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Favourite Thing About Pee

Your Hottest Pee Experience

Found 69 results

  1. Hello peeps

    Been a lurker for quite some time. I've written some dirty stories in the "fictional stories" section. While hundreds have read my stories, I get no feedback. Let me know if you like the stories or hate the stories. One way or the other. I didn't spend all that time writing them for nothing. As a human I crave feedback of some kind. PEEce out!
  2. Another older shot of me filling a cup. Please forgive the low res. Some of those old early cameras weren't very good and the images didn't enlarge very well but if you like the color of fresh pee in a clear container you should like this one.
  3. I also like looking on YouTube where people talk about their love for pee. Hearing people talk about pee experiences also turns me on. I have looked through many on youtube, and I'm putting a like one of them that I really like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbtmG_th-aE I really like how Sinna talks about her pee fetish so openly on youtube. Sinna I admire your courage for this whole heartedly. I love buying your naughty peeing clips because you love doing them as a dream job. Videos women make of them peeing on hotel carpets who give facial expressions like they are only in it for the money, and don't enjoy it don't turn me on. Your pics and videos turn me on hella because you're so into naughty peeing, and am turned on by peeing on the carpet as much as I am about. I absolutely love peeing on the floor as well, because it's fun, it's taboo, it's forbidden, it's exciting, and it makes me horny. When it comes to your series of five videos the first being the one I posted I like how you give advise on how to talk about your fetish, and accept it. I especially like how you talk about your love for wetting yourself and peeing on the carpet. The only thing that can be even more amazing about your youtube shares is if you go more in depth about how peeing on the floor makes you feel, where your mind goes when you pee on hotel carpets, what it is that is so exciting about peeing in elevators, how excited you feel when peeing on a public restroom floor. Just a few suggestions and I give your videos a very high rating.
  4. The Savior

