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Found 30 results

  1. If we are into peeing I'm sure you have other kinks that you enjoy along with your peeing let's hear what they are. I will start off. For me I have a panty fetish. So peeing and panties is what really makes it all work for me . Panties are as much of a turn on as seeing a woman pee. And a woman peeing her panties omg it sends me over the edge.
  2. WD girls

    Does anyone have any full lenght or shorter clips from the site WD girls? Used to watch a lot when the site was open and i loved their films, thanks beforehand!
  3. Totally naked sitting on the toilet with legs spread wide open and peeing.
  4. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower (close-up)
  5. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  6. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  7. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  8. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  9. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  10. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  11. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower (close-up of spread labia)
  12. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  13. Nude peeing in the shower

    Nude peeing in the shower
  14. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude peeing in the woods
  15. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude peeing in the woods
  16. Nude in the woods

    Nude peeing in the woods
  17. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude peeing in the woods
  18. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude peeing in the woods
  19. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude peeing in the woods
  20. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude in the woods getting ready to pee.
  21. Nude peeing in the woods

    Nude in the woods getting ready to pee.
  22. Neighbors Part 3

    Part 3: Origin Story Amanda woke at precisely 8:00 a.m. without her alarm even though it was the weekend. She stretched and yawned, relaxing as she began her first thoughts of the day. Saturday meant no work and no plans, other than the planned tea time with Jill, who was supposed to come over later at around 9:00 a.m. Amanda smiled with internal joy and peace as she laid with her hands behind her head laying in bed thinking about the day while her exposed tits pointed at the ceiling. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat up, feeling the smallest bladder twinge signaling her morning pee, which brought back the newly made memories of that night. Amanda got up and strode over to the window overlooking her new neighbor's yard and peered in. "Nothing yet" she thought. She then grabbed her robe to cover up for when Jill came over, but still opted for no garments besides that, and headed downstairs to prepare some tea for when her guest arrived. As Amanda put the kettle on and put the toast in, she thought in depth about what had happened yesterday again. She restored her freedom and now she can enjoy it without any pressure. That thought however was slightly prohibited by Jill, her best friend of a neighbor, who seemed so reserved and mannered. What if she found out? She would most definitely be shunned! Amanda's head raced with these thoughts and then she finally concluded, "The truth will set me free." And so she formulated in her head how she would tell Jill about her new lifestyle as she set the outside table up for a nice morning tea while guzzling her 4L quickly and refilling repeatedly, ignoring the minuscule twinges of her morning bladder. __________________________________ Jill was a very reserved woman. Being single and successful was the perfect lifestyle for her; after dating the same stupid guy for 10 years and never marrying with a nonsensical relationship and no goals, she definitely upgraded her way of living. She had moved into the neighborhood about 5 years back and remodeled the dated property into an elegant and stylish modern home. She owned a flourishing spa business, which she co-founded with a friend back in her 20's. Now that she was well settled she had been pursuing her dream of becoming a relator and earned her degree at the local university just recently using the money she gets from her business. She now after a year had been working for a reality group that sold homes all over the area and in the city. Jill's mornings were very routine and she kept a tight schedule. She would awake, use the restroom, do her morning exercises, eat breakfast, then shower and freshen up all before 9am. She would then go check on the spa, then she would go to her career in house sales. Jill cherished the weekends immensely; they were the times where she would loosen up and relax on her routine, especially when she would go to tea with her new best friend and neighbor Amanda. Present day, Jill woke up at the late time of 8:30. Jill had a fit body, perfect when described by her friends. She had brown straight hair, rather tan skin, and brown eyes, but her boobs were her best feature. Not quite D's but on the edge of CC's, all her friends envied her breasts. She sat up and yawned while stretching in her cozy PJs. Then she went downstairs to throw on her robe and grabbed her phone and a book and headed over to Amanda's for a nice morning tea. Amanda was in the foyer opening some junk mail when the doorbell rang. She was wearing her bathrobe, slippers, but other than that nothing else. She was going to reveal her newfound lifestyle to Jill. She hurried over to the door and opened it