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  1. Cum on Clothing

    My prefered on this : cumming on clothes she's trying in a clothes shop (in the changing room) and then put them back in the racks. Twice the naughtiness, I usually don't last very long despite my best efforts ! Did that just on saturday, that's some of our best "naughty partners" moments !
  2. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    Wow I'd love to hear more about this one (people's jacket in a club). People you knew, or not, why there, did it get you excited ? I love naughtiness like this !
  3. Private messaging issue

    I did have the problem too last week
  4. Where would you see me pee?

    Oh damn you're hot ! And in this first pic, you look so pure... Thanks so much for the sharing, and more than that, the love the way you're doing it.
  5. Where would you see me pee?

    In countries like mine (France), access to sites to post things is easy (and given what you're saying about your country, I'm feeling so thankful for that freedom) Don't hesitate to PM me if you want to sort out how to do, but sites like wetransfer are easy, and if available in your country, can take huge amounts of data. It's free for files up to 2 Go (but good only to transfer files to people, not host them for posting).
  6. Where would you see me pee?

    Hey spy, don't do things that would put you in danger, no one here wants that, even if we are eager to see what you may film about naughty pees. If you want, I'm sure one of us (me included if you like) can post the videos for you, if you send them by e-mail or by ftp or systems like wetranfer (which is far more secure and private, for your safety), and then give you the links so you can post the links in the forum whenever you like. Be safe, take care
  7. Where would you see me pee?

    Wow, you're hot ! I agree with fannywatcher, it makes all of us more impatient and at the same time, it makes the wait all the more delicious ! You sure know how to tease and appeal !
  8. Long Running French Blog

    If anyone needs (reasonnable) help in french, to find a video, or understand something, please ask, I'm french.
  9. Where would you see me pee?

    Exactly what I love to read, that's so arousing, I couldn't agree more with that feeling of excitment coming from power you exert on someone by peeing on their stuff. Thanks much for sharing this. Please more stories like this !
  10. 2017 Golden Piss Awards - Best Newcomer

    Enjoy these days away to make beautiful puddles in the most inappropriate places please !
  11. Upskirts.

    Fake but nice (but fake) of Michelle Wie... Note the beautiful cameltoe on the original below
  12. Where would you see me pee?

    And onto the motorcycle itself, standing. It was a huge shower, I was bursting, drank too much bear. I was to hook up with a girl that should be brought along by an Alex' male friend, but she didn't show up, and I ended drinking her part too Daily routine Hey @spywareonya, when you have some time, I'd be eager to hear more about these. Peeing in a helmet left at a motorcycle, how was it, was the helmet on the ground, did you piss inside it ? Was it soaked, how did you feel when you did it ? Did you think of the guy or girl that would find it and whom you probably ruined the evening, did it arouse you ? At bus shelters, do you often piss on the bench ? Did you see people seeing the puddle on the floor or the bench, and avoiding it, or better, walking/sitting in it ? This is so naughty, I definitely love it !
  13. Where would you see me pee?

    Wow @spywareonya, all these naughty pees, you're so hot ! You said you had mainly done between cars and in flower pots, but in real, you've made in a lot of really naughty and public places ! I love all of this, you can't imagine how much of a turn-on this is ! I'd love to have pictures, or better, films of any of the above in your reply to @katary, so I'm joining his requests too ! Motorcycle helmet, door mat, slide, picnic table and bench, and in hallways, is really exciting ! All of this feels like we haven't had all of our Christmas presents ! I must say lots of thanks in advance to you for offering all this to us ! You're awesome !
  14. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    What's your time zone ? Could be annoying if happening at 3 am... 😂😂