    The Savior Shannon was disgusted. She watched through her telescope as the boy was beaten over and over for not working fast enough. She had watched the simple farm boy grow for nearly eighteen years. His parents were horrible. James had no visitors, no friends, and she never saw a girl his age at the farm. He didn’t even go to school. The time was almost at hand. One more day. Through her job at the DMV she knew he would turn eighteen tomorrow. She went to sleep knowing his salvation was almost at hand. It was morning and time to go to town. His parents always brought James to town on Mondays to load feed into the back of their truck while they ate at the local diner. She parked in the back of the feed store. He pulled up where he was loading the truck. “Get in.” she said. “Who are you? I’m not getting in your car.” Shannon replied. “Think about your life. If you want it to get better, get in my car. You’ll never have to see your parents again.” James thought for a minute, threw the last bag of feed in the truck and got in Shannon’s car. Shannon led James into her house. “What are we doing here?” he asked. “I’ve watched your parents treat you like shit for your entire life. I simply couldn’t let it continue. You will stay with me.” Shannon replied. “Are you my new Mom?” James asked. “You can think of me that way if you’d like. I’ve got some new clothes for you to wear. We will have guests tonight. I’ve bought you some vitamin-C to take. It will help as a dietary supplement and prevent scurvy.” Shannon responded. She watched as James tried to take the vitamins. He coughed the pills up and gagged. “I’ve never been able to take pills.” James replied. “It makes no never mind, don’t worry about if for now.” She responded. The guests arrived. It was her friend Sally and Sally’s daughter Irene. Everyone sat at the table and dinner was served. Irene began talking to James. He quickly excused himself and ran up to his room. Shannon sat in uncomfortable silence for the rest of the meal. After the guests left, Shannon went and took a shower. She put on her robe and went to confront James. “Why did you run away tonight? Irene is a nice girl, you should get to know her.” Shannon said. “I don’t know much about girls. I get nervous” James responded. “I guess we’ll have to work on that. Let me run you a bath so we can get you cleaned up.” She said. Shannon started the bath. “Come in here, it’s time for you to be fresh.” She said. James entered the bathroom and Shannon removed his shirt. She began unbuckling his pants when he stopped her. “Settle down, I’m just getting you ready for your bath and to get clean.” She said. She took off his clothes and James got into the bath. “I’m going to clean you thoroughly now.” She said. James got into the bath and Shannon began washing his body. She waited and soaped up his cock and balls last. She stroked and stroked his cock, but it wouldn’t get hard. He was shaking and had his head in his hands. “Okay we’re all done. Come see me in my room when you’re ready for bed.” She said. Shannon was having trouble trying to figure out what to do next and brought a six pack of beer into her room. She had to bring James out of his shell. He arrived in her room. “You have led a sheltered life. You must know I’m here to help you. Have you ever seen a naked woman before?” she asked. “Never close up.” James responded. “Well it’s time.” Shannon said as she removed her robe. “Go to the end of my bed. I’m going to spread my legs so you can see what a woman looks like close up.” Shannon said. She waited until James was at the end of the bed. She got as close to the end of the bed as possible and spread her legs wide. James looked fascinated. He pointed and said. “Is that where your poop comes out? It doesn’t look very dirty.” Shannon quietly laughed. “Yes it is. You can touch it or lick it if you like. James touched it with his finger and then licked Shannon’s butthole. “It doesn’t taste bad Mom.” He said. “Call me Mommy Shannon replied. “What’s this?” James asked and pointed. “That’s my pussy. You can lick that too and put your tongue inside the hole.” Shannon replied. James licked her pussy and stuck his tongue as far inside her pussy as he could. “What are these things on the side?” he asked. “Just like mommy has lips on her face, she has lips on her pussy. Spread my pussy and get a good look.” She replied. James spread open Shannon’s pussy. What’s this on top?” he asked. “That’s mommy’s clit. It’s a very important part of a woman. You can lick it, but only for a second. I don’t want to get too