up with a huge welcoming smile, which Jill also reflected. They embraced each other and began catching up immediately as they headed towards the kitchen. While Amanda fixed the toast and pastries, Jill sat at the breakfast bar and told her about her long week on the job. "And so I on Tuesday I go into the spa and I headed to the my back office, open the door and what do I find? A naked little girl peeing in my trash bin! The shock was real and pure I almost lost my balance! But I quickly recovered and actually thought it was pretty funny. Turned out she had gotten turned around when her mom sent her to the restroom, which is left of my room so it was a simple mistake and I told the mother and we shared a good laugh! A funny situation as ever am I right?" "Yeah I bet that little girl really had to go!" Amanda replied. "I know, I know it was crazy!" They moved the pastries and toast rack outside and sat down in the cool morning air. Amanda's bladder started to twinge from the topic of conversation and from the cool air as they continued with yet another story from Jill. "So I guess my week has been pee-filled because the next day after that I was at the spa again and I was again headed to my office. I walked past the big glass window that looked in at the big heated therapy bath, where I spotted two middle aged women fully naked and holding their crotches, obviously needing to pee! I was put off and slowed my pace to see what they were up to. They walked over to the stairs that went into the water and stepped in slowly, seeming to tighten on their clutches. As they both submerged their lower bodies under the hot water, they both suddenly let go of their holds and I knew immediately what that meant!" "They peed in your pool!" Amanda said with her bladder pressure slightly increasing. "They sure did! But i mean what was I to do? Kick them out? No way! In fact I bet half the women that come to my spa pee in that bath on a regular basis. I do say though the water is vigorously cleaned thanks to our systems. We drain it every week as well so its not like it's ever an issue." "True true, it seems convenient too." "That's what I'm saying! Heck I might just have to try that!" As Jill finished her sentence, Amanda's mind raced with excitement. This was a perfect chance to break the harder ice. "Hey, all this pee talk is making me have to go, do you mind?" Amanda decided to shock her friend and see her reaction. "Yeah sure! In fact I'll join you too I forgot to go at home and I am bursting after all I've seen this week!" 'Even better' Amanda thought to herself. Amanda stood up and Jill took a second to take a couple sips from her tea. Amanda then grabbed her crotch and gave into her bladder, positioning her explosion and then holding back at the last second before it erupted from her peehole. Her hand was now the last barrier. Jill stood up and walked over to Amanda and Amanda then began to move not towards the house, but to her small garden area. Jill, puzzled followed as they approached the long patch of soil. Amanda then strode over to the empty area where she had planned to plant cucumbers, but not today. She straddled herself over the dirt and stood legs spread apart as she untied her robe with one hand, the other still gripping her pussy tightly. Her robe opened exposing her naked body to the now wide-eyed Jill, who stood there also holding her crotch. "What are you doing!" "Peeing!" And with that simple explanation, Amanda with one quick move took her hand out of the way and out came a fire hose of piss as she sighed with huge relief. Her clear piss spattered and gurgled as it immediately turned into a puddle in the thirsty soil. She stood with her hands on her hips and leaned back slightly, splashing some of her plants. "Amanda! What....why...how!" Jill was shocked at her friend's actions, but not discouraged. Just very confused. Amanda then decided to show Jill just how serious she was and held back her torrent for a moment, still dripping, she ran over to the middle of her patio and spread her legs again, immediately unleashing her continuing splurge. Jill then strode over to her new pissing spot and continued to watch her friend piss freely. As she watched though, her bladder began to snap at her after watching this act of brazenness. Amanda's bladder began to empty finally and she pushed out her last splashes into the now large puddle in the middle of her backyard. "Ahhhhhh better! Okay now don't you have to pee?" Amanda was slightly scared of what Jill's reaction might be, yet she was not one bit embarrassed though for peeing in her own backyard. "Yes I do need to pee. But why not the toilet? Is it broke?" "It's a long story; my parents were very caring and had strong values, but as their only child it wasn't hard to manage me. So also, being the only child came with some 'unique' ways of handling issues and discipline. One problem my parents had was potty training. I drank so much at the age of 3 that I would fill my bladder to the max and pee every 30 minutes or sooner. They were happy I stayed hydrated, but I was not yet potty trained. Our toilet was an outhouse, which I also found scary so again my parents were faced with a unique problem. The problem was solved however when I was running around in the sprinklers naked one day; our small farm was well secluded and was surrounded by a forest so privacy was a given. Those were fun summer days; even my mom would get naked with me and get wet. While I did it though of course, I would need to pee. So, I simply stopped out of nowhere and squatted and peed on the grass. Then my mom