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  1. Best pee porn?

    Who do you think generally make the best pee porn.My money is on the Japanese.They seem to take more effort in producing the watching girls pee dept than anyone else.Ive seen one on Japan Pee TV,which involves 2 cameras.One from the front,then an overhead view replay,where you see a stream suddenly appear from between the legs..also they do amazing "schoolgirl" toilet stuff.Im sure(hope) the models are all at least 16,so its ok.Also using several views of the lovely act.
  2. Cum on Clothing

    ..and theres a penis in the shot too...
  3. Circumdecision

    By the way,i hope theres a reciprocal picture of the pretty lady too.....
  4. Circumdecision

    Unless for medical reasons only i dont see the point of removing it?How do you wank without it?
  5. Theres a French porn star "Naomi" who films herself on the Cote d Azur who occasionally pees in the street apart from other things..
  6. Help please.

    Please can i have a step by step guide in how to post videos from say,xvideos,onto the peefans site? Please be as computer jargon free as possible.Im not really that computer literate.Because i click to save a given clip,then it says only gif etc,whatever that means.Why isnt it the same as sharing pictures?Choose file,click on,hey presto!
  7. Impromptu masturbation.

    Im determined to get the world talking about masturbation..EVERYONE at least once in their life,male or female will have done it.Most people probably hundreds,thousands of times.On a site like this,i refuse to believe no-one has become aroused by the topics,or chats etc,and masturbated.Like a "quickie"with yourself i guess! By " impromptu masturbation",i mean like when i saw the girl doing the interview,where she just pisses there and then.Well,my "little fella"became a big uncomfortable fella,pretty instantly,and,had to take care of business..Anyone else seen just something that just instantly aroused you,to the point where you had the opportunity to get it off?Boy or girl,come on ,be honest,there must have been occasions where you were horny and dealt with it there and then?Or is it just me?Am i the only wanker here?
  8. Help please.

    Thank you Sophie...
  9. Slits...

    Although the site is about girls peeing,and thats lovely too,we should also just enjoy the female body,just as a thing of beauty,and the female vulva,which of course,takes a "slit"form,but does all the work concerning peeing,and sex of course.So,lets have sexy pictures of beautiful girls,but not peeing here,just gorgeous bodies.
  10. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    One i saw was on a road in France i think..
  11. Slits...

    I thought this from "famous babes" was more suitable on here.
  12. Cum on Clothing

    Including some of us with your pictures.x
  13. Cum on Clothing

    It is indeed!A bit awkward in most social situations,imagine in clubs etc?Ooh...
  14. Post number 666

    like God,yes,was the creator,but he left it up to us to decide on our own morality.If he created our sexualities,why then would he expect us to be restricted in how we use it?Makes no sense.
  15. Cum on Clothing

    I think that should happen,you shouldnt waste the emotion that we put into that.
  16. Cum on Clothing

    I would even say,as a guy,when we get our boners at you,its like an unconcious compliment.We are saying we like you,we find you interesting,and attractive.It happens without us knowing sometimes,its not an insult,or something to be afraid of,we can usually deal with it...
  17. Cum on Clothing

    We are indeed spy.We feel kind of weird when we are stood there with our boners out.Very self-concious,thats why we often try frantically to try rid ourselves of it.We DO need encouragement and hugs.We arent sex robots girls.
  18. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    I love it when girls move while peeing.Theres a vid somewhere,she leaves a zig-zag trail.
  19. Pee Porn. First Encounters

    This was a great series of magazines.I had a few in the 80s.
  20. Impromptu masturbation.

    Its when you arent feeling horny and you see something that just inflames you,to the point of no return.Like having a quickie with yourself...it sometimes happens with me on MFC.
  21. Cum on Clothing

    Im sure he will be happy to oblige you Ivy.
  22. Pee Porn. First Encounters

    I do like pee porn that results in sexual contact..
  23. Post number 666

    Is Anthropology also the study of our primitive ancestors?I like that sort of thing..
  24. Post number 666

    Youre obviously a very intelligent girl,brilliant.