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  1. Cindy Yella

    Fantastic, I love a good period/fantasy story.
  2. A Paradise called Lavatria: Part 2

    Thanks guys! I hope I can find it in me to write more. Wetwulf, as I'm sure you know, finding the energy and voice to write (anything really) is a task within itself.
  3. Dany loved to pee on me and drink my own, growing up in a different village she was not raised as I was. She and her sister however, one bored summer afternoon had decided to try it. Her sister was ambivalent and never asked to do it again, but Dany was hooked and had to make due with her own urine. She'd usually keep a glass in her room and squat over it whenever she was thirsty and sometimes when alone she'd lie on her back and deftly position her pussy so she could spray over her chest and into her mouth. It just wasn't the same or as good until she met me. Can you believe that some people in the West, celebrities, only drink their own urine, claiming health benefits that my village has known for some time? In my family it was always best to drink from someone else. Helping me up Dany said, “I'm glad we waited,” giving me a kiss on the lips, tasting each our own pee in the process. “I'm glad too,” said Christine who we now noticed was a few feet away from us, a breast in one hand and the other buried in her damp panties. I noticed Christine's skirt was wetter than when I left her but not as soaked as we were, warm wet clothes clinging to our bodies tightly, outlining Dany's tits and my cock. Luckily we had anthropology next. This professor was younger and a lot more lax than the others, letting students pee where ever and however they liked. While we had to be clothed, the professor more often than not was naked during classes, or at least let her tits hang out. The three of us entered the small classroom and took our seats. The professor, Lydia, was already present, large breasts hanging bare at her chest, nipples prominently erect, standing with her legs open wide, fingers exposing her pussy to the classroom. As we sat down she started to pee, firing a spurt of piss down the aisle of desks in front of her, her clear pee pattering on the carpeted floor. This brazen display prompted several other students. A male student in the front row slipped his cock out of the fly of his pants and peed forcefully from his seat, drumming against the professor's desk in front of him. I heard a dripping next to me and looked over to see Christine happily wetting herself, not even bothering to move her sundress out of the way, urine lazily dripping from the plastic seat, soaking her butt in the process. Another female student, who just entered, was now squatting in the doorway peeing noisily onto the floor. It didn't take long for this scene to play out and for class to begin. Class proceeded as usual and I wasn't distracted by a full bladder. As in Chemistry class, the stream of the lecture was broken by a steady stream of someone relieving themselves on the floor of the room. The sweet sound punctuated by the much smaller room, hissing, pattering and splashing as someone scooted forward in their seat and moved some article of clothing out of the way and let loose on carpet below their desk. Towards the end of class, one classmate, sitting by the door, stood up and walked over to the wall before pulling out his cock and pissed loudly into the trash can. This act was boisterous enough that even the professor stopped her talk and hungrily watched the student empty his bladder. When he finished he noticed everyone was looking at him as he stood there with his dripping dick in hand and blushed slightly. The professor confidently strode over and grabbed the student by his cock, leading him away from the trash can. Lydia was notorious for having a small bladder and it wasn't crazy for her to pee twice in a single class, or maybe it was simply because she was always drinking some sort of fluid and a lot of it. Probably both. “That looks good,” Lydia said, hand still griping the young man's penis as she straddled the trash can. Lifting up her skirt, drips could be seen falling from her engorged pussy lips, lazily rolling down her butt and onto her legs. Her flow increased and her urine joined the young man's in a cascade falling from her crotch, loudly splashing and drumming the interior of the metal receptacle. She slowly started to pump the student's hardening cock as she messily used the waste-bin as a urinal in front of all her students, letting her pussy drizzle down her legs as she cocked her hips from side to side. “Well, I think class can be dismissed a little early today,” she said, firing one last forceful spurt into the bin with a loud hiss, still stroking her pupil's member. “And I'd like, if anyone has to go, to use this can, I want to see how full we can get it.” Jumping up on the desk, Lydia leaned back, opening her legs and pulled the young man between them. It didn't take any prompting and the student quickly entered her, pistoning against her and the desk, grasping one of the professor's bouncing breasts with a free hand. All the while the professor's gaze was trained on the trash can in the corner. Two male students were busy adding to the two 's liquid in the can, splashing loudly as several students waited behind them, removing their lower garments in ready. When the two young men were done two girls stepped over the can, hips thrusted towards each other as their pussies rained between them. Christine, Dany and I watched for a couple moments before getting up. We would have used the can as a trio, but none of us particularly had to go. Leaving the room we were later told that the class filled the can more than halfway. Lydia dumped the contents down the hallway drain, the student's spunk shiny on her ample bosom, making it clear to anyone what she was up to. Sex between student and professor is rare but it happens. Having a society with a liberal view on sex doesn't give the act the same gravity that it does in the rest of the world. If sex was as easy as it was here would you find it used as leverage? Almost all of Lydia's students have had sex with her, men and women, though not always during class. I myself have fucked her twice in the hallway and once in the classroom after I stayed behind for questions and that's just this month. Dany still had one more lab so I joined her for lunch at the dining hall while Christine rushed home. Giving me a squeeze to remind me of our missed tryst earlier this morning. With a wink she turned and started home, giving Dany and I a delicious view of her ass, outlined by the darkened wet material of Towards the end of the meal Dany scooted forward, grabbed her glass and brought it under the table. Almost immediately I heard the delicate tinkling of the glass as she started to fill it. I loved how Dany looked when she peed, even though I couldn't see what was happening below the table. The look of pure relief on her face and the tiny gasps she made as she let go of her bladder electrified me. She was pretty cute when she was desperate too, a situation we don't find ourselves in very often. Soon the glass reached it's capacity and Dany placed it on the table top, letting the rest of her pee fall freely to the floor, splashing our feet in the process. “All your pee just went right through me,” giggled Dany before taking a sip of the warm, light yellow beverage. “Yours did too but I want to wait, gonna take the short-long way home.” I was referring to the path that takes you through one of the oldest parts of the city. There was always something fun to pee in or on that way. “Well then, let me top you off,” she said, handing me the warm glass, now half full. I drained the glass, savoring the taste of her urine, its slightly bitter saltiness washing over my tongue, less acrid than this morning's torrential drink. Taking care of our dishes we left the dining hall and soon parted ways, Dany flashing her ass to me as she left, as if to say, “Don't have too much fun without me.” I started down the path to the old part of the city, winding streets and close alleys. The tight quarters gave everything a more intimate feel. I had two spots in mind as I walked down the smooth cobblestone, ignoring the telltale wet stains on the walls and the puddles on the road, feeling twinges in my bladder as I passed them. An outside observer wouldn't be pressed to note the several long, shallow gutters that lined the sides of the street, though the one in the middle might raise an eyebrow or two. What the observer would be surprised to find is the smaller gutters leading up from the ones on the street and directly into the houses and businesses on the block! The very buildings of Lavatria themselves have been constructed to accommodate it's citizens, just like any other. Inside these ancient stone homes are floors gently sloping down to a small gutter in each room leading to one or two main arteries in the house that lead out onto the street, either though a small culvert in the wall or in lower economical homes, under the main doorway. This convenient gutter system allows the residents to sustainably relieve themselves where ever and however they please and the systems still work to this day. In some buildings, rooms still have surviving small bench-like structures attached to the walls, over the gutters. On the top of the bench is usually cut a key-hole shaped opening with the front open. The bench, as any one familiar with these old homes, is found to be the perfect size to be seated and have one's genitals exposed to the floor and room. Some of these benches even still exist in the streets, providing relief to our elders in addition to more modern structures. My family's home was a bit more modern and lacked this ancient bench but my best friend's home did. The structure was still in his older sister's room. I can remember the summer of our 18th year, and one particular visit to their house comes to mind. I had always enjoyed staying there, the gutters fascinated me. I loved to watch as my friend and I peed on the wall in his room, as our urine collected together and dribble into the trough. My favorite was when we'd be hanging out in his room and a sudden trickling sound would emerge from the shared wall with his sister's room as her piss flowed down the gutter through my friend's room. This particular sleep-over my friend had gotten a little too drunk and has passed out early for the evening. Not nearly ready for bed I decided to pay his sister a visit for some entertainment. “Hey Leon,” Elena cheerfully greeted as I entered, “Nick pass out already?” “Yeah, with all the beers he drank he's gonna be waking up to a wet bed tomorrow.” “Wouldn't be the first time. I suppose you're still thirsty then? I know I am.” Just like with my own family, Nick's would also shared in drinking each other's pee. Nick and Elena's father, being from another village, would stick to beer but obliged his wife on regular occasion. Just at dinner, between beers we would pass around our glasses to be filled by each family member. Nick's father opted to instead just pee on the floor. Pants were rarely worn at the dinner table, Nick and I would just have to slide forward enough for our penises to hang over the edge of our chairs, sticking them into his mother and sister's respective glasses, filling them half way and passes