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  1. Got a Master's degree 15 years ago. In psychology and ergonomics. Hence the ExperErg (which initially stands for Expert in Ergonomics, my actual title)
  2. expererg

    Where would you see me pee?

    Hey, don't apologize, what you're giving to all of us on this forum is already super, and is real gifts that are appreciated. But as you already understood about me, the "vandalistic naughty piss" is what turns on me the most, so, no harm in asking (again) As far as I'm concerned, anything that relates to that kind of feeling will be powerfully arousing, if by any chance you get the occasion. I don't want to be insistent about it, I know you got my feeling, but I like your generosity for all here on this forum.
  3. expererg

    Where would you see me pee?

    If I may add, quoting you from the first pages of this very thread : If you find an elevator and/or a train without damned CCTV they seem to put everywhere in your country, please flood it properly ! That is the most arousing naughty pee you could offer, at least for people like me, and I believe I'm not the only one here !
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  8. expererg

    Question about cheating

    I kinda agree with @Brutus about monogamy, and in my marriage, I tend to dissociate being faithful and being exclusive. I am faithful to my wife (I've been with her for 20 years now, and been officially married for 7 years), and yet, it doesn't mean to me she has to be the only woman I can have sex with. On the other hand, having sex with another girl doesn't mean I would leave my wife or our relationship is weakened. I just don't see life as a binary 0 or 1 situation : 1 wife only for all the time I'm with her, or none, but no middle situation possible ? Why not ? And of course, the exact same principle applies to her, if she would want it. I would have no problem for her to have sex with whomever pleases her, and it doesn't mean she would be unfaithful to me, as long as it doesn't imply having to separate because she would fall in love with someone else and want to leave me.
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    Video is gone... too bad. Is it the same as this one ? https://yespornplease.com/view/451130755?utm=pron
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    You like her, @spywareonya ? Even more then ! http://www.2folie.com/cest-toujours-un-bonheur-de-croise-des-belles-femmes-qui-nont-pas-froid-aux-yeux-en-exterieur/
  12. expererg

    Where would you see me pee?

    I'm carefully reading everything you're posting in the "Lessons in magick" thread, and though I haven't answered yet, I intend to, but need to think a bit before. But overall, I would be really interested in, how should I do to "delve deeper" about that feeling about girls without limits ? To de-censor feelings without losing "social" footing, or risking commiting major social impair ? I will try to write something clear about it in the appropriate thread, but I'm quite interested, as it seems to ring bells in my head, but I feel I'm lacking directions on how to. In any case, I must really thank you, at least for making these bells ring, and even more if it allows me to understand some things I can't clearly figure out yet. You're a very interesting person, and I long to talk about those intriguing subjects. So, many thanks, so far, and in advance.
  13. expererg

    Where would you see me pee?

    I completely understand that, and you're probably right, it's all about the lack of moral limits that makes it arousing, the "I don't give a fuck about the consequences for others" attitude that is so exciting. The story about the time you peed in that young girl's helmet was a super turn-on for me. If you ever happen to have pics or films of that kind of action ever again, I'll be really grateful (and honored you would share them with me)
  14. Very likely staged, but still good : https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=858650721 The interesting part is at 14:50
  15. expererg

    Where would you see me pee?

    Wow, this is so hot, and on a rare and luxury car indeed, a 124 Spider ! Good choice ! I'd love so much to see you piss inside such a car ! I was wondering, I'm quite turned on by little vandalism that would come with pissing, like, if you would have pissed on the bonnet and dented it with your heels, that is extremely arousing to me. How do you feel about that kind of feeling, does it seems wrong or not to be aroused by it, and to do it ?