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Your Hottest Pee Experience

Found 32 results

  1. Hello peeps

    Been a lurker for quite some time. I've written some dirty stories in the "fictional stories" section. While hundreds have read my stories, I get no feedback. Let me know if you like the stories or hate the stories. One way or the other. I didn't spend all that time writing them for nothing. As a human I crave feedback of some kind. PEEce out!
  2. Just love being naughty sometimes
  3. Hello, I'm crash

    Hello all! I'm crash, i'm 22. I'm into piss desperation and drinking my own pee. I have recently just discovered how into this i am. Right now I'm desperate and still drinking. If anybody wants to chat while i'm holding that would be swell! (:
  4. WD girls

    Does anyone have any full lenght or shorter clips from the site WD girls? Used to watch a lot when the site was open and i loved their films, thanks beforehand!
  5. He loves reading your comments !!
  6. pisslist.com

    Has anyone used www.pisslist.com ? Looks like there are lots of British girls on there getting wet
  7. *****Warning..The following fictional story contains Male/Male Pee fun. If this is a turn off then read something else LOL****** My friend Jim and I had gone to grab a bite to eat at a place about 20 miles from where I live. I have known Jim for several years and we are great friends. I have always known Jim was Bi-sexual and could care less. I don't judge people based off their sexual preferences. We talk about everything including our fetishes and I was surprised when Jim told me he was into golden showers and Pee Play. I told him I was too and it has been nice to have someone who enjoys something I enjoy too. We often watch Pee videos on my computer and talk about our past experiences involving watersports. After dinner we stopped to pick up a few things I needed at the store and headed back to my house. About 5 miles down the road Jim mentioned that he had to pee and maybe should have gone back at the store. We only had about another 15 minutes before I got home and he said he was sure he could hold it. Jim drank several glasses of water with his dinner and by the time we got home he was pretty desperate. I went to the door to let him inside but the deadbolt lock was wanting to be a pain and was hard to get unlocked. Jim thought I was delaying his entry on purpose and he told me if I didn't get the door open quickly he would just pee on me. I told him I was trying...it was dark out and my back door is pretty much hidden from view so I told him if he couldn't hold it just pee outside. I went back to trying to get the deadbolt unlocked. I heard Jim unzip his pants so I figured he was going to water my lawn. As I struggled with the lock I suddenly felt something warm on the back of my leg. I turned around to find Jim Standing there peeing on my leg. "I warned you" he said. By now I was wet enough so that moving out of his way wouldn't matter so I just stood there and watched as he continued to relieve himself on my pants. It actually felt nice...warm and wet. Unlike a lady it was cool watching him aim and play his stream all over my pants. He really had to pee and it took him almost two minutes to finish. Then he shook off and zip himself up. "I've wanted to do that for a long time and just couldn't resist the chance" He told me. I finally got the door open and went inside. After stripping out of my wet clothes I took a shower and put on some clean clothes. Before Jim left he asked if I was mad at him. I told him No. Even though I've always considered myself "Straight" I've always enjoyed see guys pee too. Just never thought I'd actually enjoy being peed on by another guy. Guess you never Know.
  8. I keep having this fantasy of having a guy crouch and me get under him and lick his ass while sucking his balls and he pisses all over me. It sounds so hot, even a girl! eat her asshole and pussy while she pisses. Is there any porn out there like that? I just think i'm into ass eating right now. Only when pissing. Sounds so sexy. am i the only one?
  9. I probably pee more in my Bed than in the toilet LOL
  10. She's going to lose it any second
  11. You can tell by her face she's desperate to Pee
  12. Big Bladder

    Showing off her Huge Bladder before Peeing
  13. Who loves girls with overfilled Bladders ?
  14. Library piss

    Hey there. I got in touch with a very hot girl (laura fatalle. you may know her, she pissed into the changing room). i asked her if she'd piss all over some books in a library. she would be willing to do this! who would be interested? she wants of course a fair price for the vid..
  15. About me

    I luv drinking girl piss. It's so AWESOME when I go down on a girl and she says "wait, I gotto go to the bathroom!" I always say, "Just go in my mouth." Some get grossed out, but the majority just let the yellow stream fly. It tastes so good!!!!
  16. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Peeing-on-milf-s-panties-31637872