them off so each glass was filled by both brother/son and guest alike. Elena and her mother did the same, hanging just off the chair so they could easily release their bladders into our cups, mixing mother and daughter/sister's urine as well. The four of us savored this practice and laughed as the meal went on at how much clearer our drinks became. Back in Elena's room she announced that she wanted to drink from the tap, and grabbed me by the hand, leading me to the bench. “I want to try something different this time. Sit down,” she said as she slid off her panties and t-shirt, likewise I removed my shorts and shirt. Sitting down my cock and balls freely hung in the open cavity below. I was surprised when she proceeded to lie down, right in the gutter, positing her self underneath me! The bench was just the right size for someone's waiting mouth to fit under. “Pretend my mouth is my cup from dinner, ok” she said as she opened wide. I didn't need much prompting and eagerly started to pee. I found I didn't need much aiming due to the positioning of the chair and my hot stream fell right on target. The noise of Elena's mouth filling up with my pale golden effluence permeated the room. “So this is why these benches were designed this way,” I said aloud, sating my flow so Elena could respond. “Haha, yeah, I found out after I caught dad and mom in here a couple days ago. Can you believe it, my dad pissing into my mom's mouth right in my own room. I had to find Nick to try it. Usually we would just sit down and pee right into the gutter from the bench, if we're not being lazy. Now keep going, you can't be done yet.” She was right and I just continued to let go right into her mouth, splashing all over her small titties between gulps. Slowly my trickle slowed to a stop, dribbling in her hair. Switching places I found myself lying in a gutter of my un-swallowed urine, looking up I had a perfect view of her pussy, lips protruding and parted slightly. Opening my mouth I savored the small warm droplets appearing as she started to give her bladder the go ahead, of which the order was too strong. Her first spurt completely overshot and hit me right in the dick, which was more than enough to make it stand to attention. “Haha, sorry! I guess I'm too excited, but you don't seem to mind.” Giving it another go her stream fell right into my mouth and I delighted in the salty, almost sweet taste of her nectar. Drinking as much as I could the overflow fell over my chin and onto my chest, rewarming the stone beneath me. When she finished she guided me to her bed and wrapped her hand around my dick, her piss providing just enough lubrication. The room now smelled strongly of our shared toilets and must have attracted her mother, who was now entering the room. Spying the wet gutter, and how wet we were she knew we used the bench, “Oh don't mind me, I just came in to use the bench again, Elena's father filled me up on it an hour ago and I'm just bursting.” Sitting down on the bench she pulled up her night shirt, she pulled her panties to the side and spread her legs wide, giving us both a view of her pussy. Not a bad sight for my best friend's mother. She must have really had to go as she peed a long stream down the length of the gutter, splashing every which way. It didn't take long for me to cum, Elena aiming my ropes into the gutter, mixing with her mother's flowing piss to be carried out on to the street. Back to my present situation, I was almost as desperate as I was this morning. On top of a bladder full of Dany's pee I also drank large bottle of water and took liberal advantage of the dining hall's soda fountain. Halfway through my return home I came to the spot I was waiting for, and almost a bit too late. Down one of the narrowest alleys was a small alcove and nestled in this alcove was a small statue of a nude, spritely young woman with rather large breasts, holding an oddly mouthed amphora. I sighed with relief as I removed my shorts, stepping up to the statue. The mouth of the vase was just the right height and I was able to dip my cock into it's interior. Being a university student I was leaving relatively early so the amphora was not yet full, in fact I might have been the first visitor that early afternoon. There were a number of these shrines all over our country, they belonged to our patron goddess, Urinaelia, daughter of the mighty Cloacina of Rome. Though we long ago gave up our pagan rites these shrines still remained. Omens of good luck were said to befall those that still visited the shrines and gave an offering, and that was exactly what I was about to do. As soon as my cock entered the amphora I let go and a muted tinkling filled the small alcove. Not more than a few seconds into my patronage I heard a soft, “Shit, someone else is here.” I turned my head around to see a young woman, I recognized her from some of my classes. I noticed she was jumping from foot to foot, one hand clasping her crotch while the other struggled with the waistline of her tight spandex leggings. “I'm not going to make it!” She squealed, now using both hands to pull down her spats, fighting with the tight waistband as she lost control. I watched as drops started to form from her two perfect lips protruding tantalizingly from the now darkening spandex. The drops quickly dissipated and a veritable explosion of urine burst forth from between her legs. She was not ready to lose this fight as she struggled to control her bursts of pee. “Ooooh, I don't normally like to wet in public,” she coyly said to me, as if she didn't let this happen often, “But waiting until the absolutely last moment feels so good, doesn't it?” At this point I was forgetting myself and was now pissing all over the small shrine, splashing against the statue, my urine dripping off it's face and hard nipples. Not caring about my tribute any more I turned around, pointing my cock and stream towards her. She finally got her waistband lowered but the constricting wetness of the spandex proved too difficult to get past her mid-thigh, exposing her tight, glistening, thin slit to me. “Fuck it,” she said as she gave up, savoring in the ecstasy of giving in to her very full bladder, absolutely bombarding the crotch of her spats with thick sprays of hot urine, splashing all over her thighs, an absolute drenching mess. “Sometimes I wish I was born a guy, or at least had a cock, this would save me a mess,” she winked, her eyes glued to my dick hosing the cobblestone between us, our puddles now mingling. “You should try spreading your lips, the girls I know do it all the time.” “A bit too late for that now,” she playfully interrupted, biting her lower lip. “You'll have to show me how next time.” Regretfully, I had another pee spot in mind and cut off my stream, letting the last drips freely fall to the ground, while I savored the show in front of me. She didn't take long to finish, her lips now lazily leaking down the insides of her thighs, she didn't bother to wait until she was finished before pulling up her soaked spats, final spurts shining the fabric in the afternoon light. “I'm usually here same time every day, and I usually make it to the statue” she said, again eyeing my stiffening cock as she sauntered away, give me and anyone else she met that day a good look at her wet spats. I made the way back home completely nude, my shirt and shorts in my bag. I loved the feeling of the sun on my cock as it swings back and forth as I walked. Strolling down the streets I passed a man, pants around his ankles holding his cock and busily peeing in the middle of the lane. Around the next corner I was treated to the view of a shapely bum hanging out of the typical crotch high Lavatrian window, pussy cascading on the outer wall and street below. Even the windows were designed for ease of use. The lower sill also had a unique groove cut into it, the perfect dimensions for a cock to rest, sloping to the outside to drain any liquid that might be poured down it. A lot of women I know try to accommodate these channels for their pussies too. Some even have a shallow bowl on the inside of the frame to cup any liquid that could drip down from a careless dribbler. After another 15 minutes from the shrine I arrived at my apartment complex, taking in the sea breeze. We were really lucky, our apartments were right across from the beach. In fact I spotted Christine using one of the outdoor showers, which was nothing strange, she always used them, even if she wasn't in the sea. She loved to be watched and there she was completely naked, big, beautiful tanned breasts glistening in the sun and a rare sight of her ass and pussy, encapsulated in a pale triangle, devoid of her usual wet panties. Wetting herself constantly meant that she had to clean herself often and I'd usually catch her like this before and after class. Catching sight of me she beckoned me over with a finger. Setting aside my school bag I joined her in the warm stream of the shower, lips instantly locking, her breasts pressing up against me, hard nipples digging into my chest, likewise my hardening cock rubbing against her slippery belly. Breaking our kiss I instantly drew my mouth's attention to her luscious, soft tits sucking and softly biting each of her hard nubs, while kneading the other with one hand, the other finding Christine's slick insides. Pushing me away from her tits she bent over against the shower supporting herself with one hand while the other spread her pussy, inviting me into her pink warmth. Instead I teased her a bit, rubbing the outside of her lips with the tip of my turgid dick, foreskin peeled back, inserting it in only just so. It was driving her wild as she bucked back, desperately trying to impale herself on my penis. Finally it was too much for me to take an in one thrust I was deep inside her as I could go, Christine squealing in delight as she came instantly. Our moans echoed in the courtyard as I hungrily pumped away at her pussy, pausing only momentarily to give her breasts some attention. It didn't take long for me to reach my light, Christine once again cumming around my cock before I pulled out of her, she quickly spun around, cupping her boobs to create a nice receptacle for my cum. A poor actress, she giggled, “I've just cleaned myself, and now you've made me all dirty, what are you going to do about that,” eyeing my softening penis. This is precisely why I stopped peeing in the alley, I always have to pee after sex and I wanted to make sure I had enough to make a show for Christine. After some egging on I grabbed my sticky penis and a few drops started to appear at the tip before my bladder gave way, firing a messy stream right at Christine's chest. Her breasts still pushed together, now pooling with semen and piss alike between her cleavage. She loved the show of it, kneeling before me, acting as my toilet in front of our neighbors. Having washed off my cum I aimed my stream at her nipples, giving each ample attention before my bladder emptied. “You know, you made my dick sticky, I could use a washing too,” I said. Standing up Christine nestled her crotch upon my crotch before releasing her warm shower over my shaft. “That always feels incredible,” I said, “Just the thing after sex, hell even before.” With her bladder emptying on my cock we cleaned each other up properly before turning off the water and heading back to our apartments.
