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  1. Pee stain challenge!

  2. Panty pics

    snuck a pic of mine earlier at my desk at work. 😇
  3. Pee stain challenge!

    gathered up a bunch of drying and dried panties for laundry last night. these ones definitely needed it- after i had worn them for almost 24 hours and had been wet like 4 or 5 times. 😂😇
  4. Upskirts.

  5. Impromptu masturbation.

    i was doing laundry, and felt incredibly sexy wearing a wrap and thigh highs. anyways. while loading the wash i rubbed against the side of the machine and for some reason it gave me a tingle. i was horny and when i started it, i lifted one leg onto the drier so i could lean against the washer and press my muffin onto the corner. i ended up sitting on it and fingered myself til i came.
  6. so a few weeks ago, i had gone to have a massage and i guess i was way relaxed afterwards. plus it didn't help being kneaded while not having been potty for awhile. 😜 anyways, despite using their bathroom to tidy up a bit, i opted to hold instead of go potty. i was going to walk around the shopping center a bit, and maybe eat, but that pressing feeling was becoming more urgent. it wasn't long before i found a low pillar that offered some privacy from the main parking lot. i slid my pants and undies off, my pee began escaping as i squatted.
  7. Peeing after work

    amazing pix! thanks for sharing these.
  8. Knickers, thongs and panties.

    lol. why tell, when one can show, sorta. my lounge pants this morning didn't leave much to imagine while i was sitting on the porch.
  9. Upskirts.

  10. Upskirts.

  11. Upskirts.

  12. Knickers, thongs and panties.

    lol. waiting as long as possible before finally getting ready for work. i have some lowrise pants picked out. but yeah. these today
  13. Menstruation

    i thought it was already a no no here, now. i hate to stir the pot, because it was suggested that the topic jeoprodized the site. however, that was during some turbulent times here too. so idk. i'm still adhereing to that. but, it's just a natural function of my body, so i'm kinda indifferent as well. i mean sometimes i take pix during that time of my cycle, but not neccesarily for that reason. and i accidentally found out that some guys find it stimulating by posting a pic like that once, so it kinda became fun to share. but, i'm totally ok not sharing too.
  14. looks like you might have been close. but that could be any hard surface at home. lol