publishes them.

Anyway, this is me, Chantal.......



And this is Crissy......


I hope you'll agree that we both look pretty hot.

Naturally, since I am writing to this magazine, one of our shared pleasures is peeing. We just love peeing all over the place and kinky shit like that. Have done from an early age actually. We grew up occasionally peeing together on each other's bedroom carpets, just for the sheer fun of it really. Though we didn't actually do that too often in case our mums ever found out. Fortunately they didn't. As we got older and became very interested in boys we often hung out together with boyfriends so that they kind of got two for the price of one, lol. And we loved letting them watch us pee, which pretty much all of them seemed to like. Sometimes we'd be real kinky little bitches with it. Like this time when my mum was out and we let this boy watch us both peeing on my kitchen floor, lol. Seeing him simultaneously astonished and highly aroused at the same time was just so funny.

Of course, that's the kind of shit that quickly spreads around the playground but we didn't actually care. We kind of revelled in being the centre of such gossip. The ones who thought we were disgusting bitches pretty much avoided us, which suited us just fine because we thought they were boring, lol.

Of course, as adults we continued to have our fun. We rented a house together and still live in it now. And yeah we sometimes invite guys back and if they are up for that kind of thing, we'll let them watch us pee on the bathroom or kitchens floors and such. But we have grown kind of house proud and have the landlord's quarterly checks to worry about so we actually avoid peeing on our own carpets now, much as we'd love to. Hard surfaces are just way more easy to clean - tiled floors, or the big glass dining room table. Yeah we've both peed on that table together quite a few times.

When on nights out drinking, we'd do shit like deliberately pee in the streets where everyone could see us, or ignore the toilets in nightclub cubicles and deliberately pee on the floor instead just for a laugh. Oh, and when we thought we could get away with it we've peed on pub carpets under tables a few times. That is such a rush with people all around but no one ever seems to have seen us - except the occasional guy whom we'd picked up who was invited to watch, lol.

And yeah, on the internet we frequent pee fetish forums and watch pee porn of various kinds. One time we even took turns taking pics of each other peeing on this rug that we'd bought especially and placed in the middle of my bedroom. Then we posted them on an amateur file-hosting website, lol.

Of course, we've tried the whole golden shower thing too, getting peed on by guys and  peeing on guys ourselves. One guy wanted me to piss on his face and he was drinking it, the dirty bastard! That was funny. Weird, but funny! Whatever floats your boat I suppose. And one time these blokes wanted Crissy and me to pee on each other. That was kind of interesting.

But whilst it can sometimes feel nice just to stand over someone and pee, or see and feel hot golden piss spraying out of a semi-erect dick and splashing onto my skin, it is a mood of the moment thing. By far the main interest of both of us is what they call "naughty peeing". Pissing all over the place just for fun is just so fucking enjoyable.  Grown women should not be going around pissing all over the carpets, beds and furniture just for fun of course. It is just so totally wrong. But that's what makes it so much fun, haha.

We have always wanted to meet someone willing to let us pee wherever the fuck we like, so that we don't have to be inhibited by worries about landlords or anything, or having to clean up.

The fact that - finally - this has actually happened is the main reason I am writing this letter.

The other week we met this guy in a nightclub and..... well.... I will spare you the long run up. Let's just say we got talking, the fact that he was a pee freak into watching girls pee everywhere came out, and as we all got rather the worse for wear due to alcohol, he ended up inviting us back to his flat with carte blanche to pee wherever the fuck we liked!

We grabbed some cans on the way so we could carry on drinking, and he even supplied us with a small amount of amphetamines which we'd never touched before. This had the effect of keeping us awake all night, diminishing the  debilitating effects of the alcohol and heightening our arousal. And we pretty much then had a whole lot of fun pissing all over the place all night.

When we first walked in, entering his living room we were all dying for a pee. The guy - his name was Jay, short for Jason, and he was in his late 20s - suggested it would be more fun pissing if we all got naked. So we were soon all nude, clothes piled up in several heaps near the corner. Crissy asked where he wanted her to pee. Jay simply grinned and said, "Anywhere you like! I'm not bothered!"

Definitely our kind of guy, lol.

Crissy said with a wide grin, "Yeah? Alright then, I'm just gonna go here." And she lowered herself down into a kind of semi-squatting stance, hands on her knees, right there in the middle of the living room. 

Then she laughed, "Sure it's ok? Cos I gotta go!"

Jay just told her to go right ahead.

Which she did, a gleeful grin on her face as her piss started spraying down onto the carpet. And it looked sexy as fuck, actually.

I laughingly joked, "Crissy, ya dirty bitch! Pissing on some guy's carpet."

She grinned as her pee continued to cascade down, creating an ever larger puddle slowly soaking into the soft material. "He said I could do it anywhere I liked. So I decided to just do it here!" We all laughed at that.

"Besides, this is just so much fun."

By the time she was done - a massive puddle in the middle of the room soaking into the carpet - I knew I pretty much had to pee as well.

I chuckled, "You think you're a dirty bitch? I can beat that. Watch this!"

And I stood facing Jay's sofa, legs parted and pulling my labia aside with my fingers. Then I just peed, slowly gyrating my hips from one side to the other, deliberately pissing over as much of the sofa as possible.

Crissy laughed, "Oh my god, Chantal. You're ruining the sofa".

"Yeah I know. But who cares? It's fun. And Jay doesn't seem bothered."

And indeed, he was obviously enjoying the show, unable to believe his luck I think in seeing two such good-looking girls as ourselves just peeing all over the place for fun like this.

When I was done Jay himself strode towards one of the living room walls, it soon becoming apparent that he intended to piss against it. Crissy said, "Hang on a minute, Jay. Let me give you a hand with that....."

And she strode over to him, taking his dick into her hand.

Within moments she was aiming his member all around as he started peeing, gleefully having him piss over as much of the wall as possible. His piss flowed down over the wallpaper onto the carpet at it's base. I stood on the other side of him with my hands on my hips, enjoying the sight of his pissing dick and his piss splashing against the wall. It looked fucking awesome.

When we were done we all laughed at the mess we'd made....and cracked open some more cans to carry on drinking, lol.

We asked Jay if he was worried about his landlord finding out. His place was surely going to end up too fucked up to clean up and was likely to start smelling a bit pissy.  His response was interesting. He said he didn't have a landlord, only a landlady in her late 40s with whom he had a thing going. He said that one of her "things" was to stand astride him in the middle of the llving room and piss all over him.

"What seriously?" I asked.

"Yes. And as I'm sure you can figure out, most of her piss ends up on the carpet too! One time when she was here and I needed to pee...I was already naked and covered in her piss at the time....she asked if she could watch" So I took hold of my dick and aimed it into the middle of the living room and asked her if she was sure she wanted to watch. She just nodded, so I did it. And she just grinned as I stood here pissing on the carpet right in front of her!. So I don't think she will be too bothered."

Crissy chuckled, "Wow, really? Wish she was our landlady."

Jay said, "One time she knocked on my door and asked with a grin if it was ok for her to come in and pee on my bed! I thought what the fuck! But I agreed. So she got up on my bed, lowered her trousers and knickers and popped a squat. And did a long hissy piss right there, fucking soaking the sheets and mattress. Then she thanked me with a smirk and just left again. Had to sleep on the sofa for a while after that until I was able to get the matrress dry."

I laughed, "Oh my god, I've never met her but I lover her already."

Pretty soon we were in his bedroom, frolicking naked on the bed together - presumably the same one his landlady had peed on, lol. But we made sure we kept drinking.

And after a short while the need to pee arose again.

Crissy got off the bed and strode over to the corner of the room where she squatted down. Then she peed right there on Jay's bedroom carpet, creating another massive puddle.

I got up and stood facing the nearest wall with my legs apart and hips thrust forward. I chuckled, "Who said only guys piss against walls" , as I started spraying his wall with my piss. Pretty much fucked up the wallpaper and left another massive piss puddle on the carpet at it's base, lol.

Jay then stood in the middle of the room, me holding his dick and aiming it all around as he peed all over the carpet himself. Crissy stood watching with a massive grin, "Hmmm, that looks real nice." Suddenly she reached out with her hand, placing into Jay's powerful jet, relishing the feel of hot piss splashing through her fingers. "Feels real nice too", she laughed. Then, "Chantal, get him to piss on my ass", as she turned around with her back to us and bent over. I then aimed Jay's dick so that his piss was splashing against Crissy's ass cheeks, and flowing down the crease between them. She wiggled her ass as Jay's hot piss sprayed against it. "Oh wow, that feels really good."

And the whole night pretty much continued like this, the three of us drinking and pissing, our pissings interspersed with chats and viewings of pee porn on the internet to heighten the mood still further.

At one point we found this amateur vid where this naked middle aged blonde woman was standing and pissing all over the carpet in a hotel room, whilst her friend could be heard off camera laughing like fuck and saying shit like, "Oh my god! I can't believe you're doing that!"

I remember making some joke about how maybe we should spend a wet weekend in a cheap hotel sometime, because it looks like fun.

Next time we peed, the kitchen got the treatment.

Mike stood there with Crissy holding his dick and aiming it all around as he peed all over the kitchen floor tiles. Flooded the floor, lol.