  4. It feels really weird to type out that title, but I've always been drawn to different types of toilets and potties. Over the years in exploring this fetish I've collected various glasses and jugs to pee into. I've always been enamored with urinals and would love to some day have a house with one installed. While living at home I often fantasized about using my closet as a toilet, setting up one corner to either pee on a rug one of my glasses. I'd also love to one day have a series of chamber pots and other ancient commodes. It'd be amazing to have an antique chair that doubled as a toilet with guests none the wiser. I now living on my own but with 3 other roommates. We're all good friends and as a result there is very little privacy and added in the fact that we don't have our own washer and dyer and have to use a laundry mat, I haven't had as much freedom, per se, as I did back home to wet as I please. I usually sat on a stack of towels and wet freely on my off days, easily hiding and washing the soaked towels and clothing at night when my parents were in bed. This makes the mind wander a bit and my thoughts are brought back to the days when I peed secretly in bottles and my glasses and jugs. I am the first one up and the first one to come home each day so I'd have an easy time of dumping the evidence. Now this brings me to this topic. I've been thinking about buying a child's training urinal. Probably this one : https://www.amazon.com/Urinals-Potty-Training-Color-TheJD/dp/B00DW6YIX4/ref=pd_sbs_75_7?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00DW6YIX4&pd_rd_r=ZXAWYQAHE0AD2Y7CPYD9&pd_rd_w=4SkB1&pd_rd_wg=ltlO4&refRID=ZXAWYQAHE0AD2Y7CPYD9&th=1 As far as I can tell it has a liter capacity so it'd be just as good for an adult. I've got a couple ideas of where I could install it. I'm thinking I could leave the suction cup mount in a spot in my closet or even the back of my door. How fun would it be to have a urinal in your room? I am just a little worried about the suction cups themselves. Some of the other urinals have a different hook system that would be easier to bear the weight of my piss, the last thing I need is a liter of my pee all over the floor and whatever else. My room is fairly small. Oh how I long for the days when I'll be able to live alone. There's so much I'd like to buy and do. What do you guys think about this?
  5. I just moved to NYC and my new job involves driving all over the 5 boroughs. When I'm not on my usual assignment I find myself in unfamiliar neighborhoods and don't know where I can use a bathroom. This is where being of our persuasion comes in handy. I have several empty soda bottles handy in the car. But I have a problem anytime I'm not using a Gatorade bottle. One is volume. I'm driving a pretty ubiquitous vehicle that people take notice of so I can't always get myself into a better position, ie scooted all the way forward in the driver's seat, so the bottle has to be at an angle. Then there's another problem, since I can only place the tip of my cock to the mouth of the bottle there can be splashing and then due to the angle I have a lot left over when I stop peeing which leaks or worse, spurts everywhere. This is a shared vehicle so I can't be spraying pee everywhere. I did however just use a coffee cup, filling it up about halfway each time to minimize spilling and dumping it when I can. I probably peed in it 4-5 times at several locations over the past hour. Even with the ample opening I still managed to piss on my pants and hand. Despite knowing my body and how to do it, it feels like I'm doing it wrong. It'd help if I wasn't a grower too.
  6. You most likely have not heard of the small island nation of Lavatria, some how hidden in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Malta. It has remained fully self sufficient and independent from its first settlement by its Roman ancestors all those millennia ago. English is some how the native language, adopted from from long forgotten, but brief, British occupation. The Lavatrians benefit greatly from the warm climate of the Mediterranean, enjoying its able bounty of fish and rich volcanic soil. A wonderful thing has happened due to its independence, a more open culture has developed, very open. Nudity isn't only allowed but often the norm, some families even encourage it. Sex isn't bound by puritan sensibilities and is freely enjoyed by all citizens (of legal age and consent), relationships aren't strictly monogamous and are usually open. Laws are lax and public sex isn't not uncommon to see. It might not surprise you to hear that urination is just as lax and celebrated. Due to the warm climate puddles evaporate fairly quickly and are often washed away by warm Mediterranean rain. In my daily route to college it wouldn't be strange to see men pulling out their penises and urinating freely on the street, or woman in a deep squat spraying the pavement below her. Sometimes after the act is done they'll start openly masturbating right there on the street, stroking themselves until they ejaculate, usually in their puddle or moaning with fingers deep inside their pussy as people pass by them. More often than not a bystander will offer a hand, mouth, penis, pussy, or ass in assistance. Despite the lax views on clothing some citizens don't even bother removing their lower garments before relaxing their bladders, preferring to let their pee wash over their legs and thirstly absorbed by their pants or skirts, due to the warm climate their clothes dry quickly. Sometimes in the heat having wet pants can be beneficial once they start to cool. There is more about my country I could tell you , about the various intricacies of my culture but I will do so by telling you about my life. My name is Leon and I am in my second year at Lavatria University. Yes, our small island has a university. Due to our lifestyle most citizens don't leave the country. I live alone in a student's flat, right on the beach. This morning I was running late and missed my neighbor, Danae leaving. We usually walk to class together, sharing an 11:00 lecture. When out on the beach I tend to go naked, letting my penis freely hang from between my legs. I enjoy the freedom and usually pee whenever I have to, just letting it go which ever way my cock is hanging. However while at university we are forced to have some levels of modesty while in the classroom. Part of the program is to prepare us for the rest of the world where our sex positivity is not quite as accepted. Though the students find loop holes and no one really wears underwear so skirts and in my case, short shorts, are the usual attire. Peeing in class is up to the professor and each on has their own class rules. However on the general campus the usual openness is observed. When out on the quad I usually slip my dick out the left leg and pee where ever I like. “Hey Leon! You're late too?” called Christine, another student in my building. A transfer student from America, a bit of an oddity here. Christine was gorgeous, curly brown hair and great tits, which she freely bared when ever she had the chance, part of why she transferred here. “I guess you missed Danae too, I missed my alarm. I didn't even have time to wet the bed.” Another reason why she was here. “Crap, thinking of bed makes me need to go, don't think I can make it till class,” giving me a wink. Stopping, I started to here a familiar hiss, a sigh and soon the patter of the brunette's missed morning pee splashing the sidewalk. I instantly turned around, my eyes automatically drawn to Christine's crotch. Today she was wearing a light yellow sundress, later when I moved my eyes upwards I'd be treated to how poor of a job the dress did to cover her ample bosom, nipples standing proudly through the thin fabric. Catching my gaze Christine lifted up the hem of her dress showing off her white panties darkening as her yellow pee flowed through them, treating me to a deliciously wet outline of her lips. “You're probably gonna wait until class huh,” she said, teasing me. My own desperation started to nag at my thoughts. “Yeah, I need to meet up with Dany,” I said, “I wonder why she didn't pound on my door to wake me up.” Finally Christine's stream died down, and we started walking, trickles still lazily rolling down the insides of her legs. She always left her wet panties on and they, and her dress, would stay wet throughout the day. “God that felt good, I was so desperate, maybe I should skip the bed more often. Glad I ran into you.” She leaned into me and reached her hand down to feel my cock through my shorts, “Seems you're glad too. God I wish we had time for a quick fuck.” She was right, I was glad for this chance meeting, my dick was already half hard watching her piss herself and quickly getting harder with her grip. “Maybe later,” giving me a kiss on the cheek. By now we reached the