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  1. WantonLee

    Getting Content Producers to Notice Us

    Ok, it seem's I missed your point then. I have to agree with you about most of what you wrote, though not everything. Especially the part that says that sientists are forced by the gov to lie to the world - I think it's a bit more complicated, but this would just completely derail this thread and - if you feel inclined to exchange oppinions - should be discussed in a separate thread(*). Plus I am just not in the mood currently to write my thought down. Since English is not my first language, I would need to look up a lot of things in a dictionary, too. Speaking of which, I seemed to not get the part about "somebody is unable to get erection unless he bites a socks in the meanwhile". Is that sock part some sort of a saying, or is it to be taken litteraly as an example for a paraphilia? I also do not get how this differs from "the fact that people get excited with non-sexual stuff". You write, or better I understand what you wrote as if getting exited with non-sexual stuff is ok, while the sock-thing is not ok. To me, that sock-thing would indeed be a non-sexual thing. I am confuse now. (*) I can imagine you have made you point about this rather clear somewhere else in this forum, but since I am more or less a casual participant and simply have neither the time nor the neccessary patiance to read each and every written word, I have to pick what I read, and so I miss a lot.
  2. WantonLee

    Getting Content Producers to Notice Us

    Didn't you explained at some point in some threat 8as a reply to someone else) that from your point of view fetishes did not exist... or did I missread that? o_0
  3. WantonLee

    Getting Content Producers to Notice Us

    Ok, you want feedback, so you should get it. The main question is: what kind of content producers/creators do we want to attract? Which in turn begs the questions off "What types of content creators exist?". My take on that matter takes into account that several years back I was a content crerator, too. I don't want to go into to much details, but it was (very) short stories for a game I once played. My interest was not only the writing in itself, but of cause also the recognition (why else does anyone do something that is not directly or indirectly related to putting food into ones mouth?) So, I would not have minded if someone would have helped spreading my stories... AS LONG as they would not claim they had written them. So for all the pee related content creators out there basically only two reasons for creating video's exist: making money or getting recognized (giving pleasure to someone does in my books fall under recognition in one way or another). So while people who create videos not for the sake of making money would probably feel at home here, the people who make money by selling such video's would probably think more about getting new customers - even if their interest in watersport is genuine, as soon as money is involved... it usually shifts the focus away from the pleasure. They would certainly not start to share their creations for free with us (if they wanted to, they would upload their videos free of charge on sites like eroprofile in the first place)... and I doubt they would look very favorable at people who ripped their creations off. It might even get this site in trouble if we would invite over money-focused content creators. (They might however get some inspiration for their.. work... from us.) The content creators that simply want to share their fetish* with likeminded people on the other hand... I think you catch my drift, lugia. * Yes, I will still call it a fetish, if only for the sake of simplyfying the discussion. Sorry spywareonya.
  4. Looks like the other forums I frequent do not use this modern forum software then. null I also don't use MS Word, but a different third party program; I do however just remember that in WordPad I have the same problem, but when ever I use it, I just uncheck the Checkbox that says "After each paragraph add a 10 point spacing" (something like that; I use the German version of it and am just translating what it says in German on the fly). Anyway, good point about the "paste as plain text", will try that next time I want to copy&paste a longer text. I somehow agree with you about that double line spacing looks better... well.. to some extend. Probably it's the amount of spacing that I feel... uncomfortable with, as it would be the same amount of spacing I tend to create when adding a blank line to break up the text into paragraphs. So when I add a blank line HERE, the spacing looks to big in my eyes. (I hope what I wrote makes sense somewhat; English is not my first language... .) Is the spacing here 10 points? Would half of that still be enough to look good? I don't know if experimenting with this would be worth it; especially since everyone wrote their text with double spacing in mind, and it's only two persons that have problems with it. Again, I am not complaining, I was just confused a bit and wanted to know what was wrong with me. null I say, unless an overwhelming majority of the forum users suddenly speak up and want to see a change - lets just drop the subject. As I said, I will just adept my style of writing, as I had in the past. Keep up the good work. Admin, and thanks for your answers! null
  5. WantonLee

