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  1. 20. Angela, of course, was the obligatory redhead. Every night out needs a redhead.
  2. The person above me is, in reality, a meek and timid housewife from Toledo.
  3. Sexismygod

    Questions only

    “What are my options here?”
  4. Sexismygod

    Corrupt a wish!

    Getting back to the game at hand ... I think the last wish was “I wish I could fly” You can fly .. but only fly. You can never land. I wish I could see through walls.
  5. I’d rather be deaf. There are visual forms of communication but you can’t really see with your ears. Would you rather be 8 feet tall or 3 feet tall?
  6. Sexismygod

    Where would you see me pee?

    I agree 100% with Sophie. You're just sexy as hell. Very glad to have you around here.
  7. That just sounds far too reasonable. The snail doesn’t kill everyone, only you (or me) so someone else can catch it and store it. Even a hyper-intelligent snail can’t open a screw cap.
  8. Sexismygod

    Where would you see me pee?

    There is no arguing that fact. And you’re a hot, sexy, wanton woman, too, like a wet dream come true.
  9. Sexismygod


    I’m not gay but I do enjoy these. It’s hot to see a woman who knows how to handle a man’s cock.
  10. Sexismygod


    I can be noisy when the mood is right, but can also be quiet as a mouse when fucking with people nearby. The best thing about a public fuck is the “you have no idea what we’re doing” factor.
  11. Sexismygod

    No bits rule.

    The hypocrisy of public media is endless, but particularly strange in the US and U.K. In Europe and Scandinavia, the naked body is just a naked body. Men and women share the sauna naked without a second thought. Television shows nudity of both sexes equally, though they do try to wait til the kiddies have gone to bed. In US/UK, it’s an inherently sexual image. Why? This perspective just makes the body something to be hidden rather than celebrated. It creates unnecessary tension and angst when so much as a bare breast is exposed (oh, the horror!). I think it’s time to just get over it. What’s the big deal? The really strange thing to me is how gratuitous violence (dismemberment, disembowelling, etc) is treated in films. Ultra-gory films like Saw get lighter ratings than a film with a topless woman. WTF? Seriously? They think a naked breast is more damaging and perverse than cutting off someone’s hand with a circular saw? That, my friends, is just plain crazy.
  12. Sexismygod

    No bits rule.

    A fail to see the problem here (obviously). Your avatar is your chosen representation to the community. What do we outlaw next ... religious icons? Political symbols? National symbols? In the end, restriction is restriction. A group that wants to restrict the way I present myself is not a group I'll remain in touch with. Your choice. I've never had an woman here complain about my avatar, though I admit a few squeamish guys have.
  13. Sexismygod

    Post number 666

    You’ve started a great little thread here. A toast to our favourite pissing witch! ??? As for the subjects at hand, it strikes me as very interesting that “spirits” were viewed so similarly by groups so far apart. That speaks to something of a race memory or even species memory. I don’t buy the idea that a bunch of guys created the god myth. It’s so universal and so remarkably consistent that it must point to something far back in the mists of time. I haven’t seen spirits but I won’t deny the possibility. After all, I’ve never seen an electron but believe in them (or at least the technical concept) completely. Infinity doesn’t exist ... so where DID it all start? PS - I’m right with you on dirty sex ... the more the merrier. ?
  14. Sexismygod

    Cinema rules

    You're more than welcome to join me at the cinema any time. You can hold the cup for me.
  15. Sexismygod

    Cinema rules

    We really should go see a film together. I'll even wear a kilt, so I can try out your rules.