I got up onto his kitchen table and crouched down. And peed, quickly creating a very large puddle which spread towards the table's front edge. I was still going strong when it started flowing over the edge to splash down loudly upon the tiled floor.

Suddenly, Crissy placed her hands underneath me so that I found myself pissing all over them. But I didn't mind at all. Just added to the fun, lol.

When Crissy decided to pee she said something about wanting to be the dirtiest bitch ever. And I think she pulled it off! Because she strode over to the fridge, opened the door wide and stood in front of it with her legs apart and hips thrust forwards. I could barely believe it. I mean, even by our standards this was totally outrageous. She looked at Jay with a massive grin. "Shall I?"

Jay just told her to go right ahead.

So she did!

Amidst much laughter she was standing there, pissing in his fridge, drenching the various bits of food and drink inside. She joked in mid-flow, "Have fun with that lot next time you get the munchies!" Seemed really funny at the time.

And so it went on until finally we began to feel tired and eventually left. But several more pissings took place in numerous locations in the meantime. The bathroom floor got pissed all over. I used the toilet - in a manner of speaking - by standing astride it and pissing without bothering to lift the closed lid. Most of my piss ended up on the floor, of course, none of it in the toilet. I just did that for a laugh. And all around the flat, carpets and floors got peed on again, walls pissed against. I thought it was funny to piss in a drawer in his bedroom, all over a load of T-shirts he had in there.  Kitchen cupboards got pissed in and all sorts, lol. We just got totally carried away.

And fuck knows where Jay was going to sleep. I mean, I'd peed all over his sofa as soon as we'd arrived. And before we were done, both Crissy and I had popped a squat together on his bed and pissed on it, lol. Well, if the landlady can do it, why not us? Haha.

All good things must come to an end eventually, but by then Jay's flat was in a fucking horrendous state, piss everywhere.

I don't think I've ever had such fun with naughty peeing before. It was fucking awesome.

I just had to share it with you guys.



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Dear Wet Carpet

My friend and I kind of stumbled upon the online version of this magazine recently and exercised the option of a month's free subscription. I know I am going to continue and set up a debit.

I am a 42 year old shop manager called Amanda, whilst my friend Cindy is a 40 year old school secretary. She is married with kids. My only kid is now 19 and has left home. I'm divorced, but I got to keep the house.

Anyway, we were both at my place having a few glasses of wine after returning from the cinema where we'd watched that latest 50 Shades film. We were talking about the BDSM theme that seemed to be so popular in these films, and joked about how we'd regard some guy like that in real life as a bit of a perv. Cindy laughed, "Yeah but if he's a rich perv like that guy in the film, I guess many of us girls ouldl go along with anything!"

"Yeah", I said. "If some rich dude wants to spend a fortune on me, he can spank me as hard as he likes if that's his thing"

We both laughed at that.

Then Cindy said something about there being much weirder stuff people could be into, which somehow resulted in us trawling the internet looking for all kinds of weird stuff so we could marvel and laugh at it.

We found grown men into pretending to be babies, men and women into pretending to be animals, S&M so hardcore that it made 50 Shades look like the teletubbies in comparison, and women shitting on tables and all sorts. And yeah, we found all the watersports stuff too, Cindy laughingly said something like, "Well, if some rich guy wants to treat me to a life of luxury, if pissing is his thing, here I am, baby! Just don't aim for the face."

I laughed, "He might want YOU to aim for HIS face!"

"For access to his billions? Yeah I could do that, hahaha."

It was in this frame of mind that we found your magazine, and for a laugh I exercised the option of a month's free subscription. And it was a great laugh really, reading all those confessions from women who'd peed on this or that carpet and such. And even seeing pics sent in by readers showing girls pissing all over the place. We joked about how it would actually be a laugh just to piss on someone's carpet, and even that it would be a real kinky buzz just to be a dirty bitch and piss anywhere.

Well the wine eventually did it's job, and Cindy needed to pee - I did too by then - just as we were joking about peeing on carpets. She joked, "Maybe I should just pee right here on the carpet."

And yeah I suppose on some level this was turning me on because I actually told her to go right ahead!

Her eyes widened, "Seriously? You want to let me to piss on your carpet?" She seemed to find the notion highly amusing.

I said, "Yeah, why not? Fuck the carpet! Just do it!. It'll be a laugh."

"You sure?"

"Yeah! I'm gonna do it! Watch this!"

And with that I got up off my sofa and strode a few feet into the middle of the room, before unfastening my jeans, and lowering them to my knees as I crouched down. Cindy laughed uproariously at the sight of me squatting in the middle of my living room, jeans around my knees, bare ass in full few. Her laughter intensified when I actually started pissing.....

"Oh my god, Amanda! I can't believe you're actually pissing on the carpet!"

"Yeah, it's just a lot more fucking convenient really, don't you think? Hahaha. Anyway, you might as well join me now. Carpet's already being pissed on!"

And so Cindy popped a squat a few feet away from me, her own jeans around her knees, as she too started pissing on my carpet.

I must admit that when our laughter subsided, the sound of our hissy pissing and the sound of it splashing down was awesome. It was actually a bit of a turn on. We peed fucking loads as well, making two enormous puddles.

As we got up we looked at the mess we'd made, then at each other. And burst out laughing.

We agreed that I'd write to this magazine about it - which I have now finally gotten around to.

That carpet took some cleaning afterwards, I can tell you. But pissing on it was great fun at the time. As other letter writers have said, there is actually something quite erotic about just being a dirty bitch and peeing wherever the fuck you want with total abandon. Might be the sort of thing kids would do, but we are both mature adult women aged 42 and 40! So I guess two of of us deliberately pissing on the living room carpet for the sheer fun of it is fucking outrageous really. But it is the fact that it is so fucked up and wrong that makes it so much fun, I think.

In fact, as soon as I finish this letter, I'm going to go upstairs, walk right past the bathroom into my bedroom, and pee in the corner on the carpet!  And then I'm just going to leave it there! Lol



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Hey all, not sure if you remember me... My name's Lydia, the weird dream girl?

Anyway I thought I was done after that last one, but I have had this same new dream 3 nights this week... so not sure what is going on again. SO here we go:

I am sitting in the teacher's lounge outside the Principal's office with 2 of my friends. We got busted for peeing in the boy's locker room... while they were changing for practice... naked. We were really confused when it happened because, once again, everyone in my dream was a girl... so we thought we were in the girl's locker room. It might just be because we were being really rude about it. We were all 3 standing back to back to back and we were aiming EVERYWHERE. ;) We must have hit the coach, because she came over naked with her rather large dick between her legs and drug us out by our hair all the way through the school, down to the office, and all of us still naked... including her.  Also, sorry about the girls with dicks... I know they have them being guys and I have seen them use them alot and naked in school dream, INORITE?? XD

We are sitting there in the office Stacy, Brittney, and I, arguing over who came up with the idea and was most at fault, everytime we accused each other we would pinch the closest nipple. Since this was all in dream time, it went on for awhile until the secretary scolded us. After that one of the teachers came in to print something on the copier and it jammed, so the secretary gets up from her desk, she has on a polo shirt, stockings with garters, and thong undies. She reaches for the panties and removes them and while bent down opens the side of the copier. Once she stands back up she just starts peeing into the copier, her knees are bend slightly and she is covering the interior of the copier with her spray. The teacher there has at some point taken off her clothes too and joins in soaking the copier. Suddenly it whirs back to life and finishes printing. The teacher leaves with her stuff like she was never undressed from the start. The secretary closes the copier doors and returns to her desk... except she never stops peeing. She bends down and the stream arcs out from between her legs splashing on our feet, she walks back to the desk and it sways back and forth in front of her with every step. She pulls her chair out and drenches it as she sits down and then she has her legs spread under the desk still going like nothing is wrong. In my dream the desk had no front so I could see her bush (tiny landing strip in blonde :) if you were curious) still streaming out water, it was like it was stronger now that she was sitting because it shot out straight across the room and was splashing down in the middle of the doorway. A few teachers came in and out walking right through the shower. I remember one lady came in and stood there in front of the desk with it just hitting her legs while they talked about the weekend. Anyway with dream time again she just disappeared and the secretary stood up to file mail... still peeing like a facet left on high. She gets done with the few envelopes she had and now starts filling the cubes with her flow. I mean filling too; she would not change positions until it was draining out the front. All that would have been fine until she got the 3rd row of them, she sits down on the floor (now covered in a several inch deep lake of her spent liquid) and you can see her concentrate, then the arch gets high and starts filling that row... which if you were standing next to them might be equal height to your chin.

So at this point the Principal's door opens and she comes to collect us. We pass the secretary still on the floor aiming into the next row up, now at eye level and then the door shuts behind us. We sit on the leather couch and the Principal starts talking. It is mostly incoherent, more dream babble. Then Stacy gets up and sits in front of Brittney on the floor, she opens her mouth, Brittney opens her legs, and the drinking begins. The Principal looks very pleased, next Brittney gets up and sits in front of me. At this point, I am guessing you know where this is headed... so yeah, I start peeing in Brittney's mouth. Finally it is my turn under Stacy, but she does better standing, so my nose is buried between her legs. The strangest part is she tastes AMAZING! :) Like seriously delicious, pick your favorite drink and just image that was the 1st thing someone hands you after being lost in the desert for a week. Once that finishes up, the Principal is talking as she stands up and we sit back down. She unbuttons what is left of her shirt to let her breasts show and starts unzipping her skirt. Now as I have said, sorry about the girls with dicks and from last letter, the Principal has a monster dick. The skirt drops and you could see that if it had been any shorter, she would be sporting head shots, except the skirt was knee length. She reaches down with her right hand and flips it upwards, catching the head in her left hand. She sits back down and holds the dick at an angle towards the 3 of us and just releases. It hoses us down, like a real hose... garden hose at full power, jet the width of a finger or bigger, to say we were showered was an understatement. We all open our mouths and drink copiously, but this tastes rancid. Rotten milk with black licorice, candy corn, and expired strawberries... all flavors I do not like mixed, but I am gulping it up as fast as I can.

