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Favourite Thing About Pee

Your Hottest Pee Experience

Found 35 results

  1. Pee sounds

    Hey guys, how many of you are interesting in female pee sounds?
  2. How it all started for me

    So unlike many of you on this forum, I came to this fetish a bit later, 18 years old to be precise. I think, however, that after you hear my story you’ll understand why pissing, in all its forms, represents the supreme sexual thrill for me. My high school decided to hold its senior picnic at a local state park which featured a decent-sized lake and several trails for hiking. The school had the largest pavilion set aside for us, and there was food, soda, and iced tea provided in abundance for all. It wasn't long before the students split off into smaller groups and began to wander about the grounds of the park. For the occasion I had procured a small quantity of high-quality kush and was planning to smoke it with a classmate of mine I'll call C. C...wow. She was the hottest girl of our graduating class but didn't seem to know it. She was sexually inexperienced and somewhat of a prude. She had a gorgeous body...not much of a butt but her 36c breasts more than made up for it. Shoulder-length chestnut hair with fringe bangs, dark eyebrows and a beautiful, petite featured face. She was slim but still had wonderful hips, and her skin was so pale, milky, and smooth...yeah. Easy on the eyes is an understatement. She usually wasn't one for revealing clothing, opting on most days for large t-shirts and jeans. On this day, however, she was wearing a babydoll shirt that outlined the wonderful curvature of her breasts, a pair of those Candies platform sneakers, and a pair of cotton Aero short-shorts, the kind with a drawstring at the waist that were loose and roomy around the thighs. This last detail will come into sharp focus. It didn't take long for her and I to pick the most secluded-seeming of the trails to get high and avoid getting caught. Once we were out of eye-and-earshot of our classmates, I packed the bowl, lit up, and we passed it back and forth between us. It wasn't long before the weed loosened us both up and we were giggling and sharing barely-coherent inside jokes. Now all this time I had been nursing a chub by stealing every glance I could at her lovely thighs, plenty full for a petite girl. Eventually, we passed a large , fallen oak just off the trail that made a perfect seat for us to sit side by side whilst I packed a second bowl. The way she was sitting caused her shorts to run a few inches up her thighs, and I kept my arms carefully folded across my lap to hide my reaction to this development. We were sitting close enough for our clothing to touch. I noticed, halfway thru the bowl, that she was shaking her leg up and down with increasing rapidity. I asked her what was wrong, wondering if the weed was making her nervous. "No. I have to pee, like, really bad." Hoo boy. Now up until this point I wasn't into pee but i did know that a girl peeing outdoors involved a degree of baring her vagina to the open air in one form or another. My thoughts, already clouded by the pot were stirring uncontrollably and my heart started racing. I felt it beating against my T-shirt as I tested the water: “Well…do you think you can make it back to where the bathroom is?” "Not gonna happen. I'm sorry, not to be gross but I'm gonna pee here." I became rock hard with staggering rapidity. I believe this was the moment my fetish was born, but what followed gives me goosebumps of extreme satisfaction to this day. That said, at this point I still wanted to be a gentleman and not a creep. "Okay, you want me to walk