excited.” Shannon replied. James licked her clit. Suddenly he looked curious again. “What’s this other small hole?” he asked. “That’s where Mommy’s pee comes out. You can lick that too.” Shannon replied. James licked her pee hole. “I’m thirsty. Do you have any milk in your breasts?” he asked. “No, I don’t have any milk, but you can drink the water that comes out of mommy.” Shannon responded. “You mean your pee? That sounds bad.” James responded. “I’m sorry you’ve led such a sheltered life. Pee is mostly water. I’ll show you. Get the glass off the nightstand and hold it under my pee hole.” Shannon responded. James got the glass and watched as Shannon filled it halfway with her pee. He was mesmerized. “Give me the glass. I’ll drink half, and you drink the other half.” Shannon said. James watched as Shannon drank her pee and handed him the glass. She had drank half. He smelled it, and then put the glass to his lips and drank. “What do you think?” Shannon asked. “It’s warm and kind of salty, but not too bad.” James replied. “Well I have to pee and your thirsty. So let’s do it again.” James held the glass under her pussy. “There’s no need for the glass. I’ll pee into your mouth.” She said. Shannon moved slightly forward to get into position when she noticed James cock. It was rock hard. She wouldn’t let the opportunity go to waste. “Change of plans. It’s for you to finally have some joy.” She said as she got on the floor and took his cock into her mouth. “What are you doing?” James asked. “I’m sure you’ve masturbated and cum before. It’s time for me to make you cum.” Shannon replied. “I might cum in your mouth.” James warned. “Good girls like to swallow cum. It’s full of vitamins and minerals.” Shannon replied. “Can I see my cum in your mouth before you swallow it?” James asked. “Sure. Whatever makes you happy.” Shannon replied. She took his cock into her mouth and massaged his balls and shaft. It didn’t take long. James began moaning and shot his load into her mouth. She opened it so he could see. “You look so pretty with my cum in your mouth Mommy.” James said. Shannon swallowed and knew she was making progress. James was a deviant. Just like she was. “Lie on your back. This is called the 69 position. I’m going to suck on your cock more so you get used to it. Since you’re thirsty and I have to pee, you’ll open your mouth and drink.” She said as she got into position. Shannon took James cock into her mouth and positioned herself. “Drink as much as you can.” She briefly lowered her pussy onto his mouth to make sure he was in the right spot. ”Open your mouth, I’m going to pee now.” Shannon always knew she was a deviant and was really enjoying being so nasty. She began to pee and could hear James mouth filling. He swallowed and his cock got harder in her mouth. She had drank too much and peed for longer than normal. James was loving it. Her bladder was almost empty and she decided to stop. “That was fun.” James said. “Hang on. I’m not done yet.” Shannon said. She pissed into his mouth twice more. “I’m not in the bathroom, you need to clean mommy up. Lick at all off me. Then suck my clit until I tell you to stop.” Shannon said. James licked off the pee and began sucking on Shannon’s clit. “Don’t let go. Take it into your mouth.” She screamed. James sucked as fast as he could on Shannon’s clit until she screamed and began shaking. She slowly climbed off his face. “I think you’re a man now.” Shannon said. “Are you thirsty Mommy?” James replied. “You want to pee in my mouth now?” she asked. “I think it’s fun.” James replied. “Go get the glass and pee into it.” Shannon responded. James peed into the glass. “Do you see how dark it is? You don’t keep yourself hydrated enough like I do. Taste it. It won’t taste as good as mine.” Shannon said. James tasted his pee. “You’re right, it doesn’t’ taste as good. Shannon tried it too. “You need to drink more water. You can pee in my mouth but I’ll only drink a little bit. It is important for you to learn these adult things.” Shannon replied. As a deviant Shannon wanted James to pee in her mouth. She was dirty and it turned her on. She held his cock as the pee flowed into her mouth. She let most of it spill out, but did swallow some. “Thanks for teaching me. I do need to learn.” James said. “I need to get more beer. Can I get you anything.” She asked. “I could use a snack.” James replied. When Shannon returned she was only carrying a six pack of beer in each hand. “I thought you were bringing me a snack?” James asked. “I only have so many hands. Open your mouth.” Shannon said as she squatted over