Now, we get to the only coherent thing that is always the same. The Principal stands up, walks over, still deluging us with piss, and says, "I hope you ladies learned a good lesson, don't waste your resources." After that I wake up panting heavily, hand on my clit, and uhh... wet with dew (you get the idea).


I am a little worried if this one comes true...

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Hello Wet Carpet, I am long time reader but I wanted to finally write something… because I want to brag a bit. LOL

So a small bit about myself, I’m a Brit and rather tall, 200 cm. Oh, I’m female too. I suppose that might be useful. The thing is, I’m all legs. My mates actually joke I’m just a midget on stilts so I can get on roller coasters! ROFLMAO Seriously though, my proportions are a bit odd.

I had a rather loose upbringing, we were very poor because my father was injured and unable to work, my mother passed giving birth to my younger brother because she was not in a hospital, and while I was young I had to work odd jobs and some back alley things (I can joke about it now, but yes… THOSE back alley things that young girls do). So early on I learned that taking care of “Nature’s Call,” didn’t always mean using a loo (and could be profitable too… if you knew who to ask, maybe more on that later). As an urchin, the streets were my toilet and that meant anything anywhere. ;0

So now that we’ve the pleasantries out of the way, let’s talk about the good stuff. As I mentioned I am fairly tall and grew quickly when I was young. This came in handy for draining the reserves, if I could hook my fanny over it, I could piss in it. Sinks, drawers, rubbish bins, a few drinking fountains (fun one that), and tables and counters too. You get the general idea.  After I was old enough and got a real job, I was able to save and rent a place for my family, after that my brother got a job and started paying for stuff too.  Our first spot was total bollocks, the sidewalk outside the place had better running water (but the rent was too high… LOL). Needless to say we took a right piss out of that place, literally and figuratively. The three of us would often stand side by side and just drench the wall. My favorite was to wait until it was night-time and sit with my ass over the hole in the floor of my room and drench the flat below us. Their bed was down there and I got a real thrill wetting it for them. Also meant I didn’t have to walk as far in the freezing cold winters in my knickers with no heat. Just roll off the mattress still wrapped in blankets, expose my bum over the hole, and make it snow below. I used to wish that it was cold enough for it to freeze before it hit the ground, not sure it ever did…

All that was in the past and now that I am older still, I only indulge in this as a hobby. I often visit the shops just to blow off a little steam, as it were. Furniture sections are brilliant for this, stand next to a bin of pillows, duvets, etc. or pop over to home goods and drench some silver. I’m not above testing the packaging on crisps, biscuits, or wafers. Also if you live nearby, make sure the lid on your pickles and cider has not been popped. ;) Now on to my bragging rights though. Ever since I was a wee lass (like the pun there, eh?), I have dreamed of doing one really rude piss. I wanted to soak a Postbox.

I found out one day when sending off bills I was just right for it too. The opening was in perfect line. I would maybe have to pull up a bit but, it was still achievable. However I always knew that if I got caught that was the end of everything, the fines would send us into debt and I would likely get taken away. So it was just that, a dream. Since we are still in a rough burrow, we don’t get as much renovation as other places. However the city decided to do some beautifying and upkeep this year. One part of that project was replacing the post boxes. The ones we used were still from WWII era and looked like some of them had survived a few bombing runs. Anyway, the city found out that they were national icons or some rot and decided to leave them where they stood but lock them and mark them redundant. They put the new ones out first and still checked the old ones for a few weeks just in case. I watched carefully and planned for my chance. About a month after the switch I made my move. I put on a skirt with no knickers and waited for the last pick-up of the day. This gave me enough time to pop round and gets a couple of pints. I don’t usually buy beer, too costly, but I knew I was going to need the “liquid courage” as well as the fast processing, you never buy beer… only rent it, eh? So sitting at the pub I could see them empty the new box and verify the old one was clear too. I still had to be careful, I needed to not be seen and make sure no one dropped anything in the old box. There were still a few bitties that refused to use the new post. Thankfully everything went well and once the streets cleared out around 2:00AM it was time for my fun.

I was bold; I walked right to it, flipped my skirt up… and bitched out. Honestly, I got spooked by footsteps and panicked. My second attempt went smoothly, the bit of fright made sure everything was moving down below. I snuck up, stood there in front, threw my skirt over the top, and that was liftoff. I used a hand to hold the door open and my flow went straight in. It was loud and fast, I could hear it splashing and rattling the container inside. Slowly I heard it filling too. I was so elated. I legitimately pissed in there for a 01 min 42 sec. Yes, I timed it. My bladder was bursting. I wish I could have recorded the sound too. It is impossible to give an analogue that would match it. As soon as I was done, I dashed into the alley and rubbed one out. After that I went home and came here to write this. Talk to you later, Loves. :)

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Dear Wet Carpet.

My name is Hanna, and rather than spend time describing myself, here is a pic of me......

Image result for sexy ladies

I think you'll agree I'm pretty good looking, even if I do say so myself.

Anyway, last night I was out clubbing and hooked up with this great guy - Mark - and ultimately ended up going back to his place. Amongst many other things, we'd had a giggle about the concept of watersports, and people getting off by actually peeing on each other. And we laughed about how some people got a buzz out of just pissing everywhere instead of using the toilet. And after a few drinks, I admitted that the concept was interesting, that it would feel kind of liberating just to be able to pee anywhere. And I told him about an ex - who'd introduced me to this magazine actually - who sometimes liked to have me pee on his kitchen floor. I laughed at the recollection of the massive puddles I'd made and just left for him to clean up. And this was actually turning Mark on, I could tell.

Once back at his place, we stumbled into his living room, slightly the worse for wear, where I said I had to pee. "Me too", he said, as he unzipped right there and took his dick out right in front of me. He strode towards the corner of the room as I took up position beside him. "Watch this", he said as he started doing a long piss right there on the carpet in the corner of his living room.

I chuckled, "What a naughty boy", as I stood there watching and grinning, enjoying the show.

When he was done he said, "Right, your turn." So I decided to ramp up the sexiness, slowly undressing until I was entirely naked. Then I took up a kind of semi-squatting stance, hands on knees, facing him in the middle of the room. And just peed! I slowly swung my hips to spray as much of the carpet as possible, making a huge mess. And I have to admit it sure was a lot of fun just pissing wherever the fuck I wanted in some guy's house like that. And it wasn't even my carpet so I didn't care. If he wanted me to piss on his carpet, why the hell not? I got a real kick out of doing it. The sound of it hissing out and splashing down was fucking really doing it for me. Dirty cow, haha. I think I pretty much ruined his carpet by the time I was done, with a huge area drenched with pee.

I actually looked at him afterwards and gleefully admitted with a laugh, "I enjoyed that!" He seemed pretty impressed with the performance too, hahaha.

It wasn't long before we ended up in his bedroom having sex. The foreplay was excellent. I'd never known how much fun it could be having some guy's tongue licking my ass, amongst other things, lol. Eventually, he came in my mouth after giving me the most amazing orgasm. And yeah - if it's the right guy - I do swallow, lol.

Anyway, by then I pretty much needed to pee again, so I got out of his bed, strode towards the corner of his bedroom, and turned to face him as I popped a squat right there. "Do you mind?" I asked with a grin.

He didn't, lol. So I did another long piss right there on the carpet in the corner of his bedroom.

He had to pee too, so I pointed to one of the walls and offered to lend him a hand if he peed against it. Which is what happened, me aiming his pissing dick all around as he peed against his own bedroom wall. It was funny but kind of sexy too.

We crashed out soon after that. But I was woken in the middle of the night by the needs of my bladder. I couldn't really be bothered going out to the loo, and besides which, it was a bit late to start being a lady now. So I just popped a squat right there beside the bed and peed on the carpet again. Pretty sure Mark wouldn't have minded, lol.


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Dear Wet Carpet Magazine,

My name is Linda, I'm about 5'6, moderate build with 38D boobs and long, straight brown hair.   I work as a delivery girl for a pizza company, which means that I spend several hours at a time collecting pizzas from the branch and then taking them round to customers in my car.   I don't get much in the way of breaks - theoretically I get breaks by virtue of waiting for pizzas to be ready for delivery, but in practice, I usually walk in the door and get sent straight back out with the next batch.  As well as a reasonable basic pay, I am allowed to grab drinks from the fridge at the branch and I can have a pizza at the end of my shift, plus I get tips from customers, so it is not all bad.