campus and went to our separate classes, Christin unfairly leaving my cock hard and prominently displayed through my thin shorts. My first class was a Chemistry lecture. This professor was a little more intolerant about peeing in class but allowed it, only if you used a container. Students would usually bring a bottle with them while on campus. The rule was typical for science and lab based classes, probably to keep experiment contamination down. I had mine of course but decided I could wait out the hour. I took my seat in the theater style lecture room and looked around while waiting for the professor to arrive. I was late but not that late. Glancing down the aisle, a female classmate was scooting forward in her chair. Rummaging through her bag she produced a coke bottle and pulled her skirt up, exposing her tanned thighs, signaling to everyone around her that she didn't wear panties. Placing the mouth of the coke bottle up between her legs, right up to her pee hole, she started to pee in short bursts, loudly splashing the bottom of the bottle. To my dismay not a drop made it outside of the bottle, which she only filled half-way with pale yellow pee. She certainly wasn't late today and probably had her morning wee in a more traditional place, like her bed , bedroom carpet or at the kitchen table. When she was finished the student in the row behind tapped her shoulder. He asked if she was done with the bottle, mentioning he forgot his this morning. The girl smiled and passed the bottle over to the student who eagerly grabbed the bottle. I smiled, imagining how warm the bottle would be from the girl's internal heat. The student quickly stood up and pulled down his shorts and placed his penis tip to the mouth of the bottle. Instantly a dark yellow stream shot into the bottle, another late starter, mixing with the girl's lighter colored pee, mixing together and darkening the clear liquid. He quickly filled the bottle up to the top and with a couple spurts filled it to the top of the neck. “Thanks, I'm only half done but that sure takes the pressure off, I just wish he'd let us pee in the seats,” he said. “Anytime, and if you still need to go when class is over let me know,” she replied, eyeing his cock. The professor then entered the room and the student pulled his pants up and sat down. The lecture goes the same way I'd assume they do in other countries, power point slides, equations and note taking. Except you occasionally hear a distant hiss and a pattering followed by a muffled gurgling. A little more than halfway through the lecture I was getting desperate. Skipping my morning pee was starting to take its toll. Fidgeting in my seat the girl from before noticed my need but could only give me a knowing shrug, pointing to the amber filled bottle at her feet. To make matters worse the professor, as if on cue, grabbed the large, long necked Erlenmeyer flask from the counter and pulled out his cock, inserting the entire length of his shaft down the neck. Without pause he started to pee and a fainting tinkling could be heard as his pale urine filled the flask. Against better judgment I wondered what it'd be like to pee like that, totally encased in glass and if I hadn't been squeezing my penis I might have let out a spurt in my shorts. Luckily through will power and a lot of kegel control I kept my piss inside. Not that I didn't want to wet myself, give in and let my bladder take control and soak the seat, maybe open the legs of my shorts and spray on to the floor in front of me. If I did, I'd be kicked out of the lecture, not that it mattered, I was barely keeping focused. Finally after a grueling 15 minutes the lecture ended. Another wave of desperation came over me and I stayed in my seat as it passed. On the way out of the room I passed the two students from before in the hallway. This time the guy had his pants down and the girl was holding his cock, having fun directing his dark pee all over the wall, staining the white stucco. Not wanting my bladder to get any wrong ideas I hurried passed them to my next class. Thankfully Danae was waiting for me outside the classroom. If I had anyone that would be close to a girlfriend it'd be Dany. We've seeing each other since first year and take a lot of the same classes, but we, as do most other couples, fuck other people, and we both enjoy the freedom of our own modest flat. Dany waved to me as I approached, long dark hair waving back and forth as she hopped from one foot to the next, brown breasts bouncing up and down in a thin, white, open blouse which gave whom ever wanted to look more than a peak. “Sorry I had to leave early this morning for a presentation. I didn't have time to wake you, but I'm glad to see you,” she said as she greeted me with a kiss before kneeling down and pulling a leg of my shorts to the side, freeing my cock. “I'm glad to see you too. I nearly peed in the middle of chemistry. You look like you're bursting too. How was your presentation?” “It went well,” she replied as she grasped my cock and rolled back my foreskin, “You concentrate better with a full bladder,” opening her mouth when she finished the sentence. This was my cue and gave the release my aching bladder wanted. A thick jet of piss erupted from the tip of my penis and with expert aim it fell in the waiting mouth of Lydia, who let it fill up with the hot, dark, tawny liquid. I couldn't stop as she swallowed, plush lips pressed together as the product of last night's drink flowed down them. Glistening lips open again my piss bubbled in her mouth and each time she swallowed, my stream rewet her chin and started to make its way down her chest, wetting her blouse, making her breasts increasingly visible. I loved looking down at her like this, almost every morning, when we didn't take a page out of Christine's book. Finally my volume got the better of Dany and she couldn't swallow any more and opted to let my piss overflow from her mouth and down her chest. It even made it's way down to her skirt. As my stream dwindled she swallowed and took my cock into her mouth, savoring the last couple spurts directly. As I finished she started sucking and my dick instantly grew hard, it didn't take long for me to cum directly in her mouth. When she let go of my cock, we switched places and I knelt before her, staring up at her transparent shirt, dark brown nipples on display, waiting for her to pull up her skirt. When she did, I had to act fast, she must have been more desperate than she let on because before I could get my mouth on her pussy, pee was already rolling down her legs, caught in the folds of her lips before she could fully let go. With my hands I opened up her beautiful, bald, pink pussy, pushing her dark lips to the side, exposing her to the quad. With an open mouth I accepted her stream, letting the familiar acrid, salty taste fill my senses. This is part of why we're together. Pee drinking isn't the norm in most of the country but not frowned upon and varies from village to village. My own being in the minority of villages that practice it, it is a more ancient tradition and starts in the family. It's not always a sexual thing as it was for us and parents and siblings alike shared their effluence. As per tradition children drank from their mothers, who at breakfast would fill them a glass, and eventually children would learn to drink their own, either from a glass or more inventive and flexible positions. In a society as open as this would it surprise you that curious siblings would wonder what the other's tasted like and experimented with each other. Especially if they would often find dad peeing directly in mom's mouth or mom squatting over dad's face as he lay on the floor. This is how it was in my family. My older sister and I still drink from each other to this day, strengthening our familial bond. On visits to home we still find ourselves sneaking into the other's room in the morning and giving each other the first drink of the day, kneeling before each other and directing our stream into their thirsty mouth. In my village if you were thirsty all you had to do was ask a stranger (but really who's a stranger in a country as small as mine) and be happily obliged with a warm, salty draft straight from the tap. I digress, back to my own flowing tap, inches from my face. I loved catching the first spurt, it's always a shock to the senses, hot stream hitting the softness of my throat before falling on my tongue. I let my mouth fill up before swallowing, letting the heady scent fill my nose. When I swallow the continuous stream of piss washes over my face, splashing down my chest, a wondering warming sensation. I swallow as much as I can before she finishes, teasing her erect and prominent clit as she goes to the bathroom in my mouth. As she finished I inched closer and let my tongue do the work, bringing her to a quick orgasm.
