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  1. Where would you see me pee?

    Thank you for the answer - there is much to consider here. Your openness and willingness to share on these matters is inspiring. I hope I may ask a different question of a personal nature? In the photos you shared you have shaved your pussy. Is this a choice of fashion or is there some deeper symbolic meaning to you?
  2. A Knight and Her Problems

    I'm a big fan of medieval fantasy stories featuring peeing as well, and this is a really fun one! I hope we get more adventures featuring this party in the not too distant future.
  3. Where would you see me pee?

    @spywareonya I am utterly fascinated and captivated by your philosophy and the spiritual component this has for you. I find you literally breathtaking. A few days ago you mentioned that you offer fantasies to people, which I found very interesting. Energetically, do you benefit or is there a cost to you for being a screen onto which fantasies are projected? If there is a cost, how do you protect yourself from it? Or am I misunderstanding something (probably!)? Edited While I was posting this you shared more amazing photos. Thank you! Truly amazing...
  4. Where would you see me pee?

    Alex is a lucky man to have you in his life. We were already lucky to have you as part of this community, pictures or no, but after this teaser I have to say I am very much looking forward to seeing more.
  5. Where would you see me pee?

    Many suggestions I would have made have already been offered, but here are some ideas for the future, or just to fantasize about. I know some of them may not be possible given the concern about CCTV cameras. - On someone's car. Either brazenly climbing on it without worrying about dents or scratches from your heels and piss all over the hood or roof, or take a standing pee and piss all over the driver side door and handle, knowing whoever owns the car will have to touch your pee to get back in their vehicle. - Against the front door or window of a shop. - On the floor or in the sink of a public bathroom - On a flowerbed or some other carefully tended garden - In a church / in a cemetery (I know this is not practical and just a fantasy of mine) I don't know if you wipe with tissue but if you do, just casually tossing the used tissue aside is so hot. I am against littering (just as I am generally against vandalism!) but combining a beautiful woman peeing with these things just somehow turns me on to an incredible degree.
  6. The 2017 Golden Piss Awards - Nominations

    Category One : Best forum contributor Steve25805 Category Two : Best picture contributor Ozabot Category Three : Best video contributor Will64 Category Four : Best fictional writer So many amazing choices, it is hard to say. I'm going to nominate PrincessMermaid, who produced a number of stories I really enjoyed. This is no slight on the other writers I considered. Category Five : Best real story/sighting sillyme Category Six : Best Newcomer Spywareonya
  7. Wet Carpet magazine

    I always enjoy your stories, Steve, and I hope you are able to recharge the creative batteries and resume again. This does serve as a reminder that pressing the like button is an easy and appreciated way to show my enjoyment.
  8. The Piss Empire - Part V

    Thank you very much! I was a little worried about how this chapter might be received. I hope people continue to enjoy them.
  9. Water the plants

    @spywareonya I would love to hear more about your peeing against cars and clothes in shops. Reading your other posts, I know you are very thoughtful about naughty peeing. If you pee on something, it is because you have chosen this item to receive your pee, yes? In a city full of cars, or a shop full of clothes, what draws you to one item over another?
  10. Members' interests.

    Golden showers - 3 Pissing in naughty indoor locations. - 5 Pissing outdoors or in public - 5 Wetting - 0 Watching someone pee - 3 Drinking someone's pee - 0 Desperation - 2
  11. The Piss Empire - Part V

