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    I've had some great fantasy moments but sadly only in my imagination. Maybe someday :)
  1. No bits rule.

    A fail to see the problem here (obviously). Your avatar is your chosen representation to the community. What do we outlaw next ... religious icons? Political symbols? National symbols? In the end, restriction is restriction. A group that wants to restrict the way I present myself is not a group I'll remain in touch with. Your choice. I've never had an woman here complain about my avatar, though I admit a few squeamish guys have.
  2. Post number 666

    You’ve started a great little thread here. A toast to our favourite pissing witch! ??? As for the subjects at hand, it strikes me as very interesting that “spirits” were viewed so similarly by groups so far apart. That speaks to something of a race memory or even species memory. I don’t buy the idea that a bunch of guys created the god myth. It’s so universal and so remarkably consistent that it must point to something far back in the mists of time. I haven’t seen spirits but I won’t deny the possibility. After all, I’ve never seen an electron but believe in them (or at least the technical concept) completely. Infinity doesn’t exist ... so where DID it all start? PS - I’m right with you on dirty sex ... the more the merrier. ?
  3. Cinema rules

    You're more than welcome to join me at the cinema any time. You can hold the cup for me.
  4. Cinema rules

    We really should go see a film together. I'll even wear a kilt, so I can try out your rules.
  5. Happy Christmas, Maggie.

    I hope the new year brings lots of opportunities to piss in places you probably shouldn't but want to anyway.  ;)

  6. This place is amazing!

    Everyone is welcome here ... even Canadians. ?? Glad you’re enjoying your time with us.
  7. My absence

    Welcome home! It has certainly been a while. And yeah, I was looking for your mark too ?
  8. Sir and naughty girl

    Now there’s a story to wake me up in the morning!
  9. Snapchat pissing!

    Added you .. let’s share ?
  10. Hi, looking to enjoy sharing peeing with others

    Welcome .. join in, share and have some fun
  11. Hello all from a pee lover

    Welcome to town
  12. I'm Ivy

    Good to see you again Ivy ... hope you’ve been having lots of wet adventures while you’ve been away. And I hope even more that you’ll share some of your stories. ?
  13. plucked up the courage to say hello

    Welcome .. I think you’ll fit in just fine around here
  14. A different kind of intro

    Had a little fun by the lifts in the hotel
  15. Pissing against the wall

    Annie really gets some distance ... great pic