  7. Moving indoors, Kim and Jack had successful unloaded their vehicles and were now looking over what they had bought. Kim had procured several makeshift toilets, bedpans and chamber pots from a tag sale as well as a large, ancient amphora. Jack showed Katie the carpet cleaner and cache of towels, including the one he soaked in pee on the way home. He had decided to hide the mattress protector, he wanted it to be a surprise. Katie also showed Jack the peculiar pants she had purchased. They reminded the couple of men's pants from the Victorian age. They were the standard brown trousers but instead of a fly there was a button flap over the crotch. Shedding their wet clothes the couple tried the pants on and found out that they fit. The couple spent the next hour or so placing the toilets around the house, adorning various cabinet tops and side tables, being sure to visit the kitchen to fill up on water as they went. The less conspicuous vases were kept in the foyer and living room, the rooms most often used by visitors. The more obvious bedpans and chamber pots were placed in side rooms, the office and various seldom used closets. A particularly slim bedpan was hidden underneath the couch and a chamber pot was placed under the master bed. With all the chamber pots in place the couple moved the amphora to the living room, placing it in a corner. “These are going to be so much fun when we have guests over,” remarked Kim, referring to the opaque vases. Could you imagine how naughty it would be to quickly pop into a room and have a quick piss out in the open, hoping to finish before the guest finds out? Though it would be much naughtier to pee on the floor but this will be easier to hide. You could stick your dick discretely down the mouth of a vase while I could squat over one of the floor vases or low chamber pots on the table, I made sure to put the ones with just the right height there.” This conversation was more than enough to bring Jack to the point of desperation, grabbing Kim by the hand he led her back to the foyer, where his need became more apparent as he squeezed his thighs together. “Lets see how these pants work,” he said as he nervously fumbled with the large buttons, two in the front, two in the back. After a minute or two of forcing the buttons through the stiff fabric, Jack removed the gusset piece, fully exposing his scrotum and a portion of his buttocks. Kim's eyes widened, biting her lower lips at how lewd the pants could be, the easy access to Jack's cock and how easy it would be to pee freely while wearing the pants. It didn't take long for her to have a go at removing her gusset as well, excited to see what Jack was about to do next. Jack hastily walked up to the foyer's small table, where they placed their car keys and outgoing mail. It was there that they had placed one of the chamber pots, a bulbous glass vase with a conical spout with the large opening facing outward tapering down into the chamber of the urinal. The couple would later find out that it was a female urinal. Cock in hand, Jack placed in the cone, wide mouth accepting it eagerly, sliding it all the way down to the end, tip poised above the hole to the wide glass chamber. With his dick sufficiently deep enough in the receptacle Jack started to pee, his urine spray down into the spherical chamber, filling the foyer with a light tinkling as his piss pattered against the glass walls and collected at the bottom of the container. Kim was grinning ear to ear watching her husband use the urinal so brazenly in their foyer, pissing right next to their car keys and yesterday's mail. Anyone could open the front door unannounced and see Jack using the table like a toilet, using the main entry way to their house as a bathroom. Button undone, Kim finally had the gusset of her pants removed, noting how much bigger the panel was for her, fully exposing her ass as well as her quim. With her privates exposed and seeing Jack relieving himself into the vase her own bladder ached in protest. She was desperate. As much fun as it would be to squat and pee on the floor, Kim wanted to use one of her new devices. Pouting her lips, she said to Jack, “Honey, as much as I love, love, watching you pee, I really have to pee and I want you to watch me use one of the new toilets.” Jack sighed in mock protest, the thought of emptying his entire bladder right there on the table was amazing but he didn't want to miss any second of his wife not using the toilet. Cutting off his stream he slid his cock out of the vase, now half full of pale gold urine, not bothering to wipe off, errant drips of piss lazily gripping the tip of his penis. Kim led her husband out of the foyer and into the living room, eyes fixed on the long table behind the couch, which now held a large, squat chamber pot. Deftly climbing up onto the table Kim hovered over the wide mouth of the chamber pot. It didn't take long before she was squirting pee directly into the pot, a low drumming sound emanated below her, mixing in with the loud hiss from her urethra. With a sigh she admitted, “I nearly had to pee on the floor, watching you was almost too much,” pulling her husband closer, between her wide open legs and kissing him deeply on the lips. Jack could feel the heat of her pee between them, his cock dangling over the opposite end of the chamber pot. Since he still had half a bladder full of piss left he simply let go, focusing on making out with his wife, hoping his unattended piss was making it into the bowl, not like he cared. The sound and smell of their mixing urine was electrifying and Jack started to get hard. Kim pulled him in closer, his hands now on her breasts and suddenly Jack discovered a new sensation, his dick was being bathed in incredible warmth. Pausing the couple both looked down to discover Kim was now peeing directly on Jack's cock! This fueled Jack's erection even more, which was now raised up, rubbing into Kim's labia, her waning stream now running down his shaft and over his balls. After one last spurt of piss Jack lifted Kim from over the chamber pot and laid her down on the table. Kim bit her lip as he inserted his piss covered dick powerfully into her, excited that with each thrust her urine was washing off inside her. Next to her head the chamber pot sloshed violently with each thrust, threatening to splash its contents onto her, spilling their warm piss all over her face and hair. The design of the device held up, unfortunately, but the thought of the contents being dumped all over her as her husband thrust his filthy piss covered cock inside her quickly brought her to a powerful orgasm. The powerful contractions around Jack's cock was more than enough to bring him over the edge, adding spurt after spurt of semen into her vagina. The couple laid panting on the table, Jack softening inside her. “We might have to experiment with more of that later,” said Kim. “Surprised it only took two uses of the toilets before we fucked.” “And these pants sure make the fucking, easy,” replied Jack. “I'm definitely down for some more experimenting. But for now, how about some lunch?”
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    I don't think there was anything after this. Unless Rdgr has a treasure trove of lost Leaky_One stories.
  9. Leaky_One's stories

    Oh my god, Rdgr, thanks for posting that. I've been looking for that part for years, I almost thought I made it up in my head. I've wanted to read it again, especially the part about Lindsey just going on Maeby's bed without prompting or permission.
  10. With her thirst satisfied for the time being Urinaelia entered her mother's domain, the Cloacina Maxima, the great sewer of Rome. This was not yet the fetid, disgusting place that it would become, for her mother, Cloacina, still had power and sacrifices. The channel was tall enough to stand comfortably with walkways on both sides wide enough to walk two abreast, with the mother Tiber's clear water rushing between them. Every few meters the goddess would daintly step over culverts of water flowing out of the walls, marking a villa or bathhouse toilet. The slightly sweet air was damp but warm, comforting, like one's recently piss filled undergarments clinging tightly to your genitals. As Urinaelia walked along the channel warm streams of daylight would occasionally filter down, marking the location of the few latrines that open directly into the sewer. Every so often the light would be blocked and instead a different kind of warmth would come streaming into the sewer. Due to the height, urine would fall in a wide pattern, large droplets of pale yellow splattering against the brick of the walkway or splashing into the water of the channel. Urinaelia happily walked through these golden showers, enjoying the sensation of the warm globules of the toilet user's body heat, straight from their bladder. When she was too slow to catch the flow directly, she would crouch down, running her fingers through the warm puddle and if it was especially hot and fresh she'd sit in it, draping her feet in the channel, basking in the contrasting sensation of the cool Tiber's water at her feet and someone's tepid piss soaking