With all the running back and forth and the drinks I grab from the branch, I often find my bladder stretched during the shift and I'm not averse to finding a place to quickly pop a squat whilst I'm out on a delivery.  Usually it is between cars when I park for a delivery or sometimes I nip down an alley between houses or go behind a dumpster or something.  To be honest, I'm not that fussed - if I need to pee, I pee.  I don't have time to go hunting for super privacy and any basic corner or barrier is fair game.   I've only been caught a handful of times, which considering I generally pee outside a couple of times per shift is not actually that bad.  

Anyway, the purpose of this letter is to mention something that happened last night.   I was delivering pizza to an upstairs flat in a pretty run down area.   I always groan when I get a delivery for that estate as it is not a great place and I don't always feel very safe.   As I drove there, my bladder was starting to call out for relief and I decided that I would need to pee after this delivery.  The good thing is that it these flats are an easy place to find somewhere to pee, with lots of alleyways and bin stores, so I knew I wouldn't have any trouble finding relief.  

This particular time, the delivery was to flat 120.  The numbering is not great and it isn't easy to find which block a particular flat is in.  I went to the wrong block first and after negotiating some youths who were smoking a substance that I don't think was particularly legal, I had to backtrack and enter a different block.  I pushed open the wooden door at the bottom of the stairs, into a lobby area which was fitted with a dirty old carpet, which I crossed to reach the concrete stairs up to the floor I needed.  I climbed the stairs quickly, two at a time and then negotiated the concrete corridor to reach flat 120, where I knocked the door and waited.

There was a bit of a party going on, with music thudding out from behind the door.  After several times of knocking - harder each time, eventually a youngish bloke answered the door in worn out jeans and faded top.  
"About f***ing time!" he exclaimed and grabbed the pizza from me, slamming the door in my face, with no word of thanks and certainly no sign of a tip.  I left the premises, thinking how rude and inconsiderate he was and I must admit that I was stewing up inside a bit.  I'm normally quite calm and confident, but morons like him do rile me a bit.   As I descended the stairs, I had a sudden naughty thought - my bladder was still nagging me for release in the bin store, but I had a better idea.   I would flood the carpet in the grotty stairwell.  That would serve him right.   I momentarily felt a bit guilty because it wasn't his own stairwell and others would also have to pass through there, but my desire for revenge and my immediate need for release overcame that guilt.

If anyone were to approach from above, I would hear their footsteps echo round the corridor, but I needed to be sure nobody was going to come in from outside.  I quickly looked out of the door and checked nobody was approaching. The coast was clear, so I lowered my pizza company regulation tan trousers down to my knees and adopted a high squat, leaning forwards slightly, right in the middle of the lobby area.  I bore down and sprayed a healthy stream backwards onto the waiting carpet, which thirstily swallowed my steaming piss.   I waved my backside around a little to spread the flow and avoid a single place becoming saturated.   I really needed that pee and I took great pleasure in maintaining the squat for a good 45 seconds, listening to the hiss and splash echoing round the hard concrete lobby and watching the steam rise from the carpet.  Eventually the stream dwindled and with a few final drips, I was done.  I pulled up my trousers and headed back to the car, with a warm mischievous feeling inside knowing what I had done.  I decided that I now knew exactly where I would pee whenever I was delivering to that estate in future.

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Linda  xxx

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Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Sandrine, and I am a 28 year old French girl, but currently live in Holland with my Dutch boyfriend. We have a highly erotic sex life, and are both into pissing. He subscribes to this magazine but I am writing this letter - at his suggestion - because I was raised by an English mother as well as a French father, so am totally fluent in English as well.

I love the confessions from ladies pissing all over their carpets and furniture. Awesome. Would love to spend time with some of them at their places and joining in the fun, lol. And yes, I am bisexual as you have probably already figured out.

But we don't like to ruin our own carpets - not sure how some of the letter writers here cope with the mess. But we have some great private pics and vids in our personal collection featuring myself pissing on hotel beds and carpets and shit like that. Alcohol was often involved, lol.

I am also something of an exhibitionist. There was one time at this wild, anything goes, party in Germany where some other girl dared me to just piss on this table in front of everybody. So I did, haha. I got such a rush out of doing that. And carried on pissing even as it started pouring off one edge onto the carpet. Everyone just thought that was funny.

Another time at some three day rock festival in Belgium, I peed in someone's tent just for a laugh.

I've also peed on floors and carpets in pubs and things like that.

Well, the other day we were watching this sex show at a fetish club in Amsterdam. Fetish was a major theme, with bondage and whippings, but then two of the female performers squatted on the front edge of the stage and started pissing into the audience, lol. The guys and girls near the front getting peed on just laughed.

Immediately afterwards, they invited anyone from the audience to come and pee on stage. My boyfriend dared me to do it. And I did kind of need to go. So amidst a cacophony of cheers I strode up onto the stage. And lowered my jeans and panties as I popped a squat.

And then I did a massively long pee all over the stage in front of the entire audience. It was exhilarating. Got a real kick out of being watched by so many people as I did that. There was a huge pool of piss in the middle of the stage by the time I was done. And my little display went down a storm with the audience, haha.

I felt horny as fuck after that, the consequences of which my boyfriend got to fully appreciate back at our hotel room later. I doubt whether the hotel staff would have been quite so appreciative though - not when they discovered all the soaking wet patches where I'd peed on their carpet for fun, lol. Or the wet pissy bed my boyfriend had me pee on just before we left, hahaha.

I love being a bad girl!


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Dear Wet Carpet Magazine,

 I’m Carol and like Linda in a previous issue, I’m not averse to having a sneaky pee when out and about.

The other day I’d been shopping and hadn’t intended to have an impromptu pee, but then that is often the case. I was making my way back to the car which was parked in the car park next to the mall. It was connected by a link corridor at the first two levels to the main stairs and lifts. I’d come out of a shop on the first floor and didn’t bother with the lift as I was only parked one level up. It was whilst making my way up the stairs that I got a twinge in my bladder that I needed a pee.

Making my way back to the car I thought about going back into the shops and finding a loo, but they were down at the other end and by the time I’d get there and back I’d probably have run out of the time they give you for getting out of the car park after paying so didn’t bother. Arriving back at the car and bending over to put the shopping into the boot, my bladder gave another sign that it needed emptying now. I considered popping a squat there and then, at the back of the car, as it’s something I’d done before, but there were just too many people about, so I had to think of something else.

Looking round I spotted another staircase opposite to where I was parked. I knew that it wasn’t used that much, as it was close to the main one and would be a good place to get the much needed relief. I made my way over and opening the door, I noticed it opened into a small lobby area before another door into the stairs. I was nearly going to go there, but again thought there were too many people about on this level so decided the ideal place would be the similar area on an upper level that wasn’t as busy. I quickly made my way up to the next floor and tried the door to the lobby area and found it was locked, which meant this level was closed so nobody would be coming from there and the stairs would be safe enough.

Taking a quick check down to make sure nobody was coming up from the bottom, I knew I’d have plenty of time to have my pee. I backed over into the corner of the landing next to the locked door and unbuttoned my jeans. I then hooked my thumbs into the waist band and lowered them and my silky thong down my legs, dropping into a low squat. It didn’t take long for my pee to start and a thick streaming jet shot out of my lips and onto the floor below forming a large puddle. I hadn’t realised how badly I needed to go as the pee continued for at least a minute, with the lake beneath me spreading quickly across the floor and towards the stairs. The sound of the splashing and hissing as it was escaping my lips was echoing loudly around the staircase, something that I was secretly enjoying!

Just like it looked like the river lets coming from the puddle were going to snake over the top of the stairs, my stream began to wane and then after a couple of spurts I was done.  I bounced up and down a few times to shake the drops of pee off me before realising I had a tissue in my pocket, so reached for it, I wiped and dropped the tissue into the puddle. I then stood up and slowly pulled up first my thong and then my jeans, before taking time to admire my handiwork.

With that I made my way back down the stairs to my car and got in. Smiling to myself as I drove out, I’d thoroughly enjoyed my unexpected pee.


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Hello Carpet Fans!!

It's Margo Astra, sorry I have been super busy... but that's good news for you! I have a couple of stories to share, so here we go. The trade circuit is pretty busy during the early part of the year... but those shows were rather pedestrian (Get it?). I'm only mentioning them for a few reasons, 1) Playing the Pink Paper's games has opened my eyes to "opportunities," realizing just how easy it is to sneak off and get some relief; 2) Wandering some of the places not on the beaten path, I found evidence that people had done just that. Sometimes they were very discreet, other times rather apparent (hard to mistake a reflective patch that tapers to about waist height on a wall, right next to 2 more)... but enough about that, you want the good stuff.

