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Found 2 results

  1. For a long time now I have been building up a vast collection of new pics and have many thousands which I have not yet posted. I trickle a few of these out in my pic of the day threads but most always tended to end up in the pic galleries. However, until today it has been many months since I last uploaded anything there. And the longer I have left it the greater the backlog, and the more time consuming it would be to upload it all. Which just keeps causing it to be put off indefinitely. So I have decided that it is only going to happen if I limit it to manageable chunks. So starting today I intend most days - except for my busiest perhaps - to upload another 100 or so pics into one of my albums. Today I have added just over 100 to one of my golden shower albums. Tomorrow I hope to upload another hundred or so to another album. Doing modest chunks like this - it is actually not too time-consuming to upload 100 pics - I will gradually over a period of a couple of months, allowing for the addition of more pics to my stash, upload my entire collection without continuously putting it off cos the effort involved is too great. That's the theory anyway. I am dedicated to this site and as such it makes more sense to share my entire collection in the galleries instead of letting them sit unviewed on my computer. Should help in some small way to add to the attractions of the site and might even possibly encourage more members to upload their own stashes.
  2. I clicked on the "Gallery" link on the second toolbar today, but the "gallery" page shows no content. What happened to the photo albums that many of us uploaded? I only added a few images, but others contributed a lot. Are they lost?