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  1. Pee shyness

    Well, lucky me, I only prefer to be alone, but can go when other people are present (although in that case it usually takes a moment longer then normal). I do however suffer from some kind of shyness, but only in regards to number 2. Here I have all the symptoms of shy bladder you gentlemen are just so very familiar with. What helps, in my case, is when I use my headphones (I use In-Ear ones) and play some rain-sounds to acoustically ... "drown out" my environment.But even then I still prefer to be alone.
  2. Yellow Ribbons and other 'tells'

    Erm, I do not think this would be a good idea in the long run. First of all, secret symbols will not remain secret for ever; since basically everyone can join this (and other like minded) forums, our secret wouldn't be a secret at all. And I would not want anyone else in real life other then a potential partner to know about my secrets. Second of all, I am not quite sure if this would really help in finding like-minded people in real life - we are a rare species, amongst all the fetishes there are. And of cause "like-minded" is probably not very accurate either, since everyone here ticks a bit different. I for instance am more interested in the naughty aspect off it, while I prefer my showers to be the ones installed at a wall in my bath. As for drinking: unless it's a cup of tea it's not my cup of tea. So if I would meet someone in real life who happened to wear "the symbol", I really doubt we would have enough in common to engage in a very interesting conversation. Apart from that - as I said before - this is a topic I'd rather not discuss with someone else but a potential partner. I am quite happy with this and "the other" site when it comes to general exchange about the topic, and when it comes to finding a suitable partner (if you are looking for one) we would need something we do not have at this moment. Namely a proper dating site which - unlike facebook - is not interested in collecting and selling our personal data and does not want us to pay money just so we can answer messages (that were send by a bot anyway, to keep you interested). You know... a PROPER dating site... meant to help people find each other, and not to make money out of some desperate poor sobs while secretly laughing behind their backs because the algorithm's are rigged, anyway. Sorry, ndr1968pz, if my reply does not fall under "other ideas or suggestions", but it's what was in my mind.
  3. Why dont new members stay?

    Good question, Fannywatcher. I think - in short - the people joining but not staying just did not found what they hoped they'd find here. Which in turn begs the question what the members that DID stay active were looking for. I can only answer this question from my own point of view. I joined for basically three reasons: first my general interest in the matter (although my personal interest is not that broad and is revolving around maybe one or two sub-categories of this fetish), secondly I was hoping for some... inspirational material (you know, like... well... illustrations and, erm... tales - preferably of members of the opposite erm... gender), and last but not least the off chance of meeting a fancy lady who not only would share my personal interest, but would also in general have enough in common so we would qualify as mutual companions... so to speak. So your point of people thinking of this site as a kind of dating site is at least for me true, albeit as a tertiary reason. Although by judging the introductory posts of some of the members I think this reason ranks much higher for some of them... . As for why I do not contribute very much to this forum: I really only post when I think I have some non-trivial contribution to make. Which is not very often, apparently, and demonstrates very well the difference between internet-forums and real life, as in the later one I can really be quite chatty sometimes and talk a lot of nonsense. Well, then again in real life I can just talk instead of type, which makes matters much easier, and of cause I do not have to translate everything into English, which also helps to speak up when shutting up is probably the far wiser course of action.
  4. Gustav Holst - Mars Hmmm... while listening to this song, I constantly thought "Star Wars".... looks like John Williams was heavily inspired by this song.
  5. Starman

    It's probably the most excessive way to distract people from the fact that Tesla quintupled their losses - so it's basically a giant marketing-campaign. However, it's the most awesome marketing-campaign I've ever heard off, and I am rather excited when it comes to humanities space-adventures, and space as a whole - because, in the end, space is where we live (on earth, but in space). On that note, I stumbled upon this video on youtube (it's on the channel "The Sound Traveler", which shows a lot of videos recorded with binaural sound - just use a headphone and you will see (rather: hear), which is a secondary channel from "SmarterEveryDay"). It's this one, from the launch of the Falcon 9 (and the landing of the two boosters): Extended Cut - The Incredible Sounds of the Falcon Heavy Launch - (BINAURAL AUDIO IMMERSION) )I set the time-mark to about 10 seconds before the actual launch) Also pay attention to the multiple sonic booms before the boosters land and are still supersonic. Also: yes, SpaceX exceeds NASA's achievements, but as Neil DeGrasse Tyson also explained: when humanity is exploring, private companies always come in AFTER the state (i.e. we all, the taxpayers, paying for NASA or in Europe, ESA) has scouted the terrain first.
  6. Once again, good work rann. I see where your avatar is coming from!

    Sounds good to me.

    I second this. I never got why people have to show of their genitals to strangers right away (even though this forum is technically a sex-forum of kind). The banning aspect might go a step to far though, methinks. Oh, and there is a particular UPside of allowing people to use a picture of their genitals as their avatar: it instantly tells me whom to avoid.
  9. What would you change about how you pee?

    You mean could change as in "if I had superpowers" or more in a realistic kind of way? If I had to keep it real, I'd be happy to have a larger bladder volume, a slightly larger urethra and the ability to pee with a hard-on would be a nice bonus. Currently I suffer from an urethral narrowing (my urologist said the urethra is scared; I have no idea why this is, the last time something that might have caused a scarring was 10 years ago when I had a kidney stone removed), which means every time I pee it burns like hell... every time I experience this I expect the toilet to catch fire. So the idea of having the diameter of my urethra enlarged WITHOUT the suggested slitting it with a endoscopic knife (which has only a 50% success rate, anyway) is currently the one and only thing I would like to (have) change(d) in regards to how I pee. If this problem wouldn't exist and I could change the way I pee in what ever way I'd like to... well.... don't get me started! HRHRHR! A bladder about twice as big, that would refill itself within minutes when ever I wanted it would be my starting point. The ability to pee with a hard-on is a must as well. And while we are at it: I also wonder if it would be fun if every climax would not result in me shooting cum, but instead shooting pee... the entire content of my bladder in fact! Kinda like male squirting. Well, one can dream, can one? :-/
  10. Hobbies or vacation fun?