    Feel free to get to know me

    Same as with my asthma spray. Iam supposed to use it twice a day, but usually only use it once, sometime not at all - letting need dictate my action. Good you don't have to use it 24/7.
  6. Thanks for the hint, glad1. @ Admin: I am also all a fan of readability, so I will always make sure the text I am writing looks the way I want it to look. Problem is though, that I am used to write with single spacing happening as the norm (in all other forums, plus in any writing tool I used so far), and then I will add blank lines where I feel they belong. I sometime even write a text I want to post in a writing tool and then just copy&paste it over into the forum, which in case of this forum is always puzzling me. Anyway, I was just curious and sinceI am the only one who has to adept his style of writing, i will just continue doing so.
  7. WantonLee

    Feel free to get to know me

    Well I have to admit that I imagined something completely different, like "unable to move the legs" kind of disabled. But 24% lung function... sounds almost as bad. o_0 Well, almost. See, I am down to 80, 85% myself, and thats already not ideal. But about 10 years ago I was in hospital for an operation and had a spinal anesthesia, which ment that after waking up I was unably to feel or move my legs for the next couple of hours. That was... disturbing. (And I realized for the first time in my life how heavy my legs ACTUALLY are, since I used this... opportunity to try and move them by hand.) Do you have an oxygen bottle with you all the time, or can you live without one?
  8. WantonLee

    Measure your pee

    Thats ten years ago now, so... more or less well. A checkup a few weeks ago revealed that I do have a small kindey stone growing in my other kidney now, about 2mm in diameter (the internal diameter of the ureter is about a 1-3mm). The first kindey stone I had grew to a lenght of about 6 mm and was about 2-3 mm in diameter.. One day it de-attached itself from the kidney and got stuck at the point where the kindney leads to the ureter. It never moved and I had pressure pain every 1-2 hours, which subsided after a few minutes. In the end it had to be removed in a hospital. By the way, should that stone had move through the ureter.. well. Women who endured a child birth and had kindey stones moving through their ureter claimed that the pain is comparable. I was lucky it got stuck (although would it not have been removed in a hospital, the kidney would have failed eventually, and this can be potentially life threatening). The number one tip I got in the hospital was: you should drink more. At least 1.5 -2 liters a day (and no all at once). Something I indeed had neglected. Funny, considering my sexual interest already was the same as today. Oh, and I should really really eat more vegetables.... but since I really don't like many of them (the taste of most I find rather repulsing, sadly) this is far less easy then just drinking more.
  9. WantonLee

    What are your favorite full bladder challenges?

    Hmm, I have never tried to test my bladder when it was full. I very much prefer the emptying over the holding. What I DO like to do with a full bladder though is to play... with something else... .
  10. WantonLee

    Measure your pee

    Ever since I had kidney stones, I sometimes experience pain in the flank pains. In order to figure out wether my kidneys where working normally, I bought a measuring cup, looked up how much urine my body should produce per hour under normal circumstances ( turned out its 30 ml per hour per kindey, that is without eating/drinking something with diuretic effects), and kept a journal about what I drank and how much I peed. Of cause this could only be done when I am at home for at least a day without breaks. Long story short, everything was fine, but I still keep the messuring cup in the bathroom.. and sometimes in the morning use it.. half for fun, half out of curiosity. The largest amount of pee I was able to measure so far was about 1 liter, and that is of cause only in the morning. I usually end up with about 800-900 ml.
  11. I would of cause support her, by all means. Hugging, kissing, you name it. But I think one of the first things, if not THE first thing imn her mind, would be to clean herself, the bed, and change cloth. About the love-making: depends very much on the circumstances. First off all, i assume you talk about a wetting-accident, and not an accident of another kind (which would be a rare thing,anyway). Since you state that she felt very embarrassed, this kind of imlies that she is either not very much interested in pee-related stuff, or if she is, she ould not know that I am. While in the later case her could be helped, if the first one is the case she would probably not very much interested in love making. In case the accident was not a wetting one, it might be though that none of us would be in the mood right then and there.
  12. WantonLee

    What do you do when you feel lonely?