her butt and pussy. Urinaelia loved gazing up through the shower, watching the wee come directly from the source. The various genitalia excited Urinaelia. The different sizes of cocks hanging down into the sewer. Some circumsized, some not. She particularly loved catching a glimpse of a man with an uncircumcised dick, letting his penis hang hands-free, long foreskin left naturally around their cock heads. The goddess loved to watch as the foreskin started to fill as the man started to pee, gazing intently as the foreskin filled to it's meager brim, like a tiny fleshy cup, bursting with golden wine all over the stone before it. The fat stream pouring out, showering the curved wall of the sewer, darkening it as it flowed down to Urinaelia's feet. Her favorite part was watching the errant dribbles rolling out of the small opening, trying to climb up the shaft before succumbing to gravity and fall back down to the stone below. Urinaelia wanted nothing more than to take that penis in her mouth, sucking on the foreskin like a hollow piece of straw, playing with it as the man pissed into her mouth. Flicking her tongue into the folds, stimulating the sensitive glans and he peed, sometimes blocking the hole and watching with glee as his penis ballooned up before bursting all over her face as she laughed. His cock would have to wait, however, she had already defied her mother once today. Cloacina strictly forbid her daughter from consorting with men, but you know how young goddesses are, rules are easily broken but they are never without consequences... if found out. As the goddess lazily made her way through the sewer she was treated to many bottoms emptying their bladders to the space below. Almost every single user adopted a different style. Some women were hairless, some not. Some hovered, some squatted on the seat and some sat directly on the stone. Most let their pee rain down hands-free while some spread their lips, unknowingly baring their pussies to the goddess, who in silent thanks opened her own lips and filled her vagina with a few fingers, all whilst being showered with the woman's wee. Every so often she'd come across a large volume of liquid falling through the latrine and upon inspection would find a slave emptying a chamber pot. It was when she was almost home when she heard some giggling from the opening above. Urinaelia could make out the voices of three young women. “I can't believe you peed in you tunic right there in the street,” said one of the women. “It wasn't in the street, it was in an alley. Besides, it felt really good,” was the reply. “It certainly looked like it did. You dirty bitch,” the third said, playfully. The second gasped, “Not like you're one to talk, you were pissing right in front of me spreading your legs like some whore.” “And I'd do it again, in fact I have to pee now,” she replied, and the other two agreed. “I want to pee in my tunic like you did, sis,” announced the first. “But I want to do it differently. Watch this.” Not moments after the latrine hole darkened. Adjusting to the light Urinaelia gasped as she saw that the hole was covered by wool. The girl was sitting on the toilet in her tunic! Urinaelia stared in amazement as a few dark droplets appeared right in the center of the hole. “Eeek! I can't go, this is so naughty,” the toilet user said. “Just relax,” urged her older sister, “You are on the latrine after all. We can have my personal slave clean our tunics without telling mom or dad. I mean, its not the first time.” “Ok, I'll try again,” replied the younger sister, “Wait, not the first time?” And with that the dark stain on her tunic grew darker, slowly spreading further outward. “Oh Juno, its so warm” Releasing more of her bladder the tunic reached its capacity and thin streams rained onto Urinaelia below. “Oops, looks like my secret is out. Though its not like you don't pee everywhere. I've seen your slave wiping up your bedroom floor. Why not just do it in your tunic too?” “I think I might now, this incredible,” the younger said, as her flow started to wain, her wet tunic slowly dripping down to the goddess. Suddenly light returned to the latrine opening, Urinaelia imagined the young woman standing with her butt thrust out towards her companions, showing off her wet stain, covering her ass. Maybe lifting it up to show how wet her butt and pussy were. I want to try something different said the other girl, soon the light was partially blocked and Urinaelia saw the bum of the alley squatter cover the toilet, spreading her legs. Through the wide V, the goddess could make out a “come hither motion” and the older sister came over and sat on the other's lap. Through the small gap between pussies Urinaelia saw that they were both unclothed, their bare breasts hanging tantalizingly between them. The young women embraced and Urinaelia could hear the wet sounds of a passionate kiss and the feigned disgust of the younger sister. Without warning the older sister started peeing, hitting her friend right in the pussy before falling down into Urinaelia's open mouth. “Talk about feeling incredible,” gasped the friend, who now started to pee, missing the older sister. With the click of her tongue, she moved her hands down to her labia, and aimed her stream up, firing her urine at the older sister's clit. A moan was all Urinaelia needed to know that she too was enjoying this unique stimulation. Soon the girls found their hands in each other's streams, cupping the urine and splashing it on each other's tits. Sometimes their fingers finding their way into the opposites vagina. Like in the alley, Urinaelia found her fings in her vagina as well, pumping in and out to the tempo of the two girls. Unfortunately before she could cum the girls finished their pees and hopped off the latrine. “Come on guys, lets get cleaned up and enjoy that wine you bought,” she heard the younger sister say and heard the three leave the toilet chamber. Unsatisfied Urinaelia lifted herself up to the latrine hole and climbed into the villa. Glancing about she moved to the next room to find an unattended amphora of wine. This must be the wine in question, Urinaelia thought to herself. Thinking how she wanted to reward them for that amazing show Urinaelia picked the jar off the table, drinking more than half the contents. Moving the opening to her waiting vagina Urinaelia released the contents of her bladder, making sure all of her heavenly urine made it into the jar. She was sure that the young women were going to enjoy her special wine as she did theirs. Still aroused she waited in the room for the women to come back, which they did moments later, cups in hand and watched them all pour themselves a measure of her piss. The women cheers before taking a swig, each one noting how warm the wine was, blaming it on the summer heat. As the girls went for seconds Urinaelia's fingers found her vagina once more, this time bringing her to an easy silent orgasm. Satisfied Urinaelia headed back to the latrine and jumped into the sewer, making sure to remember the location of their house. With lazy swagger she finally made it to her mother's house, deep in Cloaca Maxima.
  11. Disclaimer: This is a continuation of a charcter from my Let's Play series and is set in Ancient Rome and will be in a fantasy setting. There may be minotaurs, extra large dongs, incest and chicks with penises. After a satisfying tryst with her new devotee, Jacobus, Urinaelia happily skipped down the Roman filled street, her hand occasionally finding it's way to grip her warm belly, full of Jacobus' urine. Happier still she let her hand roam further south, cupping her swollen, hairless pussy which Jacobus filled with his cum and piss alike hours earlier. Pausing every now and then Urinaelia watched the mortals go about their daily lives, oblivious to the goddess standing brazenly in the crowded street wearing only her short pale yellow palla around her slender shoulders, her perfect large breasts, draped by golden curls, hanging freely on her chest, swaying as the petite, seemingly young woman moved this way and that. Making her way down the street, two young women caught her attention as they quickly darted towards a nearby alley and Urinaelia knew exactly what for. Perhaps influenced by the unseen goddess, one of the young women suddenly stopped short, falling behind her companion, just inside the entry way to the alley. As the young woman quickly looked around, Urinaelia slipped into the alley. “I can't make it any farther,” the young woman hissed between her teeth, “I'm just going to go in my tunic.” Urinaelia grinned as she watched the young woman move her long palla out of the way as the long tunic darkened in between her hips. The young woman moaned in relief as her tunic's stain grew larger before snaking down the various folds of the long dress in glistening tendrils down to a puddle hidden beneath her. Urinaelia bit her lower lip, she could tell the girl was clearly enjoying herself, wetting herself in public while people walked by only a few feet away, unaware to what she was doing in the alley. The young woman's companion was now squatting in front of her friend, tunic hitched