him. “Are you going to pee again?” James asked. “Just open your mouth.” James complied and watched as a hot dog came out of Shannon’s pussy and landed in his mouth. “I can only carry so much in my hands.” Shannon said. “What else is there to learn?” James asked as he ate the hot dog and drank a beer. “A lot. People have fetishes and desires. There’s bondage. Some people have a foot fetish. There’s roleplaying and strapons. There’s facesitting and face fucking. There’s sex games. “What is face sitting?” James asked. “Have you seen the way my dog humps the pillow in the living room? That’s what a woman does on a mans face. She grinds her pussy and ass on you. You try to lick and suck while she does it. Would you like to try?” Shannon asked. “Sure.” James replied. “Lie on your back and get ready.” Shannon replied as she mounted his face. She started grinding her pussy against his mouth. Suddenly she stopped. “I have to pee again and don’t want to go all the way to the bathroom. I’m going to pee in your mouth again. This time will be different. I’ll watch until you mouth gets full. After you swallow, I’ll pee again.” She said. Shannon was so horny after grinding her pussy on James face. Peeing turned her on more than anything else. She arched her back in ecstasy and began to pee. She filled James mouth seven times and watched as he swallowed it all. She immediately told him to suck on her clit and had another massive orgasm. Shannon got off James and noticed he had a massive hard on. “I guess it’s time you learned about face fucking.” She said. Shannon laid on her back and opened her mouth. James knew what to do. It didn’t take long and she had another shot of cum in her mouth. “I want you to shower me now.” Shannon said. “I don’t know what that means.” James replied. “Pee in my mouth, on my face, in my hair, and all over my body.” Shannon replied. James was still on her chest and began peeing in her mouth. She drank it down. He stood up and covered her in his warm pee. Shannon was pretty much drunk and exhausted. “We should play a game.” James said. “What kind of game? I’m pretty tired” Shannon replied. “It’s an easy game. Let’s 69 and we can pee on each other without warning for 30 minutes.” James replied. “So you could be licking my butthole, or sucking on my clit, and I can just pee whenever I want?” Shannon asked. “Yes, and I can pee on you whenever I want.” James replied. “Fine, but after his I’m done for tonight. Give me some time.” Shannon replied as she popped open another beer. “I was thinking. Every contest should have a winner. There should be one time where the other person has to drink all the pee coming out of the other. In fact the pee shouldn’t even leave a body and be in the open air. Let’s call it a “special pee”, when it’s my turn, I’ll wrap my pussy around your mouth, and you must drink it all. My warm pee won’t leave a human body until it comes out of your hot cock. When it’s your turn, I’ll take the head of your cock into my mouth and drink it all down. Your hot pee won’t come out of a human body until it comes out of my wet pussy.” Shannon said. “I agree. With one more rule. Each of us must drink two more beers and 24 ounces of water before we start. The beer and water were gone. Shannon had to pee bad. She decided to hold it and started out on bottom. James was licking her ass. She decided to pee a little to turn him on. Sure enough as soon as her pee made it to her butthole James cock got harder. She kept letting a little trickle out. Soon James was cumming in her mouth again. Shortly after he said it was time for his special pee. She felt his hot pee come out of his cock and began swallowing. He was sucking her clit and they were both moaning. She was a deviant and loved it. She swallowed it all and didn’t spill a drop. “It’s my turn.” She said as she got on top of James and positioned her pussy over his mouth. She sat and began to pee. She had so much. She shoved her pee hole into his mouth as far as possible and peed as slow as she could. “Lick my pee hole.” She said as the last few drops trickled out of her. James instinctively began sucking on her clit. She had another massive orgasm and began shaking. James tried to climb out from under her when she was done. “Hang on. Here’s a little more pee for you.” She said as she pissed into his mouth again. “I’m done for tonight. I did solve your vitamin-c problem. If you take too much vitamin-c it comes out in your pee. I’ll give you your vitamins orally in the morning.” Shannon said.
  5. http://rss.imdb.com/list/ls002068915/
  6. hi New Here