back to the trail until you're done?" I figured, with her shy nature that catching a peek was out of the question but maybe I could at least hear her urine hitting the dirt from the trail. "No, please just stay here, I don't wanna feel like I'm alone, you know?" She lightly grasped my arm as if to prevent me from stirring. But like a tree standing by the waterside, I would not be moved. "I'm sorry, please don't think I'm gross." I attempted to sound cavalier but my voice trembled yet. "Not at a---all." I guess the weed made her paranoid of being alone. I had all the excitement of a kid on christmas morning as she set to work. She scooted her little butt up to the edge of the fallen oak until she was perched just below her tailbone and spread her legs wide with me still next to her. Her bare left knee touched my right. Now, remember that loose-about-the-thighs detail? She took great advantage of this, pulling the leg up and across her crotch, exposing her left thigh to the ass cheek as she hopped slightly so her bum would hold it in place. I was already leaning forward to hide my priaprismatic boner and only had to look peripherally to see her lime green panties. What happened next, I swear to this day I saw in slow motion. Her right hand, still clutching at the leg of the shorts, swept across the panties' crotch and pulled it completely to the side. Dear God. Her pubic hair was very close-cropped, its outline still discernable, and the slightly puffy outer labia parted to reveal the bubblegum-pink folds within, slick and shiny. Perhaps the weed made her horny. She was preoccupied looking down at this but had to know I was watching. My body was aquiver and sweat pops were blooming on my forehead as, with both hands, she spread her labia out with a slightly upward, diagonal angle. She exhaled slowly through her mouth and it started, not gradually, but almost instantly, spraying forth maybe 2 1/2-3 feet infront of her, a strong, singular stream with a slight parabolic arc. As her urethra had a clear shot, the only sound was of her urine hitting the forest floor where a mound of foam began to build up between her sneakers. It had to have been 45 seconds to a minute, but for me, time had frozen. My senses heightened by the weed, I caught hints of ammonia in the air, accompanied by an undercurrent of her own secret, sticky-sweet girlish scent. My mind was overloaded. The stream died down almost as quickly as it started, the last few drops running down the fallen tree between her legs. She air-dried for a monent, then as she replaced her clothing she turned and made a coquette's face, winking one eye and sticking out her tongue. That did it. I swear my dick recoiled as it shot out the most massive wad of my life up to that point. She quickly stood, adjusted her shorts and brushed the debris from her ass. I was dumbstruck, barely feeling the damp slickness in my boxers as I listened to the foam dissipate. I recovered enough to realize I ought to say something. "It looks like someone poured out a beer," I said in monotone, gesturing to the foamy patch. She agreed, giggling. On our walk back we were in a mirthful way, joking about her bladder size and her good aim. She knew I saw it, bare pussy and all, and her cheeks were flushing red on-and-off all the way back. When we got back to the pavilion I ran to the restroom to clean myself as best I could, stroking myself to two more explosive orgasms in the process. So that's my story. Would it be okay if I posted it in the "True Stories" section as well? I think it would be of interest. I'd challenge any man to walk away from that experience without a passionate and lifelong urine fetish.
  3. Warm Baths

