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  1. Love the long arching stream as my friend relieves himself
  2. Probably the only time I remember my friend peeing in the potty while visiting me at home
  3. Another great shot of my friend taking a leak with the potty in the background
  4. wetmanjf

    A call to arms

    My countdown game...having a girl who's bladder is about to explode..but they have to count from 10 to 0 Before they can let go....Had one girl actually count from 100 to 0 Once. I think she had a few drops running down her legs before she got to 0
  5. Got a great friend who knows all about my Piss fetish and he has one too. One day during a visit at my house he told me that he had to pee. I suggested it would be cool to watch him pee on my bathroom floor (Why Not? I do it all the time) He said he didn't care. I snapped this picture just before he let go. I love the toilet in the background and it's quite obvious he's not going to use the Potty. Made a few more pictures but then I had to stop and grab some towels LOL
  6. Guy taking a leak in the woods at a festival. Look at the girl watching as she walked past....
  7. wetmanjf

    Cup piss

    Should have gotten a bigger cup
  8. They should have told me the Toilet was broken before I had to pee so Bad
  9. Kind of a little Bit of everything...comments Welcome
  10. wetmanjf


  11. Such a beautiful long stream....I wanted to jump on and ride it! 

  12. Oh my goodness. Wish I had someone to push me onto a bed and straddle my face :-) Esp if they had to pee lol