    For killing time I play computer-games, mostly SciFi related stuff, but also stuff like Thief or Ethan Carter. Another "hobby" of mine would be listening to audio books or plays, though I do this mostly at my job which is kind of... not very intellectually challenging. Thats basically it... apart from the other "hobby" we all sort of share.
  11. Just curious

    Depends: Peeing for fun - or for pleasure? The first incident of my peeing for fun and not just to get rid of some waste fluids I can recall must have been at the age of 4 or 5. I and a friend of mine peed at the backside of a small wooden hut that someone had build next to sand box - this was the entire playground that was available at that time to the kids in the area I lived - and playing with out streams. But this was only for fun. It had no sexual connotation. This started for me in puberty, dunno how old I was back then, I'd say in the typical age. The first case I remember was when I was walking the woods alone, of the tracks, and found a half buried carpet (no, there was no corpse in it ). I always kind of wondered how it would be to piss on a carpet, and since at that time I actually DID had to pee, I took the liberty and tested it. Oh, and at about this time I once saw a somewhat arty, black and white picture of a women in a catsuit standing upright, legs apart, peeing. (As it turned out it was a picture in an article about the French artist Gilles Berquet, who tends to make such pictures). If you care to see it, it was -> this one. (A different and less creepy version can be found -> here.) All of this good me hooked. And so, here I am.
  12. What does your "name" mean?

    My personal pee fetish - theoretically - revolves around the theme of naughty peeing (theoretically because I hardly ever dare to follow it). More precisely deliberately (not nonchalantly, nor accidentally - this is important) peeing where or into/onto something/somewhere one is not supposed to. An example would be peeing into a bed, preferably one that is not the property of the miscreant. This would of cause count as malicious mischief, or vandalism, or even wanton destruction. Examples of this kind of acts were given by the lovely TamTamSouth, many people here are probably familiar with. If not, check this link to a folder at eroprofile out. My favorite two example would be this http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Need-2-Pee-Curtain-Spraying or this http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/WetBed1. When I started to be a bit more open about my fetish and visit - and post in - appropriate forums such as this one, I was looking for a name. I wanted it to be to some extend a tell-tale of what my fetish is, and since I am also into puns, I came up with WantonLee ("My name is Lee. Wanton Lee. HA! HAHA! HA..ahaha...ha... Ok, I'll show myself out..."). I do not know if this makes sense to anyone but my, since English is not my first language, but if it doesn't made sense so far, I hope it does now. As for my avatar, it resembles a picture I have seen many many years ago - a guy standing IN a toiled bowl and peeing out of it onto the floor. I thought nothing would make more sense then this as an avatar - deliberately peeing everywhere BUT the toilet. Took me a couple of minutes in MS Paint to make the picture. The new forum style of circular avatar-pictures somewhat neuters the picture, but at this point I am to lazy to fix it.
  13. Who Knows? Who do you tell?

    In real life, only about 4 people know about my fetish. Curiously only ladies. ;) All of them I met in the internet. One in particular I came to know in an only game. The other three I met in a dating forum, but I only met one of those three in person. I did not get into a relationship with any of those four, though. In general, I tend to keep my fetish a secret, unless I meet a lady who I am interested in and I think I can trust. For me, a lady that does not share this fetish is not a suitable partner - it's just to important, and I know I will not be able to have a fulfilling relationship if that part is missing. So... yes... I've been single quite a while now. ;)
  14. Dreams that involve pee

    Funny, I just had a pee-dream the last night! I was with some people.. friends? ... i think we were 3 all in all. We were investigating an old abandoned underground complex of some sort... I remember old, gray concrete hallways. At one point the hallway did a 90° bending to the right and after a few yards ended at a door, which lead into a larger room, about the size of... well.. two omnibuses would be able to fit in in side by side. Oh, btw, halfway between the bend and the door there was another hallway leading of to the right... 2 or 3 steps lead down into it, but it was... clogged... I don't remember details. Some kind of debris after like a dozen yards, it was rather dark, and the floor was covered in water, I think. Anyway, back to the large room. It was full of... stuff. Some tables, some control panels, and mostly cables of multiple colors on the ground, in large knee deep piles. The other people decided to leave, I came with them, but returned to the room just after they turned the corner. And I started to pee all over the place. The tables, cables, the control panels. Just everywhere. I did not move around very much, just turning around, aiming my stream where I wanted. I think I was mostly nude at this point. The interesting part of the dream ends here; I left the room, switched of the lights. Oddly, there was a switch-box just outside the room at the left wall where I could switch of the lights.... I did not wonder at that point where the light was coming from as the rooms were lighted just... normally. And I did not wonder why there was still electricity, either. ;) I realized it was getting to dark, and so... as dreams go, I suddenly had a flashlight. I followed the way to catch up with the other people, then I woke up. Somehow I am under the impression that this complex was an old Russian bunker of some sorts. Weird stuff. Wish it was an old abandoned, fully furnished hotel. ;)
  15. Nina Joins in the Vandalism

    Well written again, rann - thanks for sharing! :D I have to admit that the vandalism-part really adds to the entire thing of naughty peeing - I am curious which path this entire series will take. ;) On thing that does very little for me is bringing in another girl - I prefer the Solo-Girl stories more. But don't mind my preference, I tend to ignore the parts I like less about a story. Consider this feedback, not critique. Continue the series in any way you fancy! I am really looking forward to Job 3. :P