    since y'all seemed to like my other most recent story i thought i'd get this one from my ao3 and post it as well ! i hope you enjoy “Come on, take a bath with me,” Izzy pouted, looking over at Clary. “It’ll be fun. And romantic,“ she pointed out with a smile. “Fine,“ Clary signed, following her into the bathroom. Honestly, she knew she should go to the toilet before they got in, but Izzy instantly took off her top the second they were in the bathroom and started the water, so she felt like she couldn’t bring it up. And she was a bit bladdershy, so she couldn’t be as bold about it as Izzy has been in the past, where she’s busted into the bathroom more than once while Clary was showering and announced that she was going to pee before going. Instead she just tried to focus on her girlfriend’s half naked form as she filled the tub, her large breasts hanging heavily as she bent over. Clary bit her lip, a tingle going through her that wasn’t just because of the nagging in her bladder. She pressed her thighs together slightly, the rush of the water making her all that more desperate for the toilet that was just sitting there, begging to be used. “Perfect!“ Izzy said after a moment, turning off the water and kicking off her shorts. She stood before her, completely naked. “Come on, you can’t get in the bath dressed,“ she chuckled, walking over to Clary and pulling up on her top. She helped Clary get completely naked as well and playfully tweaked one of her nipples, smiling at the moan she got in return. “Get in first, I want to sit between your legs,“ she told her. Clary thought for a moment, not sure how good of an idea that was. If Izzy was in front of her, that would force her legs open. And she was getting more and more desperate as the time went on. “Okay,” she decided, stepping into the water. She shivered, soaking in the hot water was making things so much worse. She thought about the liquid inside of her, hot and waiting to be released. Izzy climbed in after her and settled between Clary’s legs, rubbing his legs slowly where they came around her. Clary tried to focus on her touching her skin and not how her legs were forced open, how she couldn’t push them together to keep everything in. They laid in the bath for a while, trying to relax the best she could given her current issues. Her bladder was heavier than before and she felt the urine inside of her start to make its way down her urethra. She let out a shaky breath, slowly touching her breasts to try to distract herself. It helped a little, her nipples grew hard and she started to get wet and she forgot for a little bit that she had to pee. That was until the water grew colder. It seemed like all at once the water in the tub started getting chilly, and that just shocked her system back into overdrive. She was from a three to an eight almost instantly, at the very least, and there was nothing she wanted to do more than to just jump out and run to the toilet. But she couldn’t. She was still too nervous to go in front of Izzy, she didn’t want her to know how desperate she was. She bit her lip, looking down at her girlfriend’s dark hair and just trying to think about anything else but what was going on. And then she leaked. It wasn’t much, just a teasing little spurt, but she felt it. She felt the water grow warmer for half a second, and she started to panic. She clinched up, praying Izzy didn’t feel it against her back. Though she knew that might be useless, seeing as how her vagina was pretty much pressed against the bare skin of Izzy’s back. She let out another shaky breath, her legs wrapping around Izzy more and just trying to get more pressure against herself with Izzy’s body. She nudged her up just a little bit, reaching down to fondle Izzy’s breasts just to keep her mind off of everything. And even if not, at least to distract Izzy from that leak. That leak, and the next one that followed not that much longer after. Clary tried her hardest to stop it, but it lasted for almost a whole second before she could get it under control and she knew this was the beginning of the end. ‘Fuck fuck fuck,’ she thought to herself, knowing she’d have to do something soon. But she was too far gone now, if she tried to get out the second she stood up she’d start peeing. So she took a deep breath and she tightened her legs around Izzy more, still playing with her breasts to keep her distracted. She started kissing at Izzy’s shoulder as she started to properly let go, peeing slowly against her girlfriend’s lower back. She tried to hold back the best she could so she wouldn’t feel it too much, but it didn’t take too long before it was a proper stream, shooting hard and fast against Izzy’s skin. All Clary could think was please let me be doing enough to distract her, though she knew that was useless. She was pissing hard and fast against her, and even if she couldn’t feel that she would be able to feel how the water was rapidly warming back up to a surprisingly comfortable temperature. Clary stopped kissing her skin enough to look down and she gasped quietly, noticing that the water was even growing a pale yellow from her release. There was no way Izzy didn’t know about what was happening. But it felt too good to finally let it all out, to finally get the relief she had craved. Her own nipples were rock hard and she was almost turned on with how good she felt. After what seemed like forever, she finally felt her stream slow before stopping. She sighed, resting her face against Izzy’s shoulder now they she felt so relaxed and comfortable. Izzy never said a word the whole time, and Clary was actually pretty sure she might’ve gotten away with it. After a little while later, Izzy finally pulled the plug on the tub and let the water start to drain, Clary was still feeling lazy after she finally got to relax, so she watched as Izzy stood up and watched the still faintly yellow water drain away. Izzy got out and started to dry off before going over to the toilet and sitting down, a loud intense stream hitting the water right away. Clary blushed, looking away though she could still see her out of the corner of her eye. “I don’t know how can do that in front of people, I could never,” she said, thinking to what she just did. And for a second, she was almost sure she saw a smirk on Izzy’s face. “Maybe one day you will.“
  4. Girls' Night 4