    Part I Part II Part III Part IV Liliana sighed with joy as she entered the steaming bath in her royal quarters. She had just returned from a visit to Lady Tavena's estate in the countryside, and the journey home had been utterly miserable. A heavy summer squall fell upon the travelling party several miles before they reached the capital city, leaving everyone sodden, shivering, and miserable. Even spending the bulk of the journey inside a richly-appointed carriage had not spared Liliana from the indignities of the storm. Her damp garments made her feel chilled and rubbed uncomfortably against her skin. She could scarcely wait to be out of them. As soon as carriage came to stop inside the walls of Imperial Palace, the empress found herself at the center of a vortex of activity. The captain of guard saluted and provided a summary of the duty rotation, and the chief steward arrived with assistants to take stock of the inventory brought to the palace from the Tavena vineyards. Lord Markish wanted to meet so he could apprise her of developments in the city and at court, but she insisted that anything but the most urgent business be postponed until the next morning. Markish huffed with annoyance, but he could not defy the Empress's wishes. Liliana exchanged subtle subtle hand signals with the palace staff, after which a phalanx of attendants formed and whisked the Empress away from the hubbub to her private quarters. She noted with some relief that a bath had been drawn in anticipation of her arrival. The giant tub sunken into the stone floor of her private quarters was filled with pleasantly warm, crystal clear water. She smiled as she slipped off her dress, freeing herself from the cold embrace of waterlogged silk. An ingenious system piped heated air beneath the floor and through channels hidden behind the walls, ensuring the bathroom, and the rest of the quarters, stayed warm, even on the coldest days. Liliana appreciated the forethought and engineering that had gone into it. Indeed, the whole machinery of the palace had been designed to serve the whims of the T'urian ruler. Believing that a pitcher of wine would be quite enjoyable with her bath, Liliana needed only to pull on a lever discreetly concealed in the walls of her quarters. This sent a signal to another part of the palace that she required an attendant, and within minutes, a young man wearing the livery of a palace servant appeared, ready to do her bidding. The youth blushed upon seeing the naked form of the empress, her golden skin glistening with moisture. She was tall, with long, athletic legs, toned thighs, and wide hips. As she walked toward him, he was captivated by the bounce of her large breasts, with their dark pink areola. His eyes darted between her chest and the subtle mound topped with an immaculately groomed strip of black hairs between her thighs. He stood silent, breathing raggedly, for a moment longer than he should have. A second later he snapped to attention, remembering his place and his duty "My lady, how may I serve you this evening?" "What is your name, boy?" the Empress asked haughtily. The young servant flinched upon being addressed. Liliana could scarcely believe the way she sounded. As a young woman and noble of only minor significance, she had been shy around others and unfailingly polite Before her coronation, she never imagined she could project such a commanding tone. Yet, after several months ruling the Empire, command was almost second nature. "I am called Tol, you highness." Tol averted his eyes, trying not to look directly at the naked woman standing a few feet in front of him. "Bring me a pitcher of wine from the kitchen, Tol. Something from the Tevana vineyards." "At once, your highness!" Just as the servant started to run off, Liliana called him back. "Wait! I have one other task for you now." She pointed to a very fine porcelain bowl resting on a shelf. The young man nodded, retrieved the bowl and assumed a kneeling position. With his arms held up and out, the he appeared to be making an offering to the gods. With Tol holding the bowl just below her hips, Liliana relaxed her bladder, sending a narrow column of golden liquid from her body into the waiting vessel. Unlike more experienced servants, who held the empress's receptacles from below, Tol had cradled it between his palms, wrapping his fingers over the rim. As Liliana's stream washed over his hands he shuddered in shock. He had heard others talking of this bold new Empress who had returned to the old ways, and imagined the shame and humiliation of being treated as her personal toilet. He found instead, the golden fluid bathing his hands to be a warm, gentle, playful caress. He looked up and beheld the magnificent figure of Empress Liliana, naked in front of him, pissing indifferently into the bowl he held. He could not help breaking into a broad smile, and the Empress smiled joyfully in return. After a time that felt both impossibly long and achingly short, the powerful stream flowing from the Empress into the bowl began to wane, and eventually stopped. A few drops of amber liquid clung to the outer lips of her pussy before falling lazily into the collected pool of her offering. "My lady," Tol stammered. "I-- I am honored." Liliana sighed with satisfaction, nodded, and gestured for the servant to be on with his business. "Hurry with the wine, Tol." The young servant raced out of the room, careful not to spill any of the