up to her waist, exposing her pussy to the girl wetting herself. With a sigh the squatting girl let herself go, shooting her piss messily out of the folds of her labia, hitting Urinaelia's feet in the process. The goddess gladly accepted this foot wash and wiggled her toes in the young woman's stream, delighting in the young woman's inner heat. Turning her gaze back to the standing girl she found that the girl's hands had moved down to the soaked wool of her tunic, softly touching the sodden fabric wetting her fingers in the process. The girl was gazing through the invisible Urinaelia, first at her squatting friend's open vagina, noisily flowing out of her folds to the ground before her and then moved her gaze up past her friend's firm breasts, just hinted at beneath her tunic and finally locking contact with her eyes. It was then that she pushed a large squirt of pee through her tunic, the already dark patch glistening in the process, rewarming her fingers, which she moved up to her mouth, sucking her own urine off them in the process. As she did this with a moan she pressed her other hand deep into the wet patch and rubbed the wet fabric into her enflamed pissing pussy. Urinaelia too had a few fingers in her wet slit, pumping them in and out as the girl openly masturbated in front of the goddess and her friend. Clutching one of her large breasts Urinaelia turned her attention to the squatting girl, noticing that the stream hitting her foot and become absent. She watched as the squatters stream started to wane and dribble down her backside. This girl too had found her clit with one hand and was rubbing it in time to her friend. It didn't take long for the three young women to orgasm, the two girls stifling their screams of ecstasy. Remembering where they were the two girls quickly composed themselves but not before embracing in a long, hard, passionate kiss. With her palla arranged in such a way, the girl who wet herself safely hid her naughty toilet from view and the two girls, arms lock quickly made their way out of the alley, leaving the goddess alone to admire their puddles on the ground. Deciding that the puddles weren't big enough she simply went as she stood between them, warm urine rolling down her legs to the ground below. With her hands she opened her labia and directed her stream from puddle to the other, adding her heavenly pee to each of the girl's puddles as they grew, eventually joining each other at the goddess's feet. Satisfied with her work Urinaelia finished her pee, letting the remaining contents lazily drip out of her pussy as she hopped out of the alley with a smile, knowing that those two girls were hastily making their way back to a secluded room in one of their villas, making sure to drink plenty of wine along the way. On her way to the public baths Urinaelia tooka detour passed a brothel, which had a few drunks remaining from the previous night being ushered out by the matronly madam. Urinaelia peeked in to observe the whores go about their morning rituals and watch the madam comically shoo away the drunken men. A slow trickle caught her attention and she turned her gaze towards one of the prostitute's cubicles, curtain half open, peering inside she caught sight of a young whore squatting over a large wide mouthed pot, a thin stream of dark urine falling from her bare pussy, likely the previous night's wine. The goddess's attention turned to a pair of men, attempting to leave the premises, one still very drunk and the other trying to hurriedly get him out of the establishment. The drunk was visibly grabbing his cock from outside his toga, “I have to use the pot, I'm afraid.” His sober friend, obviously frustrated quietly told him to hurry it up and go, letting go of his arm and then watched in horror as the drunk didn't make his way to the toilet but towards Urinaelia and the pissing woman's cubicle! Bewildered the squatting woman simply watched the drunk walk up to her. Urinaelia smiled as they all observed him lift up his toga and tunic, grab his cock and start peeing on the courtesan! His dark yellow stream hit the whore right in the chest, soaking her tunic, flowing down to her still peeing pussy, mixing with her stream as her bladder drained into the pot. To the surprise of both men, the girl giggled, 'Usually I make you pay extra for this but I'm a little thirsty,”she said and pointed to her mouth. Regaining his senses the drunk aimed his dick up towards her face, hitting her in the cheek as she moved to catch the hot stream in her mouth. Swallowing in big gulps his urine spilled out of her mouth and down her chest, her tunic was completely soaked. Glancing at the drunk's sober friend she told him, “If you need to go, you can pee on me too if you want, might as well at this point.” The man quickly glanced around making sure the madam wasn't in sight and ducked into the cubicle. With some hesitation he lifted up his tunic and exposed his semi-hard cock, the courtesan, between mouthfuls of pee reached over and grasped it, directing it towards her. With some effort the man started pissing, the girl now directed her attention to this new source of libation, wrapping her lips around the head of his dick, letting his urine fill up her mouth, bulging out her cheeks before swallowing the whole mouthful. Satisfied with her thirst she let the man finish his piss in her hair. The girl was absolutely soaked by the time she licked the last few drops from the men's penises when suddenly they heard a shout from the madam. Quickly the men dropped their tunics and high tailed it out of the cubicle but not before the courtesan thanked them with a wink. As the madam was berating the whore, Urinaelia squatted over the pot, moving her hand through the mixture of the three's pee, bringing her wet hand up to her mouth for a taste. Realizing her own thirst Urinaelia left the brothel and made way to her destination, a large bathhouse. Making her way to the latrine that connected to her mother's realm she found that it was occupied by a lone woman who was looking around the room nervously. Satisfied that she was alone she raised her tunic, Urinaelia watched the woman walk up to one of the holes on the long stone bench that circled the room. Betraying her presence the goddess giggled her tinkling laughter as she watched the woman walk up to the bench that lined the walls, with holes distributed evenly. Hastily getting between the woman and the latrine, Urinaelia knelt down in front of the woman, who was now lifting up her tunic with one hand, with her free hand the woman opened up her lower lips and fired a messy shot of pee towards what she thought was the toilet, urine messily rolling down her legs. As soon as the stream of urine was released from the woman's pee hole Urinaelia materialized in front of her, just in time to catch the salty spray in her mouth, which overflowed and the hot piss cascaded down her bare-chest, delighting the goddess as it made way to her already hot pussy. Understandably the woman was shocked by this haughty woman appearing in front of her; not only had she been caught having a naughty piss in the public bath but she was peeing right in the mouth of the person responsible and judging by how she just appeared she must be a God! A cardinal sin to be peeing on a Goddess, she thought. Assuring her that this was just the opposite Urinaelia grasped the woman's buttock and pulled her closer to her mouth, clamping onto the still pissing pussy, simply guzzling the woman's golden nectar, nearly sucking it straight out of her urethra. As the stream started to dwindle Urinaelia let her tongue do the work, darting about the woman's folds lapping up her lazy piss while heightening the woman's pleasure. This would not be an orgasm the woman would forget as she found her hands on the back of Urinaelia's head forcing her into her crotch as the goddess lapped away at her pussy. Coming to a crashing orgasm the woman screamed into the empty latrine, nearly falling over if not for Urinaelia hold her up, now thirstily licking up the errant pee that rolled down the woman's legs. Now standing, Urinaelia leaned up and kissed the woman on the lips, rolling her tongue into the woman's mouth, making sure the woman got a taste of her own urine. After a few moments she motioned for the woman to compose herself and kneel before her. Cupping her hands before her heavenly pussy, Urinaelia released the hold on her ever flowing bladder, filling them with her own golden ambrosia. Perfectly cutting of her flow, she didn't spill a drop, lifting her cupped hands to the woman's mouth, who instinctively knew to drink it all. Wanting more the woman crept closer to Urinaelia's crotch, mouth open expectantly, but the goddess held out a finger, wagging it while shaking her head before letting out a tinkling laugh and lightly jumping through one of the latrine holes to her mother's realm. The woman laugh bedazzled, vowing to return every day to this bath house in hopes of catching a glimpse, and a taste of the goddess once more.
  12. Living the dream and hiking the AT

    Been super lazy, looking through pics. I figured I'd post the best toilet on the trail.