suddenly had the brilliant idea that solved my potty training. When we were getting dressed, mom put my shirt and shoes on but nothing else and said go play. And I did just that. I went outside and played with the animals as usual, but whenever I needed to pee, I would go wherever I was: on the barn floor, on the lawn, in the woods, on the road, even on the house floor sometimes which angered my mother. As I grew however, I of course was toilet trained properly and started using the facilities whenever I was out and about and when we had company over. But whenever I was home I was naked again. It had grown on me like a tradition. I grew and started elementary school and kept the tradition all the way through. I would come home everyday and immediately rush in side and strip down my pants and panties and rush outside under the tree to my favorite pee spot. Then I would pee a record amount everyday, amazing my mom everytime. Those days were amazing for me and it bonded me to my homeland. But again I grew and in middle school I eventually stopped stripping down everyday. Instead I only did it on some weekends, which turned into once a month, and finally when high school hit I stopped all together. I graduated and went off to college. Whenever I visited home I would use the outhouse and stay fully clothed. My mom would sometimes try to pry and get me to do it for fun, but I was completely fixed. My amount of reserved attitude kept me from doing anything like that, as I found it immature and outlandish and uncomfortable. And then I got a job and moved here to a new life far from home. I still forego nudity whenever I go visit. And so recently I had a revelation and I guess I awakened that freedom again. So, last night I peed out here twice and from now on I'm taking a new approach to peeing; no more using the toilet at home!" Jill's shock was great, but so was the pressure of her bladder. She desperately held on after hearing Amanda's story and felt a damp patch in her grip on her pussy. Jill shuddered with pee pressure, "So," she shakily said as she used every muscle she could, "I can just pee anywhere?" "Yes, if you want to though....you can go use the toilet." Amanda said sadly. "Oh great thanks!" and with that she began to rush for the door; as soon as she took a step up the small stairs however, a gush of pee squirted quickly into her silk bottoms. "AH" she yelped as she took another step which gave the same result as the patch grew on her panties with every step she took. "She reached the door and had peed just enough into her PJs that she could now hold it long enough to reach the toilet inside but as she stepped through the doorway, she heard Amanda sobbing. She stopped and looked back outside at her friendly neighbor naked and sobbing in her backyard while she was pee dancing in the kitchen. In a moment of self realization she felt both pity and unexpectedly some jealousy of her friend's position. Jill had little time to think and didn't want her pj bottoms to get ruined fully so she slowly stepped back outside, this time with compassion, humility, and fewer leaks. She managed to scoot her way over to her friend and put her head on her shoulder, as both her hands were at use holding back her waves of desperation. Amanda turned and hugged Jill and Jill also began to sob from the contagious sobbing of her friend. Standing back up Jill giggled through her happy tears and said "Could ya give me an extra hand here and take my bottoms off so I can pee finally?" Amanda laughed and sniffled with a nod and unzipped her friends pants. Carefully and with on hand at a time, Jill reached into her pants and reattached her hands on her crotch. Then Amanda pulled them down to her ankles quickly and discovered Jill wasn't wearing underwear. Jill then scooted around the table and into the middle of the yard where she stumbled and almost lost her balance, but definitely lost her grip, unleashing her thick stream of hot morning piss onto the dry patch of grass below her. She let her head back and sighed in immense relief and increased her power, making her stream go several feet in front of her as she leaned back peeing in the patchy yard. Amanda sat in awe watching her neighbor peeing brazenly in her backyard standing up half nude! Jill's piss kept unloading and the puddle formed a small lake in the dirt. Amanda was amazed at her capacity and watched on as Jill's strong pee kept rushing out of her smooth muff. Amanda was stunned as Jill's pee came to a waning end after a whole minute and a half! "How can some one as slim as you fit all that pee?"Amanda wondered to Jill "Well I drank about a gallon of water last night alone after a workout; I also admit I stay hydrated constantly. In excess." They both laughed with relief and happiness. Jill suggested they head back inside to talk due to the wind picking up. Once back inside, Jill removed her robe and top, "So I'm also guessing the nudity is part of the new lifestyle?" She hung up her robe and shirt and strode over to the couch naked. Amanda replied with a smiling nod and hung up her robe as well. Then she took Jill's bottoms tp the laundry room and stated the wash, then headed back to the living room and joined her new naked buddy on the couch. "So let's just make today a girls day in and let's talk all about this cause I want in too!" Jill was sold after feeling so naughty and relived in a new way. "Sure thing! Rule number one though; stay hydrated!" with that Amanda got up and grabbed two water gallons out of the fridge. And so the fun day began for the two newly free women.
  23. Neighbors Part 1

