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    I'm Sophie (cookie if you guessed that!) in my 20's and consider myself a bit of a nerd. I like video games, technology, science, Adam Savage is my hero. Jeri Ellsworth is my idol (let me know if you know who she is!)

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    Peeing on my kitchen table, on camera!

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  1. Hi Sophie im new here and i saw you liked outdoor peeing 

  2. Isabel Lucas is an Australian actress, and model. She may be best known for her roles in Home and Away, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Daybreakers, The Pacific, Immortals, and Red Dawn. I've been watching her in MacGyver
  3. Sophie

    Any ladies in north east UK into pee?

    I'm from the UK, not going to be specific with location but I'm northern.
  4. Isabel Lucas! (More photos when I'm on my computer)
  5. It has been reported to me that a certain emoji isn't working. I don't know the specific one because I'm not having the issue myself, I've only been told it's a smiley face. I believe the issue is because the image no longer exists, it returns a 404 error. https://twitter.github.io/twemoji/2/72x72/6e-75-6c-6c.png
  6. I'm the same and the two line breaks always catch me out when I'm writing on this forum. Every single time.
  7. Sophie

    Rehab Party at the Hard Rock Hotel

    I have moved this topic to the TV section for you.
  8. Sophie

    Wet underwear

    Living up to your name I see! Lovely photo, thank you!
  9. Last night with my husband, and it was fantastic Very slow and loving.
  10. Sophie

    Feel free to get to know me

    As an avid jewellery maker myself, I have to ask. What kind of jewellery? What materials?
  11. Sophie

    Please Read:

    You have absolutely nothing to apologise for Sephora. We're not just friends here, we're family. And family is there for you no matter what.
  12. Sophie

    Ladies please answer

    Can we keep this on topic please? Thanks
  13. Sophie

    What are you playing?

    I've just finished the story for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and I'll probably be going back for the few treasures and photo opportunities I missed. Will likely be playing Last of Us for the first time on Tuesday though so that will have my attention.
  14. Sophie

    Post about your pee!

    Awesome account Puddyls! Thank you for sharing