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    I'm an outgoing hippie artist, who loves music, poetry, art, board games, hiking, spending time in nature, and naughty peeing.

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    Peeing on the floor of public restrooms.

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  1. Just curious

    For me it started when I was 15 just finished middle school, and I heard about how a friend of mine peed through the bars onto a park bathroom floor it was closed, and I thought that sounds like it would be really fun. I a few days later walked to a park bathroom by myself after drinking lots of water, the bathroom was open I walked next to the urinal started peeing on the floor, peeing on the wall, and seeing how big of a pee puddle I could make there I kept on peeing while walking around the tiny bathroom seeing how much of the space I could cover with my pee, and while doing that I thought, this is really fun, naughty, taboo, fun, exciting, adrenaline rushing, thrilling peeing on this floor, and this is also making me horny. From then on I realized I had a naughty pee fetish and my life just got better from there. I have always looked back on how fun and exciting that park bathroom floor peeing was and have enjoyed naughty peeing ever sense.
  2. Elevator

    Wow that's awesome you're so tuned into who I am. I respect you for that. You are pretty good at telling my personality by how I describe myself in stories. I like that you get joy from reading about my naughty peeing adventures. There is something I love about peeing where I'm not supposed to that gives me a good feeling which is a lot of feelings at once: an adreneline rush, a good feeling of defying authority, a feeling of freedom, an improvement of my mood, and a sexual arousal I gain from doing the naughty peeing. I love it. I like that you understand me well.
  3. Elevator

    I just did another elevator pee last night.
  4. Members' interests.

    Golden showers - 1 Pissing in naughty indoor locations. - 5 (This one here peeing in indoor naughty locations I love doing so much, and makes me so horny. I'd love do do this together with others and hope to with future lovers.) Pissing outdoors or in public - 2 Wetting - 3 Watching someone pee - 2 Drinking someone's pee - 0 Desperation - 0
  5. I think I understand my fetish better. I was a good kid when I was younger. I missed out on doing bad things unlike most kids. I had some abusive adults push me to follow rules rigidly as a kid. I still follow rules rigidly. I'm overly conscientious of others and careful to not make anyone mad. With all that said in my work to not break rules, breaking away from that by naughty peeing as in peeing on public restroom floors, fitting rooms, massage carpets, and other places I shouldn't loosens me up, and makes me relax more in life, accepting I'm not perfect and neither is anyone.
  6. Elevator

