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  1. Welcome to Kaymala

    Truly a wonderful piece of writing! I wish I could visit such a place, and my heart races to consider future installments of this travelogue. Will future installments follow Simon on his adventure in Kaymala, or will it look in on other travelers and natives?
  2. This was another fantastic installment, Rann. Thank you for producing this story. Naturally I look forward to the next one, whenever it happens to land.
  3. Goodbye

    Sorry to see you leave. Like a comet streaking through the cosmos you have appeared and now leave. The interaction of our gravities have changed us, and you. I hope to see you return some day, if only to read the further chapters of of my stories when they get written . Be well and I hope our orbits cross again some day.
  4. The Piss Empire - Part V

    It might be a bit. I've been busy with work and am moving houses soon. Hopefully I find a window to write some more about Liliana, T'ur, and women pissing wherever the hell they feel like.
  5. Where would you see me pee?

    Thank you for the answer - there is much to consider here. Your openness and willingness to share on these matters is inspiring. I hope I may ask a different question of a personal nature? In the photos you shared you have shaved your pussy. Is this a choice of fashion or is there some deeper symbolic meaning to you?
  6. A Knight and Her Problems

    I'm a big fan of medieval fantasy stories featuring peeing as well, and this is a really fun one! I hope we get more adventures featuring this party in the not too distant future.
  7. Where would you see me pee?

    @spywareonya I am utterly fascinated and captivated by your philosophy and the spiritual component this has for you. I find you literally breathtaking. A few days ago you mentioned that you offer fantasies to people, which I found very interesting. Energetically, do you benefit or is there a cost to you for being a screen onto which fantasies are projected? If there is a cost, how do you protect yourself from it? Or am I misunderstanding something (probably!)? Edited While I was posting this you shared more amazing photos. Thank you! Truly amazing...
  8. Where would you see me pee?

    Alex is a lucky man to have you in his life. We were already lucky to have you as part of this community, pictures or no, but after this teaser I have to say I am very much looking forward to seeing more.
  9. Where would you see me pee?

    Many suggestions I would have made have already been offered, but here are some ideas for the future, or just to fantasize about. I know some of them may not be possible given the concern about CCTV cameras. - On someone's car. Either brazenly climbing on it without worrying about dents or scratches from your heels and piss all over the hood or roof, or take a standing pee and piss all over the driver side door and handle, knowing whoever owns the car will have to touch your pee to get back in their vehicle. - Against the front door or window of a shop. - On the floor or in the sink of a public bathroom - On a flowerbed or some other carefully tended garden - In a church / in a cemetery (I know this is not practical and just a fantasy of mine) I don't know if you wipe with tissue but if you do, just casually tossing the used tissue aside is so hot. I am against littering (just as I am generally against vandalism!) but combining a beautiful woman peeing with these things just somehow turns me on to an incredible degree.
  10. The 2017 Golden Piss Awards - Nominations

    Category One : Best forum contributor Steve25805 Category Two : Best picture contributor Ozabot Category Three : Best video contributor Will64 Category Four : Best fictional writer So many amazing choices, it is hard to say. I'm going to nominate PrincessMermaid, who produced a number of stories I really enjoyed. This is no slight on the other writers I considered. Category Five : Best real story/sighting sillyme Category Six : Best Newcomer Spywareonya
  11. Wet Carpet magazine

    I always enjoy your stories, Steve, and I hope you are able to recharge the creative batteries and resume again. This does serve as a reminder that pressing the like button is an easy and appreciated way to show my enjoyment.
  12. The Piss Empire - Part V

    Thank you very much! I was a little worried about how this chapter might be received. I hope people continue to enjoy them.
  13. Water the plants

    @spywareonya I would love to hear more about your peeing against cars and clothes in shops. Reading your other posts, I know you are very thoughtful about naughty peeing. If you pee on something, it is because you have chosen this item to receive your pee, yes? In a city full of cars, or a shop full of clothes, what draws you to one item over another?
  14. Members' interests.

    Golden showers - 3 Pissing in naughty indoor locations. - 5 Pissing outdoors or in public - 5 Wetting - 0 Watching someone pee - 3 Drinking someone's pee - 0 Desperation - 2