I was doing a Cosplay Convention, for those that don't know it is a place for people to dress up as favorite characters from all forms of media. There are classes on sewing and designing elements and dealers selling wigs and all sorts of elements. The outfits can be very simple or extremely complex, which brings me to the set up for my story. I was a Booth Babe again, but this time I was working for a steampunk shop (think Victorian style with gears), so had a reasonable outfit for a change. Not too much detail, but corset and top hat with a very short skirt and thigh high leather boots. I thought I looked super cute, especially with my red hair. At the far end of the dealer room was a stage and on Saturday around 2:00 they had a semi-professional fashion show. Knowing that some of the clothing was troublesome to remove, the Con providers had a set of bathrooms down a back hall specifically designated for dealers only. I got over to use them a couple of times and it was pretty common to see some women in there, half to almost completely naked before they went into the stalls. Anyway I'm rambling again, it was during the fashion show that I took one of my breaks and as I got to the back hall there was a lady there with three attendants trying to help her get out of costume. This was a beautiful dress; it was a cross between knight armor leg greaves and a knee length hoop skirt that was half metal framework attached to the corset. I recognized her face as one of the guests listed in the program, a Korean Idol, popular for her singing and body (very full breasted). She was fussing and fidgeting, clearly in distress and I assume cursing in her native language. The corset had gotten stuck and that was preventing them from working on the straps for the leg armor. I stopped for a second to ask if I could help just as they got the skirt off, so they waved me on with a "Thanks."  I was about halfway down the corridor listening to steel plates clank on the floor, when the Idol started to whine loudly. I turned back to see her shoo everyone away, pull down her leather pants and underwear, bend slightly at the knees and just start peeing full force. She was more than a foot from the wall and didn't even have to use her hands to hit it with her stream. I was a little jealous and stood staring like a kid; I snapped back to reality and ran to the bathroom, grabbed some paper and came back. This girl should be an Idol for that, I got all the back to where they were standing before her flow ran out. She was sighing heavily and looked surprised when I held out the paper. Her eyes lit up and she quickly took it and wiped, one of the attendants translated for me that she was very thankful. (Since I know some of you are going to be curious... she had no hair down there, smoother than a peach.) She pulled her pants back up and the four of them collected her costume parts and disappeared through a side door in the hall. Now, since all the excitement was over I remembered I had to go too.

I stood looking at the huge damp spot on the floor and the few drips still trailing down the wall and it immediately struck me to seize the chance. (I mean come on, when else is something like this going to happen? I was just given a free pass to pee right here and no one question the cause.) The bathroom had been empty when I was just there, the door to the dealer hall had a deadbolt on this side (which I quickly spun locked), I was alone and safe. I was so much more nervous now than when doing my performance... this was very my first inappropriate pee for fun. I got my panties off quick (frilly backed that were part of the outfit for the booth) and got into position. Thankfully the boots had zippers, so I was able to squat. That at least made me more comfortable. I closed my eyes and just tried to go, a couple of deep breaths to calm myself, but even that wouldn't loosen me up enough. I rubbed myself just a bit down there, regulated my breathing through my nose, and that was the trigger. It was the scent of the spent fluid. The nerves gave way, the gate came open, and my pee shot forward. If you remember from before, urge + squat = distance for me, so I was hitting the wall easily too, but I didn't have to worry about moving this time. I drained myself completely; a few extra pushes got everything out for sure too. Since, you are all waiting for my opinion on my first time... honestly I was not that impressed. It was great to get the rid of the pressure, and I am sure it was a little thrilling; otherwise I would not have been so nervous. Overall though, it just felt like taking a bathroom break. So not sure it's my thing yet, but I am certainly not done doing it either... and that brings me to the second encounter.

There was a show in my own hometown this time, so I was able to stay in my apartment and drive in each day. They paid my gas since they did not need to get me a room, so a win either way. It was a four day Car Convention Auction and I only stated that because it was the third day that this event happened. I had been caught in the traffic that morning, a bad accident had closed the freeway to one lane and then because of that, there was a fender bender in the remaining lane. It took me two extra hours to get there and by then, my rare morning coffee was pushing on me pretty hard. I am certain it is no surprise to any of you, but Parking Garage stairwells are de facto bathrooms. I parked and made a beeline for the stairs knowing that it was probably empty and I could be soon too. (LOL) Anyway, I got through the door and it squealed shut behind me, I heard voices, "Go up one more set."

"But I just heard the door close there."

"Yeah, because someone just left... It's clear, trust me."

"I really need to go..."

Louder than before, "Then hurry up and get up there!"

Two girls round the steps and see me, "See I told you!!"


I spoke at this point, "You have to pee too, huh?"

"See nothing to worry about; we're all here for the same thing."

"Good. I can't wait any longer."

They both jogged up to my landing, clearly sisters. The younger one brushed past me and put her feet at the bottom of the next set of steps up and started fussing with her jeans. The older one took a quick vault onto the railing and stepped half over before undoing her jeans. I told them I would keep watch for a minute and they both thanked me. The older girl got her pants down to the top of the railing then stepped her other leg over and sat her butt on the metal. She held on with one hand and shuffled her jeans to her ankles (thinking back I’m not sure she had panties). She hooked her feet under the lower bar and spread her knees open. Then she started, there was no pause, and it was strong! Just a quick interruption for a few details, trust me it will be worth it once I explain. The deck had a spiral staircase in the middle where we were and zig-zag stairwells on the outside. Most people used the exterior stairs because it put them out on the street, instead of the middle of the bottom floor. The set we were using, had a landing on each side staggered by floor (one side, other side), so looking over the rail meant you could see the door for the next floor across the way. This girl was shooting so far that her stream hit square in the middle of the landing they had used to enter the stairs. I stood mesmerized; I didn't even know a human was capable of that distance and force. She knew what she was doing too; she was pushing to hit the door with her jet and hosing down the ENTIRE landing. I looked over to her sister, the younger one (actually she was probably too young to be talking about on here... but, "Grass on The Field," Right Guys?), and then it was even more evident they were related. As I said, her toes were pushed against the bottom step; she had squatted and leaned back into a spider position (That's right... RIGHT??), from here her hips were up in the air. (The little details again, she was unshaven, but not un-groomed, respectable.) This allowed her to spray up the steps... and that was equal to my eye line, approximately six steps. I noted in my mind that it was brilliant, it was high enough that it would not flow all the way back down before you finished and get your shoes wet. At this point I decide to join them and take the last logical place, the top of the down steps. I got in position and just went for it. I managed to skip four steps, and just barely clipped the edge of the fifth, which I adjusted my squat to remedy. I can't image what it must have looked like; I think even if we could have had a picture taken, someone would have called it photo shopped. Even more surprising was we all finished within seconds of each other (Older, Younger, Me). The older sister waited and we helped her back over the railing. (I think you what I will list here: She had no bush either, just stubble and a piercing.) We all took a look at our puddles and then headed to outside stairs and off to convention. I saw them a couple of times in the dealer room and they stopped by the booth when they recognized me. The older one was named Lauren and her sister was Laura. We exchanged cell numbers and have been chatting. Their dad works a lot of the car shows for his company, so we have some common ground. Friendly acquaintances and they both said I could join them to pee anywhere / anytime.


Hope to talk to some more of you soon!!!


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I'm Cheryl and I had a similar experience to Carol's above.   I was at the Meadowhall Shopping Centre near Sheffield, where I'd had lunch with a friend, Susan and then done a bit of shopping.  We had then headed back to the car, which was on the ground floor of the multi level carpark.  We were parked towards the back of the car park, where there were very few cars.  I really needed a wee and I said so to Susan.   She agreed and she suggested that we could pop a squat between cars as there weren't too many people about. However, as we were loading the shopping and deliberating where to pee, we heard the door of a nearby stairwell banging and saw two girls in their early twenties come out quickly, laughing and making a run for their car, which was just a few cars over from ours.  Now I couldn't see why they would come down a remote stairwell to their car on the ground floor from the floor above - surely they would come directly from the main entrance?   So, I said to Susan "I think those girls have just been in that stairwell for a pee - I reckon we may have just found a better spot."
"Let's check it out," responded Susan.

So we finished loading the car and walked over to the stairwell.  Opening the door, we couldn't see anything untoward, so we climbed the stairs and on reaching the first landing, we were greeted with two sizeable puddles in opposite corners, a crumpled white tissue in each and they were still spreading slowly, a sure indication that they had only just been created.

We carried on up to the next floor, which was the upper floor of the car park.  The door out to the car park had a door mat set into the floor, presumably to trap any dirt and debris brought in from the upper floor which was open to the elements.   
"This'll do!" exclaimed Susan.  She then proceeded to hitch up her dress and slide her thong down to her knees before taking up a high squat position over the mat.  Within a couple of seconds, her pee was pouring out and making a lovely pattering sound as it contacted the mat.  It initially pooled on the surface and then started sinking into the mat.   About 20 seconds into her pee, I heard another splattering sound coming up from the floor below.   I couldn't believe it - maybe someone else had come to the stairwell for a pee!  I went down the flight of stairs to see if I could see and I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  A stream of liquid was falling from the ceiling and dropping the 2.5 metres to the concrete floor below.   Looking more closely I worked out that there was a drain pipe from below the sunken mat onto which Susan was still peeing, presumably to take away any rain water that managed to get in through the doorway or on people's feet.   The pipe had come apart at a joint and so Susan's pee was proceeding through the mat into the pipe and then free-falling to the waiting concrete below.  With the height involved, it was splashing everywhere and making a huge splatter pattern on the landing.

I went back upstairs to find Susan pulling up her thong and adjusting her dress.  I told her what a mess she had just made and she laughed.  Then she asked me to pee in the same place so that she could witness it from below.  I laughed and said "Sure!".   I pulled down my jeans and knickers in one movement and planted my feet on the mat, which was now slightly damp.   I dropped into a low squat and started flooding the mat, the hiss and splash echoing round the enclosed concrete space was shortly joined by a loud splatter from below and I could hear Susan laughing as she witnessed the torrent falling from the pipe and impacting the landing.   I finished peeing, pulled up my jeans and ran down the stairs to join Susan and see the last of my pee falling through the pipe.  The landing was awash with pee and the splatter was up the walls as well.   We admired our handiwork, then continued down the stairs, past the puddles of the other two girls (which had spread further by now) and back to the car feeling much relieved and slightly naughty!