    My first post on a fetish site. I am a lengthy writer, so prepare for boredom. Please give me feedback if you like it though. Part 1 Amanda was an ordinary girl that did her best to stay, well ordinary. She lived in a small town outside of the city, in a fairly nice neighborhood. Her house was two story, with neighboring houses on the right and left. Behind the backyard fence was an open field of tall grasses and a forest about a mile further. Amanda was reluctant at first, thinking of the possible wildlife encounters, but with no other options she had to take it. Now she does not regret her decision at all, as she found a trail through the field and through the forest which she uses as her workout routine, giving her a sense of freedom. Amanda, 35 and blonde with D cups and a matching ass size, works at a big tech company, making less than her degree permits but she still loves her job (Her best friend Brianna ensures that she stays there with her). Amanda knew her neighbor to the right, also a single woman in her mid forties named Jill. They enjoyed morning chats before heading to work or they might have some tea together on the weekends. On the left however, the recent tenants moved out two weeks after Amanda moved in, the reason being that the couple who lived there retired and thus left. Now, the house has been dormant for some time, a pool and gazebo in the backyard. The house was up kept by the realtor who never could sell the house. Now in the present day, Amanda woke up to her alarm at 8:30, ready to begin her daily routine. She threw off her sheets, exposing her naked body to the cool air of the dark blue room. She stood up and stretched as she walked into the bathroom, where she sat on the toilet next to the tub. She sighed and released a huge gushing stream into the water. She continued to piss her thick stream for a whole 2 minutes, after which it dwindled down and came to a stop. She wiped and flushed, throwing on her bathrobe to go downstairs for some breakfast. Amanda's bladder was a unique one. She was always drinking something, whether it be her jug of coffee at work or a gallon of water, she gulped down at least 6L a day. This was a heathy habit indeed, but when she has to pee, she could literally replace a fire hose. Her mother noticed Amanda's high liquid consumption at a young age, so she forewent potty training and let the girl run around their farm naked from the waist down. "A human spigot" is what she would call her, as Amanda played on the barn and never stopped, only which to drink some water or juice. Then she would run and play, squatting to pee wherever she was every half hour. This lasted only until she realized her age and grew out of it, using the toilet like all the other girls at school. Amanda ate her breakfast, drank a tall glass of water in effortless gulps, and headed back upstairs to get ready for work. She showered and got dressed in business suit, with slight cleavage in view of any who so much as glanced at her chest and pants that kinda hid her ass. She grabbed her purse and keys and headed out the door and to her car. She then saw to her left a moving truck in the empty house's driveway. Jill was also outside observing the vehicle. "Finally she sold it!" said Jill. "I know right, now we'll have people actually living there and not just some spiders and roaches." Amanda replied. "I'd take people over roaches and spiders any day." "Amen girlfriend" With that, they said goodbye and Amanda drove into city for a day full of work. She pulled into the parking garage and parked in her usual spot next to the door that connected to the building. She sat at her desk for about 4 hours, writing and browsing on her desktop; This was her usual work routine. She started to feel her bladder start to fill to the top at around 5 hours in, right before break time, when she would empty her bladder in the staff lounge bathroom. Again, she would drain herself completely, filling the toilet halfway. She filled her 2L jug of coffee and returned to work. She longed for a promotion from cubicle work and was striving to impress her boss, but the floor manager was a stickler and hard to be impressed. So, she finished 5 more hours later and walked out to her car and drove back home. Amanda didn't usually have a problem holding in her torrents of pee and could last for long periods of time. The commute home was about 20 minutes without traffic, an easy ride to her comfortable neighborhood. She again returned to see the moving van in the driveway and a car parked across the street. Amanda smiled at the thought of a new neighbor, and headed inside. She felt her bladder pressure, nothing she couldn't handle, and ignored it, putting her keys and purse on the kitchen counter by the front door. She threw some leftovers in the microwave for dinner, ate, and then went upstairs to shower again after work. After getting undressed, she strode to the shower and passed the toilet. She stepped in and turned on the water. Amanda never really got out of the habit of peeing in the shower and made it part of her routine. She waited for the water to warm up and then simply let go. Well, not simply of course because of her huge bladder. She stood under the water rinsing off her sweat and under her pert boobs, all the while pee spraying wildly down her legs and onto the floor, falling down the drain. This was her biggest pee of the day and she relished it as a little remembrance of her childhood freedom. She peed and peed for a very long while, and she washed her hair and upper body before she was even close to being done. She finished and felt almost 2 pounds lighter from her piss. She washed up and dryed off, put on her bathrobe, and went downstairs to watch some TV. Then, after gulping down two more glasses of water, she headed back upstairs to her room and hung her bathrobe up and went to bed. Her parents raised her with this habit, saying it was easier in case she wet the bed, not wetting her clothes. She never broke the habit and enjoyed her sleep while naked.
  24. Hailey Baldwin on toilet

