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  1. WANKING.......

    Playing with the one eyed wonder worm.
  2. Wetting diaper vids

    I like to see a golden stain in one that shows more though the diaper. I also like to see her face while she's doing it, not just a close-up of the diaper.
  3. Little things you find sexy

    I agree with you to a point Diaper Fan, a warm wet diaper that swells up around your penis and balls as well as the cheeks of your ass is a great feeling. I just don't like mine to leak. Another think I like and I guess I'm old school, but pubic hair is a turn on. It hides the treasure! I also have a thing for redheads, it maybe be red pubic hair?
  4. Jacking off to Pee

    It mostly depends on my mood. Stories are good when I want to create the pictures in my own mind. Pictures vary depending on what aspect or theme of peeing I feel like looking at. Videos are nice at times but since one can only pee for a short amount of time, they require repeating which can interrupt things at the wrong moment. Sometimes instead of masturbating I'll piss myself in any number of ways while reading or viewing pics or vids. Just depends.
  5. Does Anyone On here like scat videos

    I enjoy desperation and accidents so for me this is another form of loss of control. From birth we are trained not to wet or soil ourselves or our clothing. Doing the same on others is frowned upon. Watching others perform these body functions is also considered unacceptable behaviour. Therefore all of us here are guilty of breaking these social rules to a greater or lesser degree. That being said, W.S. and ALL forms of peeing are still a huge turn on for me. Regardless of the ordor or the clean-up, waiting to long and having an accident in in the back of my pants while wearing underwear has it's on unique feel much the same as a wet pair of pants or diaper. Its not something I do often but it does have its appeal from time to time. I'm not into the hard-core stuff but seeing a Lady in a messy pair of panties is also arousing to me. To each their on I guess!