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My name is Agnus, Aggy for anyone that knows me. This is going to be a really short letter compared to the others posted here.

I am a little shy about admitting this and hope maybe you might give me some confidence to embrace my desire. So, I am a girl... and I really like pee. I mean not just the act, the smell, the taste, I get wet just thinking about it. I fantisize about the other people in my class peeing, all of them. I was not able to focus the other day, because the thought popped in my head that one of the girls would get up, walk over to my desk, drop her pants, and just soak me... then because she waa doing it some of the guys would join her and before long the whole class would be standing there drenching me in piss, even the professor would stop teaching and she would go right in my mouth while the students pee on her too.

I am typing this really slow with one hand, because the other is already inside me down there...

The thing is I have a very specific preference that I want to happen more often, but I do not how to ask. I have worn glasses since I was very young and I was always glad for the fact they acted like windscreens, nothing really gets past them. I used to pee in my mouth so I could drink it and my glasses always made it so I could still see what I was doing if I missed my mouth a bit.

Now though, I have a girl I like (and a boy too, but still not sure...), I really like her and she kind of knows I like pee. We have shared a stall in the bathroom numerous times and I fingered her while she was going twice. So yeah, I think she knows, but I really want her to pee in my face. Right into the lenses of my glasses. Oh... if I could get the boy to join her too, I swear I am going to cum just thinking about it...


Whoa, now that I have calmed down a little, what do I do?? How do I ask her or him or (dare to think of it)both...


Please help, I want this so bad.

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Agnus Again...

I waited for anyone to get back to me, but I never heard, so I got desperate.

The other night I left class early to go to the bathroom, but I went to the Men's room. I took a stall, put my feet up and removed my panties. I wanted to be in there when class let out, most of the guys would come in before they left and I could listen to all the heavy flows. We have the water-less urinals, both in the Men's and Women's lavatory, you have to either face backwards or straddle them to go right, but if you are in a rush and dressed right they work really well. I can't complain about the view either. I was already soaking through my panties when the first set of guys arrived. The memory of those torrents... going to need three fingers in me just to finish typing this line. I stuffed my panties in my mouth to hide the moaning, I couldn't hold them in and wanted to screamoan. That was before I noticed the tissue roll had been moved on the wall and the hole from the bolt let me look at the dick using the urinal. I was using both hands, one inside and one exclusively on my clit... I even managed to massage my anus too. After three thundering orgasms and I was sure the cost was clear, I went at it full force... The fourth one came so hard I was kicking my feet against the door, threw my head back slamming it against the tile and screamed so loud I spit my panties out. I was dazed from the hit and swimming from cumming, I had squirted the door and my muscles let go in the middle of my throes, so I was spraying urine all over the stall. I'm a little proud and embarrassed that some shot over the door... my hips bucked and everything was tensed up.

Once I could breath again (just like now... though I am almost to my second just from writing), I was a complete mess down there. There were fluids everywhere down my legs, I stood up and nearly fell over. Thank goodness for the walls, my butt was completely asleep, my legs felt like gelatin in microwave and the floor was slick. I managed to stumble out to the sink naked from the waist down. I took a towel under the faucet and started to wipe off when the door opened. I froze and immediately covered myself with my hands. The boy I like just walked in... (there goes another orgasm) He just stared at me. I bit my lip and tried to look casual, he glanced over to stall and saw the after-math and I know I was so red-faced. I could taste blood in my mouth from my lip, he reached out and grabbed my wrist and I tried to fight just a little... but I barely had the strength or will. He peeled away my arms and looked intently at what he had uncovered. I trim modestly, even though he was the first to ever see.

He walks me over to the urinals and forces me to kneeling with my head right next to one. The smell alone had me dripping on the floor again, I had to fight not to lick it. He opens his fly still holding my left wrist and drops out his dick. He starts to pee and I lost it... my mind was blank, my eyes went blurry and rolled up and my tongue was hanging out like a dog. I threw my head forward and into the stream until it was going into my mouth, I locked my lips and drank without stopping. He forced my lips to his balls and I could feel the hot liquid spraying off the back of my throat. I was held there until he finished, thankfully I knew how to breathe properly. (My fifth just rolled over my fourth and I'm   hav ing troubl efocuss in the word my am wryping)

He forced me to clean his dick and dry it with my shirt. He left after that... we still have class two day a week, for three more weeks.


I don't know what will happen, I'm worried and aroused he might be telling people.

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Dear Wet Carpet Magazine,

Loved the recent sneaky pee stories from Linda, Carol and Cheryl, so I thought I would share a recent one of mine.

I’m Sarah a sales rep for a stationery supplies company and my job takes me round the country visiting companies and shops that have accounts with my firm. You’d be surprised that even in this digital age with everything being done online how many people still like the personal touch which keeps the business coming in and me in a job!

Last week, one afternoon I was visiting a Stationery and Office supplies shop in a shopping mall and met with Gail the shop manager. It had been well worth my while as I’d picked up a good order. Just as I was about to leave, I asked Gail if I could use their loo. “I’m sorry you can’t as we don’t have one at the minute” she replied, “You’ll have to use the main ones in the mall”.

I was about to reply don’t worry about it, thinking to myself, if I passed them on the way back to the car I’d nip in or failing that I’d sneak a pee somewhere in the car park, as being on the road for a few years, I’d become quite adept at finding a place for a wee when the need arose, when I was surprised with what she said next, “unless something more basic will do you? I was going to go as soon as you left anyway”. Intrigued, I replied “I’m not fussy, anywhere will do.”

With that Gail lead me towards the back of the shop, telling her colleague she was going to check on “the print run”.  We then entered the storeroom at the back of the shop and passed some half finished building works. “That’s our new staff room and loo. It was supposed to be finished two weeks ago, but there was a delay with the units and the builders won’t be back until they arrive. For the first few days it was fine, but we found it was too much bother and took too long to track all the way to the main loos, so came up with an alternative” Gail explained, lifting a small plastic box, as we left the store through a rear door into a service corridor.

“Don’t worry there’s no CCTV out here” Gail assured me as we made our way along the corridor past a few other units. It looked like we were making our way towards a dead end, but as we got to the end the corridor opened out on the right to an alcove housing a service duct and an emergency exit. What looked like an old desk top had been leaned against the wall beside the service duct to form a makeshift cubicle to offer a bit of cover. “I know it’s a bit basic, but will it do?” asked Gail. “It’ll do fine” I replied. “Thought it might” Gail responded laughing, before asking me if I wanted to go first.

I took her up on the offer and handed her my business suit jacket, before moving into the stall and noticed a faint trace of a previous pee. She handed me the plastic box which contained a box of tissues and instructed me to drop any used ones into the box when I was done, as we didn’t want to leave any litter behind. “Do you want me to give you a bit of privacy” asked Gail, to which I replied “no don’t worry about it” as I hitched up my knee length pencil line skirt, first revealing my stocking tops and then my lacey white boy shorts, which I slid down as I dropped into a low squat. It wasn’t long before my wee started, slowly at first, but quickly turning into a shooting jet that hissed loudly as it left my lips, before hitting the floor in front of me forming a small puddle which quickly turned into a stream that ran across the floor. It quickly passed the end of the cubicle as it made its way towards the centre of the alcove. I could see that Gail was impressed as she occasionally glanced in my direction as my wee continued for about 45 seconds before it started to wane. After a couple of quick spurts I was done and taking a tissue out of the box I wiped carefully before standing up to pull up my knickers, adjusted them and then smoothed down my skirt. “You’ve done that before” laughed Gail. “What gave you that idea” I replied mischievously.

We swapped places with Gail giving me back my jacket as she moved to a dry spot to the left of my wee. “Would you take a quick check to see if there’s anyone about” Gail asked me, “I’ve a bit more undressing to do with this outfit”.  “All clear” I replied and this gave Gail the go ahead to undo the top half of the jumpsuit she was wearing, revealing a pink bra. She bunched this up, before hooking her thumbs into the waist of her blue and white striped bikini briefs and lowered these and the suit to her knees. Dropping into a low squat, it wasn’t long before a thick jet of pee sprayed out of her neatly trimmed bush. It thundered down to the ground forming a massive puddle in front of her, before a couple of river lets broke away and ran to the middle of the floor joining mine. “I thought I need to go, but you must have been bursting” I said as she continued with her pee. “I haven’t been since before lunch” Gail replied as her pee stopped as quickly as it had started. She bounced up and down a few times before she reached for a couple of tissues to wipe. Standing up she laughed “Would have worn a matching set if I knew I would have had an audience” as she continued to get redressed. “Didn’t expect to be pissing in front of a customer either” I replied as we both burst into a giggle.