    Getting caught Tina was an attractive girl, long dark hair, size 10 and legs that seemed to go on forever, she was as hated by the other women in the clubs, as she was popular with the men, Tonight she was extremely popular, dressed in a tight white catsuit, tiny white bikini panties, and shiny red crotch length boots, she had decided not to bother with a bra! It had been a good night in the club, she'd had many drinks bought for her and had danced with most of the men it there, however as usual she was going home alone, it was her choice, she liked to be in control. Being mid summer it was a warm night, or perhaps early morning would have been more correct, it was 5 AM, and many people were still in the clubs partying. She made her way along the deserted main street through town, it was only a 15 minute walk to her house, and she enjoyed the peace and quiet, quiet that is except for the clicking sound of her boot heels on the pavement. She'd almost reached the end of the main street, when the first twinge hit her, she really should have used the club toilets before she left, she gritted her teeth and walked on. By the time she reached the end of the road, she knew she was not going to make it home in dry panties, a couple of spurts had already made them damp and she knew she'd never manage the short distance home and remain dry. It was at this point that she spotted the old shop on the corner, unlike all the rest it had never been modernised, and, where all the rest had a flat front that bordered the pavement, this had 2 windows, then a kind of hallway with the door at the bottom, the floor was covered in a dark faded wood, no doubt in it's heyday it would have been polished to a high gloss! She hurried into the deep doorway, lowered her zip, and pulled her arms out of the tight white catsuit, she'd barely managed to get it and her panties down to her boot tops, when, her bladder finally gave up and a torrent of steaming piss gushed forth, it sprayed all over her boots, and formed a large pool on the wooden floor, she'd just managed to dress herself and was feeling pleased that she'd managed to get away without being seen, when suddenly an arm grabbed her around the waist and pulled her backwards, before she knew it she was inside the shop. "Dirty fucking whore" screamed a very large and very angry looking man, "cheap dirty slut, look at you, tits poking out of your top, an outfit so tight you can see your knickers, and boots that only a street whore would wear" Tina was just about to tell him that she was nothing of the kind, when he began to yell at her again, "As if dressing like a common tart isn't bad enough, you decide to piss in my doorway, it's the same every week, clean it on Friday night, come Saturday morning, some slut has left her stinking piss all over it again" He stood glaring at her, then just as she was wondering what was going to happen next, he stepped closer to her, then spoke again, there was something menacing about his voice. "ok slut strip", she stared at him, "come on, strip, or shall I rip them off"? She shook her head, and with some difficulty removed the long red boots, she paused for a moment, then removed the tight white catsuit, she stood in front of him, naked, except for a small white pair of bikini panties. "I said strip, that means everything" he hissed, "including the pants" She hurriedly removed them and tried to hide herself with her arms, he stepped over to the counter and produced a cheap nylon bikini, it was very thin, and bright red, he threw it on the floor in front of her, "put that on,lets see how slutty that makes you look" She hurriedly did as she was told, it was a terrible cheap bikini, the material did nothing to hide her pointy nipples, and the panties were extremely tight, and quite big. "now get dressed and be quick about it, I'll show you what a drunken slut looks like" he growled, she hurriedly pulled on the white catsuit and stepped back into the long red boots, the bikini was clearly visible beneath the white material. "here drink this" he snarled, handing her a 2 litre bottle of ice cold water, she drank it as quick as she could, then he handed her a large glass of whisky, "now this" he said, smirking at her. A few minutes after drinking the whisky she began to feel slightly dizzy, then she felt the need to use the toilet, she squirmed slightly, the man noticed immediately. "I suppose you'd like to piss now, would you"?, she nodded, "yes, if you don't mind, where is the toilet"?, the man laughed at her, "the toilet, it's in your pants, and your boots, I bet they can hold lots of piss, well put it this way, we're about to find out, go on piss into the boots" She had no option but to do as she was told, she relaxed her muscles, and a stream of hot urine flooded out of her panties, down her thighs, and trickled into her boots. "that's better, all empty now are we" he asked, she nodded her head, "yes I think so" she whispered. "well don't worry we'll soon fill you up" and with that he handed her another large bottle of iced water, by 8.30 her boots were almost full to the tops, and her suit was soaking, the cheap red panties could clearly be seen under the sodden white material. "not much longer, drink this", he said, handing her a large glass of whisky,she'd barely finished drinking it when she realised she was about to pass out, she came round a few minutes later to find herself sitting in the shop doorway, as she sat there in a drunken haze she heard the mans voice again, softer this time, "that's right slut, piss those pants, thats a good girl, let everyone see what a drunken whore you really are", she looked down at the stream of warm piss that sprayed from her crotch and pooled around her booted feet, then she passed out once more. The man took the remainder of the whisky and poured it over the top of her catsuit, soaking her chest and making the bikini top even more visible, he placed the empty bottle in her hand and went back into the shop, the next time she came round she heard laughter, and could see bright flashes, "look at the state of that" said a womans voice, "what a tart, fancy getting in that state". She tried to stand but couldn't, a splash of cold piss emerged from her boot top as she landed back on the doorstep, suddenly a man dragged her to her feet and placed her in the back of a van, "urgh, she's totally pissed herself, even her boots are full", she heard him say. The next thing she knew it was mid afternoon, she opened her eyes and realised she was in a police cell, she was dragged out of the cell, and brought in front of a rather stern looking sergeant behind a desk, she could hear other people making crude comments about her and feel them staring at her piss soaked outfit. She was charged with being drunk and incapable, and urinating in a public place for which she was fined £100, then she was led out of the police station and into the street, "I suggest you go home young lady, you look disgusting" said the sergeant, as he closed the door behind her. She was refused a taxi, and had to walk home through the busy town centre, there were crude comments and shouts from the people as she walked through the busy streets, every so often piss would squirt out of her boots and people would point and jeer at her, would she ever be able to show her face in public again? THE END
  18. Pissing on Snapchat