    “Okay, you have to tell us more,” Jennifer begged. We were working our way through another round of drinks when she said this, and she nearly spilled her drink with excitement. Tara laughed. “Well, what do you want me to tell?” “Anything,” Jennifer said, “about you and Danielle. What else did you do?” “Well,” Jennifer said, “I can tell you about this little ladies night thing, kind of like what we’re doing right now. When I say little, I mean it was like five of us. It was about a month after our night in the dorm room and by this point, as I said, we had become more adventurous with our peeing experiences. The fun started on the cab ride over to the party, though, when Danielle gave me a look and then scooted forward in her seat and slid the back of her skirt up. A few seconds later she was peeing through her panties and it was dribbling quietly over the edge of the seat and to the floorboard. I tried to hide my smile as I checked to make sure the driver was not wise to what was happening. But she didn’t seem worried at all and just smiled. “She had told me earlier that we were going to a little party at her friend Kiki’s house. There were no guys there, just some girls and some drinks. I remembered Kiki from our high school days when a bunch of them spent the night at my house and a game of Truth or Dare became a game to see who could hold their pee the longest. I did not win, by the way. I looked at Danielle and said, ‘Wait a minute, the same Kiki?’ Danielle laughed and any nervousness I felt about going to a party at some stranger’s house was gone now. “We pulled up to this nice two-story house, and I could already see people on the porch, a familiar-looking brunette with long, curly hair and a sporty-looking body, a thinner brunette with straight hair, and another brunette who was obviously older and a little more plus-sized but no less attractive. ‘That’s Kiki’s mom, Cheryl,’ Danielle said. ‘Don’t worry, she’s cool.’ I smiled, and I honestly could not stop looking at this woman who just seemed so classically beautiful, not knock-out hot but just so womanly. ‘Oh, there’s something else,’ Danielle said. ‘I figure I should tell you before you get surprised. Kiki and Cheryl are the ones who got me started with peeing.’” Not even waiting for a pause in Tara’s story, I parted my legs, sighed, and soaked the couch under me. I licked my lips as it swirled around my crotch and she continued. “I know my jaw dropped, but I was smiling, too. ‘So,’ I said, ‘you’re saying there might be some peeing at this girls’ night thing?’ Danielle just smiled at me. ‘I wouldn’t say “might be,”’ she said. I just smiled wider. “We hopped out of the car and right away the curly brunette ran from the porch and greeted Danielle with a big hug and then an unexpected kiss on the mouth. Danielle introduced me Kiki and I both hugged, remembering each other. Pretty soon we were being led onto the porch where I was introduced to Lara, who was the thinner girl, and of course Cheryl. I didn’t mean to stare, but I’m pretty sure I was. But she smiled and greeted me, and I did my best to smile back. “’So,’ Kiki said, ‘did she already tell you?’ I smiled and nodded. ‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘and trust me, I’m totally okay with it.’ And to prove it, I stood right there on their porch and soaked my panties.” “Oh my god,” Jennifer said. “You just pissed yourself on a stranger’s porch?” Jennifer was squirming again, and I knew she was holding her pee until she was ready to burst. I also knew she would probably have another orgasm when she did. “Well, they weren’t all strangers. I knew Kiki and Danielle.” “Yeah, but the other two…” “I think that’s why I did it,” Tara said. “Especially Kiki’s mom, Cheryl. She was just looking at me, smiling, and when I let go I could tell she was pleased.” “Tell us more!” Jennifer said. Tara and I laughed at her childlike eagerness. “Well, they all watched me soak my panties and let it dribble down my legs and Lara said, ‘Yep, she’s one of us.’ And we all had a good laugh at that until Cheryl led us inside. It was a nice house, but I smiled when the first thing I noticed was dark furniture, a couch and loveseat obviously vinyl, and dark carpet. Cheryl told me I could take my wet panties off if I wanted and she could wash them, or I could leave them on. I slid them off and was surprised when she just grabbed them like they were her own and walked down the hallway. ‘Make yourself at home,’ Kiki said and pointed to the furniture. “I sat on the couch at the far left end and Danielle sat in the middle next to me with Lara to her right. Kiki sat in the recliner, leaving the empty loveseat for Cheryl. We started talking and reminiscing about our days on the swim team, about how Danielle and I had lucked into becoming roommates in college, about Kiki going to beauty school. Pretty soon Cheryl was back with drinks and food. She had some wine coolers and a tray of cheese and crackers and some vegetables. She sat them on the coffee table and took her place on the loveseat. We munched and talked some more, and I looked over and saw Cheryl sitting up in her seat. ‘Excuse me, girls,’ she said, and we watched her as she unsnapped her jeans, pulled them and her panties down, and sat back into the loveseat. A few seconds later we could