With us both fully relieved we started to make our way back to the shop, Gail bringing the tissue box with her. “Aren’t you worried about getting caught” I asked her. “No, nobody ever uses the end of the corridor and with the heat it soon dries up. We’ve been using it for a few weeks now and have got away with it and normally its only one at a time, so there isn’t a massive flood!” “Sorry about that” I replied, “wouldn’t want to get your facility closed. How many of you actually use it?” “There’s a few of us, but it depends who’s in as there are some who wouldn’t approve, so you have to be careful. I knew I’d be fine with you though” Gail winked as we got back to the shop.

Thanking her for the order and the use of the “facilities” I made my way back to the car and made a note in the diary to make sure I delivered the order!


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Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Cassie and I work as a cop in the USA. Whether this costs me my job remains to be seen, but I have other options if that happens. And I am not really bothered who knows, to tell you the truth. As long as it involves nothing actually illegal, I am pretty shameless.  Anyway, this is me.....


I think I look kinda cute.

Anyway, I am seeing this guy who LOVES watching me pee. And he doesn't care where I do it. In fact, he loves having me piss anywhere the fuck I like in his apartment. Sometimes I'll drop by during my shift if he is in, and go pop a squat in his living room and pee right there on the carpet. He lets me pee wherever I feel like. I've pissed on that darn carpet so many times that it stinks of piss! But hey, if he is ok with that, why the hell should I care? It's his property so I sure aint breaking any laws.

And it's not just that carpet either. I've peed on his bedroom carpet more times than I can remember, and on the kitchen floor as well. I've peed on his sofa, and on his bed. I've popped a squat upon his tables and peed there too. I guess I pee just about anywhere I feel like in his apartment. I've even peed against the walls in his living room and bedroom a few times. He seems to enjoy watching me do that.

I guess I look like little miss innocent there in my uniform, but I am in reality the kind of dirty ho who loves pissing all over the place in this guy's apartment. Sure is awesome fun.

Actually, though, I suppose it runs in the family. Cos there was this one time when I was a lot younger when I walked in on dad watching mom and some other woman squatting and peeing on the carpet behind the couch, lol. Was an awkward moment, lemme tell you, but kinda funny. It was after that that I started enjoying the occasional pee on my own bedroom carpet until I left home and joined the police. I think my parents knew I did it, but couldn't really say anything. In any case, I knew my mom used to pee on her bedroom carpet beside the bed sometimes. Caught her doing it a couple of times, though she quickly stopped when I walked in, hahaha.

Don't pee around my own home now - except occasionally the kitchen floor cos that is tiled and easy to mop up afterwards. But having some guy who'll let me piss anywhere at his place is fucking awesome. And if he wants me to do it, and likes watching me, why the fuck not? It's just so fucking erotic to pee wherever I feel like without in any way having to give a shit.


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Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Tina. When I was a bit younger, I had a school friend who used to just pee on her bedroom carpet, and would let me do it too. At first I thought it was funny, but it just got kind of normal after a while. But I also realised that I enjoyed doing it, and have had an interest in naughty peeing ever since. And I began to indulge my growing kink by occasionally pissing on my own bedroom carpet, making liberal use of febreeze and air freshener to ensure mum never found out. 

But as I grew up I became ever more ashamed of my kink, and a little fearful. Wouldn't most of my friends think I was a dirty bitch and a pervert if they found out? And what if mum caught me? Even the thought of it filled me with embarrassment. I was torn between fear and anxiety about being found out - and the anticipation of the intense thrill I always got out of pissing on the carpet. The latter always won eventually. I rarely lasted a week before succumbing to my desire to pee on the carpet again.  The fact that it was such an outrageously naughty thing to do is what gave me such an erotic thrill out of doing it!

Well, I was 18 and still living at home with mum - dad had left a couple of years earlier - when disaster struck! There I was squatting knickerless with my skirt hoisted, right there in the corner of my bedroom. And enjoying yet another piss right there on the carpet! When suddenly the door swung open and mum barged in, catching me in full flow, though I stopped pissing within seconds. She looked astonished for a moment, but then kind of grinned - and apologised for the intrusion and left the room again.

I was mortified. Mum tried to carry on afterwards as if nothing had happened, but I couldn't even face her, let alone speak to her. I just felt so ashamed about my mum knowing about my dirty secret. I suppose I should have noticed that she really didn't react by going off on one, and indeed seemed entirely un-bothered. But my shame and embarrassment were so intense that my head couldn't fully register that. I felt so awkward and wasn't even eating properly.

After a couple of weeks, mum realised I wasn't getting over my embarrassment by simply pretending it hadn't happened, and that it was a deep problem for me. So she came into my room and uttered the dreaded words - "Tina, we need to talk."

I couldn't even look at her, let alone acknowledge her presence. I would have been okay with the floor opening up and swallowing me at that moment. So mum pretty much did all the talking, which went something like this....

"Tina, there really is no need for you to feel bad or ashamed. Do I seem the least bit bothered about it? It's your bedroom and your carpet! If you want to pee on it, who cares!"

This wasn't really helping my embarrassment, hearing her talking about it like this. She tried reassuring me. "Look, I am sorry I walked in at the wrong time. But I promise you I won't tell anyone else about it. It's none of their business."

She still wasn't helping much. So she continued with something like this.....

"Besides - and you're an adult now so no need to hide this fact from you anymore - you're not the only one in this house who has ever peed on their bedroom carpet, you know!"

That information hit home and for a brief second I looked at her before looking away - the first positive reaction she'd had. So she continued....

"Yeah, I pee on my bedroom carpet too sometimes. Your dad used to encourage me to do it. He liked watching!"

Mum chuckled at that, then carried on. My own shame was slowly giving way to astonishment and interest. She was starting to get through to me with these revelations. Which she of course realised, so she carried on.....

"Sometimes when you were staying at granddad's or something and I was home alone or maybe with your dad, I would walk right past the bathroom when I needed to pee, and just go and do it on my bedroom carpet anyway for the sheer fun of it."

I looked at her for longer now as she continued with a chuckle, "So yes, Tina. You're not the only one! Your mum knows how much fun it can be being a dirty cow and pissing wherever you feel like."

I spoke, "Really?" My shame and embarrassment rapidly diminishing now as I listened with interest.

Mum was on a roll.....

"Yes really, hahaha! You have no idea how many times I've peed on the kitchen floor when you've not been home!"

"Mum, that's gross!" I laughed.

She just laughed in response. "Yeah I know! That's why it's such fun! And you know that puddle you found on the living room carpet a couple of years back that the dog did?"

"Yeah?"......I already guessed where this was going.

"Wasn't the dog! A couple of hours earlier when you were out, I needed to pee. And decided it would be a lot more fun just to do it right there in the living room, hahaha."

The thought crossed my mind that maybe she was teasing me for some reason, or just making this shit up.

She must have registered the doubt on my face, because she said something like, " Struggling to believe that your sweet old mum has been such a dirty cow behind your back for all these years, eh? I still do it you know! Only this morning, first thing I did when I woke up needing a pee  was to squat right there beside the bed and pee on my carpet. If you don't believe me you can go and check out the wet patch, hahaha."

She could still see that I was struggling to get my head around this.

"You are having difficulties believing all this shit, aren't you? Hahaha. Well at least that proves I did a reassuringly good job of protecting your innocence when you were growing up. And all along I was secretly pissing everywhere just for fun, hahaha. Anyway, I could do with a pee right now, so just to prove it to you....."

And with that she suddenly started unfastening her jeans. Within moments, both they and her knickers were around her knees as she squatted in the middle of my bedroom. I looked on agape as - moments later - a loud hissing filled the room as my mum's yellow piss started splashing forcefully down. She looked down for a second at the sight of her own pee cascading onto the carpet, a gleeful expression upon her face. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and was struck speechless for a few moments. Then she looked at me with a grin as her piss continued splashing onto the carpet. "There, you see? Your mum really does pee on carpets, hahaha."

I chuckled, "That's so gross mum! That's MY fucking carpet you're pissing on!"

She just laughed, "Yeah I know! So what! It's only piss! Bet you've peed here loads of times. So me doing it once is hardly going to make any difference, hahaha."

"Mum, you're terrible, hahaha."

"Anyway Tina, why don't you join in?"

And that seemed like a really good idea. Mum's words and actions had totally done the trick, obliterating my shame and embarrassment, and now I was totally at ease with the whole thing. So even as mum's pissing showed no sign of abating, I myself lowered my own jeans and knickers and dropped down into a squat beside my bed. And a second later, I too was pissing on the carpet.

With her head start, mum finally finished well before me, and stood up, pulling her jeans and knickers back into place. She looked down with a smirk at the massive puddle she'd created in the middle of the floor, then looked at me pissing and laughed, "I needed that!". I was pissing pretty forcefully with quite a loud hissing sound, so she chuckled, "Looks like you needed that too!"  We both laughed as I continued pissing for another half minute or so.

Afterwards, all awkwardness finally gone completely, we chatted, mum telling me about some of her most outrageous adventures. Like the time she pissed on the backseat of some guy's car while he watched, or the numerous times she'd peed on the floor under the table in pubs and nightclubs. Or the time she and a friend sneaked into someone's bedroom at a party and peed on the bed for a laugh. She also told me how she met my dad. Her words went something like this....