    Hey all! I'm just wondering if there are any pee enthusiasts on Snapchat willing to share clips. This is all FREE and I prefer girls but no rejection to males. My Snapchat is: girlspee4me
  19. WD girls

    Hey girls and guys Recently I just realized how much I miss WDgirls.com! Unfortunately I missed the last chance to join the site :(! Does anyone here has an account on the site? Is is still so unbelivable good?? I joined about 5 times over the last year but missed the last chance :( on the internet you can find some of the stuff but not the really hot piss scenes.. does anybody have some content of WDgirls?
  20. Martian Mores

    For anyone who may have missed me, I've decided to host all my erotic fiction on Literotica, largely because my interests have diversified a bit. The peeing fetish is still important, but it's nowhere near the monopoly it once was. I've written a whole series of breastfeeding stories, and I've also written a couple stories about a family of women who have no qualms about masturbating or having sex in front of each other. In fact, that seems to be the common thread running through all of my fetishes, namely the manifestation of non-sexual relationships in unusually intimate ways that can easily take on unintentionally erotic overtones from an outsider's perspective. It often involves the habitual suspension of normal standards of privacy, often stemming from a kind of pragmatism towards sex or other bodily functions. For example, in one of my stories, a trio of sisters discover a taste for anal sex, but much of what makes it hot, at least for me, lies simply in how they'll do it in incidental eyeshot of each other without anyone caring at all. Anyway, my most recent story is relevant to this site, so I thought I'd share it here. It brings together all my main fetishes (so there's plenty of peeing and pooping) and introduces my first unambiguously lesbian characters. It's about a Martian colony that develops very open standards of privacy due to the nature of the colonization process.
  21. Desperate Co-worker

    Working on a ambulance sometimes you get busy and don't have time to pee. The other day I transported a patient to a hospital in another city. I was working with a cute female co-worker. After leaving that patient we had to go back and transport another to the same town. I noticed that after our first call my partner didn't stop to use the restroom. After dropping off our second patient My partner said "Let's go...if I don't find a bathroom I'm gong to pee in my pants" Down the hall we found a bathroom and she dashed inside and shut the door. Coming out she said "Boy I feel so much better" Made the whole day better. Wetman
  22. When you wake up desperate and just can't make it to the potty
  23. Hi there :) We are Zim Hunter and PervyPixie. For the past six months we have uploaded free content to various tube sites and now we are in the process of making a paysite. We stumbled across this site while searching for pee related content ;) We're both very much into piss and especiallly piss drinking. I (Zim) am the "pisser" and Pixie is the "pissee" :D ;) We have A LOT of fetishes so our content is a mixed bunch but pissing is about 30% :) Take a look at: https://www.pornhub.com/users/zhunterpervypixie or https://xhamster.com/user/ZHPervyPixie Hope you like it ;) - PervyPixie and Zim Hunter