  13. You can even drink your own pee. There's an achievement for it.
  14. Continuing through the morning with their bladders fuller than any one would usually bear, Luciana set about cleaning up Cassandra's toilets from the previous night, while Cassie went to relax on the front porch. With her ear to the open window, waiting for Luci to call her inside if she needed to pee, as per their agreement. Still wearing her sodden panties and skirt she was starting to feel the effects of the cold wet fabric clinging to her twat and buttocks, and just when she was thinking about warming herself up she saw a car coming down the road. Reflexively clamped her pee hole shut but later relaxed when she saw that it was just her neighbor Kim, and besides they were at a dead end and the only cars down that way would be Kim, Jack or that busty real estate agent Katie. Waving to Kim she let out a few spurts of pee into her chair, delighting in the waves of warmth and new wetness spreading through the fabric of her panties and eventually her skirt, her pee making its way down her thighs and spilling out onto the chair, the puddle overflowing and dripping onto the porch below her. Cassie grinned as Kim waved back, oblivious to her neighbor wetting herself behind the porch's knee high wall. Holding herself back, Cassie cut her pee short, wanting to wait and wave to Jack as she had saw them both leave that morning. She didn't have to wait long as Jack soon drove by, shortly after Kim, pissing himself as he waved to Cassie. Cassie returned the wave with one hand while the other was between her legs, pulling her skirt back and wet panties aside as she blasted the wall in front of her with a few short squirts of urine. Feeling a different sensation in her crotch she saved what was left in her bladder for inside, she wanted to pee in front of the maid and she was sure that by now Luci needed to pee too. Waiting for Jack to pull into his driveway she stood up and went inside. It didn't take long for Cassie to find Luciana. She had efficiently cleaned up the foyer and kitchen and was now stripping Cassie's soaked bedding, and getting ready to bring it to the laundry room. Luciana laughed when she found the protective mattress cover and again when she found the spare with the rest of Cassie's sheets in the linen closet. “Old habits die hard,” she mused to herself as she walked to the laundry room, clutching Cassie's soaked sheets to her chest, feeling the wetness on her bra-less breasts. It was there that Cassie found her. She had plopped the wet laundry on the floor as she acquainted herself with the foreign washing machine. Luciana smiled as she noticed the wet sheen on Cassie's skirt, knowing that she must have peed somewhere new. “Its a good thing you found me,” Luci said to Cassie, “I really need to pee now, I was going to finish up here before I would have looked for you to let me go.” “I already went on the porch, so I figured you'd probably need to pee soon, plus I'm not finished,” replied Cassie. Luci watched as her curly blonde boss hooked her fingers into the waistband of her skirt and expertly pulled them and her panties down in one swift motion and threw them into the top loading washing machine. Luci's eyes couldn't help but meander down to Cassie's hairless pussy, wet with urine, Luci could smell the faint aroma of Cassie's multiple toilets filling the small room, it was intoxicating. Cassie didn't stop there as she pulled her shirt over her head, having a little trouble as her large breasts jumbled out, she threw that in the washer as well. Biting her lower lip, Luciana watched Cassie hop up onto the top of the washer and, with legs open, started to empty the remaining contents of her bladder into the washing machine, completely soaking her clothes. Now Cassie's musky scent positively filled the room and probably would for a few days as she sat there, using the washing machine as a toilet. “I guess the sheets will have to wait, this is now a clothes load,” Cassie giggled, moving her hips and changing the tempo of her piss from a soft patter to a loud metal drumming as her stream hit the side of the washer drum. “In that case, I might as well throw mine in too. Can I pee somewhere in here, watching you made me really need to go” asked Luciana, hand now pressed into her damp crotch. “Of course,” said Cassie, still sitting on the washer, her stream now losing its volume and lazily rolling down her lower lips and off her butt. Looking around for somewhere to pee Luciana spied the pile of wet bedding. Standing over it she pulled down her leggings, leaving them half way, exposing her pussy to her naked boss and showing her that she wasn't wearing panties that morning. Unlike her boss, Luciana's dark pussy had her pubic hair neatly trimmed in a small dark bikini triangle, Cassie could see a few drops of drying urine still caught between them. Without hesitation Luci spread her dark pussy lips, showing the contrasting pink flesh hidden within, aiming her slit downwards. Cassie could see Luci's urethra open slightly releasing the Latina's pent up piss in a forceful twisting helix right into the gusset of her stretched out gray leggings between her knees. Luci giggled as she felt the piss splashing all over her legs, the thin leggings doing a poor job at absorbing her urine, overflowing onto the bedding below her. Giving her pants a good soaking, Luci thrust her hips before her and aimed her stream out onto the bedding below her, the sheets darkening a second time as they thirstily absorbed her wee. “You dirty bitch,” gasped Cassie playfully, “Those are my sheets! You think you can just pee all over my sheets and duvet? I sleep in that!” For a moment Luciana was almost worried but Cassie's finger deep in her own pussy assauged any fear she might have, after all Cassie had wet the bedding first, on the phone with Luciana in fact. “These are bed sheets?” replied Luciana. “I thought they were the toilet.” The maid was now squating over the sheets, her pissing pussy mere inches away from the saturated fabric splashing the area around it, she ran her fingers over the cold dampness of Cassie's morning piss and brought the wet fingers up to her nose. “It sure smells like one, in fact the entire house looks like a urinal. I think I might go wherever I want.” “Not without me,” smiled Cassie, rubbing her pussy with new found vigor. Luciana cut off her stream in a few hard spurts, spraying out over the bedding and the maid now joined Cassandra in her masturbating, rubbing her exposed clit. It didn't take long for the pair to climax, their ecstatic cries echoing out of the small laundry room. Luciana lay panting in the soiled sheets while Cassie hopped off the washing machine. Approaching the maid to help her up Cassie could hear a fainting hissing and burbling as the maid voided the remainder of her bladder directly where she lay. With a helping hand Luciana got herself standing and removed her soaked leggings and shirt and tossed them into the washing machine, not bothering to dry off her glistening lower body. Composing herself she started the washer and resumed her cleaning duties all in the nude. On her way out of the laundry room she joined Cassie in a few glasses of water and a cup of coffee. Cleaning the rest of the house was a snap for Luci with the industrial carpet cleaner, dumping out the reservoir several times in the process, but not before adding to it a couple spurts of piss of her own in secret when she couldn't hold it in time to get Cassie, just enough to relieve the pressure. Changing the washer loads she mopped up the laundry room and moved on to the kitchen where Cassie was finsihing up lunch. Luciana grinnned when she saw a few, small, but fresh puddles about the kitchen. The glistening sheen down Cassie's nude legs easily gave away the culprit and if Luci were to be so bold to reached and touched the wet tracks with her fingers she would find the urine still warm. Mopping up the puddles in the kitchen, Luci announced that she had to pee. Standing over the mop bucket the Latina gently let go, peeing a steady stream down into the water, the hissing of her urethra drowned out by the splashing of her piss below her, all the while gazing into Cassie's eyes. When she finished using the mop bucket as a toilet Cassie announced that lunch was ready and moved the items out onto the patio by the pool. During lunch Cassie asked Luciana how she got into peeing unconventionally. Luciana hesitated but after all they had shown each other today she decided that Cassie was the right person to open up to. “This isn't something new to me, as you know, its kind of always been there. I kind of always had a fascination with it since I was young. Reading cutaway picture books of ancient castles and temples as a kid, I always found my eyes drawn to the places where the toilets were and a funny, good feeling arose deep within me when I thought about people using them. It kind of naturally progressed from there. I even wet the bed once on purpose because it was something I had heard about but wanted to try it. As a teen I eventually realized that you could just pee in your bathing-suit rather than walk to the toilets. Growing up we had a pool and when alone I found myself holding my pee in until I was absolutely bursting and would let go wherever I was. Sunbathing, reading at the patio table or even in the pool. The feeling was incredible and with puberty found myself so aroused by it that I was touching myself. Every so often I'd do it inside, but with plenty of towels and only when my parents weren't around. I had a strict Catholic upbringing, you know. And when you hired me and I could afford my own place and you let me take the van and carpet cleaner home... I think you know the rest.” Luciana grinned, it felt good to open up to someone and let Cassie know it, “I've never really dated anyone, had a few hook ups here and there, this was something that always loomed in the back of my mind.” “Well I'm glad I was able to help you open up,” Cassie responded. “And speaking of opening up...” Cassie lewdly threw her legs up over the arm rests of her chair, giving Luciana a clear view of her pussy. Angling her hips upwards she released a burst of piss straight up, splashing back down onto her crotch and stomach. With both hands Cassie pulled open her lips exposing herself even further to the maid. This time she spurt forward in a high arc, right onto the table before her, splashing all over her empty plate forming a growing puddle inching its way towards Luciana. Pulling her lips to the side Cassie directed the stream towards her glass, managing to get most of the stream inside, filling it up its contents with a pale golden color. Luci laughed as the puddle grew so much that it was now spilling down her side of the small table, dripping on her legs in the process. Cassie sighed with relief as her stream lost its force and slowly fell between her legs before finally dribbling all over her pussy,and into her womanly folds. Not wanting to be out done Luciana stood up and positioned her crotch over a corner of the table, moving her plate below her pussy, she let loose, her piss falling messily out of her lips filling up the wide plate below her. Soon the shallow plate was overflowing and her urine mixed with Cassie's on the table. The table was absolutely covered in pee and was overflowing on all sides over the patio. Luci quickly cut off her flow and dripped over to the side of the pool, leaning back she directed her pussy out into the pool, raining down her hot pale gold liquid into the water below, delighting in the noise it made in front of her. “Ahhhh, this brings me back,” Luci said as she was busy pissing into Cassie's pool. “Thats my pool!,” giggled Cassie as she got up and made her way next to the pissing girl. To Luciana's surprise Cassie jumped into the pool and surfaced right where Luci was peeing, hitting Cassie's voluptuous chest. Cassie gasped, but didn't move, relishing Luci's heat on her chest in the cool water, moving her hands to her chest she pushed up her breasts to catch more of the stream. Cassie pouted as Luci's piss came to an end. The maid soon joined her in the pool, playfully splashing Cassie in the process. Motioning Luciana closer to her, Cassie spread her legs under the water, it was obvious as to Luci what she was going to do and this was confirmed as she felt the water warm up around them. Diving under the water Luci moved her hand under Cassie's crotch and felt the hot stream as it poured from its source. After playing the pool for the rest of the afternoon and emptying their bladders in the pool and on the patio the women cleaned up the table and Luciana got dressed in her clean clothes and went home. Not before asking if she could come back on Friday, as soon as work was done, to clean the house of course, she wanted to get a good head-start on the weekend.