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  1. I'm not a huge naughty peeing fan but that was one of the hottest things I've read. Your writing really works to kick start my imagination and put me right there in the story. I love how Sophie started by just sitting on the sofa and by the end of it she was much more upright and peeing on as much as possible! Also really enjoyed the different reactions from the girls, from the curiosity of my intimate areas, to coming in closer to get a better look! I do feel sorry for Cass however, and fear whatever revenge she might get!
  2. A request

    That's like saying I should never buy a book because I could just write it myself.
  3. What does your "name" mean?

    You mean your name isn't actually Admin?! My whole life is a lie...
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    Haven't had an issue
  5. Upskirts.

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    Like above, I don't get a notification box popping up with every page. I get an icon in the corner and a box at the bottom appears once but that's it. Can you post a screenshot please?
  7. Upskirts.