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    fascinated by the many aspects of human sexuality,especially the mechanics of urination without a penis.(girly wee wees)

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    How girls pee,like where does it come out?
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    Watching 2 girls pee,each girl watching the other along with me.

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  1. Clubs you'd like to see...

    The "I know where to obtain celebrities underwear" club would be nice!
  2. Club 29 Leicester, UK

    Is the £18 fee inclusive?Or are there then further charges?In which case,its a knocking shop..We have/had a similar place called Winstons.Basically a glorified massage parlour.It had snooker table,and a bar,an indoor small pool,but once you went upstairs,it was business as usual..
  3. Pee shyness

    Not really,but i do prefer to go alone,i dislike those long troughs we have to use occasionally.In a crowd i tend to sputter more.
  4. Never was or i think likely to be.Tried it didnt work for me.
  5. Why do new members generally only visit a few times,then seem to vanish?When i found this site i never wanted to leave it.We have great existing membership,but i wonder why many only visit once or a few times?Is it maybe people think its a kind of dating site?
  6. Ive always wondered how you make porn.Where do you get the actors?How much will they want?Or how do I get into a porn movie,shagging people like Tera Patrick etc?Im sure if you were paying enough she would go for it,and i think she wouldnt be too disappointed().Hmmmmmm........Suppose i won millions on the lotto,and decided to produce a porn film.Where do you begin? So day 1,here i am with say £20,000,000.What agency will i need to contact?(not really,more like £20).Ive always wondered if you were a porn actor,what its like knowing tomorrow youre doing a shoot with 3 sexy actresses ALL of which you are expected to shag on set.I couldnt sleep i think!
  7. Why do you like to see peeing?

    With me,ive decided its firstly about seeing the female genitals,the pee is a nice bonus though,as it fires out through the lips etc.
  8. Not a fan of much "music"produced after about Jan 1st 1990 myself!
  9. Impromptu masturbation.

    Its ALWAYS the 3rd girl that hits my spot!I wish i could just watch this one day WITHOUT "having issue"with it,ahem...https://www.xvideos.com/video28657115/teen_asians_spied_peeing
  10. What does your "name" mean?

    Oh dear "ndr".You a hunter then?Cant agree with the unnecessary killing of wildlife.Terrible.
  11. Goodbye

    We want you back Spyware!Its sad when any friend leaves.
  12. Goodbye

    I dont understand your problem Spyware.There is no obligation to be a member,but we dd enjoy your posts.Please come back you were great.
  13. Clubs you'd like to see...

    Can anyone define "naughty peeing"?Surely any peeing is good enough?
  14. Emma Watson,of Harry Potter i believe?Now i know.Ive never watched any of that crap.Thats why really its best to name the person.
  15. what film is the one where shes covering her crotch in a purple dress?