hear a hissing sound as she started peeing right into her seat. I watched it dribble out of her and sort of swirl around at her crotch, because the couch was vinyl so it wasn’t going to absorb or anything, but she just sat there and kept pissing, making her puddle bigger until it started dripping over the front and onto the carpet.” “Okay, I’m going to, OHhhhh!” Jennifer screamed, and sure enough a loud, splashing torrent of warm pee flowed out of her and soaked the couch cushion under her. She gasped and scooted back, still blasting the cushion with a steady stream that sprayed her thighs and the couch. I was not surprised when she reached her hand down and touched her vagina, not caring that she was still peeing all over her fingers. I could feel some of it splashing on my bare legs, and I could not help but feel my own pussy getting wet. Tara did not continue talking but was also watching Jennifer. To our surprise, she stood up and came over to Jennifer. Without hesitation, she knelt down right between Jennifer’s knees and allowed her warm pee to spray all over her breasts. Then her lips were on Jennifer’s, who did not stop her and who was still peeing against Tara’s stomach now. I couldn’t help myself any longer and sat back, spread my legs, and started rubbing my clit. Tara saw me and stood up, her breasts and tummy dripping with shiny pee. We all three seemed to be caught up in the mood of her story and everything that had happened so far. “Let me help you with that,” she said. She stepped closer and I watched as she spread her pussy lips. “Keep rubbing,” she said. I obeyed and she sighed as her warm pee squirted out and splashed first my legs and then up to my vagina. I couldn’t hold back a scream as I rubbed harder, feeling her hot stream against my clit and dripping down between my legs. I could see Jennifer kneeling beside me now, with one hand buried between her legs and another reaching out to caress Tara’s ass. When Tara’s flow finally stopped, she knelt down on the floor in front of me. “Let’s masturbate each other,” she said. I took my hand away and looked at Jennifer, who also took her own hand away and scooted closer to me. I reached over and placed my hand between Jennifer’s legs. She did the same for Tara, who already had her hand caressing my vagina. “I have to pee again,” I said. “Go ahead,” Tara said, but she did not stop rubbing. I threw my head back in ecstasy as I let go. The combined feeling of my warm pee dribbling out of me and Tara’s fingers slipping in and out of my vagina and around my clitoris was enough to bring my orgasm hard and fast. I started panting and could hear Jennifer moaning and breathing more heavily. I opened my eyes and looked at Tara, who was still kneeling on the floor, eyes closed and head thrown back as Jennifer rubbed harder and faster. Tara moaned and I could see a clear dribble of pee flowing out of her, all over Jennifer’s and, and to the carpet. This must have set her off because she rubbed me harder, and I gasped and started rubbing Jennifer harder, until my climax came and I threw my head back again, screaming and moaning. Jennifer and Tara joined me. I slumped back into the couch, panting as the last dribbles of my pee warmed the couch again. Tara lay on me, her head on my breasts, and Jennifer slumped onto my right shoulder. “And the night still isn’t over yet,” Tara said. "I need to finish my story."
  5. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/peeing-on-carpet-outside-33481912 me taking a piss on the carpet
  6. WD girls

    Does anyone have any full lenght or shorter clips from the site WD girls? Used to watch a lot when the site was open and i loved their films, thanks beforehand!
  7. Totally naked sitting on the toilet with legs spread wide open and peeing.
  8. If we are into peeing I'm sure you have other kinks that you enjoy along with your peeing let's hear what they are. I will start off. For me I have a panty fetish. So peeing and panties is what really makes it all work for me . Panties are as much of a turn on as seeing a woman pee. And a woman peeing her panties omg it sends me over the edge.
  9. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower (close-up)
  10. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  11. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  12. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  13. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  14. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  15. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  16. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower (close-up of spread labia)
  17. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  18. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  19. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude peeing in the woods
  20. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude peeing in the woods
  21. Nude in the woods

    Nude peeing in the woods
  22. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude peeing in the woods
  23. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude peeing in the woods
  24. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude peeing in the woods
  25. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude in the woods getting ready to pee.