"I was at this wild party and we were all playing truth or dare, with the dares getting ever more outrageous. Well, I made the fortuitous mistake of admitting that I needed a pee immediately before accepting a dare. Which is why some girl dared me to piss on the table! So I did! In no time I was squatting upon this large glass table and pissing there in front of a room full of laughing young people. When it all started flowing off the edge to splash down on the carpet, and I just carried on pissing anyway, everyone was in fits of laughter. But I noticed one guy watching with an obvious hard on in his pants. That was your future dad. Think I impressed him, hahaha. We started dating soon after that."

I asked, "Did dad pee on the carpet and things like that too?"

"Sometimes. But he preferred watching me do it. He did have a thing sometimes about having me hold his penis as he peed against our bedroom wall."

I laughed, "I'll never see dad in the same light again! Why did you split up?"

"Oh, he was into the whole golden shower thing. He wanted to piss on me! Now, I may be the kind of dirty bitch who gets a buzz out of pissing all over the place, but being peed ON has never really appealed, so I would never let him. But he discovered that his younger and better looking secretary was more than willing to let him pee in her face, so he dumped me for her. At first I was so pissed off that that I'd have gladly pissed in that bitches face myself! Until it occurred to me that she might actually enjoy that, haha. But I have long since moved on and am happy to enjoy the happy memories."

The things that went on without me having a clue are barely believable. How could I never have known? Here's another one my mum told be about....

"One day when you were staying at granddad's for a week, your dad and I invited these two women back from the pub for some fun. And the three of us - me and the two women - peed all over the living room carpet whilst your dad watched! Hahaha. By the time you came home nearly a week later it had all dried out. But though we tried our best, we couldn't completely mask the....er...aroma! Haha. Do you remember coming back from granddad's and noticing a pissy smell? And we told you it was the dog?"

"Oh. My. God! Oh my fucking god, I know exactly where this is going...."

"Yep, hahaha. Wasn't the dog! It was the pissy aftermath of the time three ladies - myself included -  peed all over that carpet for fun! It was several weeks before that pissy smell disappeared completely."

Then some amused advice. "When you get your own place and want to indulge in some pissing fun, make sure you have a dog. It's a convenient scapegoat if anyone ever notices anything, hahaha."

Then mum asked me if I'd ever stood and peed against a wall. And to be honest, it had never occurred to me to try, and I wasn't really sure how feasible it was for a girl. All of which I told her.

So she enlightened me. "Oh it's easy! You just need to stand facing the wall  with your legs parted a little and hips thrust forward. And pee! Your piss just sprays out against the wall like with a guy. Easiest if you do it whilst naked, at least from the waist down. Your dad loved watching me do that. You should try it sometime.   It is rather fun."

"You did that in your bedroom?"

"Sometimes. But not always. One time when you were away I peed against the living room wall beside the sofa!".

"Oh my god!"

"Oh that's not all. These two guys that my husband knew, and their girlfriends, were there watching me doing it! So I had quite an audience for that one!"

All this outrageous behaviour from my mum and I never knew!

She continued...."Usually these days when I feel like doing that I do at least use the bathroom. But I ignore the toilet that is right there and stand pissing against the wall instead. That's a special kind of naughtiness - the toilet is there, but there's me deliberately pissing against the wall a few feet from it instead."

All this, and I never knew! "Wow mum, thanks for telling me all this. I felt really embarrassed and ashamed before and couldn't even look at you. It was excruciating. You've blown all that away. Thanks."

"Well my job is done then Tina. I had to share all this with you, because you were clearly suffering needlessly. After all, look at all the dirty pissing I've done in my time, and I've turned out ok, haven't I? And so what if you or I enjoy pissing here and there? We are not hurting anyone and it's nobody else's business. And this of course will remain between ourselves. We are not going to blurt it out to everyone down the pub! So next time you feel a desire to pee on your bedroom carpet - or against the wall if you want to give that a go - feel free. Fucking hell Tina, you can piss on your bed for all I care. You're the one sleeping in it after all."

"I don't think I'll be doing that. Don't fancy trying to sleep in a wet pissy bed, hahaha. But thanks mum. I appreciate today."

"Well that reminds me of the time this rich couple got me to pee on their bed.......but that's another story."

I thought what the fuck? "Mum you can't leave that hanging there!"

She laughed and said that sometime soon we'd have a few drinks together and she'd tell me all about it. But she had stuff she had to get on with at that moment so had to leave.

I see her in a whole new light now. And maximum respect, lol.





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Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Suzie, and I am a 19 year old student living away from home in digs with another girl the same age, Vanessa. We have recently become friends with an 18 year old girl on the same courses called Dana, who is lucky enough to be living at home with her parents. Our university is in her home town so she never had to leave.

One night we were out drinking together, when we all ended up in the ladies' toilets because Dana needed a pee and wanted us to go with her. But we'd had quite a few to drink which is maybe why Dana laughingly suggested, "Shall I just piss on the floor? It'll be a laugh."  And Vanessa and I were steamed enough to find the whole idea drunkenly hilarious too and dared her to do it. And she did as well! Even though anyone could have walked in at any time, she soon had her jeans and knickers down to her knees, semi-squatting outside the cubicles with her naked ass in full view, and pissing all over the floor! It was funny as fuck! And loud as fuck too, the sound of it splashing down echoing around the room even more loudly than our laughter. When she was done, she quickly pulled up her jeans and we all ran out laughing, leaving one hell of a mess on the floor. Piss everywhere, lol.

I can't believe we got away with that. Because - incredibly - no one actually came in for the 45 seconds or so that Dana was pissing, lol.

Well, it could have been put down to the booze I suppose, but with hindsight that was maybe a first clue to Dana's "couldn't give a fuck" attitude to where she peed.

Anyway, we were all at Dana's place the other night - in her bedroom - trying on clothes, looking at funny vids on the internet, and generally goofing round whilst drinking cans of lager. Well, when we all began to feel the need to pee, Dana led us all towards her bathroom - only to discover the door was locked. Her mum was in there in the bath and hogging the bathroom. And pointedly refusing to be rushed.

So we headed back into Dana's bedroom, feeling more uncomfortable by the minute as we took in the bad news that her mum's habit was to hog the bathroom for ages.

Eventually, Dana said, "Don't know about you guys but I'm getting really uncomfortable right now." She pointed towards the floor in the corner of the room. " Shall I just piss here?"

Vanessa and I were somewhat aghast yet also amused at the suggestion. I could barely believe what she was so matter-of-factly suggesting, like it was a totally normal thing to do. I laughed, "Dana, that's your bedroom carpet! You can't just pee on it!" Though to be honest I was secretly finding the idea a turn on.

Dana responded with, "Why the fuck not? It's only a carpet, and I'm not the one who paid for it, so who cares? Besides, when I need to pee in the middle of the night, you don't think I bother going all the way out there to the bathroom do you? I don't even bother going over there to the corner. I just pop a squat beside the bed and piss right there on the carpet!"

Vanessa asked with an amused giggle, as Dana strode the short distance to the corner, "Oh my god, Dana, doesn't it ever make the place smell a bit pissy?"

As Dana squatted poised for a piss, she explained, "Well it's fine right now really. I do use febreeze a lot. And it's been at least a couple of weeks since I last peed in here. But yeah, sometimes it does smell a bit pissy, but so what? It's only piss."

And with that the floodgates opened. With a loud hissing sound, Dana's piss was splashing down hard onto the carpet.

Vanessa reacted with, "Oh my god, Dana. That's your own bedroom carpet you're pissing on! I can't believe you're doing that!"

Dana - still pissing away - laughed, "It's actually quite enjoyable to just pee wherever the fuck you want. Anyway, you both need to pee as well right? And mum is still hogging the bathroom. So why not join me? Just pee anywhere you want on the floor."

I asked. "You don't mind if other people piss in here as well?"

"Nah, a couple of months back I let two guys piss all over the floor in here. I enjoyed watching them do it, hahaha."

Vanessa and I were struggling to comprehend this. Vanessa expressed her shock, "Are you serious? You let two guys piss all over your bedroom carpet?"

"Yeah sure. It was a turn on to see it. Anyway, what are you waiting for? You need to pee right?"

And so, tentatively at first, Vanessa and I lowered our jeans and popped a squat as well. And peed. And it felt so fucking good actually. I was really enjoying it, yet barely able to believe what we were doing, all squatting over the floor and pissing on Dana's carpet.

When we were done, we all high fived each other and laughed at the sight of three massive puddles soaking into the carpet.

I had to ask what her mum would do if she found out.

"Honestly? I don't think she'd give a fuck! If she caught us pissing on the carpet she'd probably just laugh and join in. She's worse than me, seriously. Why do you think I do this shit? It's a role model thing, hahaha."

We asked her to clarify.

"Well, let's just say there was this one time when my mum came home with a couple of friends, all three of them well hammered. I heard them making so much noise  cackling away in her bedroom that I went in to investigate. And there all three of them were, squatting upon mum's bed and pissing on it for a drunken laugh!"

"Oh my god, that's so gross!" laughed Vanessa.

"She knows I know about it as well, because the next day she swore me to secrecy. And then there was this other time when she came home drunk with some guy and his wife. And the first thing they did when they got in the door was to laughingly head for the kitchen and piss all over the floor! So she really wouldn't be able to complain about us pissing on my carpet!"

After that we just carried on having fun. By the time we needed to pee again, the bathroom was free, her mum having headed out to the pub. But we just peed on Dana's carpet again anyway, lol. Was a lot more fun.



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