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  1. Why do new members generally only visit a few times,then seem to vanish?When i found this site i never wanted to leave it.We have great existing membership,but i wonder why many only visit once or a few times?Is it maybe people think its a kind of dating site?
  2. fannywatcher


    In general life,what things are you worried by,or even scared of?People are scared of cats,butterflies,frogs.Traffic lights,hospitals,buses,all kind of things that to others may seem down right dumb. I have a few-haircuts.Its a trust thing i think.Youre putting your appearance in the hands of another.Yet if they do it even slightly wrong,to you anyway,your whole life is screwed up,at least a few weeks until it grows longer so can be hopefully re-done.. Riding upstairs on buses..this is basically a fear of it over-tipping,which i saw happen once when i was a kid.It seemed to take a kind of downhill right-hand bend too widely and over it went.One of the most scary things ive ever seen.Luckily,it fell over on its left side,onto a patch of just grass,and i heard no-one was really injured as it was fairly empty at the time.We went out later to watch them raise it up with a big crane jib thing..It wasnt too badly damaged funnily enough,windows out,dented a bit but not too bad...Anyway,one of my phobias.. Spiders...under about the size of a Cheerio i can pick them up,over that size,one of us has to die,sadly..
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    Although the site is about girls peeing,and thats lovely too,we should also just enjoy the female body,just as a thing of beauty,and the female vulva,which of course,takes a "slit"form,but does all the work concerning peeing,and sex of course.So,lets have sexy pictures of beautiful girls,but not peeing here,just gorgeous bodies.
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    This is a nice topic,im sure we all like to see the panties/knickers of saucy girls.Im thinking post anything;a "rule"no actual pussy visible,(see SLITS) section,and not any obviously posed shots.More the kind of spontaneous party shot,girls having fun,or taken without the lovely lady being aware,or just quickly flashing.Hope you like my selection.
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    Measure your pee

    Purely in the interests of science,yeah right,id love to hold a measuring jug under each of these Japanese girlies.Everytime i watch the vid of this,i wonder how much they are passing.
  6. fannywatcher

    Measure your pee

    Lets have a measure your pee weekend.At least once over the weekend,pee into a measuring cup etc,and tell how much you pass.I just did about 380 mls,and i reckon my average is between 350 and 400 mls..I know we did a similar thing a while ago,but i cant find the thread.. In puddyls case,pee into a jug BEFOREHAND,then you can tip it on the floor somewhere!
  7. fannywatcher

    Arranging Meet-Ups

    I think it would be great to meet up.Its a pity we cant organise a big convention.Wouldnt have to be sexual but it would be maybe some would let others watch them pee..
  8. fannywatcher

    Ladies please answer

    Biologically of course,females are "designed" to squat.I think standing is not their natural way..their urethral opening points points downwards,not outwards like a male.Its not a design flaw,its how the female is engineered to cram a bladder,AND her reproductive system into one small area.I think the female system is better,keeping urination and reproduction seperate.Unlike in us males,where we have a complicated system of pipes,glands,and valves,one minute for pee,then for semen,not surprising it all starts to go wrong as you age..
  9. fannywatcher

    Pee pussy 2 angles

    This is a very charming video,just 2 girls proudly showing their femininity off.(also one my fave tuggers) https://xhamster.com/videos/two-japanese-schoolgirls-show-their-plump-pussies-8422768
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    Japanese upskirt and pissing

    I cant get enough of these Japanese lovelies.
  11. Girls,i saw this picture of Brooke Burke,sexy US personality,(see celebrity peeing etc)and i wondered how you would have a wee wearing this kind of dress?Im guessing you just ruche it up around your waist,but im not sure,because it must be awkward with all that loose material...
  12. Oh mighty Queen Spyware,may i slave at your toilet?
  13. Scientist!..i have no answer to the other.My mum once caught me with a mucky book once does that count.(it was in my room i wasnt doing anything with it)
  14. Romans.They knew how to parrr-tay!I reckon the Egyptians would have been afraid of their own shadows all those angry gods to worry about.
  15. Would you rather visit the Moon or Mars?
  16. Id have to plump for Nazi..but the "good" kind like Rommel.
  17. On the Titanic about 50% survived..of the german forces at Stalingrad,some 250000 men,only about 5000 saw home again,so statistically,id have to say the Titanic.
  18. A seal,so i can EAT all the penguins.(nice with a cup of tea..) Would you rather have a billion pounds and a year to live,or live forever?
  19. fannywatcher

    Ever drank urine?

    Before anyone complains,im NOT judging here.I can thoroughly understand the desire you may have to drink someones urine,male or female,im just raising a discussion about it...Anyone ACTUALLY drank urine?Myself,its not something i fancy,no matter who it comes out of.Ive tasted a drop maybe on my finger,but i dont fancy actually quaffing a pint or two.I imagine it tastes like hot salty water.On videos where urine is squirted into the mouth,you can see a look of shock,as the alkaline hot taste hits.Probably like drinking from a hot volcanic spring.Its not true either its sterile.Its only sterile whilst in the bladder,but collects all kind of pathogens on its way through the urethra.If anyone likes it,good for you though.
  20. fannywatcher

    16/04/2018 - Video Gallery

    They are all pretty hot.
  21. fannywatcher

    Thankful for recording pee girls

    Spyware has a pee show,and i wasnt informed????
  22. Since you ask,pussy would be most adequate,thanks.Your place or mine? Would you rather be a fish or a bird?