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  1. Shared Alley Way (3 girls and a guy)

    Great story! The only thing that surprises me is why it's fiction and not a real-life experience. I vaguely recall a few nights like that, myself.
  2. Suggestions for me?

    I love a girl who enjoys peeing outdoors, especially one who stands. Why don't you head for a park, beach or back yard and practice your distance and height?
  3. For money?

    And, to think I've it done for beer money. If only I knew! Actually, on a few dates I did it just for beer. There was this particular woman who found it a great turn on to watch me pee. She would buy two six-packs and I would entertain her all night.
  4. Back from south

    Welcome back, Sephora. Of course, you missed a lot of golden moments here. Although I'm not sure that, in your absence, maybe we were the ones losing out the most. Shall we expect a few stories from the beaches of Jamaica?
  5. The Holiday Pt 1: On the Beach

    A great first post. I hope that, like Maddie and Adam told Sarah, this is just the start of many more.
  6. Dreams that involve pee

    Given my love for the outdoors, it's probably not surprising I have dreams involving women I've recently met where I've invited them on a hike with me. While in real life I may not have even have gone out with them for coffee, in my dream we're out on the trail and at least one of us is bursting for a pee. What's interesting is that sometimes they're shy and other times they're showoffs. I'm pretty sure these dreams factor into whether or not I'll date them. And I often find dreams come true.
  7. Peeing urge stops

    When I get the urge, I find I can usually get another 30 to 40 minutes if I make a good effort. But, when it comes back, it's almost always even stronger (after all, there's more now in the bladder). If I still need or want to hold, I'll fight the urge to gain maybe another 15 or 20. Sometimes I may luck out and the urge goes away, not to return for another couple hours. Other times, with little or no warning, I'll lose control. Of course, Sephora, your mileage may vary. But, your results seem pretty typical.
  8. Dreams that involve pee

    Last week I'd spent a few days on small boats. And, as I typically do in the course of the day, I peed off the side of the boat. In fact, some days I did so several times. So, it was probably not surprising I had this dream the other night where I was on this yacht and thought nothing of peeing in full view of others, never mind the boat had several toilets and the guests were all the posh set. Apparently, I can't shake old habits.
  9. Camping / Hiking

    Nice puddle and even better scenery. My favorite part of hiking and camping are all the views I get to see.
  10. And, even more what fills them.
  11. Sophie

    I think it all depends on the company.
  12. Post about your pee!

    Fanny, I'm sure it's just you! As one always concerned about my health, I'll often monitor my urine for color, volume, aroma and clarity. And when I play the role of doctor, I recommend others do the same. While I can make a froth worthy of the finest lagers, I've yet to come up with floaty bits. Perhaps it's all in your imagination or you need to get your eyes checked. Of course, you're welcome to get a second opinion.
  13. Post about your pee!

    Often I do much the same. When I've gone past the point where I can hold, I let my fingers do the holding for me. I have no idea what I'd do without something to grab onto. Girls, any suggestions?
  14. Long Distance Urination

    I was on a hike in the hills a couple weeks back, when I got too uncomfortable to continue on. Walked a few steps to the edge of a riverbank and aimed for the other shore. Almost made it, too. I'm hoping I can inspire others.
  15. Can't say I've ever peed in a pool, but I seldom spend much time there. On the other hand, I'm often on small boats several times a week. At least half the time, I'm bold enough to see if I can raise the level of the ocean.