    News in Daily Mail this AM -- Hailey Baldwin (Stephen's daughter) posing for photo shoot on toilet http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4344710/Hailey-Baldwin-sizzles-cover-Remix-magazine.html
  25. At World's End

    I need some help from the honorable members of this forum, if possible. I have been an urgent outdoor pissing enthusiast for going on twenty years. Over these years, I have come and gone from some really good websites, and have, in my opinion, a very reasonable collection. But lately, I feel as though I have exhausted all websites in this genre. Below, I will list the sites that I have exhausted, and I am asking if anyone knows of any other sites like them. I am not into wetting, or indoor f/f f/m golden showers or watersports. I need true, voluminous desperation, peeing somewhere other than a toilet. Really like the voyeur stuff, and non-voyeur public stuff. You'll see. Sites that I have exhausted- Sneakypee (In the early 2000s, the greatest of all the outdoor desperation sites) The quality of their models has diminished greatly from then (Tiffany, Claire, Lolly, etc. were the halcyon days). ProjectPee-no longer a subscription site, but pay per video. I have some of his old stuff, and check the ppv stuff regularly, but it is infrequently updated (Eve is on the Mt. Rushmore of piss models imho). I have exhausted PissBank. I check peeing-outdoors everyday and love the "summary" videos they make of their public voyeur stuff. I recently finished off Piss Japan TV, FTV girls and ATK. These you have to search through meticulously to find what you're looking for. I love some of the OLD Hidden Zone stuff, especially that one tree that would get absolutely flooded with piss, and some of their festival stuff. I DO NOT like the toilet voyeur stuff that it's doing recently, along with VoyeurBank and PeeHunters. If you want to know what I"m all about, think Sneakypee/Peeing-Outdoors. Those two are my all time favorites. I've downloaded a couple VoyeurismoPublic Sex Pissing vids from Galician, but the new stuff isn't nearly as good as the early Lunes De Aguas Voyeur stuff, which was a gold mine. I have gotten some really good Clips for Sale vids from Dirty Dani Picas. Bound2Burst has a good concept, but I can tell that some of the desperation is over-acted, as the models produce 400-600 ml, while hopping around like they are about to die from bursting. That's disappointing, but there are some good vids there as well. Other than the sites I've mentioned, does anyone know of any other really good public/sneaky/voyeur public peeing sites? If anyone knows of any private collection that I may negotiate for, like some other hidden outdoor cams/ cctv cam stuff of good quality, please drop me a pm. If there are any publicly available sites, please reply to this thread. I'm getting depressed. I feel like I've reached the edge of the map here. Thanks again in advance! pdawg