    hello not sure about all of this but am happy to be with like minded people hope that we can share sum content
  7. Ikea has a pee-on-me coupon

    Pregnant? Pee on this Ikea ad for a discount Agency uses standard pregnancy test technology https://www.click2houston.com/news/weird-news/pregnant-pee-on-this-ikea-ad-for-a-discount
  8. Diuretics

    Hello. Has anyone used a diuretic to make pee? If you did, can you remember what you used? The three of us tried one today, we were bored, nothing to do, and this is what we found: Frusemide (also marketed as Lasix) 20mg. We didn't eat, just had water and coffee, and had one pill at 1.00 pm. By 2.00 pm we were making puddles every ten minutes, with all of us going at different times, it was pretty much non stop for a solid hour. It literally swamped our massage slide, we had to bail it out. Apart from the fun we had, there were no side effects noticed, no bitterness, no smell, no color, we were just hungry from no lunch. The girls got into it so much that they are now asleep, totally shagged. I don't know how many times they orgasmed, but it was a few. This is our thing, it maybe a bit intense for most of you, but this is what we like. At 3.15 I'm still going potty, after having a shower and washing the wet clothes, I'm still feeling it on just one little pill. It has a gentler effect then lots of coffee, with no queasy feeling of drinking too much. We don't plan to make a habit of this, too many of these pills do bad things to the body. Thoughts anyone?
  9. What NOT to do before you get busy between the sheets. (Photo: Getty Images) If you’re a woman, chances are you’ve heard the advice, “You should pee before and after having sex.” (If you’re not familiar with the logic, the idea is that emptying your bladder before and after you get busy will somehow help prevent a urinary tract infection.) Unfortunately, that advice is wrong — and experts say it could even increase your odds of developing a UTI. According New York City urologist David Kaufman, MD, the “pee before sex” mantra is one of the biggest misconceptions he has to clear up for his female patients. While urinating after sex is definitely important, he says going to the bathroom beforehand is a big no-no. Why? During sex, vaginal bacteria can get pushed into your urethra. Waiting to pee, and consequently having enough urine stored up to create a strong stream, increases the odds of pushing that bacteria back out. Without it, the bacteria can cause an infection. Related: How I Learned To Love The Missionary Position Urinating before sex “is the No.1 cause of post-coital urinary tract infections, also known as honeymoon cystitis,” Kaufman tells Yahoo Health. Having a solid stream afterward is crucial since the bacteria can be hard to dislodge. “Bacteria have tiny pilli that act as Velcro hooks, which allow them to attach themselves to the urethral lining,” says Kaufman. If the bacteria isn’t dislodged, it can make its way into the bladder where it quickly reproduces and grows, creating a UTI. Unfortunately, women are especially susceptible to developing UTIs from sex because the female urethra is only two inches long — a relatively short distance for bacteria to travel. And some women are more likely than others to experience the issue because their vaginal opening is positioned closer to their urethra, says Kaufman, who has some patients who develop a UTI nearly every time they have sex. Worried you’re getting one after you get busy? You’ll know very quickly if you’re right. Sheryl Ross, an OB-GYN and women’s health specialist in Santa Monica, California, says the symptoms can show up within 24 hours if bacteria end up where they shouldn’t be. While it may sound practical to try to rinse or wipe that bacteria away before sex to decrease the odds of developing a UTI, urologist Michael Ingber, MD, advises against it. “The vagina is a mucosal surface, which secretes its own lubrication and has its own ‘healthy’ bacteria,” he explains to Yahoo Health. “Typically, we don’t recommend altering this in any way.” Related: 8 Myths You Should Stop Believing About Vaginas There are a few other steps you can take to prevent a UTI other than flexing your bladder control skills, says Ross. Regularly wiping front to back can keep unwanted bacteria out of your vaginal area, and it’s best to avoid using excessive lubrication, sex toys, or a vaginal sponge, which can be a haven for bacteria. But Ross says that staying hydrated and peeing right after sex are still among the most important UTI-fighting methods. Of course, thinking you shouldn’t pee before sex and actually doing it are two different stories — since telling yourself that you can’t use the bathroom can make you have to go even more. If you can’t hold off, Kaufman recommends guzzling water after you go so that you’ll still have a strong post-coital stream of urine. Uncomfortable with the idea of not peeing before sex? Ross points out another upside aside from avoiding a UTI: “Some women report that they actually have better orgasms with a full bladder.”
  10. This place is amazing!

    Hey everyone! I am Thomas, a 24 year old Canadian guy here. This forum is amazing and I've been lurking for a while. Really nice knowing so many others share the same passions. I love peeing everywhere and anywhere. And I love when my wife aims my dick while I pee. Do many of you share vids on Snapchat? Let me know!
  11. Hello, any girls wanting to talk? Snap? Dirty talk? Please send me a message here and ill reply
  12. New addition interview

    Just joined the group and i figured i would share some background. I love to cook so any food questions are welcomed. Im into watching women pee and i have a panty fetish. Ask away!
  13. He loves reading your comments !!
  14. Just curious

