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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, 32/M/Ireland Just joined, found the group while searching Google for pee snapchats. Site is brilliant. Looking forward to getting to know everyone
  2. Hi From London

    Hi Guys, thanks for letting me join! :) Im from London UK. I love peeing outside and finding new places to pee! Would love to hear from other UK Guys & Girls about their favourite places, especially in and around London. One of my fav things to do is catch someone peeing outside somewhere and join them! Got loads of places that i have been over the years and would love to swap experiences with people Feel free to say hi, let me know if you have pissed somewhere in the capital and where is was!
  3. Larry and Jerry these two grown men were having a lot of fun camping. They had just peed together on the ground of their camping sight together and discovered they both really like peeing. "Well," Jerry said, "Yes, that was a lot of fun peeing together in the dirt of the camp sight. There is something so freeing about peeing outside that I very much enjoy. I also like the freeing feeling from peeing in the shower, in a like, and in a pool. When I became more of a rebelious teenager at age 19, I tried this new exciting way to pee," Jerry paused. Larry responded, "Do tell." Jerry mumbled, "Well at age 19 I started when in a park bathroom standing next to the urinal, aiming my dick to one side, and then purposefully peeing on the concrete floor for the whole time if peeing and making a big puddle on the wall and floor, and then leaving it there making it look like I accidentally leaked on the floor when actually purposefully peeing on the floor. So much fun. I love the adrenaline rush, the rebellious feeling, the excitement, and the arousal I get from purposfully peeing on park bathroom floors." Larry replied, "I do that same thing as well. I started doing that my mid teen years. I also aim my dick to the side when standing next to a urinal and aim for the floor, and have so much fun leaving my piss for someone else to clean." "Want to pee together next time we have to pee on the floor of the mens room on the bathroom?" Jerry asked. "Hell Yah that sounds like so much fun, doing some floor peeing together," Larry replied. They had both emptied their bladders all the way just then in the dirt so it would be awhile before they both had to pee. Before going to bed when they were both brushing their teeth in the bathroom they realized it was late almost everyone else on their camp sight had gone to bed. When they were done flossing and brushing they stood next to the two urinals, held their big dicks next to each other pointed on a spot on the wall between the two urinal boxes. "On the count of three," Larry said, "1, 2, 3. Both men started peeing big strong torrents the started hitting the wall between the two urinals at the same time, they watched their pee roll down the wall and roll across the floor and kept peeing and peeing letting it floor and continued watching their pee roll across the concrete floor and into the drain on the other side of the bathroom floor. They continued until the last few drops that Jerry had to go while Larry was still peeing for another five seconds as they watched their puddle get bigger and bigger until Larry's pee also reduced to drops. "I win, I peed longer," said Larry. "Well that was sure fun," replied Jerry. "I've enjoyed this naughty behavior alone for a long time, but doing it with a friend is something else. To be continued at some point.
  4. At World's End

    I need some help from the honorable members of this forum, if possible. I have been an urgent outdoor pissing enthusiast for going on twenty years. Over these years, I have come and gone from some really good websites, and have, in my opinion, a very reasonable collection. But lately, I feel as though I have exhausted all websites in this genre. Below, I will list the sites that I have exhausted, and I am asking if anyone knows of any other sites like them. I am not into wetting, or indoor f/f f/m golden showers or watersports. I need true, voluminous desperation, peeing somewhere other than a toilet. Really like the voyeur stuff, and non-voyeur public stuff. You'll see. Sites that I have exhausted- Sneakypee (In the early 2000s, the greatest of all the outdoor desperation sites) The quality of their models has diminished greatly from then (Tiffany, Claire, Lolly, etc. were the halcyon days). ProjectPee-no longer a subscription site, but pay per video. I have some of his old stuff, and check the ppv stuff regularly, but it is infrequently updated (Eve is on the Mt. Rushmore of piss models imho). I have exhausted PissBank. I check peeing-outdoors everyday and love the "summary" videos they make of their public voyeur stuff. I recently finished off Piss Japan TV, FTV girls and ATK. These you have to search through meticulously to find what you're looking for. I love some of the OLD Hidden Zone stuff, especially that one tree that would get absolutely flooded with piss, and some of their festival stuff. I DO NOT like the toilet voyeur stuff that it's doing recently, along with VoyeurBank and PeeHunters. If you want to know what I"m all about, think Sneakypee/Peeing-Outdoors. Those two are my all time favorites. I've downloaded a couple VoyeurismoPublic Sex Pissing vids from Galician, but the new stuff isn't nearly as good as the early Lunes De Aguas Voyeur stuff, which was a gold mine. I have gotten some really good Clips for Sale vids from Dirty Dani Picas. Bound2Burst has a good concept, but I can tell that some of the desperation is over-acted, as the models produce 400-600 ml, while hopping around like they are about to die from bursting. That's disappointing, but there are some good vids there as well. Other than the sites I've mentioned, does anyone know of any other really good public/sneaky/voyeur public peeing sites? If anyone knows of any private collection that I may negotiate for, like some other hidden outdoor cams/ cctv cam stuff of good quality, please drop me a pm. If there are any publicly available sites, please reply to this thread. I'm getting depressed. I feel like I've reached the edge of the map here. Thanks again in advance! pdawg
  5. Has anyone made any pee related new years resolutions? I made two, which I've managed to keep up so far: 1) Pee outside at least once per day or somewhere where there is a risk of being seen/caught. 2) Pee somewhere other than the toilet. One Pee cannot be used for both objectives, although 2 outdoor pees in different places can count. At least one should be somewhere that wouldn't generally be considered acceptable to the general public. It has been a week so far and here are some of my examples: 1st Jan - Went to an event which involved me taking a trailer behind my car. Peed by the garage when attaching the trailer, pulled off the motorway at the exit for my destination and peed by the side of the road between car and trailer rather than waiting till I got there. When there, I peed in a public toilet block, leaving the door open so that anyone outside would have a view of me stood at the urinal (and I saw at least two ladies looking in as they walked past). Peed by the trailer again before heading home and peed again by the garage when I got back. 2nd Jan - Peed in a car park next to the car. Peed in the kitchen sink whilst making a cup of tea. 3rd Jan - Peed in the stairwell of a car park and peed in the garden at home. 4th Jan - Peed on some washing on the kitchen floor before putting it in the machine. Peed on the door of a closed public toilet. 5th Jan - Peed from a footbridge into a stream that flowed underneath. Peed in a sink in a public building. 6th Jan - Peed by a bin store next to a public building and peed in a car park next to the car, visible from the road. 7th Jan - Peed in the garden first thing, then went to town and peed in a car park stairwell (different stairwell to the one above). I'm having fun thinking of different places to pee. I'm sure there will be duplicates over the year, but I aim to keep it as varied as possible. I'm also thinking of putting together a list of potential places to pee and ticking them off as I go through the year, the challenge being to achieve them all by the end of the year.