    Interesting question, Blackinsoul30. I have to admit that I am not quite in the same boat as you are. I am single for the best part of my life now, with very rare exceptions, and I don't really mind it. In a way I actually prefer it over a relationship, as odd as it might sound. There is not a deep connection with my family either, haven't seen some of them for years. I feel there is not enough in common (other then the shared genes) that justifies regular contact.... because it mostly ends up in desperatly trying to keep up a conversation that actually died half an hour ago... would one be willing to admit it. None of them live close enough for regular visits, anyway. I was never really good at making friends, and as a result I don't have any real ones by now (having to move to a different city for a job years ago did not help this matter, either). Only acquaintances, most of which are also colleagues at my current job. However, this does not bother me much, as I prefer to live in a different world, anyway. Actually, many different worlds: When I was young I was mostly living in books (their stories rather), and when I got my first PC my interest shifted towards computer games. I haven't played that many (considering that I am a gamer for about 25 yers now), and I can really get stuck in a single game for years (provided there is enough content). I couple of those games were/are multiplayer games, but so far I only made (what I would call) friends in two of them, leading to even some RealLife meetings. But to be honest, the really connecting element was the game and it's world, and once that was gone, the friendships went with it. This does not mean I regret the meetings, rather the opposite. But there was just.. not enough for lasting friendships. At least for me. Other then that, I've got a couple of forum's with varying topics I occasionally attend to - one of which of cause is this one! So I rarely feel lonely, as there is a lot to do to keep my busy. The only time I am really feeling lonely is the time between slipping into bed and falling asleep. And while I miss kissing and cuddling very much in this moments, I feel this is the only time I actually miss another being to share a life with. And I think it would be rather egoistic and self-centered to look for a partner just for those few lonely hours in bed, and nothing else. I am just not desperate enough to be this selfish right now. Maybe I will some day, but not now. Yes, I know, a relationship is not only about sharing a bed, it is about sharing a life. But there is not much to be shared. I am not interested in having children, and so there is no reason I SHOULD be in a relationship (from a mere biological point of view). I also have no other higher goals in life by now. What ever talent I may have that I could exploit for "the benefit of mankind", if there is one, I am not aware of it. So I would not need a supporting partner in this part of my life, either. (And I do not know of any woman in such a position that would need someone like me for support.) In any way, I don't want to be reduced to..... a function... nor do I want to reduce another person to a function. As I said: I do not want to have a partner just because I need someone to cuddle with. (While we are at it: same goes for my special interest that brought me to this forum.) Before someone thinks I am complaining or salty or what ever: I am just reflecting on my life, I am not bitter. I am way past bitter and in the realms of acceptance and I am comfortable with it. There is no one to be blamed. If, then it would be me. And I don't see why I should. Anyway, thanks again for your quesiton Blackinsoul30. By the way, considering your disability: aren't there any forums revolving around this topic that are worth a visit, or do you just don't feel like you want to exchange yourself with others about it? No I am not suggesting you should... switch forums or such. But there is a problem of mine I that I don't want to talk about here, and I do occasionally visit a related forum to exchange myself with other persons with the same issue, and it did help me quite a lot. Just saying.
  13. WantonLee

    Feel free to get to know me

    Another (actual) question: You wrote that you are disabled. Do you want to talk about it? Maybe how it happened and/or how it affects your life? Or what effect it had on the special... interest of your's that brought you here? (If you don't like this topic, please ignore my questions; in that case, maybe admin could even remove my post...?)
  14. WantonLee

    Feel free to get to know me

    Hmm, how did you manage that?