    How old were you when you started peeing for fun? What was your first experience?
  15. *****Warning..The following fictional story contains Male/Male Pee fun. If this is a turn off then read something else LOL****** My friend Jim and I had gone to grab a bite to eat at a place about 20 miles from where I live. I have known Jim for several years and we are great friends. I have always known Jim was Bi-sexual and could care less. I don't judge people based off their sexual preferences. We talk about everything including our fetishes and I was surprised when Jim told me he was into golden showers and Pee Play. I told him I was too and it has been nice to have someone who enjoys something I enjoy too. We often watch Pee videos on my computer and talk about our past experiences involving watersports. After dinner we stopped to pick up a few things I needed at the store and headed back to my house. About 5 miles down the road Jim mentioned that he had to pee and maybe should have gone back at the store. We only had about another 15 minutes before I got home and he said he was sure he could hold it. Jim drank several glasses of water with his dinner and by the time we got home he was pretty desperate. I went to the door to let him inside but the deadbolt lock was wanting to be a pain and was hard to get unlocked. Jim thought I was delaying his entry on purpose and he told me if I didn't get the door open quickly he would just pee on me. I told him I was trying...it was dark out and my back door is pretty much hidden from view so I told him if he couldn't hold it just pee outside. I went back to trying to get the deadbolt unlocked. I heard Jim unzip his pants so I figured he was going to water my lawn. As I struggled with the lock I suddenly felt something warm on the back of my leg. I turned around to find Jim Standing there peeing on my leg. "I warned you" he said. By now I was wet enough so that moving out of his way wouldn't matter so I just stood there and watched as he continued to relieve himself on my pants. It actually felt nice...warm and wet. Unlike a lady it was cool watching him aim and play his stream all over my pants. He really had to pee and it took him almost two minutes to finish. Then he shook off and zip himself up. "I've wanted to do that for a long time and just couldn't resist the chance" He told me. I finally got the door open and went inside. After stripping out of my wet clothes I took a shower and put on some clean clothes. Before Jim left he asked if I was mad at him. I told him No. Even though I've always considered myself "Straight" I've always enjoyed see guys pee too. Just never thought I'd actually enjoy being peed on by another guy. Guess you never Know.
  16. Lots more here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/people-peeing-in-art_us_55f74c62e4b0c2077efbd961
  17. I probably pee more in my Bed than in the toilet LOL
  18. She's going to lose it any second
  19. tingle098

    HI everyone. Read my bio for a little more info, but to summarize I'm into drinking pee and hard depth and width anal. I'll do a lot on cam if you ask. Feel free to ask me anything. I'll answer any question except name and location.
  20. Hi everyone. New here. 36yo Bi Male. 5'8", 165lb. 8" cock. Shaved. I'm mainly here to meet others with my fetish. Preferably others that would like to watch me on cam or cam with me themselves. I do shows on webcam occasionally but it's hard to find an audience because CB and the like are not very tolerant of pee. I generally do pee play including drinking my pee. I also do hard anal. I have a machine and I can also take a dildo 14" in my ass and I can self-fist. I enjoy drinking my cum also and have even frozen many loads and drank them all at once. Hit me up if you are interested.
  21. Hi From London

    Hi Guys, thanks for letting me join! :) Im from London UK. I love peeing outside and finding new places to pee! Would love to hear from other UK Guys & Girls about their favourite places, especially in and around London. One of my fav things to do is catch someone peeing outside somewhere and join them! Got loads of places that i have been over the years and would love to swap experiences with people Feel free to say hi, let me know if you have pissed somewhere in the capital and where is was!
  22. About me

    I luv drinking girl piss. It's so AWESOME when I go down on a girl and she says "wait, I gotto go to the bathroom!" I always say, "Just go in my mouth." Some get grossed out, but the majority just let the yellow stream fly. It tastes so good!!!!
  23. New kid on the block

    Hi everyone, I'm not entirely new her as I've read many stories on this site before (shout out to mom and daughter carpet/bedroom peeing), but I finally decided to make an account on pee fans. I'm in my early 20s. I have mainly been convinced to make this account by the facts that I've been quite bored and out of the sex game for two years now. I've had a pee fetish since I was in middle school (unknowingly), but I only have two or three stories. What I like about peeing is the smell, sound, desperation, tabooness, pure and honest relief, and the many naughty places one can relieve oneself. I mainly am interested in women, but I do occasionally appreciate men peeing, especially those in urinals, bars/pubs, outdoors, etc. with foreskin. My fetishes include: pee, poop, labia, pussy grool, mom/son incest, creampies, voyeur, exhibitionism, foreskin, and a bit dirtier which I'd be embarrassed to further reveal here. I'm not sure how to proceed, nor am I sure what I want out of making an account here, but I hope for a positive experience. Pleasure to meet you all. Feel free to reach out. Do your best to convince me not to delete my recently created account I guess.