contents of the bowl he still carried. Liliana entered the hot bath, exalting in the feeling as the chill from her travels fled her bones. After a short time, Tol returned with a pitcher of wine and something unexpected. Lady Debora accompanied the young servant. The historian and scholar assigned by Lord Markish to guide an unlikely heir to the crown on the nuances of ruling T'ur had become Liliana's closest friend and confidante. Still, it was unusual for her to come to the Empress's quarters unbidden at such a late hour. "My lady, she insisted on coming. I told her you were exhausted and any business could wait, but she--" "It is fine, boy. I am certain Lady Debora would not intrude on my bath if it were not important." She raised an eyebrow and asked "Isn't that right?" "Indeed it is," Lady Debora replied urgently. "Now, leave us, boy." Tol looked at Liliana for confirmation that he should leave. She nodded and he exited. "Empress. What I have to tell you is of the utmost importance and extremely sensitive." She glanced around the room. "There are no other servants skulking about, are there? " "You may speak with confidence, my dear Debora. We are alone." "Good. I came straight here as soon as I heard you had returned from your travels." Debora grimaced and pressed against her crotch. "By the gods, I really stopped for nothing and I really need to piss. Do you mind?" "You are a like sister to me. Were you my blood sister, by tradition, the same rights I have would be yours. Piss wherever you like." Lady Debora grinned broadly as she lifted the hem of her skirt and squat at the edge of Liliana's bath. A few drops of pee fell lightly from her pussy into the bathwater before her lips split, and a hard, wide deluge of piss sprayed out. The sound of Debora's piss stream assaulting the bathwater thundered through the imperial quarters. Although Liliana had made the offer, she was slightly surprised by Debora's choice. She watched with amusement as the pale gold piss polluted the crystal clear water she was soaking in. To pee into the empress's bath was bold enough, but to do it while the Empress herself was in it? The woman's enthusiasm for transgressive urination exceeded her own, Liliana thought. Lady Debora concluded her relief by sending two sharp, fierce jets of pee into the bath. She remained squatting, her pussy prominently, proudly displayed. She reached her fingers into her into her vagina and produced a small, narrow, silver capsule from within. "What? What is the meaning of this!" Liliana exclaimed. Debora unscrewed one end of the capsule and removed a tightly rolled paper from the canister. "This message was intercepted from a courier trying to sneak across the border into Skenos. You will want to read it." "But why this?" Liliana asked, pointing to the capsule, still slick with Debora's juices. "Read it and you will see. No one must know we have this. This seemed the best way to avoid it being detected by anyone I might encounter on my way to you." After emerging from the bath and toweling herself dry, a task that might normally have been performed by an attendant, Liliana took hold of the letter Debora had smuggled inside herelf. Lord Ratakish, We must strike soon. The girl has proven more competent than expected, and she consolidates power rapidly. I can scarcely believe it. The T'urians have always been a strange people when it comes to certain bodily functions, but I am shocked by the degree to which they have embraced this vulgar savage. She pisses in their cups, and the fools lap it up. This is no exaggeration. I attended a feast where I saw her stand on the table, lift her dress, and piss into wine bowl. Some were horrified but many more laughed and applauded. She takes us back to the old ways, they are saying. Later that night, she damaged a centuries-old tapestry hanging in the feast hall while brazenly urinating against the wall and fouled the cistern with her effluvia. The idiots call her a breath of fresh air. The more the people indulge this madness, the more legitimate her claim to the throne grows. This crude whore threatens to destroy all of our careful work! I will work to precipitate a crisis of some sort or another, but I must implore you for more resources. Your friend in service "So you see," Debora started. "Yes." Liliana felt a white-hot anger building inside her. Ratakish was the spymaster for King Vaden of Skenos. Some said he was the true power in that accursed country. It was he who sent the assassins who murdered the previous empress and most of her extended family. Liliana's family. Thinking on the events described in the letter, there was only one conclusion to be drawn. "A traitor sits on the Noble Council." The feast described in the letter had taken place at Lord and Lady Macrie's manor a few weeks after Liliana's coronation. The entire Noble Council attended, representing the most powerful families in the Empire. All the noble men and women of the council had seemed jovial, welcoming, and supportive, but learning that some harbored resentments against her was no surprise. Navigating the rapids of T'urian politics required some skill at deception. This letter confirmed what Liliana had long suspected. A conspiracy existed between one or more of the Noble Council and Skenos. Someone had hoped to take advantage of the power vacuum for some endgame that was not yet clear. But they had not counted on Liliana to be an effective ruler. They