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  1. Hi Shewee, welcome, hope you enjoy the forum both as a reader and a contributor.
  2. Is there any more interest in a get together? I hope so and happy to organise it but we need more people.
  3. Visting Brian

    She should have stayed in the car and used one of the adult nappies :) Something I have been thinking about.
  4. So far we seem to have: me Adyguy6970 Sexismygod Are there any more interested in meeting up? We are all male so it would be nice for some ladies to join us, I know it can be intimidating but the first meeting would be in a public area, probably a pub or similar, so a safe environment and nothing expected more than a chat about our favourite topic.
  5. If this ever happens, the best idea would be to organise someone central to everyone. Peterborough, Northampton areas could be good as they are near A1 and M1 so easy to get to.
  6. Snapchat pee

    I added you, not that I have any idea how snapchat works, I am waiting for a friend to show me :)

    Great stories, as a poo fan as well, the poo scenarios are very horny.
  8. I would be interested in meeting up with other piss fans. I could co-ordinate things if there is enough interest. I am South Yorks based but happy to travel an hour or so which leaves plenty of scope. My suggestion is that we meet one afternoon mid week in a pub or similar so we can have a chat and a drink. That way we can see if people are getting on, and if anyone is interested in some pissing we could maybe drive somewhere a bit discreet and see what happens. I would prefer a mixed group obviously. I appreciate ladies are a bit nervous about meeting strangers so somewhere fairly public is important, and one of the conditions would be that if anyone is uncomfortable they can just get up and walk away.
  9. Beach pee

    I always pee when I go to the beach but have yet to be spotted, and it's getting a bit cold now for the nude beach but might try this next time I go.
  10. new girl

    Hi Wee Wee Girl, and welcome
  11. Pee on,or Pee'd on?

    I like to watch a woman pee, and if over me even better so I am firmly in the being pee'd on camp, but I also find it extremely erotic to pee on someone, especially if she holds me and aims. So, marginally in favour of being pee'd on, but that is because of the view :)
  12. Cross-Stream Fun

    Yes, sounds horny fun to me. I have done it but I have to confess, I aimed slightly higher, she did enjoy it though
  13. Female in the bath: http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/underwater-505
  14. I like the pics with the additional helping hands :)
  15. Midlands newbe

    East Midlands here as well (Sheffield) Welcome to the forum.