    On my way home from work I just peed in an elevator a few hours ago. It was one of those with a metal floor. It was an elevator for a parking garage that has no cameras. I rode it to the bottom level of the garage saw as it was late at night no one was nearby in that level. I waited for the doors to close. I realized no one was on that floor of the garage so it wasn't going to open soon without me pushing the button. It won't open on a different floor with out going up first. I unzipped my pants and let out a wee peeing on the floor of the elevator letting my beautiful yellow pee hit the metal floor and make a noise. I kept on letting it out making a large puddle on the floor, until the last drops. Then I put it back in zipped my pants up, rode the elevator back to street level and headed on to the bus. Now I'm really horny thinking of this fun adventure.
  7. I like this discussion very much. I try to draw the line with my own actions of how naughty a place is I pee. Peeing on a concrete or tile public bathroom floor, and leaving it there does cause hassle for the person who cleans it and anyone who steps in it. I have also worked cleaning bathrooms and enjoyed every opportunity I had to clean pee and it only made bathroom floor moping take a few seconds longer. The people in the bathroom who come in are all wearing shoes so leaving my pee on the floor isn't going to make them sick. I sometimes clean my pee up in a bathroom floor, but leaving it there makes me more horny and makes it more fun, so I usually leave it there. The naughtiness of peeing where I'm not supposed to and leaving it there is what makes me horny, and what is so fun. I have peed on many public restroom floors and enjoyed every second of it. On rare occasion I do a naughtier pee than public bathroom floors and pee on a carpet somewhere like I have peed in carpeted fitting rooms and left it there which is more naughty in my opinion which makes me more horny, I draw the line with how frequently I do this so I don't feel as bad inside. A few days I did a really naughty pee, and I admit this went to far in my opinion, when getting acupuncture I wet my yoga pants in the chair, I know that was really bad and I shouldn't have done that. I decided that one was a one time thing. I wasn't trying to hurt anyone though, I was just trying to relax, have fun, get an adrenaline rush, and have something making me really horny for amazing masterbation when I get home. My question to others on here is is it better to only do naughty peeing that's somewhat naughty like concrete and tile floor peeing? Should I clean up my pee every time even though that reduces my horniness substantially? I do get more fun and horniness out of really naughty peeing though; so where is the best place to draw the line with naughty peeing?
  8. PP I wish I had a group of friends who were totally accepting of me peeing on the carpet when going out and about with them. I am also grateful for the nonjudgmental attitude on this website. Maybe I should live in London like you do where people seem more ok with pee stuff. For most people in Seattle where I live talking about pee fetishes is pretty taboo, let along naughty peeing around the people I hang out with. In a way I don't get it why Seattle's culture is so strict with expecting people, especially expecting men, to cover up lots of skin, and not be seen peeing, or to have peed somewhere unusual, surprising this is the case in such a liberal city. Sure everyone totally accepts me as an openly bisexual male person in Seattle and for that I'm very grateful. On some things the culture of the city I live in is to liberal for my liking, yet when it comes to pee stuff I feel like I only have a few friends I can talk to about it in person and none of them are also into pee the way I am. I'm happy for you PP that your friends accept you peeing on the carpet next to them. I also think that's really hot you just pee where ever you happen to be. When I pee in places not considered normal I am careful to be discrete. I always want to get away with peeing where I do. I'm grateful in the state I live in in the states public urination is a small penalty compared to other places in my country. I'm still extra careful. Some of the places I pee aren't as exciting or convenient as places you like peeing; I figure when I pee on the floor of public restrooms I can make my mess look like an accident.
  9. Hi, I have been on the forums a lot. I have talked to people a lot on here on the internet and am noticing hardly anyone goes onto the chat room on peesearch anymore. I like socializing on the forums on here, and am with looking through other pee websites, and am wondering if people on here have any recommendations of web sights for making friends, dating and getting groups together who are into pee? Particularly do people on here know of any online dating chatrooms with people hoping to meet up in person that welcome people of all genders, sexual orientations, and try to get a balance in there, and are specially designed for bringing people in who are into naughty peeing?
  10. I like how we on here are able to have a civil discussion on the morality of naughty peeing. Some people disagree with me and think in most cases naughty peeing is ok as long as you keep a few places off limits. Some people have different definitions of where peeing is naughty. I don't think peeing outside is naughty, I think it's fun, I enjoy peeing in the park, peeing in my yard, and peeing in the road when out and about late at night. I think peeing in a cup and pouring it out my window is a little naughty as is peeing in my sink which I both enjoy. Peeing on the floor of public restrooms, peeing on hotel floors, peeing in dressing rooms, peeing in elevators, peeing on dance floors, and peeing under tables at bars and restaurants, and when doing those leaving the pee there, those places to pee and leave there I think are naughty. Yes those naughty peeing in those places I just listed I just mentioned I think is bad. However that doesn't stop me from doing that. In fact peeing on a floor and leaving it there is so much fun, so exciting to me, (brings an inner childhood feeling of guilty pleasure naughty rebelious joy-which I might start another post on,) gives me a great adrenaline rush, and makes me horny because I think this is bad. The badness makes it so much more fun.
  11. Thank you for asking these questions. I wanted encouragement to give more details on this fun experience. So a week after I was dumped I wanted sex. I went onto a website of sex workers and called a sex worker asked if me and her could meet up at a hotel have sex and do naughty peeing together. She said yes. I booked a room at a cheap hotel. I got in there, when I got in the first thing I did was pee on the couch, then pee on the floor a lot. The sex worker got there after I had been there for an hour. I paid her $200 for the hour, we sat down we talked, I told her about my naughty peeing fetish, she said, "there's nothing wrong with peeing where your not supposed to, it doesn't hurt anyone, go for it if you enjoy it." We both took off all our clothes, and she watched me pee for almost a minute on the hotel carpet. I told her I wanted her to pee on the floor as well. She said she's happy to do so, but doesn't have any in her bladder yet. I gave her lots of ice water while drinking myself as well. She let me put my fingers in her vagina, going in and out, which felt nice, then I peed on the floor again on the hotel carpet. We continued with me fingering her vagina. Then she needed to pee, we both sat in hotel chairs and peed together on the floor enlarging the puddles on the carpet. Then we laid on the bed and had sex, which was nice. Then we were almost to the end of our time, she felt the need to pee again as I did as well, and we sat in the hotel room chairs and this was the funnest part of all because this time we were both peeing on the carpet at the same time. She made a huge puddle on the hotel room carpet, while I danced around the room sprinkling my pee everywhere. She left after the hour was up, and I stayed there peeing on the blankets, peeing on the wall, peeing in the corner, peeing on the table, and then I masterbated, and orgasmed on the floor while going to sleep to the smell of pee me and this sex worker added to the room.
  12. Thank you for encouraging me to keep on naughty peeing. I love peeing where I'm not supposed to, and might as well continue doing it, It certainly is fun, naughty, exciting and makes me horny. It's the only bad thing I do, if I didn't do anything bad I wouldn't have as much fun in life.
  13. Dreams that involve pee

    Multiple time when I'm in a dream and dreamed of peeing in the toilet I've wet the bed. I've never wet the bed when dreaming of peeing on the floor. If I'm in a lucid dream and I have to pee I make sure to pee on the floor, or somewhere else I'm not supposed to, that way I won't wet the bed, and I'll have more fun in the dream. I had a dream recently of peeing on a dressing room carpet in a clothing store. I woke up thinking that was loads of fun, and then thought of that dream while masterbating, had a huge orgasm which gave me a nice morning wake up boost.
  14. Not many people have talked about dreaming of peeing. I enjoy dreaming of naughty peeing as much as I enjoy doing it in real life. I want to have more lucid dreams of peeing where I'm not supposed to. I had a dream that was the first of it's kind involving pee. I dreamed I was at a speed dating event for people who are into pee. (Speed dating is where a group of people get together, and then talk to each other in pairs of two for five minutes each asking ice breaker questions until everyone has talked to each other.) I was at the event, and there were a lot of interesting people, one lady in the room was gorgeous with beautiful dreadlocks. I was hoping in that dream that she was going to date me, and that she was as into naughty peeing as I am. Unfortunately my alarm woke me up part way through this dream, and the whole thing did turn out to be a dream. I would love to go to a speed dating event in real life for people with pee fetishes.
  15. Yes, it seems like I'll always have the urge to do naughty peeing. I wish more people who are also into naughty peeing were around me in person. It'd be so fun to have company while doing naughty peeing. I do really enjoy it. I see we all have different definitions of where peeing is naughty. I peed on the dirt in the park, and peed by the side of the road earlier tonight. I don't consider that naughty. Peeing on the floor of a place other than my own home, and not cleaning it. That I consider naughty; and fun. Doing that makes me really horny. Even the last one night stand I had, after not getting sex with other people in ages. The sex was alright; but peeing together with her on the hotel carpet was incredible.