thought they could install a naive girl who preferred living on her estate in the country, studying history and communing with nature over life at court. Debora grimaced. "What are you going to do now?" Liliana re-read the letter as she considered the future. "Do you remember the tale of Helena and General Klote?" According to the T'urian histories, after Helena returned from the siege of Koint, she was widely acclaimed for her role in T'ur's victory. The tale of how she extinguished the Eternal Flame in the Temple of Maset, which broke the spirit of Koint's leaders and ended the siege, spread far and wide. In the weeks following her return, stories circulated among the people that Helena's urine could ward off evil spirits. She found such superstitious talk ridiculous, but would indulge anyone who asked by pissing in their doorway. She soon found it quite enjoyable and took to also peeing inside the dwellings and marking the belongings of the occupants. Another city official of high standing, General Klote, found these acts distasteful. At a meeting of city leaders, he fulminated against Helena's disgraceful, vulgar, disgusting acts. He demanded she stop such behaviors at once, or be arrested or exiled. The council was reluctant to act against Helena. She was popular with the people, and most of the council held her in high regard for one reason or another. She was one of the greatest warriors who ever lived, a brilliant tactician, ruthless in single combat. If those qualities were not enough, she was a great beauty. Tall, raven-haired, powerful, yet curvy and feminine. Helena explained that many viewed her piss as a gift, and she would continue urinating wherever she pleased. She challenged anyone who wanted to stop her to make her stop. General Klote knew that he could not defeat her in single combat but could not believe the other T'urians were not as offended as he was. He scoffed that she couldn't find 10 citizens who saw her peeing on their property as a gift. She responded that if she found 30, her right to pee anywhere without reprisal would be formalized into law. Klote accepted the terms, not realizing what he had unleashed. Over the next few days, Helena put on a fearsome display of pissing prowess in the public markets. Everywhere she went, she would reveal her pussy and unleash mighty streams of piss over the walls and wares of T'ur's merchants. When Klote saw that items stained by Helena's piss sold for more than similar, unsullied items, he knew he had lost the wager. He angrily cursed her and the council, and swore that he would oppose her at every turn. The day after the city leaders ratified Helena's right to urinate anywhere, she appeared on General Klote's property with a contingent of soldiers. The council had also ruled that General Klote was to be exiled and his lands seized. They belonged to Helena now. She told him to follow her, and led him to the cemetery on the hill overlooking the main estate. She told the general that she had won fairly, that he should have accepted defeat gracefully. Because he had not, this land was hers now, and she would claim it as she claimed all things, by pissing on it. She lifted her skirt, and stood for a moment with her pussy gloriously exposed. Then she smiled wickedly as a thick stream of gold sprang forth from between her legs and spattered against a monument stone. The stream ceased suddenly as Helena walked to another stone, and started pissing again. She laughed as she walked from grave to grave, leaving the resting places of the general's ancestors marked with dark rivulets of dripping piss. The general screamed and moved to strike Helena. In his warrior prime, perhaps he could have challenged her, but he was a good 20 years past that. She kicked him in the midsection, knocking the wind from his lungs. While he gasped and coughed helplessly on the ground, she stood over him and effortlessly directed a short burst of piss into his open mouth, leading to fresh round of sputtering and choking. "Yes, I recall the story," Debora replied as the scenes replayed in her imagination. "How does it apply here?" "Consider the letter. We know at least one of the Noble Council members is in league with Skenos. We know they find my exercising of the privilege Helena won barbaric. But we also know that many of them do not. Like Helena, I'm going to piss over everything those nobles hold dear. Those who stand with me will be grow closer to me. Those that stand against me will become enraged. And it will make them sloppy. They wiil make mistakes and reveal themselves to us." She drank the remaining wine and felt a warmth growing in her stomach and started pissing noisily on the stone floor. As she looked at the puddle growing on the floor, she received a vision of Skenos inundated by a massive golden wave, frothing with white foam, surging with power. The palace walls were left crumbled by the storm, the king and his spymaster broken and drowned, the legendary Ivory Hall washed away by the deluge. "And rest assured," Liliana said . "Once we root out the traitors in our midst, we will bring the flood to Skenos."
  12. The Holiday Pt 2: The Walk

    I am loving this series. Fantastic work.
  13. You know that I enjoy most everything you write, but this an exceptionally good story. Well done, Steve!
  14. The Holiday Pt 1: On the Beach

    High quality stuff! Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to reading what comes next.